Texas Governor Rick Perry Declares Official Prayer for Rain Days

David: Texas Governor Rick Perry has declared
April 22nd to 24th, which just passed, the Easter weekend, official days of prayer for
rain. He said, “I urge Texans of all faiths and traditions to offer prayers on that day
for the healing of our land, the rebuilding of our communities… the restoration of our
normal and robust way of life.” This is as a result of some of the natural wildfires
that they’ve been having because of the weather there. And you know, my thought was shouldn’t
he have called for this at the beginning of monsoon season? It would’ve made the probability
of success, of apparent success, much higher. Louis: Or if they just prayed to not have
wildfires in the first place. David: That’s right. You know, you would think
instead of just waiting until the fires start and then praying for rain, what about just
if you know that the area is subject… Louis: Is prone, yeah. David: Is prone to that, just have a regular
prayer that there are not wildfires. That seems more… I’m more into prevention rather
than addressing the symptoms. Louis: Right. David: State-sanctioned prayer for rain, by
the way, isn’t unprecedented. Officials in Tom Green County inWest Texas declared an
official day of prayer for rain last Sunday, Lubbock city officials did it in 2006, in
’07, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue led a prayer service for rain at the State Capitol, so… You know, the thing is, how is this different
from the state of Texas calling in a shaman or a witch doctor for rain? Is there any difference,
really? Louis: I guess that depends on your faith. David: Well, that’s the other question, if
it rains after the prayers, this is a call for multi-… what was the word here? Of all
faiths and traditions. Louis: Who did it? Yeah. David: Does one religion get credit? Which
god gets credit for the rain if it rains? Louis: I wonder in Texas which one will get
credit. David: Yeah. It’s hard to say. Louis: Is it? David: It’s very hard to say. And the other
thing is honestly, ladies and gentlemen, these prayers for things that are so specific really
strike me as incredibly pompous, because if you believe God exists, OK, why do you think
he’s paying attention to the day-to-day weather pattern requests from people? In other words,
God created everything, he created the universe, he created all of these different… Louis: Yeah, but Earth is the only place where
life exists and it’s the focus of his attention. David: Oh, I see. Louis: Right. David: I see. And also, God favors certain
countries based on country– imaginary lines that were drawn in the last hundred years,
few hundred years, right? Louis: Yeah. Of course. David: I mean, the guy creates the entire
universe from scratch, and he’s getting involved in Rick Perry’s state’s weather patterns.
It seems pompous to me to think that that’s the type of thing that God would get involved
in if he or she exists. Louis: I’m going to pray for a Bentley. David: You know, maybe Texans should be praying
for a governor that believes in climate change. [Laughter] That might be a better use, if we’re going
to open this door at all. Louis: Hey, there’s got to be at least a handful
that are. David: Can you imagine if Barack Obama came
out and said he is declaring an official day of prayer to help with the financial crisis?
Could you just imagine if that were… if he did that? Louis: I can’t. David: No. Louis: No. David: And why not? Because he would be completely
grilled and destroyed. Louis: Yeah. David: But also because you can’t imagine
him doing that, period, because he is, of course… Louis: It would just be out of character. David: Right, because he’s a Muslim Native
American anarchist socialist Marxist… Louis: Indonesian fascist… David: [Laughs] Absolutely. Transcript provided by Alex Wickersham and
www.Subscriptorium.com. For transcripts, translations, captions, and subtitles, or for more information,
visit www.Subscriptorium.com, or contact Alex at [email protected]

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  • yermomsboxx says:

    So if the drought continues, will that mean that God doesn't exist or he just thinks fire is pretty cool?

  • Cuppa Joe says:

    @MultiUniv3rsal It's worse that it's obviously sarcasm, as demonstrated with me saying 'pfft dont be silly' and 'teh gays'.

  • flake452 says:

    I agree get rid of the spam thing. If one of our politicians here in the UK prayed for rain he would be laughed at so much, it would be weird even for a member of clergy.

  • MojoGuitarPlayer says:


  • grendelcat says:

    I,m praying for hail…

  • viruscauser says:

    O ye of little Faith… It did not rain in Texas because Republican politicians perform un-Godly acts in public toilets. Let the Republicans stop doing what they're so good at and let them try again. God will hear their prayers – I guarantee it.

  • viruscauser says:

    God is obviously punishing Texas for failing to secede from the Union.

    Secede! Secede!! Secede!!!

  • ZSwierczynski says:

    You think living near the ocean. You be able to convert salt water to usable water to stop the wildfires. But oh well. 🙁

  • Frank Kelley says:

    Get some injuns to do some dancin'.

  • Sensei Rich says:

    Only children and the insane believe in invisible beings.

  • l0gically says:

    I'm sure this will solve everything. Yeah. I love your questions about "which god gets credit" if something actually (coincidentally) happens.

