Spiritual Warfare 7 – How the Enemy Attacks (CC) by Jim Logan

www.jimlogan.org One of things we shared last… night, and I would really encourage you
that when you go into a motel room, a hotel room. Why don’t you just pray in that room, and ask God to remove all the forces of… darkness. And any wickedness that’s been
committed in that room… and all. That it’d be removed. There
would be no harassment or any… oppression or anything like that taking
place in that room. The reason why we mentioned the houses last
night, because often every house you move… into as a missionary has already been pre-
dedicated to the enemy. Just turn right around and dedicate the
house and everything to the Lord. That it would be a light you in their
community and so on. There’s a book out that… is the only book I know of, and I
wanted to mention it to you. Written on the subject is John
Dawson’s “taking our cities for God.” He’s the president of
Ywam’ers. Isn’t Ywam’ers that he is the president of? He wrote that book. It gets a little bit
bogged down, a little bit detailed. It’s a excellent book on how to
pray against principalities and powers. It’s amazing. He and his wife would walk, and
stand before houses they moved into… the bad part of the city. That’s
not the word I want, but he moved into the bad part of the city.
Where it was really not a safe neighborhood. He felt he wanted to be where the people
were in LA to reach. They began to evangelistically pray for their neighbors… house by house by house.
As they would walk. Pray against the forces of darkness.
You read a book! It’s awesome! Just what this guy did in
his neighborhood, and how to take your… cities for the Lord. Praying against
principalities and powers and just a lot… of ideas. How to identify what’s in control of our city.
What seems to be the predominant… thing, here. “Demonism, and how to win against the
devil” by Chuck Swindoll is a good, little… pamphlet is $ 1.98. You can get it at a Christian book stores by [Zondervan] is kind of one of the long… ones. It’s just you know how Chuck Swindoll
can take a lot of information and just… kinda squeeze it. Then… make it humorous and interesting.
it’s just a dynamical, little thing. A lot of people will read that.
It’s probably twenty-eight pages. Rather than some of these hefty books. They go
“I’m overwhelmed with a hefty one.” It is interesting here on resisting. I think we need to look at resisting
the devil. Now, we talked about it, but we kind of
skipped away from it. We need to get back to it. How do we affectively resist the devil?
Now this is right out of Chuck Swindoll’s… little book. He has four steps. Now, remember we
said in resisting we wanted to use… Rhemas. Well, there’s another aspect of
Rhema and that is… where logos is referring to the written
Word. The Rhema literally means, can mean
speaking forth the Word. It’s the spoken Word, rather than the… written Word. Which is interesting when
you look at that. As I read this, I realized that Chuck
Swindoll knew what he was doing. There’s one page here that I feel that on that page… I do not feel that this statement is
accurate. Although I didn’t write it. It’s just the one before that, which
is being… a person of spiritual power. If you read
there you’ll see on the page… it says, under number 2 “recognize that
Satan…” “attacks you by planting his
suggestions in your mind.” “The first thing is Satan can read your
thoughts.” I do not believe that is true. A number of the men that I talked
to in… you know i’m not afraid to
get on the phone and call theologians… say hey “I’m talking to people and I want
to say what’s right on and square.” I just have not seen this in
Scripture at all. I know that Satan can put… thoughts in your mind. We already saw
that. Right? I mean absolutely. That’s where the battlefield
is, but can Satan… read your thoughts? If you read that verse.
This was written by Bill Gothard. It is excellent! I mean outside that one
statement I said “Bill, I don’t agree with you.” His concept was that Satan… knows how to attack us so, like
we said he knows my button, so… specifically. He knows how to wear or wipe me out,
and… that’s just from watching us. Some of you know. that there were dossiers on them. They had more information about them, than
they remembered about themselves. If you have governments that have more
information about you than you have on yourself. It’s no wonder the enemy has a lot
of information on me, and knows those areas. If you look at… Swindoll. All of his four steps
you say it… out loud. When you’re resisting, you
resist how? out loud!
If you resist in your heart, can the enemy hear it? No!
Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to yell… or scream. People are going to think… I mean, you’re Wycliffe. You’re
missionaries. You are already weird, and if you’re going
around and saying this stuff out loud… they’re going to know for sure. I mean like yelling and all of this. Let me give you an instance. One of our gals
was going to Manhattan. To go to one of these welfare hotels. To share Christ with the children that
are trapped in those places. 500 or 600… children in one of these hotels. Sometimes
a thousand kids. They did a survey in Manhattan one block.
They surveyed ten-thousand children, in one block living in these things.
Ten-thousand. All of them in the deepest darkness as
dark as… any tribal person anywhere. As evil and as gross living. she was in the subway. She went in and
sat down. She sensed evil… in the car. We’ve talked about that
when you just sense, and God gives a woman a… good sense. If a woman would follow her
senses, many of the women would not have… sexual attacks. If they would just follow that
initial whatever. I don’t know… how a woman or why she senses in her spirit, but
you know what I am talking about. She gets… “This is not good.” She sat there.
“This is not good.” She thought “if I look around..” “the car.” “I don’t want to look around the subway train.”
This has only happened to her once. At all times she’s been going, but there was
an evil presence there. There was hardly… anybody on the subway car. Now, it doesn’t make a difference to a lot of people. I was the discipling a Royals baseball… player. He had gone on the subway in New York to the… Stadium. He took off his World Series ring.
