Spiritual Warfare 6 – Manifestations of Demons (CC) by Jim Logan

www.biblicalrestorationministries.org There is so many things tonight that we
wanted to… kind of put together. Areas of… dealing with, but this would be for
tomorrow morning. I thought I just …really felt led at the last minute to
throw this in. That is the three major causes… for someone to have a demonic
problem. There are three things. Seem to be three
major areas and I think you’ll find… that basically your conservative
theologians would all agree that these… …are the basic three areas. The first, is ancestral involvement in demonic practices or whatever. The
ancestral type of thing. Our ancestors have given themselves over… to that type thing. You have that in Psalms 106:36-38 1 Corinthians 10:20 Exodus 20:3-5 and you really
see that… if you have adopted children. You
have your own children. You have that adopted child in your family,
and your wondering what’s going on here. It is so different from the rest the
family, and yet they were all exposed to… the same teaching, the same family, the
same everything. And yet, you see these characteristics
and you say, “well… “alcoholism must be in the genes.” The
only bad jeans are levi’s. (Laughter) It just isn’t genes. There’s something
more there than… …then a genetic thing that’s going
on. Now, the world is trying to come up… with whatever. We realize as you read scripture five… different times in the Old Testament,
we’re told that the sins… of the parents can affect the family to
five generations. But remember, there’s a positive thing.
In Psalms it says the righteousness… of parents can affect children for… what? five generations. So we’re either
affecting our families… what? …for Godliness. Do you know the sign of a
Godly man? one of the signs of a Godly man is… …are his grandchildren walking with
the Lord. That is a good sign. That’s why Hudson Taylor… is a neat example. Isn’t he? With his
grandchildren in leadership of the mission… and so on. There is a good sign. That does not mean
that every child in… …you know every whatever, but
basically the children love the Lord. Our granddaughter was… went to kindergarten at Christian
school in Rhode Island. They go to a hell fire, damnation church. They really preach it.
You’re sitting there, and you can really smell… the smoke. You better go forward. So, the
school’s hellfire and damnation. She comes home all fired up and she’s
got a little brother. That’s four years old. She comes home
she looks at her brother, because she has… …accepted the Lord. She said, “Jeremiah… “do you want to accept the Lord as your savior?” He said, “nope.”
She said, “do you want to burn in hell?”
(Laughter) So, she was just burning this little kid in
hell, and my daughter said, “you know kinda
leave alone.” She said, “he’s not ready yet.” well he heard her. So anytime she talked to him he said, “I’m not ready yet.” (Laughter) So, one day she and her husband were in
another part of the house, and… our oldest granddaughter came running in she said, “come quick he’s ready.”
(laughter) He’s real shy and he called us on the
phone and told us. He got up in front of his… church and told people. So, we knew it had
to be a genuine thing for him, because… he’s not the kind to get up in front of
people to say anything. He wanted to do that to let people
know that he was now trusting the Lord. So, we have the ancestral thing. The other
thing is personal involvement. We will go over this tomorrow, but I
think it’s important we see this tonight. As we go into the… materials were going into. Personal
involvement, dabbling… in the occult. I can’t tell you how much
dabbling in the occult… is going on. I don’t want to be offensive, but I’ll tell
you that Waxhaw… …is nowhere. Isn’t it? Is this really
somewhere? I’m sure it is somewhere, but it’s really
nowhere. It’s somewhere that’s nowhere. You have people digging up graves. You have animals found with blood drained
out at them. You find Satanistic alters out
here, and this is nowhere. What’s it like somewhere? It’s no
wonder… these kids dabble in this, and then all
of a sudden they find themselves… …being struggling with powers they don’t
know what to deal with. These kids are coming unglued. It’s just literally epidemic. it’s unbelievable! Warrenton, Missouri where CEF headquarters
is another somewhere that’s nowhere. The kids came home… …they learned Bloody Mary. Now, we have
young kids here many of them know Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary is the chant that you
do to call up the spirit… in your bedroom mirror. The kids were
afraid to look in the mirrors. This is… in the third and fourth graders we are
talking about are learning. I didn’t even… know about spirits. I came from an
ungodly family in the third and fourth… grade. I didn’t know all about spirits all through high school. I didn’t know anybody dabbling in… this and doing it. Kids will tell you who are in
the… who are in the covens in the high school
right here. We know the kids in the… covens. That are worshiping Satan in high school and in a
junior high. it’s unbelievable. Isn’t it?