  • eswyatt says:

    @yermomsboxx Or that human sacrifice is in order.

  • AsifIcarebear3 says:

    Everyone knows you can only summon rain with dancing. Silly Christians and their little prayers.

  • Zeb Pent says:

    I can't imagine listening to worst commentary… Please quit your job.

  • Zoey Rae James says:

    @46619TAB I don't think Texas can, even if they wanted. To many Libturds in the offices down there. Would be nice though. I would move back to Texas if that happened! Seeing as how everyone hates Texas, and us Texans. =_= I'm sure we would do just fine with out the Government up our butts all the time….

  • Zoey Rae James says:

    @ZSwierczynski Yeah. But I don't think those fires are close enough to do so. It would take up to an hour, or so, to get the water across, even if they did so. You would have a lot of acreage burnt down before you got the water there.

  • Zoey Rae James says:

    @disrxt That's a horrible misconception D; "Rain Dancing" was introduced by the Native Americans, yes. However, the rain did not always come. And, with the way weather patterns are, it would be tough to get rain in such areas around Texas, and in Texas.

  • Zoey Rae James says:

    @AsifIcarebear3 Not just dancing. According to some Native Americans, praying to the "Gods of/for Rain" also brought on rain. x3 Dancing was only just half of bringing rain to the Plains.

  • NBM397 says:

    And now he has declared a day of prayer to solve the problems of the world, the US and Texas.

    Well done, keeping religion out of government.

  • phildirt3 says:

    perry palin 2012 hahahahahahaha

  • Alman556 says:

    Oh, this is a dis video, shit I thought it was praising the dumbass governor. Wish I had the patience to wait before I disliked it.

  • RAMFIS 2020 !! says:


  • Spike says:

    God is punishing Texans for being so stupid!

  • aggrippa says:

    @46619TAB They already did. it was called the Civil War. Read a history book.

  • Jarrod Dean says:

    Thumbs up if you came here from the amazing atheist video because you were in actual disbelief that someone this fucking retarded actually exists.

  • Audinos says:

    Who should I believe? Someone who takes his faith seriously and tries to live his life by a higher standard, or a pair of snide, smug liberal pricks who make their living by mocking others and take nothing seriously?

  • naweofiam says:

    I really hate it that people like Perry cause two kinds of nuts to come out of the closet. First the bigots who hate everything Christian and the extreme religious right who will really believe that Perry is not just manipulating them.

  • Katie Lee says:

    @AltamontKiller Jesus was not a faggot or a bigot. We all need Jesus, to be a part of our lives. What we don't need is a political party to manipulate the Christians. For the purpose of Greed, Lies, wars and economic distruction. This GOP or for right are the masters at doing this. And it works very well, for them if Obama was a Republican, they would say he is doing Gods work. In the bible says Satin will take down alot Christians. The GOP would be perfect for the Devil.

  • Katie Lee says:

    @naweofiam Your right on target, the GOP is a master in manipulating the Christians. Their blind game works well, so they can use their greed, to destroy theirs and the countries best interest. And they would be the first to elect the Devil. As long as he talks and acts just like them. My stepmom buys into the extreme religious right mind games. She hates Obama, but I would bet if Obama was a GOPer she would say God speaks to him, Kinda like how God spoke to Bush.

  • naweofiam says:

    @naweofiam Sorry, This is NOT my statement even thought my name is attached. Don't know how this mistake happened.

  • Simgirlpro7 says:

    Duh, How stupid or people? wake up! of course God controls the weather. I mean 1 2 3 a b c, hello people!!!! how hard is it to understand that God wants us to repent and hes giving us bad weather to punish us, and oh, God is a MAN A spiritual being of a human NOT a girl. It says in the bible HE LORD HE HE HE HE HE HE HIS HIM HIS HIM. What is so hard to get into your head? weird.

  • ryansyncope says:

    I'm sure God is so proud of all His children who are threatening others with different political views here. Folks like you are the reason people are scared and resentful of Christians these days.

  • john handcock says:

    Its disgusting.


    I guess god ignored his prayer. I guess the republicans will blame this on the gays.

  • lou4less says:

    The funny thing is 3wks later Obama shows up in the state and it rained . Miracle or ….

  • timadd64 says:

    And big surprise he DID hold a prayer service for fixing the problems. Lets just hope he PRAYS to be President. Then we will all be safe.

  • KiljiArslan says:

    Or he hates Texas. Which I'm perfect fine with believing.

  • Lanskee Shuru says:

    God is real; Texas rain is not real. Ricardo Peronista is STILL blaming the drought on abortion and gays. God don't seem to like Ricardo Peronista.

    July 11, 2013.

  • OccamsRzzr says:

    Where is the rain Perry? Please pray harder.

  • Ralf Broehl says:

    Took a while, but worked…

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