He took everything out of his pocket, except a dollar for going and a dollar
for coming back. He is back on the subway… full of people and a guy pulls out a gun
sticks in his stomach. Asked him for something of value. He
had nothing. If you have ever been in a New York
subway, when it stops the door go (cush). The doors went (cush). He goes “oh, I got
shot.” (Laughter) He was sure the guy shot him. The guy got off. Full of people. People go like this (head move), and here you are standing with a guy to your… stomach and everybody’s looking away. He said, “Jim, I always carry at least a
dollar a given them now.” (laughter) If I get robbed in the subway. Here is this girl, but no one’s in the
car. It doesn’t really make much… difference in New York who is in there
or who isn’t. All of a sudden, she is sitting with her legs
crossed. She has got her materials to take the… gospel to these children. This guy walks over, strange. Just glares down at her. she looks at him, and she realizes
that if she doesn’t maintain eye contact. with this guy, she doesn’t know
what he’ll do to her. He is… out of it. In fact, that happened to be the
girl, who took the course at Moody with… us from Fred Dickason on “how to counsel the
demonized.” She had an… idea here that this guy was getting help. You
know, with his… derangement. It was enemy forces there in
his life. She’s looking up at him, and he is glaring
down at her. She cried out to her heart… to God. to protect. He kicked her. Just sent her food flying. If she hadn’t had it crossed the way she had it. It would have maybe broken her leg. She just kept
looking at him, and crying out to the Lord. He left. She said “do you think I resisted him?”
I said “no, but you did cry out to God…” “to intervene on your behalf.” It may
not have been wise for her to look at him, and say “in the Name of Jesus.” Although there’s times where I’ve had to when
my life has been threatened. You may find that. That you may have to… look at the individual, and verbally
resist the enemy. As he’s trying to attack you through an
individual. That can happen… anyplace [or] anywhere. In any country. Any place
the enemy can send someone. If you look at this vocally. Vocally. Vocally. Vocally.
All of what Swindoll says. Swindoll is right on the ball. That book is right on in the area of
dealing with the enemy. Now, I’d like to share with you a
tremendous story. It has… I knew I’d forget his name. I knew I
would on the way over. Someone, one of the missionaries stole my
ink pen. (Laughter) Or maybe I lost it. (Laughter)
I’m not sure which… was first, but anyway I didn’t have a pen to
write it down. The guy that… um… if you have read
the… pineapple story. Who wrote that? He was a missionary. He is Dutch. Koning. Otto Koning. I knew. Otto Koning has a video out it is… absolutely awesome, but I don’t know if they are
going to release it, called the Snake Story. It’s just tremendous, but i want to share
this with you. This is resisting… in our ministries. Otto Koning, if you have read the pineapple story, was
in Irian Jaya. He was somewhere down there with the
cannibals. And he struggled with his pineapples. Finally, after he protected his… pineapples the nationals got so sick
of them they all moved away. So, here he was a missionary with all his pineapples, but nobody to minister to. Because he ran them all off, and he liked it for a while. But he didn’t know what to write in prayer letters. (laughters). He ran off all the tribe. It’s awesome. That’s really funny,
but it goes on. He realized. He was there seven years… their were nine couples that came and left. He never knew anything about
resisting… in his ministry and resisting the enemy.
Here, he is trying to reach a tribe, knowing that the demons are real, because
the drums would beat and nobody would be there. There was all this demonic
activity, so he knew it was going on. He believed in demons. He had a theology class, and seminary on it. He knew all you
know that was his concept of… all this. Seven years and two converts, and he
was taking tranquilizers. His wife was on tranquilizers, and do you know
what she said to him one day? She said, “Otto if this is Christianity,
we sure don’t have much.” “There has got to be more to it than this.” Just
trying to survive… emotionally and everything. There’s got to be
more to Christianity than this. Someone gave them a book, one of the pilots. Pilots giveaway books and then get them back. A fellow flew in and gave Otto a book
that changed his life. It was “Spirit Controlled…” “temperament.” He read it and said, “I could be a Spirit
controlled missionary.” He never though of that before. He read the book and it transformed his
life. He said “you got trouble… “when you got a Spirit controlled
missionary living in a demonic situation.” Now, he had new troubles, became
more aware of the enemy. The pilot took that book and
gave him another book when he flew in to read. He said, “Otto, try this one.” This was on “how to resist the devil?” He looked at that and he read it. It was just a whole new concept,
because his particular theological… background is you never talk to the
devil. You never do that. So, there was a tribe on the other side of
the swamp… that wanted Otto to go to them. He really didn’t want to go.
He hated the swamps. Whenever he would get in the swamps he would get this feeling, and when he would preach… the fellows that were there,
they would say, “Otto… “go with us in the swamps.” He would make excuse for not going. They said
“Ahh, you’re afraid the demons will get…” “you in the swamps!” “No, my God will protect me.”
[He] said. “Prove it!”
He said,”I don’t have to prove it. I don’t have to prove everything that’s in the Bible.” “I just believe it.”
But he was frightened to go. One day these Chiefs begged him to
come with the gospel. They couldn’t come, because every time they
came the snake… was across the path. They could not
cross the snake. That’s why it’s called… “the snake story.” They couldn’t go across the snake. So, the
only way that these people could get the… gospel, and they were asking him to come is for
Otto to go through the swamps… to them.
