Taurus August 2019 Love & Spirituality reading – COMING BACK TO YOUR TRUE SELF! ♉

hello my dear Taurus this is your love and spirituality reading for the month of August 2019 with me quinna caps federal we are soon entering into leo season so happy birthday to all Leo's out there and a read for science in order of most thereof birthday sorry from now on except for the bonus reading that I still will be performing in the order of most liked videos the order will be based on these general readings and as always they apply to your Sun Moon rising sign and Venus Vedic or tropical the reading can go both ways the drama is the same but it can be different costings to the different roles by the universe and you can also get more information from the bonus reading for July or the general readings for July if you have more specific questions about your situation you can check out the pick a card readings on the first page of my channel click my little queen of cups icon and scroll down a little on the first channel page they will see different readings that can clarify your situation she's the one that's most intriguing to you and you will find the answers you need you can also seek out a personal reading go to the About section on my channel far to the right and you can order a reading there for this one I will use the 7008 thorough medical it's a collaboration between a1 artists global art collaboration and I will start shuffling your cards so my dear Taurus when I open your deck here I see the High Priestess and meditation so it seems like you are going deeper and deeper into yourself finding your heaven of inner peace and tranquility becoming more and more in self respect not letting whomever into your paradise with dirty shoes okay so you're creating an inside space for yourself where you can be happy and that is kind of the foundation of happiness inner peace peace from thinking please from dramatic feelings and how to get this of course to clean out your in a space with different techniques as for example giving attention to your thoughts attention to your feelings and then when you have done that excessively and healed yourself and kind of corrected your environment to what you really think and feel and believe in need then you can start to really clean out the space by not thinking at all and also just taking care of the feelings so when it comes and then go back to inner peace again to find balance which is also the high priestess here she is for balance and of course meditation is an extra card in this deck above the 22 Major Arcana card is three extra which meditation is one of them so I call the divine with love and light and here we have the Wheel of Fortune together with the high priestess so it seems like you will be tested with things of the old again and again and again and see how your new setting like how you are right now in the world can cope with these old challenges in hopefully a new and better way more liberated way more sure way less anxious way so I called her for arc angels in the four corners of the world and here we have nine of Pentacles with a high priestess so this is a little bit like other people render you to live in the desert but when you are in the desert you create a paradise ik oasis for yourself so good work making success out of like making arts out of scrap metals making you know paradise out of your life that shouldn't be a paradise because people have not helped you or not supported you or didn't want you to live in paradise so I call the six elements and here we have an eighth of cups and the High Priestess which shows that you have sorted among your friends and left things and situation behind that didn't work out for you and you're on your way into your new sunrise okay so six elements earth wind fire water Paris and ether and here we have strength so this is how you build your your new platform your new foundation your new wonderful life through strength and to be able to be unique and be you and you know not conform being recognizing yourself to be a bull instead of sheep and not following all the dictated rules of society that sometimes it's really crazy people can use a lot of words against each other like you should have been doing this you shouldn't have said that and you are feeling ashamed because of their words but are their words true do you need to take everything personal and maybe say more about the other person that's what it says about you and here we have a knight of cups oh nine of cups shows also to be this harmonious person in the midst of all the drama and people with different opinions here and there if you just can stay centered with you and love life even in the midst of a storm wouldn't that be great okay so spirit and ether come here today and give us a clear view reading for my dear Taurus yours okay so I'll just tune in to you and the energy of August for you so this is your future there and this is your now there and this is your past and in the past we have the Niner cups so it's connected to the nine of coins that we saw nine of Pentacles here you also have the ten of Pentacles so you have been able to live and establish very good relationships but it has sometimes come to a high cost where you have been forcing yourself to fit into different social situation follow social rules it's very hard to keep track on like what everyone wants from you and here you are the fool so you thought that other people knew better but actually only the fool knows the fools way to go and it's very important that even if you are enjoying the fruits of being together with other people in a very beautiful way don't let them kidnap you don't let them make your opinions become silent or your words your voice becomes silent or your ideas become silent don't let