Supernatural Cast Predicts Sam and Dean’s Death in Season 15

Gotta go big. Gotta go big. I want Season 15 to be a great season.
Obviously, it’s our last season, but I want it to feel like it’s gonna go on. I
don’t want it to feel like it’s the ending. I don’t want Sam to feel like it’s the ending. I want Sam to feel like he’s
still making a difference, that he’s still doing what’s right for other
people, helping other people, and so I don’t want to feel like doom and gloom
too much, you know. Supernatural has a lot of dark elements but I want
Sam to still fight, you know, to keep fighting and keep supporting his brother
and his friends and his family. We’ve done over 300 episodes of this and
Dean’s got a lot of places. I’ve got to do a lot of really really fun stuff
challenging stuff cool stuff with the character, it’s not a lot that
I haven’t done. But I I know that there are still a few things that I’d like to — a
few boxes I’d like to tick, so we’ll see. Well we still haven’t done a true
musical episode and I feel like that’s a glaring omission that should be
rectified before the series end. JARED:
The problem is I don’t think the boys can
sing. Like I don’t think Sam and Dean Winchester can sing as well as Jared and
Jensen can, you know? So it’d be like, [Badly Singing] “Blah blah blah blah.” God knows I don’t want to see Cas sing. Like a little monotone… “Carry on my wayward son.” Yeah, I’d pay not to see that but it’d be
fun. Are you prepared to sing? Yes, I will sing even though I’m not a good singer, I will make that sacrifice. JENSEN:
I don’t know if we pick up right where we left
off or if it’s like a you know six months in the future or whatever but it
certainly lays a landscape now for anything to happen. The fact that he’s
kind of opened up the gates to heaven and hell and said you guys figure it out
really puts us in a position to go anywhere and to have anybody come back. Well I’ve got I got a list of people I’d like to have come back you, know. I’m
hoping that we we take full advantage of that and I have a feeling that we might. Jensen and I sat in his trailer for like the last two weeks of Season 14 and we’re
writing down people we’d love to see come back. I love Jim Beaver, I love
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, l like Richard Speight. Obviously Rob Benedict’s already back
and Matt Cohen and I’d like to see Jake Abel come back and… I don’t want my wife to come back because then I don’t know who would watch the kids
because I certainly am not capable of doing it. The responsible parenting,
that’s not my forte. Yeah, I mean the list is long. – How about some justice for Adam who’s just been locked away? I know, right? Yeah yeah, Jake. I’d love to see Jake come back. He’s a great dude and a great actor and I’d love to figure out what happened
to Adam. Hope he’s ben all right. Sorry, Adam. Maybe we finally deal with the fact that our half brother is locked in a cage. I guess I’d like to see
Castiel make a big sacrifice to save — a heroic
sacrifice — to somehow save the boys at the end of the show somehow. I’ve always
imagined that that would be the most impactful farewell for him. I hate to say this, but I kind of hope that the main characters on the show die at the end. I
feel like we need that finality. If they die — I don’t know, I don’t think it’s
written yet — but if they do die I want them to die going out doing something
that they they love that’ll make the world a better place. – Misha already said that he would love to see both Sam and Dean die. [Laughing] Of course he would. He wants the show for himself. He’s gonna twist his mustache. Part of me thinks that’s the only
way to end Supernatural because if the boys are alive they’d be hunting and if
they’re hunting I want to see them hunting so maybe that’s the way it goes.
I don’t know. I don’t want the fandom to kill me. Yeah, who knows. But I don’t know, I don’t know where we’ll go. Every time I think I have an idea of
where the show is going or where I want it to go, it veers in another direction so maybe they’ll all just settle in happily to a
retirement home and solve all the world’s problems at the end. – We need to see them happy. Who knows
if that’s gonna happen. Probably not. I mean it’s always a fun journey with these guys, you know. Been doing it for so long, it’s the
majority of my adult life, and it’s been a ride and
I expect nothing less than the final season to be just that as it’s gonna be
quite all right.

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