So, he and one other fellows… are going through the swamps, and he was sweating. They were upset with him. They had
he walk first, because… they said “not only was his feat dumb.
He had dumb feet.” Missionary with the dumb feet fell over
everything. This guy is stumbling… behind. The guys are walking behind as he
stumbles through leading the way through this jungle. Hacking in the swamps and all. He is sweating, and he doesn’t even… care anymore. He steps over the yellow snake. The guy says “not only your feet
dumb, but your head’s dumb.” “Can’t you see? You stepped over
the snake. We never step over the snake.” “The demons will get you!” “That’s what we’ve been telling you. No one
steps over the snake. They will get you now!” He said “Do you want your pack here, or do
you want me to carry it back?” Otto was so upset. He took a stick… and he beat that yellow snake to death.
It had it’s head at one end of the… swamp, and his tail at the other. He
just beat and beat that snake… until it stopped wiggling. He said “now, come on.” The guy’s “it’s worse to cross a dead one.” (Laughter) He didn’t know how to get there. It’s just
swamp. He didn’t know how to find this tribe. He begged this guy to please come. So, he
circled around all the stuff. I mean, way. He said the snake could have
been that long. Way out, and caught up with them. They’re
walking through this, thick, thick jungle thorny place. The guy says “Duan I have to go to the
bathroom.” “I relieve myself.” So, he went off to relieve
himself. Otto Koning is walking along and all
of a sudden, out of the thorny wall of the
jungle, came screams, like out of a horror movie. Here he is all by himself he said he got a
hold of the log, It had a little stick on it. He was shaking and this
thing began to sink… in the mud and he thought this is it. It’s all over for me. As he was sinking
he said you know you don’t want to grab… anything in the swamps, because it will either
bite you or a thorn will go in
your hand. He said just let the leeches get you. It’s slower. As this guy slowly is sinking in the mud,
and all of a sudden he thought… “resist him.”
And he thought… “in what language?”
Right? whatever it was.
Whatever he was speaking Dutch or English. What do you speak
to demons? So, he did it in the language of the
people. He shouted… to be sure they would hear him. He shouted out
“in the Name and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ…” “I command you to leave and go where Jesus Christ sends you.” It stopped.
The fellow comes out… and sees him and he said “I met “HoiHoi” in the jungles” He attacked me and I resisted him… in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They
go to the village of these headhunters. They go in the chief is there. He’s got over twenty skulls in his
hut, and they sit down. All the men… are coming in, and he said the floor was
creaking. They were up well above the ground
about four feet. They’re just listening and he says,
“guess what?” He said the missionary met “HoiHoi” in the
jungles. He screamed at him, and he resisted him in the
name of Jesus. He left and they just all… I guess they rub their nose when they think. They are all rubbing their noses. The Chief said, “could He come into my
stomach?” They all laughed and said “Oh, he’s terrible.” “No, your Jesus wouldn’t want him.” “He’s really bad.”
He shared the gospel that day, now here the people realize that their
is something stronger than “HoiHoi.” 40 men received the Lord Jesus Christ
as their Savior. Seven years… he had never resist the devil two converts. He
resisted the enemy, and shared Christ and 40 men got saved. He was
walking back through the juggle he’s thinking “what… “was the difference?” He realized that
was the difference. Then he tells how he was asked to go
to another place, since these people got saved. They asked and he went somewhere else. They decided that if they got the
missionary, maybe he would… selling them stuff and all this. So, they built
the church, and they didn’t know how to… build a church. Everybody got in this thing. Their wasn’t any room for anybody, and he
standing against the wall. A pig runs in. This pig is running in and out of this church. It ran on the ladies side and they’re all
screaming. The men are all laughing, and then… they got it out and it ran. When
the ladies will stand up the benches… would flip.
They would all slide off. Then it ran on the man side, and the ladies
thought that was really good. They were laughing. This pig was demon possessed. It just totally tore up the whole service. It was the next Sunday after forty
got saved at another place. Nothing happened.
He was the most discouraged missionary and said “I’m never going…” “back there.” On the way back the Lord said
“why didn’t you…” “resist him?”
I never thought of that. I’ve never been there but he said… “the ladies side in the church is always
terrible. They’re always talking to the…” “babies.” he said “it’s unbelievable. It’s was always
chaos.” “and pandemonium on the ladies side. In fact
some of the churches…” “He told the ladies they couldn’t come.” His
wife taught them flannel graph somewhere else. he said he just “It is just awful.”
Well, he went back there… and he resisted the devil. When he walked in the church they
were all, the whole village, was sitting… in the church. There wasn’t a sound. He got up and he preached, and many
came to Christ. If you know his story, they came to
Christ all over that area. As he began to… resist the forces of darkness.
You’ve got to get a hold of this. You’ve got to get a hold that there’s one
who is opposing you, and we need to… oppose him.
Right? We need to resist him, and if you can get
the snake story if Bill Gothard will let you… have it. It is just the most thrilling thing to see. The guy is really unique. He
is so funny to hear him talk. He’s quite a guy, and I
didn’t tell you the whole story. There’s more to the story than that, but it’s
exciting as this guy got a hold of… the simple truth. That he, as a missionary, could stand
against the forces… of darkness, and all how God honored that.