love silence you okay be true to who you are because then you're stepping into your souls power instead of the little humans power and here we have the Wheel of Fortune six of cups for a wants so I think there's something lovely that's going to reappear in your life and something some kind of feeling that you had about yourself when you were a child and that was you were able to be happy then in in in a very innocent and beautiful way and it seems like this can come back when you have sorted out all the circle or issues this wheel of fortune here it's a Fox transforming to a human but in the process while mates in this process she is still like a fox version of a werewolf and eat human hearts and that's a part of the transition when we are we are neither the animal nor our ever lose a vote human being we are somewhere in the middle doing a lot of mistakes making a lot of messes but also creating a lot of love okay in the process so a love is very important for you relationships are very important for you you want harmony it's very important for your tours being that it's harmonious relationship and harmonious society is around you and here we have King wants this leo we have sagittarius energy capricorn energy and ace of swords so here it's coming something new something a little bit sparkly that will put an edge to this and it will actually require something more of you with these two kings they need to come into a Capricorn energy I said but of course it's your energy in this case so you're going to mix something together with a more feisty part of yourself which is not so always running to safety but actually being able to to tell the truth of your words and stand up for yourself and you know have a new way of you to have an your authority okay so can adjust camera a little bit like that okay so this is your past and here we have the patience or sit has come in this position for other science I have read before you and so it seems to be some astrology astrological event that's awakening the child in you the child that once came and saw the world with truth in their eyes and and they saw the truth about the world but their truth wasn't appreciated at all times people didn't want you to see what was really going on it shouldn't can be like that they can say exactly what's going on they see it and they don't put judgment they just see the world and and express it like I saw you you hit mummy just today and the father says narrow I didn't you know it was wrong you didn't see there are that I'm getting real pissed with you if you are going to go around and tell those kind of things to people okay so but the patients or she saw and she knew but you have conformed yourself since then and you learned that this being revolutionary didn't always pay off it could be very dangerous to speak your truth or to express what you knew about things it was a dangerous road for you to follow and here we have the nine one so you learnt to put up boundaries for yourself and keeping crazy people on an arm's length distance from you or sometimes you have them right close to you and you are still trying to to make your relationships same with kind of a little bit insane people because often we let people that is very loud muffled and have very strong opinions and we let them rule our lives instead of realizing that maybe this kind of behavior it was making my life so miserable and if I I don't try to make these people happy but actually try to make nice people happy in my life would be easier but here you're still thinking life is very challenging and you're probably alternating between thinking hell is other people and and trying to work so hard to become so perfectly strong and capable that they will love you regardless of you not being to their liking and as you are in this now so it's again it's a nine and so it's showing you starting to separate yourself gradually from the pack you are the tourists and not the little lamb and so you see the truth still but you have kind of learned to keep the truth for yourself since it renders you troubles and here we have a four of Pentacles so both for Pentacles and nine one shows that you have very strong boundaries and you're trying to keep those in place to keep your life sane and to keep people that's creating drama in your life on the outside so this is it's actually it's actually very good it's actually very healthy and it's a normal reaction to a little bit unnormal things you have been through and five of Pentacles it's also normal it's normal to if you are being you are growing up in a situation with either parents or siblings or friends or people at school people at your first work and so on and so forth haven't been able to accept you and it makes you feel both revolutionary and you want to try to fix it and you know make a way for the misunderstandings try to no it was not like that it was like this but no one really believed you or they wanted to think badly of you anyways so you started to put up like a facade or boundaries or still totally normal and you also feel a stinging feeling of being left out in the cold or not being good enough to be accepted but I think the people that you have rendered as judged as churches in this situation are the one that's not really sane or normal it's like this if someone is acting very very scary in some way they are doing something that's scary for example the dad in this situation you will get so scared that you think and you won't have control so you think that you need to do something to make that person less scary you need to behave better you need to not see what you saw you need to not tell about what that you saw what you saw and so on so you're letting the crazy person their reality dictate your reality and always with a sense of