Supernatural: Season 4 Episode 1 “Lazarus Rising” Part 2 REACTION!

Castiel tho.. Didn’t think it would be that soon. You look cute. He’s getting creative. That was super weird. – Did you see Sam? – What the hell.. Why are there so many fucking mirrors? Why are there so many fucking mirrors? – Did you see the wallpaper.. – It’s a special room. He doesn’t even have the demon killing knife. What the fuck are you doing here? What the fuck? Oh it’s that chick. Oh my god. – Yeah! You got that right. Oh my god! Ruby.. So proud of myself. I’ve just been thinking “Castiel”.. – That’s him! That’s his coat! It is him! That’s my favorite coat man. – Is that how you’re gonna thank me.. What is he?! – An angel! Dean doesn’t believe in angels. – Uh.. no! What are you doing?! – Oh look at him. He just put him to sleep. I love this show. – I’m sorry what is.. what! I wasn’t even worried until you were like ‘What?’ – Shut the fuck up! Shut the front door!

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  • brissallie says:

    Castiel entrance is still So Epic 😄

  • The Sorores says:

    So guys that's a wrap! Thank you all for the sweet comments and well wishes. We hope you enjoyed the holidays. We'll be back with a new Supernatural reaction in 2018. We'll also respond to the all the comments and recommendations we got soon. And we wish you all a happy new year!

  • UnicornKhan379 says:

    I love the Castiel entrance. He's kind of overrated in my opinion. Lol I know I will get a lot of hate for that. Just my opinion and it doesn't mean I hate him or anything like that even. I am curious to see what your opinion of him as you see more 🙂

  • UnicornKhan379 says:

    That's Jareds real life wife playing Ruby 2.0

  • brissallie says:

    By the way, you are talking about Dean and Castiel chemistry, well several people ship them lol me included.

  • dajtoad1 says:

    Our adorable angel, finally! I swear you guys are prescient. How did you guess Cas was an angel? And we do so love the good ship Destiel (although I only ship it for fun – in the end, canon is more satisfactory). So glad to see you kick off Season 4 – wonderful unexpected Xmas pressie!

  • Desti Katy says:

    Yes, Jared and Gen met on supernatural (adorable couple btw)

  • 091696g says:

    what a day! thank you

  • keisha 21 says:

    YAAAS PART 2!!!!

  • Lockwood.mp4 & Tvd Shippers says:


  • Anna Henderswagg says:

    So happy that part 2 is now up. I squealed seeing Castiel's entrance since it's been a long time since I've seen this episode. Now I'm even more excited for 2018 to see more from y'all.

  • Lockwood.mp4 & Tvd Shippers says:

    That's when Destiel started😩😻ok no😂 This is my fav entrance on the show of course😚. I'm sure you're gonna fall in love with Castiel just like we did🙌🏻. Season 4 is a good one, still not as good as the best season(s5) but I'm sure you guys will like it 💓

  • Hunter9674 says:

    I love the entrance of Castiel but by far my favourite is in season 5 ep 21. Don't want to say the name as to spoil – but fans will know. Really enjoying your reactions 🙂

  • AdachiChocolate says:

    One if my top 5 fave eps if the series
    The buildup and foreshadowing is just amazing

  • AdachiChocolate says:

    Also Castiels character was supposed to be only around for a bit but him and Dean had such great chemistry and he was so popular that he stayed on :3

  • It's yuh girl mikkeai8908 says:

    I understand alot of people enjoy shipping castiel, sam and dean, but jensen(dean), jared(sam), and misha(castiel) all have either implied or flat out made it known that they are not in favor of the people or the fans shipping them. It's annoying to them. They basically made it known at a panel they were hosting a while back. I can see why. I'd rather it just be a great friendship and not a romantic one. Because sam and dean are brothers, which people have shipped, and incest is just disgusting and wrong on so many levels. And it's just weird to have dean shipped in a relationship with an angel, i'd just seen it to be more of a familial type relationship, like uncle and nephew or more like brothers, not an intimate/sexual one.

  • Michelle Boles says:

    So exciting! New players & new mythology being introduced all leading to somewhere. But Sammy, been such a bad brother not listening to Dean and using his powers. But they're so useful. Whoever doesn't want to exercise demons with their minds? Very practical. Dean better rest up. He's got a purpose. But what did Castiel say that was again? 🤔

  • l phinney says:

    Ugggh…please don't start going down the Destiel road. eyeroll (not canon, never will be)

  • Yellowbulma says:

    Oh my good you first reaction to a S4 ep and the Destiel bullshit as already started. Hate this fanon ship and its shippers so fucking much.