It was a tremendous thing. We want to talk about… oh let’s see what we got
left here. we want to start talking about the enemy. How he attacks us, and then how to help
someone… who is not resisting, and is finding
themselves on the losing end of this. They’re saying “I need help. I know
that I’m on the winning team, but…” “I’m a loser.” “could you help me?”
How can we help them? Turn to 2 Corinthians chapter 10. This is a tremendous warfare passage.
In fact, I like… I think out of Ephesians 6, I like
this one. Maybe this is my favorite one and Ephesians 6 is my second
favorite. This puts it right there. It says this is
what’s going on. “For though we walk…” Verse three. “For though
we walk around in the Flash…” “we do not war after the flesh,”
isn’t that exactly what… the message was in Ephesians. Same
message. That you and I cannot in the flesh stand
against the enemy. Eventually, it’s all over for us, because
we’re fighting… a Spiritual battle. We need to be
Spiritual people with God’s Spiritual protection. Following God’s direction on
how to stand against them. “for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,” Did you know the word weapons there is the same… Greek word translated in Ephesians 6… as Armor?
Interesting you could say the… Armor of our warfare is not carnal.
Exactly what he is saying. “but mighty”
What’s the word mighty? The ability… to perform anything. Mighty power that’s
what God has given us. Mighty power the… ability to perform anything.
“through God to the pulling down…” “of strongholds.”
The enemy… the area we will look at, want’s ground in your life. Do you know what he is going to do with the ground? He wants to build a stronghold.
What are strongholds? Write this down and look at it.
It’s a excellent definition. I wished I would have thought it up.
“Mental…” “patterns of thought. A stronghold is a
mental pattern of thought…” “burned into your mind over a period
of time…” “or by a traumatic experience.”
I want you to write it down. Because people don’t know, what is
these strongholds that God tells me to cast down. “They are mental patterns of thought
burned into your mind…” So, it is thought patterns. It’s like the farm roads in the spring. Ruts.
You’ve got some thinking ruts up here. I had a thinking rut. Do you know what my
thinking rut was? I could never do anything right. I was sitting… in CEF’s office, in my office. Executive of that mission. You know I told you I taught in
a couple of Bible colleges, One day I’m sitting there and you know the
thought that came to me. You know the thought was? That was like three or four years ago.
“Logan, you’re not dumb.” I never challenged that thought. I believed all of my life I was, what? Dumb.
you know why I believed that? Because my
family told me I was dumb. Especially my father and I never
challenged that thought. It became so much a rut in my life.
I just believed it. One day I said “I may not be the
smartest guy in the world,” “but two colleges wouldn’t hire somebody
super dumb, maybe one but not too.” So, obviously I am not dumb, and I got
really excited. God it’s neat I’m not dumb.
But you know… we’ve got those rats. Don’t we? Let me
tell you the enemy will use them. He’ll attack them and the Lord said “deal with
those things, because they’ll hinder…” “your effectiveness. You won’t be willing.”
If you’d asked me to come here 12 years… I would not have come here for love nor money and stand in front a bunch a critical… missionaries and talk to them. No way!
I might say something they don’t like. I would be a mess. I was already half a mess. You want to learn about warfare.
Do you know how to… study warfare? Read the Old Testament.
See, you and I are to stand against God’s enemies. The children Israel stood against who? God’s
enemies. You know we can learn a lot… about the Spiritual Battle by reading through the Old Testament, and
seeing how God’s people stood and fought… against God’s enemies. And how then sometimes they
didn’t stand. I don’t know if you saw this, but in
the scriptures remember Moses sent… out the spies. They came back and they said
“no way.” “Just no way.” “It’s impossible.” Walled cities those are
strongholds. “Giants, there’s no way.” Joshua send out the spies. They came back
and they said… “hey let’s go.”
Do you know what the difference was? Did you know that Moses violated scripture? And
Joshua didn’t. God told Moses very distinctly that they
would take the land, How? Little by little. You check it out. They spied out the whole land. Joshua sent the spies in and guess what
they spied out? Jericho.
One place. They came back and they said “we
can take one city.” Do you know there’s a real principle there?
Sometimes the wholeness of the task… will overwhelm us, and we need to break it down
into achievable pieces. Right?
This morning I got here early. I wanted a cup of coffee, because my
tank is half-empty. I went over over there to peek in to
see if I could see anything. I haven’t had a chance… to go in your buildings over here and
I’m leaving tomorrow. I peeked in the windows, and I just saw a
little office with chairs. That was exciting. I didn’t see much. So, I decided to
walk over to the other building, and I… walked over there. I saw tombstone. I
thought “oh, this is interesting.” CEF the founders are buried on the
property. how wonderful. “A man’s heart needs to be where his
work is.” I pushed the button. I listened to him speaking to Biola students. I wonder if I was sitting there when he said that… at Biola.
What was his cry? What was it? What he say Lane, exactly how many tribes did he say on that? 2,000 yet to go, and he’s pleading. You hear
the pleading in his voice 2,000. And some people say, ” 2,000, how do you reach 2,000 tribes?” I went to New York City and I looked at all
those children their in New York City, and I got… overwhelmed. I’m the kind that can sit down in the
gutter and say “woah… is me.”
