Supernatural 11×04 – Sam and Dean singing ‘Night Moves’ (english subtitles available)

Dean, I can explain what was going on– No, no, no. No. Don’t “Night Moves” me. Shh. Just let it wash over you. Look… Just take it in. ♪ I was a little too tall, could’ve used a few pounds ♪ ♪ Tight pants points, hardly renown ♪ ♪ She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes ♪ This is ridiculous. ♪ And points all her own ♪ ♪ Sitting way up high ♪ One of the greatest rock writers of all time, Samuel. It’s Sam. ♪ Way up firm and high ♪ ♪ Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy ♪ ♪ Out in the backseat of my brother’s ’67 Chevy ♪ Yeah, you started this. You started this. Here we go. Come on now. Both: ♪ Workin’ on our night moves ♪ ♪ Trying to make some front page drive-in news ♪ ♪ Workin’ on our night moves ♪ Next time, I choose. Hands off the wheel. You’re not even looking at the road. ♪ Summertime ♪

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