  • Sanne says:

    Always love your reactions and I can’t wait for more! But I just hope you will stay out of the shipping zone, because a lot of people (like myself) don’t ship them and really don’t like it when people act on it (it will never become canon). Hope you have a great New Years!

  • Lia Rodrigues says:


  • zaandarbrow says:

    Do yall ship Cas and dean 😉

  • lelmDR.WHO? says:

    yup! Jared and Gen met on the set. they're freaking adorable…and their kids are freaking adorable

  • Michele says:

    Wow! You just made so many people happy. And on Christmas too. Thank you. Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.
    It's interesting that you noticed the immediate chemistry between Dean and Castiel (Jensen and Misha). They talk about their first time working together and some funny stories there. And there is a ship between them. For some of the fans. I don't see why there is a ship, myself. Two guys can't be really close without it being romantic? It's fine when it's all in good fun – but to take it to the next level and insist on it being canon? I always wanted to see Dean and Jo together. Didn't happen. Still sad about that.

    Too bad you already knew about Castiel and there being angels. But seems like you were still surprised by parts of the episode. Which is good. Thanks again for putting in the work to give this to us today!! Enjoy the Holidays and see you next year. 😀

  • Michele says:

    Oh, forgot – Jared did meet his wife (plays Ruby) on the show. They even talk about it sometimes at conventions. Jensen tells a good story about it – funny and cute.

  • MeztliZen says:

    Personal recommendations for episode reactions would be 2-3, 7, 9-10, and 16 until finale. They all deal with the main story line. 5-6 don’t have much to do with the main arch but still fun to watch so up to you if you wanna film for those ones. So happy you have reached season four. Four and five are great seasons. Good luck! 😆

  • lilykep says:


  • BionAvastar3000 says:

    "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition"
    "This is your problem Dean, you have no faith"
    "What's the matter? You don't think you deserve to be saved"

    Three of the most iconic lines, and they all came from this ep, within a 5 min span. 😀

  • BionAvastar3000 says:

    Also, I love that you noticed the chemistry right away. Welcome. We have cookies. 😀

  • UnicornKhan379 says:

    Ugh sorry I really enjoy Castiel now. The angels storyline and season 4 and 5 are amazing. But I already see destiel all over the comments. I think everyone should be allowed ship what they want and maybe you two will really ship destiel 🙂 that's awsome. But all over Tumblr, Twitter, comment section, etc and now even here I see destiel. I'm not looking for ward to this part. Lol just my opinion. I really don't mean to hate on anyone ❤

  • Black Cat Black Dog says:

    Are there even any Castiel or Misha fans that don't ship destiel…..-_- I really tried to like Castiel but most of his fanbase are really annoying….

  • cjones nealdeal says:

    The way you pronounce Castiel sounds great! Don't change it on our account, stay your awesome selves! Merry Christmas!

  • Gemini72 Aust says:

    I don't know what I love more… the Dean and Cas bromance, or listening to J2 and Misha at the conventions telling us stories of all the pranks poor Misha is a victim of😂. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Tiny Raindrop ღ says:

    I Love Him
    I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition – fave quote

  • Steph Gm says:

    Castiel is the most overrated character, tbh sigh

  • Kristin Carter says:

    I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition …

  • cassie849 says:


  • cassie849 says:

    Give it time you’ll fall in love with Cas 👼🏻

  • Real Madrid says:


  • randomgooberness says:

    I love Castiels entrance because
    1: The loud crashing and such on the roof was probably him falling on the fucking roof and that's the funniest thing to me
    2: he didn't even need to explode those lights and stuff like?? He could've quietly teleported(flew, but angel flying is weird and teleportation fits better) into the barn but no he had to be extra to show off to his goddamn boyfriend

  • randomgooberness says:


  • Divhreaza says:

    Sigh I see by the comments, the shipping wars have already begun. My advise to you ladies is to just watch the show and form your own opinions on the various characters and how you think they relate to each other. And try not to let the more rabid people on either side of the fence get to you.

    Also, YEY! I'm glad you enjoyed the season premier! It's honestly one of my favorites. And yes, Jared and Genevieve are married now, but when this episode was filmed they barely knew each other. They actually met on the set of Supernatural and eventually started dating. They got married in February of 2010, so, partway through Season 5.