I said to Tom “how do you reach these…” teen prostitutes?” You would spend your
whole life just reaching… the kids that aren’t even
teenagers yet in full-time prostitution. “How in the world? Then the drug
addicts and on. How in the world do you do it?” “How do you reach…” “all these kids?” he said, “it’s easy one at a
time.” See i get overwhelmed with the bigness
of the thing. So I need someone to break it down in
chewable pieces. Then I can go.
That’s what Joshua did. They went into that land, and they
look at that city. You know what walled… cities were like. I mean they lived in the wall. We’re not
talking about these things that fold… around. (Laughter) The city of Jerusalem, you could
drive a car on the wall. There are stones in the wall that
Weigh tons, one stone. Go and shove it down. It could be a
little bit overwhelming. I’m creative. Why don’t we just leave the
stronghold, and take the land around it. It would work for a while. What would be the problem by leaving the stronghold there? The gates would open. The enemy would
coming out. Attack me. Go back in the gates, and I’m
fighting constantly, fighting. Within myself. We are not talking about the flesh here. We are talking about the enemy. So, you read Jericho and they walk around the city. You know it is amazing. The amazing
thing is that nobody could talk. Obviously, I wasn’t there. I could see some woman saying “honey, do
you think this is working?” (Laughter) “You know I don’t even see a crack in the thing.”
(Laughter) “Do you see any cracks today?” “No”
“Man, are you sure Moses got it right?” They are walking around, walking around,
walking around, walking around, and then the… whole thing falls down. They say “praise
God! Now we know how destroy strongholds.” “Lets go upto Ai and walk around it.” Isn’t it amazing, how each stronghold was
different? Did you notice that? I think it is so that we don’t get this
“method.” Now, I got a “method.” Peter wrote a neat book.
Did you ever read his book? “How to walk on water – ten steps.”
(Laughter) I mean that is the tendency. yeah how to cast a stronghold. I got it to
walk around seven days and not say anything. I figured out how to do it. Isn’t it
unique. Each stronghold was a different… strategy.
One time they went out and praised. And the battle was won.
But beloved… you’ve got to deal with the strongholds,
and I don’t care if you’re… We had a lady eighty-four years of age
brought to me… an evangelists’ wife by her daughter at
University be Indiana. We had 10,000 people come out. We had a
tremendous meeting… in sharing Warfare in fact their are some people
here that were at that meeting at the… University. I prayed with this lady. I was commanding the forces of
darkness to leave her life, and she said… “stop don’t tell my friends to go.” Because they talked to her.
They’re not going to go. The daughter’s crying. This lady needs to
deal with strongholds. They’re destroying her, literally
destroying. She talks to these spirits almost all day long. And obviously, they’re talking to her. You can’t hear what they’re saying to her,
but she’s talking to them. The pulling down of strongholds. The
casting down… of imaginations. This is the war
beloved. This is the battle. We’re talking here
about the battle. The battle is fought between your ears. When you see someone committing sin, you know they first lost the battle…
where? Here!
This is where the battle was lost. Every sin… is first registered consciously in my
mind, and if it’s lost… here, eventually it’s going to come out…
In how? Actions… in my life. We’ve got to fight the
battle. The battle going on in here. “Casting down imaginations.” Do a study on
“imaginations” a word study. In Old and New Testament imaginations
and you will not find that word ever used… positively. God looked down from heaven and… what? The
imaginations of man’s heart was… what? evil continually. Now a creative mind and
imagination are two… different things. You have a lot of
creative minds… in JAARS. You know how to destroy a
creative mind? Give them an education… beyond on high school. The more degrees a man gets the
less creative he will be. their are organizations who do not want men, that have anything beyond a BA in
their research, and development department. You know why?
Because they’ve learned… that it can’t be done in their education.
They need men that can look beyond… what can’t be done. And get out of their little narrow realm
of… whatever and reach out. We know… right now there’s one of the most
unique inventions by someone that got… out of their little realm. They went into three different areas. Of schools of thinking and they
developed a transformer… that you use with electric neon lights. That uses, oh I forget, I think it’s three fourths less… electricity.
Will send neon light… I forget, how far, and doesn’t get warm
at all. It’s been… approved by the UA. It was unbelievable.
The only way they did it was to get out of electricity. And to get into some other areas.
Design this thing and it’s going to… hit the market. Everybody wants it. These people are
instant millionaires. Instant millionaires, and this oil crisis
helped a lot. To sell this thing, because they are the states are going pass laws that
every single transformer that they are using… And this thing is small. You can hold it in your
hand. That this transformer will now… transform all electric lights. Well not electric lights. And they’ve
got another thing that will go into… the neon, in the tubes, that will make
them last… I forget how much longer, is unbelievable.
And cheaper than what they already have. When these guys thought beyond their
little restrictions. Imaginations is not creativity, and I
need to cast down imaginations. A lot of our struggles is subjective
thinking. Did you know that? Just subjective thinking. It is what we
imagine to be true. Or what we… what?
feel is true, and Gods says… “Is it true?” Set your mind. Think on these
things, remember. In Philippians. Do a word
study. That’s an interesting study. Do a Greek word study on the words
where he says set your mind on these things it’s… not well it would be a good idea to think on these things.
He said “your thoughts…” “are to be in this area, on these things
think on it.” What is the very first thing? “Whatsoever is…” what? “true.” What do you
think would be the opposite of true? I mean just in English. True and…? (False)
But you know that’s not true. It isn’t. Look at it in the Greek. It says “whatsoever
things are true.” The word true carries strongly in the
Greek the meaning conforming… to reality.
