Supernatural 11×14 Promo “The Vessel” (HD)

Supernatural 11×14 Promo Season 11 Episode 14 Promo

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  • Mary Santana says:

    será que os demônios sabem que quem tá sentado no trono é Lucifer? Ou eles tão achando que o Castiel tomou o lugar do Crowley?.. Mal posso esperar.

  • SJ RANKS says:

    First they
    Kill Kevin
    Then they kill Charlie
    And offed Hannah

    Now they take crowley's black robe away

  • weirdfreak98 says:

    How dare hey do that to Crowley? Bad Luci

  • Ximena Ramírez says:

    I see Lucifer

  • Aris Niro says:

    I was hoping to see Michael, but I guess not. -__-

  • GlitteryDemon says:

    These episodes just keep gaining more bullshit

  • paingoret6 says:

    The title of this episode got me excited that Dean and Sam would FINALLY learn the truth about "Cas" (hence the title "The Vessel"…the writers probably did this intentionally). Really hope at least Sam figures it out. Gonna be so let down if nothing good with this storyline happens next week 🙁

  • Jessi Lorenz says:

    Oh my gosh, please everyone stop bitchin' around about not liking the new episodes or how supernatural "got bullshit after season 1". Don't like 'em, don't watch 'em. Problem solved.

  • RomanceGirl6666 says:

    Why the fuck are people complaining? LUCIFER shows up next episode. That alone guarantees an episode to be ten times better.

  • m says:

    Who did they hire to edit these promos jesus christ

  • om3ga5 says:

    daaamn. crowley went from season 8 bad ass to lucifer's little bitch.



  • devilpupbear09 says:

    bet they did Nazi that coming lol.


    FYI before saying this is a filler episode please read the description properly!

  • Jessica Krogh says:

    They go back in time to find the Hand of God as a weapon against the darkness!!!!
    I'm glad Misha's back too 🙂

  • Nina C says:

    Hey Sailor 🙂

  • Seven says:

    But how the fuck are the writers gonna end season 11 with alot of fillers and a few storyline episodes, i mean CMON, i think at the end, the darkness will stay until season 12 with a huge freakin cliffhanger

  • Sizzla_91 says:

    I have a theory that the darkness created everything and God locked her away and claimed it as his own. You heard it here first!

  • Castiel says:

    Finally some "Castiel" 🙂

  • samfanhellyeah says:

    you know it would be nice if for once Sam can get to time travel and wear a cute outfit but whatever. On the plus side though it seems that this will be the ep where Sam finds out Lucifer is out. I just hope that bastard doesnt hurt Sam.

  • Kknewkles Wildwision says:

    Anyone know what's the band behind this tune? Sounds eerily like Disturbed O_o

  • Маша Вилявдо says:

    God, where is Cas, is he okay? I'm happy to see Luci, but…Cas…Q_Q

  • Lightingwarrior says:

    0:07 Oh how the mighty have fallen……I'm loving it!!!

  • Logan Richard says:

    Hand of God…so Jesus fought in World War II?

  • Bhavya Gupta says:

    Why the hell does everyone complaining. There are 23 episodes in this season. You can't exactly keep it to the 'Big Baddie'. Besides, SPN started as 'monster of the week' show. We loved it then. We love it now. Why crib? I love 'main storyline' episodes. I love 'filler' episodes. I love SPN. You don't, then you don't watch it. But stop ruining it for others.

  • Kelly Elliott says:

    Dean in uniform? I'm there!

  • KiyokaMakibi says:

    0:15 Whats up with Sam?

  • amelia says:

    when the supernatural crew love the idea of superwholock

  • Anthony Maes says:

    Crowley is like a Bogart from Harry Potter, Ridiculous!!!

