The 4 Realms of Prayer | David Diga Hernandez

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    Jesus love the world, love all life s has been created on the planet
    bless to all of them who cry out in your name lord, Jesus Christ is God , the way , the truth, the life, God bless Amen+

  • Jade says:

    Incredible. The anointing on you!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you

  • Will Scott says:

    Precious person

  • Will Scott says:

    What a good boy.

  • Will Scott says:

    I like that tie

  • Will Scott says:

    What a nice young man.

  • Mildred Hood says:

    Powerful teachings from David Hernandez looking forward to receiving the Holy Spirit series !!

  • Mr. Hero says:

    Jesus is not Son of God or God he is a messenger from God like Moses and Muhammad and Noah and other prophets

  • Josephine Adza - Awude says:


    Three years ago, I prayed in my room with no lights or fun on. I was on my knees… the room became so hot and I was praying in tongues at the top of my voice( I couldn't control my tongue and my chest felt it was about to explode).
    I could literally feel someone standing right in front of me but I was scared to open my eyes to look at the person…. this was my first serious encounter.🙂

  • sahr koroma says:

    Thank you Godbless

  • Sweet Days says:

    What a blessing this teaching is! Thank you.

  • Fezy Bydesign says:

    Amen! That blessed me good!

  • Vox Dei says:


  • Anthony Noronha says:

    Oh! Lord Jesus, I praise you and thank you for this video. I bumped into this video by chance. May be it was God's Will. Now, suddenly, I am inspired to fast today, as an offering to God. This is Anthony from Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

  • Kirsta Fontanilla says:

    The 4 realms of prayer:


  • Martha Maende says:

    God bless you for that powerful teaching.You have spoken so loudly to me.Its not by might nor by power but by His spirit.Lord help me to put into practice this very relevant lessons.

  • Gloria Kerubo says:

    This was me last night

  • Jeliar 1212 says:


  • Raymond Obedoza says:

    4 realms of prayer but without comes from your heart its nothing.

  • Joyful says:

    I really needed this… This is for me. Thank you so much for this revelation and for your teaching. I've been trying to feel His presence by human effort. Right when I gave up I saw this video on my feed.

  • Jenny Davis says:

    I need prayer for my eyes I wear glasses and I have had them changed many times but my eyes still hurt and get blurry. Please pray for me thank you God bless you.

  • Lani Brock says:

    Genius !

  • Judy Langdon says:

    This teaching is so deep Pastor David God bless you

  • Judy Langdon says:

    Amazing teaching

  • Finny Abraham says:

    Too good.. blessed

  • Marie Savannah says:

    That's why the fist commandment say love your God with all your heart mind and soul its only when we love more than anything else that we can have that deep experience with him

  • Irma Garcia says:

    So young and blessed with so much wisdom..🙌🙌

  • Adoda Oyiwoda Mercy says:

    I am an agent of God's dominion on the earth and anything sin and the devil has done, I can undo with prayer. Praise God

  • Eder Queiroz says:

    This is so different from religion ohhh My God thank you Jesus finally the truth is here. This is the weapon that can Truly make a Huge destruction on devils kingdom

  • Nora Skies says:

    Yessss this was soo powerful thank you Holy Spirit

  • Jj Joze M MmudzingwaJ says:

    very powerful indeed man of God

  • Ed O says:

    The Truth is with you brother. And it's definitely not about you, but about the One you've found. I'm encouraged to go after Him today more than yesterday. Praise His Holy Name!!!

  • lucy Blessed says:

    That's my desire to be able to Hear Gods voice . To be able to walk with Him every second. To be a friend.
    I just have this desire to just know Him.

  • zoi grandie says:

    This man is led by the Spirit of God… i’m not religious but i feel peaceful around this teaching. It feels like…. TRUTH

  • Kingdom Commentary: says:

    Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this is just amazing

  • Rose Esther says:

    Amen and amen. Please Pray for me

  • john Boy says:

    Just a few years ago the Pentecostal faith was looked down on. Now, many people are receiving it as truth.

  • Kierra Richardson says:

    12:57 that's so true the Lord's spirit does draw me.

  • Kierra Richardson says:

    12:09 wow I know what you mean. Only the Holy Spirit can bring in the presence of the Lord.

  • Edward Shadap says:

    The scriptures of John 6:61-62 says about the body and blood of Jesus which we are receiving in the Holy Eucharist where the bread and wine were transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit when the Priest utters those very same words of Jesus on the last supper. He exhorted His followers to do the same in His memory! !

  • manic hairdo says:

    The divine exchange.

  • Florinda Thompson says:

    Its so amazing how he broke everything down. think you Holy Spirit.

  • KyzzKyss says:

    💝 Brother, GOD Bless you 💝
    Will you be in Austin, Texas anytime soon?

  • kanika Johnson says:

    I like to do everything in secret to him .I don't like attention anyway he made me that way .but for some reason ppl look at me and wonder that has to be him

  • kanika Johnson says:

    Everything I know is what he taught me then later on only to find it's in the word .iv never been the same since I saw him.and I never asked to .I just wondered how amazing it would have been for the 12 and Mary Madeline well all of them .he saved me from a lot of evil in my old life. I cried out to him one day when I was thinking of suicide. I don't know why but immediately he brought me to himself and answered my prayer in every way. I only had to hear the pastor say one thing .hes the father you've been seeking for your whole life. I ran to him

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