It’s not just false thinking. It could be… what?
A lot imaginations. It’s not necessarily false, but it’s not
true. It doesn’t conform to reality a lot of
fantasy. You know that a lot of people… use fantasy to escape reality. Don’t they?
Do you suppose a missionary could do that? Just kind of travel off in their mind. Flip off
in their mind. The battle is don’t do… that. Don’t do that. “Casting down imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against…” what? the knowledge of this book, and you must
learn to bring every thought… “into captivity to the obedience…” “of Jesus Christ.” I shared with you walking up 42nd Street in
New York City remember with the guys. Let me share a real tremendous
illustration here. The enemy will try to wipe you out… anyway he can. One of the ways is to put
thoughts… faster in your head than you can cast
them down. So you’re constantly… casting down thoughts. Have you ever tried to… sit at a computer and compute with all
these Thoughts going in your mind, and you’re
thinking of scriptures to cast them. All of a sudden you’re
sitting there and you’re getting… wore out mentally, casting all this stuff
Down. Let me give you an illustration. When we
walked up 42nd Street, which is the… the wicked street in New York City.
“Christianity Today” had an article… that the only people that walk up that
street are the brave, and the addicted. And Jim Logan. I didn’t fit in either category. I’m not brave
and I’m not addicted. We’re stepping on these little, it
looked like… diamonds on the sidewalk. You walk up
and your crunching. I reached down and I picked.. up one had a little… I’m real dumb. It had a little,
green thing on the end of it, but I said “what…” “is this?”
“Mister Logan it’s crack vials.” Hundreds of them, thousands of them all over
the street. We’re walking up, and as we are walking up
the street is where all the pornography. prostitution. This is where it is in New
York City. We are walking up the street, and the first thing a
guy comes up to me and pulls up his shirt. He is a jeweler and he is selling watches. You know he sells them on one corner, and his
partner collects them on the other corner. (Laughter) There are ladies standing there, and they’re
saying… “Do you want to party?”
It isn’t even my birthday. (Laughter) And guys are saying… “smoke-smoke, smoke-smoke, smoke-smoke.” I am real sharp. I said to the missionary “what does he mean ‘smoke-smoke’?” All these guys walking around smoking. He picked me out of the whole bunch. Do I
look like that kind? (Laughter) All the girls are winking at me. They
Are not winking at anybody else. What is wrong here. Yuck, this is terrible. He said, “they are selling drugs.” We watched people buy drugs on a
sidewalk, then there’s the girly show’s… with the movies of the live girls. “Come on in. Come on in guys. Come and see.” Wicked, wicked, wicked.
You know I could have gone up to a girl and say… “Does your mother know your doing this? Your
probably breaking her heart.” “Let me tell you about the Lord Jesus, and I will give you track.” “Hey, you shouldn’t be selling stolen watches.
God is not pleased with that.” Give them a track. Going up that
street dealing and with all the voices. You know what would have happened? I would never have got to the hotel where God called me to minister. I would have been distracted by the voices.
Right? The enemy is going to call out at you.
That’s what he does. You can spend your whole life as
Neil Anderson says, in his book “bopping corks.”
Here’s a guy… sinking in the ocean trying to push these
corks down. And they keep bopping up. I like what Dr. Dickason said. He
said this in the class it just meant so… much to me. He said “when the enemy speaks and you hear his voice.” “as it comes in as a temptation. All you
need to say…” “is I give no consent to that and go on.”
I didn’t feel dirty, because prostitute winked at me. I didn’t
feel I must be some horrible person, because some guy wanted to sell me drugs. Or somebody wanted me come see porno
movie, and I didn’t fall on my knees… and cry out to God for this poor,
wretched man that I am. That someone said go see a rotten movie. I gave no consent to it and went on. The only time you need to resist the… enemy is when he steps out in front of you, and empedes your process. Do you see what I am saying? You can get so caught up in resisting, you’re not going to do… anything, but play mental games and get wore
out. Satan will put the thoughts faster, than you can cast them down. If you say, “I give no consent to that.” I don’t have
to confess it, because I didn’t… what? Receive it.
It’s not my thought. It didn’t even come from me. I don’t need to confess it, but if I receive
a thought and I hang on to the thought. and I think about a thought, then I need
to do second Corinthians 10. Do you see what I’m telling you? It can save
you lots of heartache. Right? It can be so hard. It might be
awful, and I said “wait a minute.” Look, lets take David. Remember we said it said that Satan spoke
to David. David listened to what Satan
said, and David began to do what Satan… told him to do. Do you remember that? When he numbered, I just mentioned it in passing… let me explain that to you, because it may
be a real help to hear. Because we’ve got to learn… when to resist and when to ignore. We are
in trouble if we don’t… because Satan causes us to go… what? Out. Remember we are going to be resisting all time or we don’t resist at all. Rather than staying in the middle and
being balanced. David… Someone could have walked up to him and said, “David your the general here.” “David, how many…” “young man do we have out there that are
military age that we could draft in case…” “we needed them?” David said “well, I’m king and general…” “… and I don’t know.” Do you think that is really wise? Is it really wise. We are in battle,
fighting all these people and you don’t… even know… how many guys you can muster up? You had to be twenty years of age. They didn’t give these kids guns. What happened to these kids that got guns in Vietnam? They’re… shooting kids to… and families, and everything else. You had to
be twenty years old in order to get into the… Army in Israel. He said “I don’t know.” So, I can just
see the enemy coming along and saying… “David that is really stupid.” “Obviously, how can you be a wise
leader of your country, if you don’t even…” “know…” “how many guys out there could be in the
army.” Does that sound wicked? and evil?
