Supernatural 10×02 Extended Promo “Reichenbach” (HD)

Supernatural 10×02 Extended Promo Season 10 Episode 2 Promo

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  • Niyati Jain says:

    Noooo.. Dean can't hurt Sam.. He just can't.

  • Willoughby Kipling says:

    Hey that's me at 0:01 & 0:05!

  • The Black Kakashi says:

    The mark needs to be fed Dean and its getting very hungry

  • Lisha says:

    oh God, someone please, write exactly what Dean says for those of us whose english is not the first language о_о

  • belikovXlove says:

    Bulshit. Even if Dean doesn't care about anything he is supposed to care about protecting Sammy … A man of his word .. Try standing up to the fact that your life is about protecting Sam .. 

  • Lisanne Debrabandere says:

    He beat up a guy to protect a girl, but he's willing to kill his own brother? I don't f**ing get it!

  • Rita Winchester says:


  • Gabrielle Duarte says:

    Como superar??? Omg

  • Paige Edwards says:

    Everyone needs to chill out. Dean is obviously not Dean right now. He's the demon inside of himself and he's being fuelled by the mark so it's really not that shocking that he doesn't give a damn about Sam. The actors know their characters better than anyone and if it didn't seem right then Jared and Jensen wouldn't have even shot the scenes so just pipe the fuck down. Let the story run itself before moaning that demon Dean isn't jumping for joy to see his brother. 

  • Anna Lisa says:

    THERE'S NO DEMON INSIDE DEAN!!! HE'S THE DEMON!!! AND WHAT HE IS DOING IT'S TO CARE ABOUT HIMSELF AND NO THE OTHERS AND ESPECIALLY SAM. This is the opposite of what he's always done. Take care of Sam and others more than himself. Deanmon is the contrary of Dean,

  • Anna Lisa says:

    answer to: Lis Dbr4 who wrote: "He beat up a guy to protect a girl, but he's willing to kill his own brother? I don't f**ing get it!"
    the girl said it! There was nothing about her honor! 

  • Los Wróbellos says:

    Is it just me, or Sam is more and more pussy… Hunter, who took down Devil itself is going down from one punch. 
    I just can't stand this bitch face every time, men up Sam! 

  • TKDiniz1 says:

    Allright,now this looks alot better than the première…and it's only a promo

  • RabbidNinja says:

    I wonder if he is gonna try to make Sam drink his demon blood?

  • Prachurya Nayak says:

    At 0:02, I think Dean is beating up Cole. OMG! Does Dean actually rescue Sam, after all?

  • TheDevilOfKimon says:

    So.. How much of Dean is still in there ? 

  • Kristiyana Nikolova says:

    Am I the ONLY ONE who kinda LOOOVE the new Dean cus we all know that eventually he will go back to normal so I frigin LOOOOVE this TEMPORARY Dean

  • TheFlowMind says:

    It's just sad that they'll take away demon-dean in a few episode…what's the point? I want dean to be a demon for the rest of the serie…..after 10 season it's something new…

  • Sarah D says:

    I remember reading in an interview with Jeremy Carver that after Dean is back to his old self (Which is only a couple episodes away, I promise) that Dean and Sam will work on healing their relationship and they will be concerned about the well being of each other. Hear that? CONCERNED. Dean will be back to his overprotective brotherly ways soon enough, there's no reason to freak out, Dean's simply not himself right now, come on guys, he's a freaking demon, give the guy a break. I don't know how many of you actually read spoilers, but all the ones I've seen are pointing to an epic brotherly season for Dean and Sam. So, maybe it's true that Dean doesn't give a crap about Sam right now, but even so, I've never been so sure that everything is going to be okay :).  

  • Son Goku says:

    Watch this 

  • reksub says:

    so deans pedophilia finaly caught up with him..a true beast in the open now, lilith fucker.this makes dean fair game.

  • Jp Stinnett says:

    I Think I Saw Dean Stab/Kill Crowley

  • 'Til death do us Part' says:

    this is exactly what I was waiting during the entire 9th season – To Give Sam a Life Lesson…
    I'm 100% sure Dean still loves Sam the same… to me it's just Deanmon being in return with Sammy (cus of him being ''a very little'' jerky in the previous seasons).. it was so obvious that only Dean was fighting for both of them for a while and we needed the old brotherhood as hell… soo I'm guessing we'll get this theMostAmazing relationship at least at the end of the season.. and in a perfect devoted, self-sacrificed way as always…
    I freakin Love Deanmon though.. 😀 <33

  • Evelina B. says:

    Why is people talking about pedophiles?
    Sorry! It's not my language and I just don't understand why are you saying that to Dean!

  • Charlotte WithGreenEyes says:

    Demon Dean! Why does this have to last only three episodes? Maybe we can have slightly tamed Demon Dean instead but I still want this to remain as it could be so interesting….and after 9 years they need to shake this show up a bit.

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