Spiritual Warfare: When Jezebel’s Witchcraft Keeps You Up at Night

hi it’s Jennifer LeClaire you probably
know me from books like the making of a prophet or the spiritual warriors guide
to defeating Jezebel I want to talk to you today about spiritual warfare
I mean intense spiritual warfare how many of you listening to me and you can
shoot me an email later and let me know at Jennifer at Jennifer LeClaire.org how
many of you have been facing intense spiritual warfare lately I mean
exhaustion fatigue you just feel like you want to give up infirmities coming
against your body imagination is just onslaught just an onslaught of negative
thoughts and and feelings and it’s just like a barrage you know I noticed that
this time every year this time when Lent starts it just seems like all hell
breaks loose against me and this is not a coincidence this is a demonic cycle
this is a this is a running theme as I like to sometimes say with regard to
spiritual warfare you know sometimes you see things and they pop up here here and
here you know with this relationship with that project with this thing over
here and it’s like this running theme and that’s the enemy popping his head up
like one of those wacko moles you know in every different direction but we have
authority over the enemy we don’t have to be as afraid or worried but we do
need to be wise we need to be wise and we need to be equipped for spiritual
warfare so this week I wrote an article called when Jezebel’s witchcraft keeps
you up at night yeah I’ve been going through it I’m
going to share some of that with you because every year like I said every
year at this time this onslaught of witchcraft comes against me and I’m not
talking about Wiccans I’m not talking about you know which is I’m talking
about spiritual witchcraft a spiritual force that comes against us it’s a
demonic force it’s it’s among the the demonic hierarch that hierarchy that
Paul mentions we talking about it in Ephesians 6 you know principalities and
powers and and spiritual forces and spiritual wickedness and dark places
it’s part of this whole hierarchy and where exactly it falls can be debated
but it’s one of the enemies I believe and you know we
we read about witchcraft in the Bible Jezebel’s witchcraft sin in Kings we
read about that so I want to talk to you about that
you know this year the enemy used a different tactic against me something I
wasn’t quite expecting and something I wasn’t I didn’t prepare myself for it
quite frankly and and so you know I’ve corrected that now that I’ve corrected
it I’m going to share it with you but you know since since these spiritual
forces of darkness is wicked forces these demonic attacks since its they
couldn’t slow me down during the day because back in the early days when I
was battling witchcraft it would it would get me during the day and I just
fall asleep I mean I would just sleep and sleep and sleep and it was like this
haze that came on me this witchcraft I didn’t know what it was so you know I
couldn’t fight it or I’d fight it but I didn’t have the revelation I needed to
overcome it at the time so you know they really can’t get me like that
in the daytime anymore so it attacked me at night let me back up a minute now I
know that some people are going to like me saying this but it’s true that it
seems like when lint starts every year you know some people have this tendency
to exalt Mary the mother of Jesus and we know that that’s not God’s will because
we read in read Philippians 2 9 through 11 you know that God highly exalted
Jesus and gave him the name above all names that at every name at the name of
Jesus every knee must bow of those in heaven and of those on earth and of
those under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus is Lord
to the glory of the father so Jesus is Lord Jesus is the exalted one Jesus is
the one we are supposed to be exalting right not Mary and so when we’re Mary
listen where Mary is exalted I believe it empowers that spirit of
Jezebel and her witchcraft because you know some people in some religions refer
to Mary as the Queen of Heaven but see ashteroth which was the chief pagan
goddess of war and sex mentioned in the Old Testament is also known as the Queen
of Heaven and that’s disturbing you can read this as in Scripture look here in
Jeremiah 7 it’s at its the ashteroth spirit that’s behind Jezebel the Lord
speaks of the Queen ahead in Jeremiah 7 noting that the people of
Judah were giving offerings to other gods and provoking him to anger in other
words they were offering this Queen of Heaven they were offering asteroth they
were offering Jezebel the exaltation and the praise and the the offerings that
were due to to the Lord to the Father and he didn’t like that it made him
angry of course Old Testament Jezebel’s father
was f pal who was the high priest of this goddess asteroth you know you can
read all about this in my book the spiritual warriors guide to defeating
Jezebel how to overcome immorality control and idolatry I can’t go through
all that here obviously in this short video but I want to I want to make clear
this is scriptural I’d I’ve dug it out I’ve read it I’ve studied it I’ve lived
it so again this mary worship this is exaltation of Mary the Queen of Heaven
now I also known as well must you know I’m going to stop there because it gets
dicey you’ve got to read it you’ve got to study this for yourself but here’s
the bottom line when Mary is lifted up to replace that Jesus belongs I believe
and it’s been my experience that it unleashes demonic activity in a
territory and as that demonic activity increases people begin to report and I’m
getting emails and Facebook messages from people all over the world feelings
of oppression you know intense spiritual warfare fatigue just worn out no reason
for it strong warfare against the mind and infirmities people getting sick for
no reason migraine headaches people feel like quitting they want to give up they
don’t want to go on another day you know physical manifestations for which
doctors can find no reason okay so are you experiencing any of these things is
this sort of ringing your bell I you know so I submitted you then it could be
spiritual witchcraft that you’re dealing with and I’m gonna also I’ve got another
book and maybe by the time you see this video it’s already out but it’s called