  • lollypop2414 says:

    That scene between Dean and Castiel in the barn is still one of my all-time favorite scenes of the entire series.

  • Depressed Carrot says:

    YAYYYYY! I am so excited, I was waiting for this season (and season 5) since I watched your reaction to season 1 episode 1.
    I also love how you pronounce (I hope this is how you write this word 😂) Castiel's name. Awesome reaction! Looking forward to more of them!

    Also please people, stop arguing about the ships in their comment section. It's just stupid and rude. If they like the ship – cool, if they don't – also cool.
    The important part is to not be rude about it and let them enjoy the show however they want and without having to read people's comments arguing about that.

  • Pntngbrn says:

    AHH, now it beings. Hold on to yourselves ladies this season is going to be epic, for Sam and Dean!

  • bfnelson says:

    3:52 The look on your faces is probably one of the greatest moments in Supernatural viewing history! And Pride said don't believe the hype.

  • deletingpoint says:

    thanks for this! it was such a long time ago…seasons 4 and 5 are really great, but they feel kinda depressing in retrospect, so i don't rewatch them much. looking forward to refresh my memory with your help!

    (and no matter which way you end up believing in cas and dean, romantic or not, either way it's still one of the most epic relationships i've ever seen. i am not exaggerating (over the years they've used on them like 97% of all the love tropes you can imagine))

  • Karen Brown says:

    Castiel is an amazing character and it was SO much fun watching your introduction to him. This episode, and his intro scene have made it into the top two 'best character intros' lists many times. And it's easy to see why. Great reaction (glad to see it split into two). Misha Collins actually had a LOT of input into how to play his character, etc, and I think his choices were spot on. He was actually supposed to only have a 3 or so episode arc….well, you'll see how that turned out. 😉

  • MadisonDM says:

    Thanks for the 2 parts reaction and glad you loved it! As for the comment section of the video, not a shipper of any SPN pair and I think that the majority of people loving the show don't care or even know what 'ship' means…. Wish for fandom peace and no in-your-face posts for the new year:))

  • glhf22 says:

    DESTIEL IS THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD, It's STILL one of the most popular ship in the world to this date – 9 years going strong. (was the most popular in 2014) and the only ship of chance to go canon. There you go, join us! Don't listen to few bitter people & don't let them control you from enjoying things please (they probably ship incest eww) and enjoy this amazing ride ❤️Thank you for your reactions and best of luck in 2018! Oh Episodes that Cas is in can be found here if you need help: http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=Castiel#Episodes

  • Dejan Bozic says:

    Love your reactions so much. Yes we have a healthy and perfect ship that is Destiel. Hope you end up liking it, their story is truly the greatest one. Have a great 2018 <3

  • Aimee Mills says:

    You guys finally met our baby angel Castiel !!!!! 😇 can't wait for the rest of season 4!!! It's such a good season!!! 😁

  • Abby says:

    Already see Castiel hate in the comments. 😒

  • Ali Jacome says:

    Yessssss!!! And now you have finally met Castiel ❤🤗 😇 he is such a great character. Oh, please a lot of the other comments have spoilers, and insane war between fans, so just skip and enjoy the show how the hell you like it!!! Wishing you a very happy new year girls. From Mexico and from my heart, be well and be happy ❤😊

  • p l says:

    I never saw the chemistry between Dean and Cas that you and others talk about.🤔 I loved their scene but was more caught up in why Dean was having none of it ???(was also more heartbroken at how even a stranger angel quickly saw how little self worth Dean had and couldn't understand it) and what the angels needed him for?!?!!!
    These are the good ole days when I loved Cas tho😍. The possibilities for his character was an exciting prospect and angels were bad ass. Knife or gun attack, puleeze. Let me look at that cluster of molecules you just put into my chest… only so I can remove it because it doesn't belong there.
    Excellent ep, so much happened. Great Dean resurrection (that overhead shot with the felled trees, the shadow from the cross and Dean alone-just beautiful!!!) Cas entrance, as well as new Ruby, uses of psychics, changed Sam with new powers, glimpses of a changed Dean bizarrely slapping demons and both brothers lying to each other from ep 1!
    It was like the writers had marinated their ideas for so long while on strike that they just decided to inundate us with everything all at once to remind us of what we had been missing and why they are needed. They hold that momentum for a while before the routine of work kicks back in so enjoy!

