• From dolls coming alive in the moonlight
to invisible gunmen stalking us, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true
stories from our subreddit about scariest encounters we’ve had with the supernatural
PART 4 – I’m {} and today I’ll be your narrator 10 – s0ph1e10 Andiemations
When Andiemations was visiting her grandmother’s house once, she decided she was tired and
went to bed. In the room she was staying in, there were
these two Japanese dolls sitting on the window. The room was dark but she could see the dolls
clearly in the moonlight. Suddenly she glanced at them, only to see
their heads turning. She was so scared she hid under her covers,
covered in sweat from the fear. She heard a loud THUD, held her eyes shut
and curled up into a ball. When she finally woke up in the morning, the
dolls heads were laying on the floor next to her bed. 9 – Liam_is_the_BEST Robo
Robo believes her home is definitely haunted. One night she was walking to the bathroom
when she saw a huge smoke cloud in the hallway that was the shape of a person. She quickly ran back into her bedroom, ducked
under her bed and watched as the cloud wandered around her room before floating into another
room. Then she saw two white eyes glowing in the
corner of the room. After they disappeared, there was no explanation
or trace of the cloud. Sometimes when it is a foggy day, Robo can
still see the mysterious cloud eyes looking at her. 8 – Avi_Kaplan27 Gooby and Snewpee
One night Gooby and Sacred Snewpee decided to go on a ghost hunt in their basement. They started by recording Snewpee asking questions
to any spirits that might be present. They played back the first recording and were
sure they heard something. At the end of each recording they could hear
a word being whispered. They wrote the words down. Snewpee read the words back and they read:
‘I can’t get out of hell unless I steal your bodies’. They immediately freaked out and ran out of
the basement. They never went ghost hunting again. 7 – latioscx1 Cidius
Cidius and his dad were having a conversation outside their house one night when a flying
object appeared in the sky above them. They could tell it wasn’t a plane, nor a
drone, but it was about the size of a car and had no lights on it. It was a very dark night and they watched
as it floated slowly and silently above them. His dad was convinced it was a UFO, and tried
to take a picture, but the UFO made a sharp turn and instantly disappeared. Still to this day they don’t know what it
could have been. 6 – Jojocats100 Legna and Pringle
When Legna was about 7 years old, he was sitting in his room with his friend Pringle. After a while of talking, they heard a crash. Legna thought it was weird because his parents
weren’t the house. Suddenly a strange feeling like being watched
came over them and at the exact same time, they both turned to look at the wall. There was a shadow of a woman with curly hair
moving across all the walls. The shadow walked to the closet and disappeared. After a few seconds, Pringle investigated
the closet. Then, out of nowhere he screamed. Pringle was so startled he vowed never to
tell a soul what he saw in that closet. 5 – DreadWolf115 SpinalPalm
When SpinalPalm was 11 years old, he was at home with his sister. His sister went to bed and he decided to play
some video games. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs and
said, “You’re home early, Mom!” but he didn’t get a reply. He went to the stairs and looked down but
there was nothing there. Then suddenly he heard his sister scream so
he ran and busted open the door. But when he got there she was sound asleep. Suddenly he felt a cold chill pass by him
and a voice that said “turn around”. Before he knew what was happening, he fell
unconscious on the floor. The next morning he woke up in bed, and his
mom tried to convince him it was just a bad dream. 4 -reddeagon4202 Grgak
When Grgak and Tolop were once hiking through the woods in Grand Rapids Michigan when they
heard a snapping noise. They turned around but couldn’t see anything
suspicious so they kept walking. Suddenly Tolop screamed and Grgak turned around
to see him being dragged by an invisible force through the woods. He ran after him and they ended up at an empty
campsite. There was clothes laying everywhere and empty
food containers, it was really creepy. Once Grgak caught up, they ran for their lives
back to safety and never went walking down that trail again. 3 – DistroxDeGrand Ramona
Every so often, a very tall man appears in Ramona’s neighbourhood. He lurks where people can see him, usually
around tall windows or at the end of dark streets. He never shows his face, hiding it in the
shadows or behind walls. Nobody knows who the man is or if he’s even
a human at all. There are rumours that he is related to the
legendary Slender Man. Wherever he came from, everyone in her neighbourhood
knows that if you see him after dark, you should immediately run away. 2 – RedJack101 Dolan
Dolan was in the park opposite his house one time when he heard a loud bang. He looked around but there was nothing unusual
so he kept playing with his friends. They heard it again and this time he could
see a figure holding a gun and pointing it at him. He ran back to his house and looked out his
window, but nothing was there. It was like it never happened. Two days later he was sitting in his room
when he casually looked out the window and there in the park, was the gunman, pointing
the gun at his window. He hid, rubbed his eyes, and looked back out,
and the gunman was gone again. He never saw him again. 1 – NARRATOR’S STORY Huge thanks for the folks over on our Planet Dolan subreddit for
submitting their stories. We have a question for you: “What was your
angriest moment ever?” Let us know in the reddit page linked below
and you might be featured in a future countdown.

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