I have to see what is happening in season 6. But you said we won’t watch more. You’re making it hard because I have so many episodes to edit. Fine then. Here he is. He’s a doctor. Get it? But he looked so…those flies and everything. Maybe when it is finale moment… Get it? Oh GOD!! Why did she vomit? Here you go (this scene and she’s keep eating). He didn’t tell him. Who is it? Have Bobby give… He’s cute. How did he lose it? Powers? Is he? Wherever he moves the camera is… You see? He is infecting them all? How…he? Oh, he’s not an angel anymore. Maybe he infected him too. How did she kill her? Cas always solves everything. For what? How he knows it? Did you see Dean’s face? How he knows? He took a selfie. He’s crazy. Is this the Death? You hear the song? This guy is dying right now. Poor Cas…after everything he’s done. He’s like…I don’t have legs. Poor Bobby. I feel sorry for Cas. Where are they going? To find Death? Why is he helping them? Get it? They have one angel and one demon on their side. He gave him his legs. I wish he could give Cas his powers. Where is Crowley now? Oh, he went with Dean.