It’s unbelievable that in nowhere… you’ve them here. You take school
system after school system, and college after… college. you have got unbelievable amount of kids… involved in the Occult trying to get power. Did I tell you about the little book I
got in our library? I was in our library and we have a
little branch. I mean Sioux City isn’t really somewhere
either, but it’s more somewhere than here.
(Laughter) I was in our branch library that… …was in a mall. Well, when you
have a branch library in the mall it is not much. They have three of the same books on
witchcraft called beginning witchcraft. I was going to Mexico City to speak
just before Christmas it was last November. So, I thought “I’ll grab this book out to
see what is beginning witchcraft.” When I… started looking at it, it was written…. on the level up a junior higher. This
book started with simple witchcraft techniques, then mind
control. Teaching… a young person how to control other
people’s minds by putting thoughts in their minds. Making them do things. They
suggested you do things in a line at a… grocery store. How to do it and I am not going to tell you how to do it, but how to do it so that you… can get someone to turn around a look at
you. Begin to get people to do things.
Then it ended with how to draw your… circles… to call spirits to manifest… in your circle. How to keep your
folks from finding out and all this kind… thing a junior high level. There are three of them. I really wanted to
steal them. I wasn’t sure… what voice was telling me that. (Laughter)
I thought “how can I do evil to do good…” I just thought “oh, Lord don’t let any
kid find these books.” Because if you take that book and you go
through it, you are going to have… power. The wrong kind. The wrong kind of
power. The third area is by transferal. Demonic spirits transferring from
someone who has demons… into someone else. One of the ways… …is sexually. Demons… …transfer sexually. If a woman is married to witch doctor and
she gets saved, you don’t tell her to… divorce her husband. God will protector her, because she’s
being Biblical. Right? God will projector, but isn’t it interesting… that proverbs says “if a man visits a
prostitute.” “When he leaves her house, he will never…” “be the same and his feet has just gone onto the paths of hell.” It’s interesting when you read that. Did I mention
this? The Vietnam soldiers that we deal with?
When you do the direct confrontational… method. Often people see the spirits in their
mind. Just clearly. I can’t tell you the
Vietnam veterans that are seeing… these girls… …these prostitutes of Vietnam, that as the
spirit comes up and begins to speak out… of them. They see the prostitute in their
mind. That they were involved with when that
demonic spirit came in them. It’s amazing, all the Vietnam veterans that are
having… all the struggles. It’s amazing the guys
are coming for deliverance… that all those struggles, that they
have been for years,… in the Veterans Hospitals are clearing
up. When they’re dealing with the… spiritual problem. That they picked up… visiting these temple girls… overseas. When they were overseas, but
transferal. It could be transferred… now, are their any chiropractors here? I want you to hear me. I love… chiropractors. Not all of them. I am supported. I couldn’t be here if it
wasn’t for the chiropractors, that give… money… for my account. I want you to understand
that right off. You need to know something about
chiropractic. I go to a chiropractor, only when I
am in ingratiating pain. When they’re going to touch me, I
just wince. I don’t. “Your going to love it.” I don’t
love it yet. I hope I never do. It was like loving a
dentist chair. How can you love that. I hate just
the sound. It just gets to me. The father of chiropractic, and I
can’t think of the man’s name right now. He was a best friend Mesmer, who we get
mesmerizing. Both these men were in the Occult, and the
purpose of chiropractic if you go back… and study history of it… was to line your body up with the Chi.