  • Daisy Fae says:

    CAS!!!!!!!! <3 Yayyayayayay! Hahahaha
    Great reaction! <3

  • The Sorores says:

    So guys, it's been a few days since we uploaded this reaction video and everything was nice for like 5 minutes and then it got bloody!

    We were shocked. We never would've thought that the mention of "ship" at the end of our video would bring this hot mess to the comment section. Clearly, it's a sensitive topic. We had no idea! People attacking each other left and right over a ship!? 😳 Luckily, not all the comments were about that, but still…

    This is a place where you can leave your comments, recommendations, observations etc, but 'Destiel' seems to be causing something of a rift between people and distracting from all other parts of the show, which was what 99% of our reaction was about. Whatever we might ourselves feel about 'Destiel', we don't want that to be the focus and we don't want our comments section to be a place filled with discussion about it – the show has so much more to give than that. If things don't change in the comments sections of our future reaction videos we'll have no choice but to delete every comment about 'Destiel' (the good and the bad) 😔 and we hope you will be tolerant and not offended by any of your comments disappearing if that happens.

    Beside all the hate about that in the comment section, we are really disappointed in all the spoilers and 'hints' we've seen – partly, we think, as people lost sight of the overall picture in the heat of their ‘Destiel’ discussions.

    That being said, we don't want to disable the comment section. Communicating with you guys is half the fun of doing these videos. We could've been a lot further, if not all caught up with the show, if it weren’t for the reactions. Last thing we want is to have information on stuff we haven't seen yet, 'cause that kinda beats the purpose of doing these "reaction videos" if that makes sense?! (we're not talking about behind the scenes and convention stuff, those we don't mind!)

    Please, be more considerate!
    P.S. We love Cas! ❤️

    *And a special thanks to ToastedToad!

  • JillyBeens says:

    Cas is the bomb diggity.

  • Penta_holic says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! I’m SOOOOO excited! Seasons 4 and 5 were some of my favorite seasons and contain most of my absolute FAVORITE episodes of all time

  • Consigliere Genco Abbandando says:

    If…anyone spoils..no, if anyone hints or implies hints in the slightest way..any mention of destiel-positive, negative, good, bad, for, against, referenced, mention……and I will spoil the most important plot detail of every season of Supernatural in one moderately long sentence. Whether this comment be deleted, whether on another account, I promise this will hold true.

  • S.83.W says:

    "Did you see the wallpaper? Its a SPECIAL room." I laughed so freaking hard

  • spnwincestiel says:

    So happy y’all made it to season 4. Cas’ intro is still one of the greatest intro ever on this show!

    Quick side note on shipping: In this fandom, shipping always have been and always will be a hot button issue. If you ship Destiel, Sastiel, Wincest, Wincestiel, or what the fuck ever, there is always going to be those few people that will attack you for shipping what you want. If you two want to talk about what you ship then do it, it’s your videos and your channel.

  • DontSigh says:

    lol they don't want spoilers but here y'all are openly discussing major aspects of the future of the show as if that's not spoilery. Shows a complete lack of respect and regard for these ladies in my opinion. If you want to discuss ANYTHING that happens after the current episode they're on, take it somewhere else where they won't see it.

  • Chatter says:


  • james Little says:

    @TheSorores do you remember on season 3 finale Lilith disposed of Ruby moved into her body and sent her elsewhere…… That's where she went into another poor girl body!!!!

  • partypiano0 says:

    Double Bitch Slap

  • Mikey B says:

    Loving these, but need to sort that audio out girls.

  • Nicholas Reyes says:

    Yes one hell of a reaction

  • Andrew Vidmar says:

    i don't know if you know this the girl that plays ruby this season Genevieve cortese is sam Winchester ala jared padieckis wife in real life please let me know what you think

  • Valeria Dìaz says:

    Where is part 1?

  • Caprice Guarino says:

    Part 1 was blocked, that sucks.

  • EinfachIlya says:

    where ist part 1?

  • Mai Aziz says:

    Where is part one?

  • Mike T says:

    Anyone else feel sorry for the demon when Dean bitch slapped the fk outta her?

  • Giovanna Rabello says:

    Where is part 1?

  • R U !3 Y says:

    You guys still going with SuperNatural

  • morgan ! says:

    Where is part 1 of this reaction I can’t find it

  • DJOfRadioGallifrey says:

    I can't find part 1, where is it?

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