feeling left out in the cold and that you are not good who you are in your core but you're perfect in the way you are in your core is just that you're letting crazy people dictate your reality okay so and here we have the Sun so this is kind of what I just said you are perfectly okay as you are you just let crazy people dictate your reality and with the Sun you see this so you still see the same thing you did when you were a child just now you're realizing that you have been standing on the wrong side all this time you stood on the perpetrators side or with the people that it didn't really love you for who you were but actually loved you for someone that you could have been or went and now you're seeing this so this is good this is clear it's probably going to hurt a little bit to realize certain things but the truth shall always set you free okay and here we have a page of cups and comes with a page of sores here so it might be that you are in some kind of twin flame relationship where this is being and where you are putting light to this kind of complicated situation so your twin flame you will act as they're almost enemy or the people that they couldn't do BRE with in their different incarnation and they will represent the person for you and a collective of the PERT the people that you couldn't agree with so if you are scared of being abandoned they will act cold if they are scared of being manipulated you will be dramatic and try to make them less cold by you know whining about how cold they are and they will feel like she can't love me he can't love me for the way I am they're trying to change me and always like that trying to change me can't love me for who I am and you are feeling the same thing and here we have the devil and in the midst of it all and so it's Capricorn again I saw the king of Pentacles which is usually Catholic one but in this case I think it's you but you might be dealing with the Catholic one as well and that you are in some way trying to like the twins you are trying to learn what they have to teach you and it can be a Leo Sagittarius areas your the Sun card is also Leo or fire and here you have Sagittarius and it can be Aries as well but the devil here in the midst of it all it's this little kid that came with their beautiful purity of seeing the truth and their beautiful heart where they had this very beautiful moral standards of how we were supposed to treat each other and mommy shouldn't hit and Daddy or daddy shouldn't hit mommy or whatever was going on but then someone screws up this little person's world image and this is how they end up abuse bruised feeling used abandoned and trying to instead of truth and love which they should have gotten from their parents they are now shooting up with different drugs or trying different things to distract themselves from the ugly truth that they came somewhere to this they came to this planet and no one was there to take care of them and no one saw them for who they truly were no one agreed with them or could love them so this is the end result how it ends up when fragile children comes to very destructive situations and we can see this in drugs and prostitution and the porn industry and so on that there's a lot of broken people there that they have been broken by people when they were young and they continued to break themselves throughout their adult lives shooting in different substances and it doesn't have to be this serious we can have in control drug habit or in control habit of drinking or smoking or many people are addicted to their mobile phones and it's a way to cover up for the pain that we feel for not being logged for the ones we were so and the solution to this is of course to start to love you for who you are and believe your words and believe your feelings and believe in your interpretation of the world now you have believed in everyone else's for so long maybe it's time for you to believe in yours and even people that's really mean and and like it evil or what I said a little bit insane and it's the same remedy for also for them self-love because what's making them insane or angry is the lack of self-love so it's a medicine for all of you so and here we have a tool Pentacles comes on the knee – for Pentacles and with the devil there so it's very hard for you to to keep your boundaries up to keep yourself loved there's always something that makes you feel that you are not good enough you couldn't hold both of these Pentacles you dropped one it was your fault you are not equipped for this world you can feel very frustrated and I am not equipped to survive in this world people needs to be more I need to be more like have a tougher skin or be able to withstand more pain or whatever it is but it's not like that it's your situation that's crazy it's not you that can't deal with the situation it's the situation that's not the same okay and here we have the Empress and the Empress is Taurus and it comes underneath the five of Pentacles so it's a very feminine part of you that feels left out in the cold and the feminine part of us is for example our body our emotions the way we we feel the way we the intuition that we get the insights that we get from our own inner systems sorry for the sound I think they are passed now so and I live far out on the country but there's still people driving with motorcycles and mopeds and whatnot past year and here we have them the situation with the femininity and so very close connection to the divine which is these dragons here so the Dragons is a representative of the divine and the feminine ability to connect with the divine so this seems to be your answer here to actually start to appreciate this femininity the fragility inside of each man and each woman the thing that makes you being