Which are the forces. When you go to a chiropractor you
don’t want to give yourself over to this… …fellow to do things to you, if you don’t
know his worldview. I don’t want a man lining me up with
the spirit world. Do you? No. There’s all kinds of strange things
people are doing today in medicine… that is strictly, periodly demonic. You ought to talk to the medical doctors.
We had 280 just a week ago… just before I came here. These guys
know guys are doing strange stuff… in diagnosis. One is to take a pen. Hang it on a string. Hold it over the
patient. The pen will point to what’s wrong
with the patient. Then they take out the gallbladder,
because that’s where it pointed. People saying, “oh isn’t that marvelous.” It isn’t marvelous. Or a man looks in your eyes. He is going to do
surgery, …because of what he sees in your eyes.
People are going and swearing by these… people. The homeopathic thing. I’m not
saying all homeopathic… …medicines, but much of what’s going on in
the hills… …country all around here is strange. One thing that they do in Indiana in the
same groups that… the folk medicine. They take an egg, a raw egg. A baby’s sick. They take string and I think
it is seven times the foot of the baby. It’s not… …string it is yarn. They take seven they cut it off. They take a
raw egg… they put the yarn around the egg. They
put the egg… in the fire and the size and the sound
of the… popping of that egg tells you what’s wrong
with the child. You reach in the hot coals and you pull
out the string and its not burnt. The yarn and it is not fire proof yarn. Nothing
is even singed. They bury it. Do you know that that
group of people have the highest suicide… rate of teenagers in America. People put a washcloth on a child’s head
and take it out and bury it in… a certain corner. All those kinds of
things are going on and the child gets better. Well, let me give you a story. I wasn’t
going to give you this one but it just popped in my head. So you can have it. When I was in Africa I was… Did I tell you about the guy in his wedding
night? The wife? Okay. I just told this to the doctors. I don’t want to tell you the same story twice. Do you remember the gal I told you about?
Some of you know her, Rebecca Dewberry. She was translating. This African Pastor came who had known… his bride to be for four years.
I didn’t tell you this? Okay? He had known her for four years and in Africa they don’t date. Like we date, but he knew who she was and
realized she would make a good help mate. She… was a born-again Believer. She would be a tremendous wife for him. The people in the church thought it was good and his parents thought it was good. He married this girl, and they were in the parents home as you know in… Africa many families live together,
because they can’t afford… to live anywhere else but in the home.
He went in to consummate the marriage. When he went in to consummate the marriage,
she was thrown to the floor. She’s laying on the floor having like a seizure. Which she had never had one before, like epileptic seizure. He looked
down. As he was going for his wife a voice spoke
out of her and said, “who are you?” He knew it wasn’t his wife. He said… “I’m her husband.” The voice said,
“no you’re not…” “I’m her husband.” He said, “when did you become her husband?” Voice said, “when she was three.” He knew what he was dealing with.
He couldn’t figure out what happened. He called his friends in and
they tried to hold her down, and finally… got her back on the bed.