Satan’s deadly trio and it deals with these issues real practical stuff you
know and this is something again that I’ve lived through I’ve walked through
and so I can share it with you and I want to share it with you because it’s
you know if you don’t know what you’re dealing with you know you really start
to feel like gosh what is wrong with me you know
so when craft is particularly heavy and the
spiritual climate I mean my eyes sometimes actually burn everything seems
like a much bigger deal than it really is because witchcraft magnifies the bad
witchcraft distracts you and diverts your attention away from Jesus the
Prince of Peace over onto this problem makes a mountain out of a molehill I
mean you know it’s intense you know enemy can use people to release
witchcraft at you through word curses you can release witchcraft at yourself
through the words of your mouth when they’re out of line with the Word of God
when Yuri bell all right you can you can feel like you’re under this dark
spiritual Club the good news is you can you can also break it we’re going to get
to that in a minute but let me go back to my story I started out talking to you
about earlier you know this year witchcraft couldn’t
get me by day and don’t get me wrong Lent is not the only time of the year
that we have to deal with this spiritual witchcraft it’s all year long but it
intensifies during Lent all right so this year witchcraft couldn’t get me by
day I was I was ready for the onslaught I mean I was ready like okay I’ve got my
calendar marked I know there’s going to be a spiritual shift and I know that
it’s going to get worse and worse and worse until until Easter when it breaks
so instead witchcraft attacked me at night when I was sleeping I tell you I
have had some of the absolute worst horrific nightmares I’ve ever had over
the past couple of weeks really bad stuff I won’t even speak it out of my
mouth because I’m not going to give life to it the Bible says the power of death
and life is in the tongue and I am NOT going to speak it because I am NOT going
to give life to the enemy’s plan I broke those assignments I woke up at 4 o’clock
in the morning 3 o’clock in the morning different times
praying and of course what happens is I’m exhausted during the day so the
enemy couldn’t get me during the day but he got me at night and it affected my
day and I had to really shore up and step back and say ok what am I doing
here you know then I’ll wake up this weekend I woke up to some especially
nasty emails you know they don’t like what I wrote or they don’t like that I
posted something on charisma magazine or they don’t like this or they don’t like
that and so these religious spirits are coming out of the Woodworks all of a
sudden it’s like they all had a conference call and decided to attack me
the next morning you know I mean whatever I used
as a stepping stone I use that you know to allow the Lord to bring me up higher
that persecution you know I’m used to it you can’t be speaking out for the Lord
and not have people come against you as a matter of fact if people aren’t coming
against you Steve Hill used to say you know ask the
pastor how’s everything going and he said oh it’s going great you like what
do you mean it’s going great it is like well everything’s going wonderful it’s
like what are you preaching because if you’re preaching the truth it’s going to
make some doubles mad it’s going to make some people who have the devil
whispering in their ear and who give ear to the devil it’s going to make them mad
so if you’re not making anybody mad I have to wonder what you’re preaching
what you’re prophesying what you’re praying okay so here’s the deal
the attacks came to it through email I shook all that off it it made me rise up
and in prayer that’s all right that’s all good
you know if the enemy wants to attack me I’ll rise up in prayer and it just
doesn’t do him any good in the end but it you know he’s got to keep trying
that’s his job but these nightmares left me exhausted I mean you do know it’s
much more difficult to sort of war with one hand and work with the other you
know like they did me in mind when they’re building the wall you know they
had a sword in one hand and a hammer and the other it’s kind of a lot harder to
do that when you’re exhausted you know and then when you’re waking up to all
these email attacks you know it’s just here’s the deal the devil wants your
thoughts the devil wants your attention the devil wants the words of your mouth
because your thoughts in the words your mouth and all influences your actions
and then you’re off you know sleeping when you should be praying you’re off in
the front of the couch watching TV and and you know filling yourself up with
ice cream when you should be at church or whatever you’re in other words you’re
not doing what you’re supposed to do you’re not doing what God would have you
to do you’re giving in to it you’re giving in to it because you took the
thought you spoke the words you’re taking the actions but I’ll tell you
what I spent hours and hours and hours this weekend after what happened to me
the last couple of weeks in prayer and in worship seeking revelation on how I
could better gird up my loins I mean I got blindsided it happens to the best of
us so you know maybe it just happened to you there’s no shame in that you know
just means that you know what something somewhere and it’s a learning
experience none of us are perfect and anyone who says they’re perfect and they
never you know get attacked and they never you know gets blindsided or they
never you know the enemy never sort of gives them a gives them a little nudge
they’re not being honest with you because none of us are perfect and the
enemy will wait until we’re tired or we’re distracted or we’re overworked or
stressed out or whatever he’ll use our family members against us so use our
friends our pastor who use people against us to gossip behind our back or
you know to stab a knife in our back I mean anybody that says that they’re they
walk in a hundred percent you know I don’t say victory because we do walk in
under percent victory but anybody who says they never experienced any sort of
an attack from the enemy again I’d have to say what do you preaching what are
you doing alright but here’s the deal always remember this