  • yashiWinchester says:

    loved the last episode…quirky,fun n horrifying at the same time, the perfect supernatural blend. great that dean's connection with amara is out in the open
    excited to see the next one..the time travelling epis are always a feast n Cassifer is going to rock!
    cant wait

  • Jennifer Lander says:

    It seems like only Dean will be the one doing the time traveling and I have a feeling Sam will be in current time working with "Castiel" since they need an angel to do the time travel, at least I hope so I really wanna see more Sam and Lucifer dynamic

  • josep gabarrós pérez says:

    Time travel is a big thing. I can´t wait for the next one. By the way, Emily Swallow looks so gorgeous everytime she appears on the show.

  • Cate joshua says:

    I don't get people talking about 'filler' ep. I mean, all those episodes never drifted off from the storyline. They BELONG to the 'main' storyline. 😅

  • Miss SepticEye says:

    Aww crowley in a cage! haha. I cant wait!!! kind of reminds me of that doctor who episode though haha

  • Gypsy Fae says:

    What's happening with Sam! 😮 If lucifer hurts Sam again I swear!! 😡 I'll cut a bitch! 🔪

  • Jonathan Camargo says:

    Vai ser o melhor episódio

  • Bethan 13765 says:

    In a quick second in the promo, it shows Sam's face while he is in pain, a bright white light, and the back of Castiel's (Technically Lucifer's) head in the left side barely there. and I don't like the looks of it. So, I'm just waiting for the next episode because HOLY CRAP.

  • Major Gari says:

    gogogo deamara ship

  • RedNine says:

    Lucifer and his episodes crack me up. Everytime.

  • Archangel says:

    that women is the hand of God

  • Hermionetwo says:

    For people complaining about filler episodes can you please read the description! It says they are looking for a weapon to kill Amara. Also at 14-15 sec in you see sam being hurt by I think cas (Lucifer). SO for the people saying they want them to find out about cas being possessed looks like they will find out this episode.

  • Seven says:

    Why Lucifer didn't kill crowley? i mean cmon.
    Lazy writing from the writers.

  • misscrazytalk says:

    Really wanna see interaction between Cas and lucifer in his mind like we did with Sam! Cas will be furious he hasn't gone after the darkness straight away!

  • SlowScizor says:

    God this season is pissing me off. We start out with death dying. If he is on god's level then shouldn't he have just been able to read dean's mind and know it was a trap?? Then the cage gets damaged but only lucifer (the second strongest archangel) attempts to reach his vessel. Michael would have been the obvious choice out of the two (more powerful, hates humanity less, likely same knowledge of the darkness that Lucifer has) yet they summon only Lucifer (I know he bore the mark but that doesn't necessarily mean he's better equipped to handle the darkness). I will be so pissed if they never have Michael back on. If Lucifer's little explanation as to what happened to him is all that we hear of him ever again I will be bummed. What they should do is have a final showdown with every remaining archangel, death, god, and the boys against the darkness. Maybe Lucifer could do that angel self destruct thing to fuck up the darkness enough so that it can be locked away again, a little redemption story for Luci

  • SmoothSkin says:

    Honestly though where the fuck is Cas? Is he in the cage? Is he in his vessel WITH Lucifer? Idk if one vessel could hold the power of two angels, but I'm really curious….. I just hope he's not in the cage. The poor baby has suffered enough.

  • betonthat says:

    I love the filler episodes that's when you get fun sam and dean it can't always be doom and gloom the whole series is amazing!

  • Vladi48mir says:

    What In the actual fuck is the Darkness upto all this time….???
    that bitch on vacation or something…? found a new spa and chillin or someshit
    I wanna see that sexy ass back on screen ASAP boii …damn that's a bad bitch

  • Chloe Emery says:

    haha!! 😀 Crowley! I laughed so much at that part

  • Jasonsenipor says:

    So when they went back to the past, why not just show up when the Nazi dude shows the woman the Box with the hand?
    Could just have showed up and said, I've been looking for this and Thanked the Nazi dude for finding it and then back to the future.

  • gretchenishere says:

    i always feel so cool when i dont need to read the subtitles since I speak german!

  • Deniz Eren İlhan says:

    Sound Name is ( Edith Piaf – Non, Je ne regrette rien )

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