Supernatural – 1×19 – Sam and Sarah

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  • Tammy Case says:

    I love how Dean says "That's my Boy" I loved Sarah and Sam But I loved Madison and Sam Better I hated that he had to kill her 🙁

  • Tyanna Williams says:

    i so wanted them to be together! Sam should wear his hair like that all the time he looks so adorable

  • Celeste Jones says:

    Season one is seriously the time when Sam looks the best….Without his bangs, I don't like him that much…But he's soooo adorable! *.*

  • Pugzilla259 says:

    Sam is going to dump that Amelia chick from season 8 than is going to get with Sarah. Please let this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lexiboo Horan says:

    I forgot her name lol

  • Cait Killa says:

    I love how he knocks and kisses her. So adorable <3

  • Clara Bane says:

    Gawd i miss sam's short hair and bangs, they were so cute on him!

  • 1997CatLover says:

    While she was sitting with her back against the door, I kept going, "Come on Sam! Come back ad kiss her!" And I was repeating that over and over again when he came I was all like, "Yes! There you go!"

  • Nunya Business says:

    honestly i HATED his bangs
    he looks a lot better with longer hair

  • nastyatasya999 says:

    Sarah is coming back in episode 22 of season 8!!!

  • Pugzilla259 says:


  • zzvvoonnee24 says:


    I knew it! I knew it all along since I watched this episode about 5 years ago. She's the first girl with whom Sam made some kind of closer relationship after his college girlfriend death in pilot episode and I knew she'll get back one time in the future. Maybe I'm asking too much but I'd like to see her as a hunter in that episode.

  • Allie Blake says:


  • l0ln0 says:

    Aaw his bangs were do cute :3333

  • WarGrowlmon18 says:

    I was reading a story where Lisa returns after Ben is possessed by a demon of some sort that needed his permission and wanted him because as Dean's son he will never burn out. Lisa becomes a hunter to save him and while hunting a ghost meets and teams up with Sarah. Sarah thought she was dealing with a cursed object after selling a weird Kurdish sword but it was a ghost and she and Lisa decided to deal with it themselves. Using Sarah's knowledge from this episode, they hunted the ghost

  • WarGrowlmon18 says:

    successfully and destroyed it. Afterwards, Sarah decided to take up hunting full-time and partnered with Lisa to do it. They also got the sword Sarah thought was cursed but it actually seems to be a sword version of Ruby's Knife rather than anything evil from the description and Lisa took it. The story is still going on.

  • WarGrowlmon18 says:

    I think she will too or she will be saved by them again. Apparently Crowley is going after people they saved, probably to try to force them to back down. I read the guy they saved in Wendigo is returning too and Jody Mills for the finalie.

  • Deucalion says:

    Sarah nooooooooo

  • iamlegend says:


  • Banujan Kanagaratnam says:

    like if your watching this scene after you watch the new episode of SPN clip show!

  • RandomBrowser347 says:

    Well…you certainly hit the mark.

  • RandomBrowser347 says:

    After the recent episode, this only brings pain. ;(

  • BIOEVIL says:

    why they had to kill her? their storyline was perfect, they felt what they felt, they could never be together.. but why kill her?

  • BIOEVIL says:

    yeah, her death was sad :/ killing her was unecessary.

  • RandomBrowser347 says:

    Sadly, I think it was necessary. I mean, if they only killed characters we were indifferent to, the episode wouldn't have made as much of an impact. By killing Sarah, the writers have shown how dire the situation is and why Sam was seriously thinking about giving up.

  • Erik Aol says:

    He did go back.A few minutes before your death =(

  • BIOEVIL says:

    There's some truth on that, but why her? she was the first girl Sam loved after Jess died, and Provenance is my favorite episode ever, but like you said, the writers wanted to make impact. But in my opinion Sam and Sarah storyline was good when they got separated, i mean, they loved each other, but they could never be together because of Sam's life, then she moved on, and now was married, that just proves that past is past.. they should've left her alive. Sam already lost Jess and a lot of ppl.

  • RandomBrowser347 says:

    Yeah, but they had to kill someone that viewers remembered and cared about. Who else could it have been?

  • BIOEVIL says:

    Amelia lol i think she is irrelevant.

  • RandomBrowser347 says:

    Nah, she wasn't one of their rescues. Also too much of a mixed response to her from fans.

  • BIOEVIL says:

    Yeah i know she wasn't a rescue xD but Sarah.. she was perfect for Sam :/

  • RandomBrowser347 says:

    And that's why she had to die. She left too good of an impression on fans, and Sam was too happy with her. ;(

  • BIOEVIL says:

    Yeah, i mean you could perfectly see that, he really loved her.. man, and now she is dead..

  • Clara Bane says:

    "Maybe you'll come back and see me?"