able to when you're fragile when you're when it's easy for you to become sad and and things like this it's easier for you to also be empathic because then you can feel into another person's feelings it's being sensitive but being this sensitive and being put in a non sensitive world and it can be disasterous and it's what's lead to this but the healing will go through you accepting yourself and accepting that you don't have to keep juggling all this you can lose your face you can fall into tears it just shows that you're human and that the world hasn't yet been able to strip you down to a psychopath okay you have your still have emotions you're still a human being of flesh and blood you're not a robot that has to mimic human emotions okay so we have the two extremes here and it seems it's it seems it's difficult okay but with the Empress here it shows that you have the chance here to become healthy if you start to listen to yourself and give authority to your body and soul and your feelings like you need to calibrate all these things because it's all across wired in a sense people have told you that what you feel and see it's not the truth it's something else so you have learned to not trust this and you have connected the wires wrong so what you need to do now is to start to calibrate your own system by listening to it just listen to it like if you are tuning in a guitar you listen ring and then you listen okay it's tuning tensing a little bit here you know so this is what you need to do so when I'm Oh chan comes you're not supposed to oh darn that was so untuned and threw away the whole guitar which is your body instead you okay you you tuned it okay you feel okay what's that feeling wants to say what kind of vibrations should it have and what it is is it saying what is that the vibrations telling me because feelings are not it feels painful with feeling sometimes but they are just vibrations but we're going to your your body and telling you something but you have lost the connection with their words or their meaning because you didn't listen to your the meaning because other people didn't listen to you when you are small and we're supposed to calibrate this so you need to calibrate this now as an adult instead of with we know grown-ups other to help you than yourself and the grown-up that should have helped you and they made a mess of you instead so here we have the world the world is 21 2 plus 1 3 the Empress so it shows that you will be successful with this the shulte will succeed it's the one that wins in the end she was right all along or he was right all along what he or she saw in her childhood was the truth it was the other people that were there that was supposed to help you learn what's truth or not that was false or was behaving in a way that was not supportive of your truth and here you support yourself and you end the old and there's a new beginning now for you this old cycle is going to end because you don't need this anymore you have here and now you can deliberate yourself from this old karma where where there was a disbelief in yourself you don't have to go that road anymore you can free yourself from from that old thing and now you can step into believing in yourself and you know tuning your guitar and there's the two of swords here and so I think there's a situation with a significant other person where there's trouble in the communication before when you try to communicate it became like false compromises and now when you try to communicate they kind of don't want to listen to you might even shame you for your feelings so why are you bringing that up again I thought we were over that already why do you have to always be so dramatic why are you why can't you let things be and that's how they feel of course so you need to help them to help you so you can say so I'm sorry if this brings pain up in your system today when I'm dragging it out to the light but for me it's brings pain to my system every day and we need to sort it out we need to talk about this we don't need to hurt each other with this information we can help each other with this information and free ourselves once and for all and sometimes it can be hard if you are the type of person that brings up this person someone's one mistake over and over again so you need to understand that sometimes and we are trying to blame another person for something that's happening inside of us so if if this is going on you need to take responsibility for your feelings as well if you have tried to solve it ten thousand times with that person it doesn't matter how many times they say that they're sorry then you need to forgive yourself so this excellent method we have Byron Katie's the work that you can you can go to her web page and and read about what it's about and and print out the worksheets where you write about how difficult you think that this other person is and then you change it into how difficult your behaving towards yourself and then how difficult you are behaving towards others so you can see because all other people in our world are mirrors so then you can solve this inside yourself and you don't have to go around hurting yourself with this very old old old thing that one's happened that made you feel that you need to protect yourself even towards the one you love because also they were you know even they were betraying you so as everyone else and here we have the high priest so – Oh swords and the high priest is here three two – so there's something happening here that's good but then you're kind of blocking it a little bit it's like some kind of secret that's not allowed to come out I'm not totally sure what it is but we can see if we can get some help from this lovers or a goal so what's going on with the twos here it might be