David should’ve whiffed. Brimstone, he didn’t whiff. It appealed
to seem like it was so normal. He went out and numbered. God brought a
terrible judgment. Why did God do that? Because this is what God, He didn’t say it but
I know that… when you get to heaven God is going to tell
you I’m right on this one. He is going to say “Logan was right.” This is what God said “David…” “you missed it. Victory…” “for you and Israel has nothing to do…” “with the size of the Army it has to do
with the size of your God.” “You got your eyes off God and on the
Army.” Be careful in the battle friends that
you get your eyes… That you take your eyes away from
the author and finisher of our faith, and get them on anything less, demonic spirits or whatever. Now, I know we focused on it this week, because
that’s what we’re supposed to do. But you don’t live with that focus. It’s not
my focus, and I trust they won’t be your focus.
I will have failed this week… if I leave here and your focus is Demons. I don’t want your focus there. I want your focus
on the Lord Jesus Christ. His empowering and that if the enemy steps
in front of it that you have everything you… need, to resist them and go on, and do what God
has called you to do. Hear me.
I see people go off and these people bother me. You know everything is the enemy.
Everything is just terrible. So, the more I know the Word, the more I can know if my thinking is
not proper. A wonderful statement was made I love it,
and that was by… Zig Ziglar. He says some priceless things. He said “Do you know what your trouble is?
stinkin’ thinkin'” I don’t want stinkin’ thinkin’
When I have to deal with it… deal with it. Ignore it, and go on. The voices will call just go on. Hear the voice of the Lord get involved. We have some points on an overhead, and
we don’t want to use the overhead. I wanted to give you some overhead here,
but the… Just write these points down, because
it’s moving into tonight. As we get into… We got to figure out how a
person really loses, and how we can help them to get back on
victory ground. “The battleground between God and Satan
is a human mind.” Just put that down. That is where the battle is. I’ve said it,
But right it down so you get a rough outline… here. Put second Corinthians 10:4, 5.
Now, what is a chief… weapon of the enemy? That’s the next
point. What is Satan’s chief weapon? It’s deception.
Deception. There are three sources of deception
in the Word of God. First of all, we could deceive… ourselves. Haven’t we been told “be not deceived?” Don’t deceive yourself. Listen, the worst deception… you can pull off is self deception. Isn’t it?
If you’re deceiving yourself… you’re in trouble. Don’t deceive yourself. I’m not telling
you to go out and deceive others, but if you have to be in deception… you’re healthier deceiving others than you are
deceiving yourself. You’re in trouble! Galatians 6:3
1 John 1:8 Those are interesting. Look them up. “If we
say we have no sin we…” What? “Deceive ourselves.” Galatians 6:3 I can
live anyway I want to, and nothing is going to happen. Is that right? Do you know what McGee said? McGee was
My pastor for number of years. He’s a wonderful… guy. Dr. McGee said “if you have sold…” “wild oaks, pray…” “for crop failure.”
(Laughter) God said “you reap what you sow.” Don’t be deceived. Teenagers are deceived. They think they can do this, and this, and
this and reap… Godliness, and everlasting, and blessing, and
everything. They’re reaping… What? Corruption and they don’t believe it.
They don’t believe that God’s Word is true. James 1:26
“A man who doesn’t…” “Who reads Scripture and doesn’t practice it
is…” What? A deceiver! A self deceiver. That’s just a few. Remember I told you… I got a computer from a medical doctor
that we’re able to help him with his… demonic problems. He got me a Bible program. I just put deception and pushed the button with the asterisk. I got pages of every verse in New
Testament that has… deceiver, deception, or whatever.
Remember Revelation… I mentioned this in the beginning has the
word “evil” once, and “deception” is on every page. We’ve got
to see that God… says be careful. We are so susceptible… to being deceived.
Then, the second one is we can be deceived
by others. Ephesians 5:6 Look these up and do some study yourself. John 7:11 No, it’s John 7 pardon me, and then
2 John 7 Whew, I missed that one. Pardon me. 2 John verse 7. In my version their is only one
chapter. and then, 2 Timothy 3:13. These are some Scriptures
that others can deceive us, and I need to… be wise. Then the last, is we can be deceived by Satan.
1 Timothy 2:14 I wished we could look these up, but we’ve
only got a few minutes. I’d like to… get through this. 2 Corinthians 11:14 and Revelation 12:9. Now, why… is the enemy deceiving us? Ephesians 4:27
tells us why. “That he may gain…” “ground in our lives.”
So, Satan’s goal… in deceiving you is that he might get
ground in your life. Paul warned “be careful don’t give…” “the enemy ground” “in your life.” Why does he want ground? To build a stronghold. If I try to live my life and not
take back the ground, and not deal with the strongholds that
are in my life that have been burned in my life for period of time. I never gave you the
rest of that definition did I. The second part of that definition is
“strongholds are revealed in un-Christlike…” “temperaments and behavior patterns.” These strongholds are revealed… in un-Christlike temperaments and
behavior patterns. I followed a pastor one time that stood
before the church and said “I want you to…” “know that I have a temper and you’re going to
have to learn to live with it.” They did for five years before they
asking him to leave. He had a stronghold. The rest of that is “often
unrecognized by self…” these strongholds, “and if recognized…” “seldom understood as choices.” “It’s just the way I am.”