although the enemy I just said uses people against us family members bosses
co-workers pastors whoever we’re not wrestling against flesh and blood we’re
not wrestling against flesh and blood yet we do need to put on our whole armor
of God and engage in battle passivity isn’t going to deliver you from
Jezebel’s which crafts I want to read the scripture to you second Corinthians
10:3 and six for though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the
flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty and God for the
pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and every high thing that
exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing every thought into
captivity every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ and being
ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled so when it
comes to witchcraft we have to withstand it the amplified bible says be firm in
first Peter five and eight be firm in faith against his onset rooted
established strong immovable and determined it’s easy enough to give in
to witchcraft it’s easy enough you still lay down and go to sleep it’s easy
enough to sit in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream or a pint or a quart or
however much you can fit in your belly at one time okay it’s easy enough to do
that especially if you know don’t know what’s attacking you you don’t know what
it is you don’t even know real you’re under attack you just think I’m
having a bad day well yeah you’re having a bad day best because you’re under
attack hello you know and I get it I mean I’ve gotta okay revelation I’m
under attack I get it alright so again when you feel like giving up when you’re
just exhausted for no reason when you’re when you’re when you have strong
confusion hitting your mind imaginations that just won’t quit
you know when you’re fighting this that intense battle in your mind when
infirmity start manifesting and you know the doctor can’t find anything wrong
with you it could be possible that it’s witchcraft
you’ve got to resist it at its onset the longer you wait to resist that attack
that’s coming against you the longer it seemed to take the fight through it it’s
like the enemy is building a wall and then the longer you wait to start
babbling against it the thicker the wall gets okay now you know you can bam
instantly sometimes if you have the revelation of who you are in Christ you
can break through that in an instant but if you don’t if you’re struggling even
with the revelation of the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus you know you’re
chipping away the thing go get some reinforcements go get some people to
help you break down that wall go get some help all right there’s no shame in
asking for help resist avetis onset cast adult James 4:7 says submit yourself to
God resist the devil standing firm against him and he’ll flee from you so
submit yourself to the lordship of Jesus exalt his name exalt Jesus thank him for
his blood rejoice in the Lord praise and worship carries the breakthrough they
mean that that’s that praise and worship will change the spiritual climbing in
your home when I’m not home I like to leave you know I hop in Kansas City or
some other kind of worship music playing in my home just keep the atmosphere when
I walk in it’s so nice you know because there’s that worship music playing it’s
wonderful so we should always praise and worship in there’s such power in that
there’s such that that is a form of spiritual warfare in itself you know and
if worship doesn’t break the witchcraft take authority over it in the name of
all in the name that’s above all names me do that anyway
witchcraft asked about the name of Jesus be sure that that you don’t have any
common ground with the enemy you’ll hear me say this a lot make sure that you’re
not you know having some form of rebellion and if you do whatever it is
repent repent go in repenting even if you don’t know that you’ve done anything
gens are you’ve done thing repent none of us are perfect we
all miss it every day in small ways sins of omission maybe small things little
word an idle word you know Jesus said we’re going to be held accountable for
every idle word we say I mean it’s not even a gossip board but just an idle
word I mean so go in repenting and remember that you’re more than a
conqueror in Christ no weapon formed against you can prosper unless you let
it you know not even witchcraft so our job listen your job is to be
spiritually discerning enough to be aware to be now you’ve got the knowledge
I’ve given you the knowledge you’ve got to get the revelation and the
understanding pray for the discernment to catch the devil at his onset resist
him rebuke him and praise God for the victory because you got it you’re
victorious you’re victorious in Christ you are witchcraft is no match for you
none of the demons in Hell or any match for you in Christ so I want to pray for
you before we go I’ve got to get out of here but I appreciate you watching my
channel I ask you to just subscribe to it I’m sending out videos every week and
let me pray for you and we’ll head out so father I thank you right now I praise
your name I worship and adore you and I thank you we’re protected on the shadow
of the Almighty I ask you God to give everyone watching this video an
understanding and a revelation of what’s coming against them they watched this
video not by accident but for a reason and I think you gotta ask you to to
bless them with revelation and understanding wisdom and knowledge
discernment in the name of Jesus and I break every assignment off their lives
right now I break that witchcraft off of them right now in the name of Jesus we
take authority over that witchcraft I break your powers double you have no
right to come against this blood-bought child of Jesus of the Father in the name
of the Lord I pray amen well thanks again be sure to visit my
website I got tons of great articles and everything on there for it’ll really
help you out I wish I could respond to everybody that emails me but I get too
many emails I do pray and I do try to respond to what I can so just keep that
in mind be patient with me I’m doing my best here to minister to the masses of
you being media but I can’t individually touch all of you so know that and please
pray for me as well I love you guys that bless you in Jesus name Amen