okay it's this one we see this – okay – trees growing very close closely towards each other and it might be that you need to end some kind of cycle with this see here wait don't rush into it allow nature to take its course okay so it's not ending but it's an ending with the world card here and it's a new beginning that wants to happen but maybe you are ready but the other person isn't maybe you have done the work but the other person hasn't so you need to be in tune in the same place in the same vibration if you are to solve this together and we can help another person to get in tune we can help them to get into speed with us by giving these more commentaries and not accept expecting miracle at once but putting small seeds at different places that can help the other person – to see what you see and so it means for example if you know that something is very touchy-feely for another person you can say at some point we're going to have to talk about this and it doesn't have to be now but we're going to have to talk about this maybe next week I will try again and eventually and next week comes and you say well we are going to have to talk about this and eventually this person might get so into anticipation for talking about this they will actually be the one that lead into the conversation because they can't stand you holding them into responsibility about talking about this but you're not getting there so you can help a person not only but by that method there's so many different ways you can say things or do things you can say I feel that I can't fully trust you I'm working on it but this is how I feel today it doesn't have to be more than that and you just give the information you don't have to have a big discussion about it and and then you continue sprinkling this seed that this is what you did today is the reason to why I have so hard time trusting you because it feels very untrustworthy when you can do that or say that so I would render this rather return a very slow return than an actual ending the way you do things is going to totally change but the way other people do things haven't really changed and it's like you're supposed to sprinkle seeds to to get them to where you are and so they are not ready to hear all your truths just yet but it seems like they're going to be it's like something is cooking on very low temperature on the stove right now and here we have a Seminole source so a Seminole source is lies deception manipulations so I think there's a person in this equation that's trying everything they can to not admit to the truth whatever that might be because they think it will be the end of them they feel like it's it's really dangerous to for them masts to fall off or for them to tomates having to do something wrong some people think that they are going to die the minute when they ask for an apology but it's not they that dies it's their ego that dies and gives room for the soul but this person doesn't know it for them it's serious and they really feel like well I'm going to die so in this case you might be dealing with someone that's a totally all the time trying to keep the leverage or keep you out not talking about certain pee situations and and things that have happened and they are trying to keep power in that way they are trying to keep their ego intact in that way and you're going to have to be a little bit tipped over here with the this is going to have to need to go through a breakthrough it can't continue like this but this person is probably feeling that they are going to die or you know they can't take this kind of responsibility because they think it's super dangerous they have lived in families in situations where winning was everything the one that one was the one that felt good and let the rest felt crappy so they need to always win in this situation even if it's on your your the cost of you and here you are going to have to make them pay attention to this and it's going to be very hard they are going to fight you it you know everything they have to avoid seeing this truth that they don't want to see or take off the damn mask or admit to what they really feel or be able to say I'm sorry or whatever it is that feels so horrifically scary so you are kind of you have done something that you are ready with this but it's like the people that surround you haven't maybe gotten a chance to come to the same they haven't tuned their guitar so and so you have changed and they haven't and that's the dissonance but if you are to stay together you need to be able to wake them up to okay not out of case you will separate like oil and water and here we have the four of cups so the four of cups it's it's just what I said it's this person being very very fragile and thinking that this is life it's dangerous it's real dangerous but it's not dangerous okay it's something that's going to be good but they keep it away from them as it was a matter of life and death so it can be a person that's a little bit covert narcissist a person that seems nice on the sir this but they're acting dubious or manipulative or they have a mask so in this case I feel what I feel is very hard to interpret in words but so I feel that they are very fragile and narcissists have a narcissistic injury something happened to them and when they were small for example that made them lose all self-confidence and now in place it's an inflated ego and they think then it's it's kind of true that if the ego dies there's nothing there and it's true because they're their shell that once were there is traumatized and like half dead somewhere so there's no persona to take over so if we do make the person lose their mask we can of course you know if they're really hurt really have this big narcissistic injury we can push them into