  • Kaya Kostas says:

    Dean omg ur such a third wheel

  • JordannLouise123 says:

    Whenever Dean says "that's my boy" to/about Sammy I just want to curl into a ball and cry omg.

  • Alberto Garrido Martín says:

    I can´t understand how they could kill her on season 8…

  • superwhiteboy619 says:

    i was so pissed when they killed her off
    i was hoping she be sam's final love interest

  • Sarah Miller says:

    everytime dean says 'that's my boy' my heart swells

  • HowWonderfulLifeIs17 says:

    There's something of the fairy tale gone wrong about this; he never did come back of his own free will, only circumstances brought them together again, and even then, Sarah did not last.  Why must everything in this show end so tragically?  She deserved her happy ending.

  • Steven Paz says:

    after watching the episode clip show on season 8, watching this video hurts so much…perfect couple and i also had a crush on her haha

  • CoolsBreeze says:

    She's one of two girls who I thought was amazing and I loved on Supernatural.

  • goldtintedspecs says:

    "So maybe you're not cursed! Maybe… maybe you'll come back and see me." OH SAM 🙁

  • Amy Curtis says:

    Sarah is the only girl that's good enough for Sam….
    too many trashy woman on the show

  • jmonline1 says:

    I love sam. sam and sarah are good together. im glad they met xxxxx

  • UptownDowntownNY says:

    you totally die the next time you see him btw 

  • afroman255 says:

    nice character.  pornstar name.

  • Julieta Blanco says:

    Sarah was a great character, Sam should have gotten together at the beginning of season 8 instead of the pointless, boring Sam/Amelia romance. Sarah knew who Sam truly was, he had a better chance of living a normal life with her than anything he had to Amelia (not a Dean/Lisa kind of normal life, Sarah was way much more badass than that, she helped Sam and Dean in one of their hunts the first time she appeared). And instead of trying something between Sam and Sarah, the producers create stupid characters like Amelia and they bring Sarah back just to kill her off.

  • Cole Cash says:

    It's depressing looking back on this after what happened in season 8. Damn Crowley..I use to think Sarah looked so familiar though, the actress I mean. Then it hit me, she was Samantha in CSI Miami lol

  • Bethany Earl says:

    Her death. Her death is one of the reasons I despise Crowley sometimes…..

  • Nikki Pisces says:

    Awwww they were babies!!!!

  • Gisele says:

    Shippei, shippo e vou shippar a vida toda! Lindos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Scifi FantasyGirl says:

    Best couple in the show with amazing chemistry.  I wish the writers would have let it go on for a little bit.  She could have been his happy ending.

  • Harmonizer808 says:

    Its so sad how the next time they meet it's when she has a baby and a family. Then they kill her off 😢

  • The Black Kakashi says:

    This kiss shook up the world

  • kungfumaster51 says:

    Such a waste of a good character and potential love interest.

  • Eugene Rawls says:

    good 😄💝💝

  • Chloe Miranda says:

    So gutted she was killed off, her and Sam would have been so good together 😭😭❤️

  • sofia karteraki says:

    thats my boy well done sammy

  • amanda simons says:

    It seems like all the love scenes stopped at season 4 basically lol. And there weren't that many to begin with

  • Jordan Fennings says:

    I kind of liked her, its a shame that they only brought her back just so she could die.

  • Ice cream Guru says:

    I'm so behind 😩😩

  • Hey Anna says:


  • lexie says:

    Me? Crying? Yep.

  • Daisy Fae says:

    "I didn't get hurt. Maybe you're not cursed."

    Then a few seasons later she dies because Crowley wanted Sam to stop the trials… That breaks my heart…

  • ManFanUtd says:

    I remember that I was waiting so much to see the next episode just to see them together. Damn what a waste of great love story

  • Anazel Gamilla says:

    until now sarah was the best partner for Sam. so sad… 🙁

  • Anazel Gamilla says:

    until now sarah was the best partner for Sam. so sad… 🙁

  • Dana Reeves says:

    Watching this Episode got me saying "Sammy! Marry her! Please!"
    Sarah is gorgeous and pure! She was the right woman for Sam.
    Till Dam Crowley ruined all that…

  • alphagamer047 says:

    Awwwww so cute and Dean's voice at the end, epic.

  • Cosmina Hîrgău says:

    That’s my boy

  • Keaira Fowler says:

    Omg!! Everytime I see a jaredpadalecki kiss scene I get butterflies 😍😍😍🤦‍♀️😭 he looks like a good kisser😋😋😋😋😭😭😭😭😭🙄

  • Alissa Coleman says:

    They had amazing chemistry together! They were also my favorite couple by far! And I’m sad that Sarah died later in the season! It made me mad because Sam deserves all the love in the world and the people need to find him a girlfriend on the show because my little heart can’t take him being so lonely! 😭💔

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