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    Yes everything you’re saying…every direction….

  • brenda harmon says:

    Sis , you cut your hair .wear is your covering

  • Shobha gondiyawar says:

    How to overcome seductive jezbel spirit?

  • Shobha gondiyawar says:

    What's meaning of food and eating food in dream? How to be free?

  • Rock-E Oldboy says:

    Also known as heartless soulless narcissistic sociopaths.

  • Alfredo Silvas says:

    Sister Jennifer. It's the first time I seen your videos. I love that you say the truth. Worldly people will always say bad stuff things about the word of God because they don't know him. But people who know Jesus Christ our Lord and savior love him and what you teach. Jesus Christ blessed you and family. Your brother in Christ Jesus.

  • T says:

    yeah i know,sorry God

  • romeo rozeta says:

    Good job sister! God bless you and have a good day.

  • Lousena Pierrr_louis says:

    I wish that was that easy to get help seams like they scare of me even pastor.

  • angelina24 says:

    Hi Jennifer. I really need your prayers. Can you pray for me? I really think I'm being attacked. I'v had bell's palsy for almost 6 years. I have lower lambar extremity pain all thru my back and leg for a year.. The MRI shows a tiny disc bulge but not enough to cause me this much pain. Different areas of my leg hurts in different ways. Sometimes its shooting pain. Sometimes it's an ache… The list goes on… The doctors can not pin point exactly what is causing me all this pain. I'v had 2 chrotosone shots. It helped a little. I'v given my life to Christ years ago and I got baptized months ago, receiving the holy ghost..I'v tried everything every guest on Sid Roth's show says. This is where I first saw you. I believe that demons are viciously attacking me. Can you please pray for me? Thank you and God bless you, sister.