schizophrenia you know be they can take home a new personality to take the narcissistic personality so they they get a personal like a disorder where they new personalities comes in so you need to be careful with this it's not something to laugh about or or play with or say that all the darn narcissists they're so evil no it's a person that's genuinely profoundly hurt so hurt that they're this one that they were when they came is somewhere in the bottom of their being totally screwed up okay so there's always a reason to why people are acting in stupid ways it doesn't mean that you need to invite them in so it's good that you have boundaries but if you want to you know work with this energy with this person with this new one insight that you have you need to be delicate with it so that's what I'm seeing okay so I will take cards from Oracle of Dragon fee for you to advise you a little bit more about this so if you wonder why someone doesn't can't come when you have this amazing it's soul it's the soul so much thing or a twin flame thing it's very close if they don't come and they don't interact with you even if you feel like they should have been here already it's because they can't it's something it's it's some big injury some big trauma that's in in the way for them to develop at this point and this is Eleanor and the lady number 26 sorry for my squeaky shoes I think this a little bit like connection with that lady we are saying farewell and our hearts are breaking well we say farewell for now we don't know what lies before us only that for time is necessary for us to be separated from the one we love with all our being in order to complete our missions we are sad but we are also feeling blessed because together we have experienced the sweetness and joy that few in the world can lay claim to we learn to stay together and we're struggling to give thanks for the time we have had for even if it was a thousand years that time would still feel too short we know too that our souls have promised to be together again there is now a time when you must go on alone you will be reunited but when that is precisely will be unclear for time bittersweet is the egg within our hearts but happy are we who have loved loved and lost it's better to not have loved it's better to have loved and lost and to not have loved at all so I don't know exactly your story but it's what I'm saying like an ending but it's more careful tiptoeing because one of these people in this equation is it's not ready for a union with someone that can see straight through their soul it would would hurt them tremendously so chakra insight Oracle and and I need to take a card first before I need the book so some insights for my Taurus thank you awareness attention and reality connection presence so it's this this little children they're 40 for a path of miracles is unfolding right now in this moment you must be present to win in the morning light of Springfield forest a young girl is turned into the radiant presence of one of life's purest creative forces a honeybee in motion with the Sun on her naked skin and the gentle breeze filling her lungs there is nowhere else to be in this moment but right here connected the pulse of the natural world and her own true nature in this space she cannot help but smile from the very center of her being this moment may lost only one second but within this window miracles abound so it's about you kind of making this what you have found inside of yourself the truth the essence the purity the you behind all of your conditioned selves and when you find that s and stay with it longer and longer and longer time and while you're doing so when you're learning this to be true to yourself and be your true self and be here and now and not live in your thoughts about the past and the thoughts about the future and the drama and you you cement something like your foundation while you're waiting for this other person to be ready to take the next step with you so that's what I'm seeing here my dear Taurus so I hope this was helpful and I will do the general readings today and then I will start sprinkle out small pick a card readings now and then when I have the time and after that they will come the bonus readings and that will be for virgo season so they will be for a whole month but come start when Virgo seasons goes on and end when we're go see season's end and until then and then I will do the general reading for September in the mid August as well so hope you will have a wonderful summer or a wonderful winter if you are in the southern hemisphere take care and bye bye

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    Thank you again!!!

  • Sovereigness says:

    This is crazy. I’m not a Taurus (Pisces sun, north node in Taurus) but I literally just uploaded a Taurus reading that says the same thing. I love getting confirmation of alignment from fellow YouTube tarot readers ❤️

  • Veronika Belina says:

    Are you Swedish btw? Im from Sweden and I think your accent sounds a little "svensk" 🙂

  • Shawna Toft says:

    thank you so much I appreciate your time . very sad

  • Madison Turpin says:

    You truly are the wisest person I know. You help me everyday. I actually have to listen to you every morning and night. Your insight is profound. You have the strongest psychic abilities!!! You also know about vedic astrology, which most don't!!! Thank you for everything angel !

  • Jana Butler says:

    thank you, helen 🙂

  • therapeutictiu says:

    Merci xox

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  • Symbolic Living says:

    Good morning! The title is so relevant for this Taurus… watching now. Thank you!😊

  • Ban Alrubaei says:

    Reading start at 9

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