Right? I’m Irish!
Whatever that means. I’m Norwegian. Worst of all, I’m Swiss.
(Inside joke) He woke up!
(Laughter) (Can you give us the whole thing again?) “Strongholds are mental patterns of
thought burned into our mind over a…” “period of time or by a traumatic
experience.” “Strongholds are revealed in
un-christlike temperaments…” “and behavior patterns…” “often unrecognized by self or, if recognized,
seldom understood as choices.” It is just kind of “well, that is the way I am.” I am from the south! Did you have trouble moving here to the south? Well, I will tell you in being down here. You go to church and someone says “ya’
come over sometime.” And I show up.
(Laughter) We have to realize these are choices. These are choices I made and they become so
much a part of me, but even after we… break that the demonic bondage
in someone’s life, We have to help them with… What? The
ruts and the strongholds that allowed… the enemy to get that beachhead. Get rid of the enemy and help them. You’ve
got to deal with this. And get your life back on solid ground. Now, let me just give you four simple
steps. Then we’ll get complicated steps
tonight. These are four simple steps. Point number four:
ground must be retaken… before satan’s power can be broken. We
have found this. You know we tried up to break the
enemies power when the person is holding… onto the ground.
It doesn’t… work. I’ll share this now and will share it
tonight as we have different people… tonight sometimes than in the morning. A man is deceived when his mind… And emotions believe a lie. It’s not just
a thought. It’s feelings.
We strongly… in our culture believe it must be true
if I… What? If I feel it. Now, if you would ask me right now
what state are you in? I think I’m in North Carolina. You say “well, how
do you feel?” I would say… Are we in North Carolina or South Carolina or somewhere? North okay. North Carolina. We are somewhere in nowhere remember. North Carolina. “How does it feel being in
North Carolina?” “I don’t know.” Then maybe I’m not here. I
don’t have any feelings. Maybe I’m not in North Carolina. Right?
Because maybe I don’t feel like you’re… supposed to feel to be here. People ask me if I am saved. I don’t know if I um do I feel saved. I don’t know. How are you suppose to feel? I just AM!
Right? I am! Someone asked me “are you happy?” I
said “I don’t know that’s not one of my goals.” (Laughter) That isn’t one of my goals. My goal is to
minister to others. It’s not to be happy. You know I’m not running my life on I’ve got to have these feelings. Because they can wipe you out.
Number one under this last point: ground must be
retaken before… satanic powers can be broken in a
persons life. Number one the first point: revoke past
consent. Revoke past consent.
1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins…”
What will God do? Do you know that He put his character
at stake in forgiving us? If you confess something more than once,
Do you know what you’re saying? Your saying God is not faithful and God
is not just. That’s what you’re saying. Right?
He says “my faithfulness and justice is at stake.” “I will…” What? “I will forgive.” But I don’t feel
anything? That’s too bad! God didn’t say… that I had to feeling anything. Does he? Do
I see feelings in there anywhere? Am I suppose to feel something? No, I am to…
What? Believe something! That’s what faith is.
God said it, I believe it. I trust Him. Is your God
worthy of your trust? Is he?
He says He’s trustworthy. The second point: Reprove… the works of darkness. Ephesians 5:11.
Sometimes it very difficult for us to… call our sin, “sin.”
To call… that evil, because we justify it. We water it down. You know people are having… “affairs” today. They don’t commit adultery,
anymore. Right?
You know I’m in a… “gay lifestyle.” I looked all through the scripture
and couldn’t find that. Do you know what i’m saying? I have a… I’m sick. I have an “alcoholic problem.” God calls them drunkards. We don’t call sin, “Sin.”
We are not reproving the works of… darkness. You want to be free you? You’ve got to reprove the works of darkness. That you’re through… with this. You see it as it is. You agree with God
With what it is and you are going to step… away from the darkness into the light. The third area is: to remove all
provision for the flesh. Romans 13:14. Do you want victory in this area of your life, then you must destroy everything associated with that… area. That is defeating you. Now, if it materialism don’t burn the house down. But you know what I’m saying. If you are
using objects… you are using things in order to commit
you’re sin. You must destroy those things. Or you will not have victory, and you
Got to do a thorough cleansing. Not just leave a few for old times sake. Because if you leave one or two, it will get you. You’ve got to do a cleansing. Get rid of this stuff. Then comes number four: Resist the devil and he will… What? He will flee from you.
James 4:7 “Father, thank you for this time today.” “Father, may we realize that all of us
are so susceptible to deception.” “And we have the deceiver that deceives.” “Oh, Father may we have spiritual antenna
out.” “May the Holy Spirit minister to us and may we
recognize when we are deceived…” “and absolutely, totally…” “Reject it. Refused to receive that
deception.” “Stand in the truth and walk in the
light.” “Father, we pray that our spirits would
become sensitive to your Spirit.” “You would guide is in the light and in truth.” “That we would be men and women of integrity…” in Jesus name we pray a man

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