  • Sj9 Bielle says:

    Thank you for your prayer and may you continue in strength in Yashuah

  • Violet Glory Ministries, Inc. says:

    Every passover season I have to get rid of someone in my life who is trying to halt my ministry.

  • Violet Glory Ministries, Inc. says:

    One year drs thought they would have to remove my gall bladder. As soon as I left church I was involved in symptoms stopped immediately.

  • Esther Joseph says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you woman of God, am in agreement Matthew 18 : 19

  • 曾筠雅 says:

    Yes. I. can,t. sleep. in. the. night. Yes. sometimes. just. feel. so. tired. and. sleepy. I. think. what,s. going. on Yes. and. Amen Praise. and. Worship Thanks. Jenny. Shalom!

  • Cillacil NYC says:


  • arliciawalker says:

    Fitga my chest being hurting all day because of mother' sisters yes its demonic as all get up 8 ve seen stars in my eye bolds its been crazy'- hesty I didn't know that being attack during the day!!

  • elle lee says:

    Their witchcraft back to them!

  • Lili says:

    SEX AND GOD, Christian women, are you tired of being subjugated and dictated to by the strange ideas of the men in your church? how they demand that you deny yourself the opportunity to explore your sexuality and demand that you be virginal when married, stay married to one man for the rest of your life and follow the rules written by some old Arabs to control their women in the Bronze age. Now is the time to stand up for yourself and inform those rules and regulations men that you are the owner of your body and it is nobodies business but your own how you have sexual intercourse and with whom. If you give in to these religious control freaks imagine how dull and dreary the rest of your life will become, always wondering what it would have been like to enjoy intimate relationships with different partners and experience the variance and richness of life. It`s time to break away from your restrictive religious life and have some fun instead of being told what you should and should not do and think all the time, religion is all about control, men need to control the body and thoughts of women and make us into robots subservient to themselves by using the guilt element of an imaginary man in the sky, Break free now and be free forever. Blessed be.

  • Sherry Horton says:

    I feel like I am going through this right now…I feel surrounded by jezabel spirits..in church too!…

  • cherry boy says:

    Can you please pray for me someone put a evil spirit on my life it a old woman she is very evil to my life i like it to stop every day i pray for this to go but it not this is very evil please pray for me and this evil spirit away form my life please pray for me God bless you all on here

  • Annelies Bakker says:

    I cast all my worries about sick spirits back to God to deasl with at all times, day and night, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ: amen.

  • Joe Weakley says:

    Thank you, Jennifer! The verse you shared is very powerful. God recently gave me Is. 52:2 "Shake off your dust; arise, sit enthroned….free yourself from the chains of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion." Your verse and teaching was key in showing me and motivating me on how exactly to do that and what was hindering me. Thank you! Obedience

  • Cathleen Care says:

    Hi l Love 💖 wanching you God Bless 😘 xx

  • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound says:

    this is so I've been praying for certain situations and all of a sudden I feel the evil hatred come against me cuz it's like God is having pray for a situation that the enemy doesn't want to let go of a stronghold so pray for me and Jesus Christ name we pray for the situation at hand I feel like this girl's is under a slavery situation with Satan is and he doesn't want to let go so please cry out to Jesus Christ prayer warriors this is serious I'm under attack for trying to crowd for a sore it's real man of the enemy is real and if you begin to pray againssrt strongholds .

    ask Jesus Christ the movie divine power against the strongholds please ask his cross to move against the enemy strongholds and attacking me please I need covering I need backup I need hardcore godly people understand spiritual warfare to go to Jesus Christ now

  • Monique Antoinette says:


  • hugh mungus says:

    Mary is called Queen of Heaven by Catholics and Orthodox and Anglicans because of Revelation 12. Don't be a deceiver.

    Perhaps this is why Saint Paul wrote as he did to Timothy in 1Tim 2.

    For your edification:
    The Hail Mary
    Hail Mary, full of grace.
    The Lord is with thee.
    Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour if our death.

    As you can see, this prayer asks the blessed virgin, Mary to pray for us. It does not deify her.

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