It was terrible. He says “my wife is having seizures in
church services.” He is weeping, and Rebecca is weeping, and I
don’t know what’s going on here. The guy is speaking in French the
translator is weeping. The guy is weeping, and I’m sitting there
wondering what is happening. You know? Tell me what is going on here. She
was hearing the story and the torment of… this Pastor’s wife. He called or contacted her parents. He said, “what happened when she was
three years old?” “that this would go on?” They said,
“when she was three…” “she almost died and we took her to a
juju man…” “and he healed her.” A transfering for healing. For her healing she got a spirit. Up to that point had not left her, and the
Pastor did not know what to do. We shared with him some things to do. I have never been kissed by an African
male… …as much as I was kissed by that Pastor. I gave him hope. He didn’t know what to
do. His wife just… …falling on the floor, anytime. Not knowing
when, but always during a preaching… service. Or something like that, if there was no
gospel then no problem. If their was some type of a
service, she would sometime during the service… would hit the floor. And go in to this type of thing. So you got the three ways. I want you to look at a Psalm. That is just is so meaningful. Psalm 18. We will just kind of pick out some verses
here, but it’s… a promise. Remember we were sharing promises
with you and i wanna share this promise. If you will read this Psalms… on the basis of warfare you’ll be amazed
what’s in there. You’d be amazed as you relate to as
David was claiming and hanging onto. To the Lord what he said. Psalm
eighteen is one of those… awesome Psalms. “I will love thee, O Lord,
with my strength.” “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, my
deliverer;” “my God, my strength, in whom I will trust;” “my buckler, the horn of my salvation, and
my high tower.” “I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy
to be praised:” “so shall I be saved from my enemies.” Verse
seventeen. “He delivered me from my strong enemy, and
from them which hated me: for they were…” “too strong for me.” “They went before me in the day of my
calamity; but the Lord was my stay.” “He brought me forth onto a larger place;
and he delivered me, because he delighted…” “in me.” [verse] 28. “For thou will light my candle:” “the Lord my God will enlighten my
darkness.” I love verse 34. Often, if you write me a
letter… I may include verse 34a. “He teaches my hands to war.” Isn’t that beautiful? He teaches my hands to be skillful in
warfare. Verse 35 “Thou has given me the shield…” “of thy Salvation:” Verse 36 “Thou has enlarged my steps under me,” “that my feet do not slip.” Verse 37 “I
have pursued…” “my enemy.” Verse 39 “Thou has girded me
with strength…” “unto the battle:” Verse 40 “Thou has
given me the necks…” “of my enemies; that I might destroy them
that hated me.” Verse 48. “He delivered me from my enemies:”
Verse 49. “Therefore I will give thanks…” “unto thee.”
“Great deliverance…” “he gives to his king;” In verse fifty.
Tremendous! We jumped… quick. We can read it slowly, but
you’d be amazed reading back through the Psalms… how much he talks about battle, and deliverance, and the enemy, and having
victory over your enemies. God wants us to have victory over enemies. I am trying to think what to go into next. I mentioned today that there’s two
things that young people do not like… speakers to talk about. That is… dating and music. A lot of kids get
themselves in serious trouble in dating relationships. I think the
thing that’s frightening today… for me is to see… how aggressive the girls are in a dating
relationship. When a girl calls a fellow and ask him
for a date, if he accepts he could do anything he
wants to with that girl. I couldn’t believe when our son was in
high school all the girls that called. We answered the phone and they would say, “we want to talk to your son.” “Well, he is not here he’s out jogging or
running or whatever is doing.” They’d say… “We had a problem with English.” I’m
thinking, “yeah I bet.” (Laughter) You want to come over for deliverance
honey? (laughter) I was amazed. It’s just… were living in difficult times, but
let me tell you music… is a real problem today. A real problem
today! I can’t tell you how many teenagers
have come to us… in terrible bondage. That were struggling… with the wrong kind of music. I remember one teenager I was dealing
with… he was 14. We were doing direct
confrontation, which means we were… speaking to the spirits and commanding
them to speak back. It was the first time I ever dwelt
with a demon that I came through music. I mean it was but now it’s so common,
but at that time it was the first one. The spirit spoke and I said, “What do you do?” It was obvious this thing
was up in him his eyes were all funny and… everything. He said, “I’m a demon of music.” “What do you do?” I said. He said, “I am pushing him towards rock.” he is already into rock, but probably Satanic
rock. I asked him, I said… “When did you come in?” And I thought the
demon said to me… “look it up.” I’m not into that kind of music. We’ve never had it in our home. I don’t
even know who these… groups are. I know a little more now, but I don’t
want to know. I don’t want to know… the songs. This young man it’s amazing, but
as the demon was speaking… he saw himself a few years before. He was 15 maybe and he saw himself as 12. In the back seat of a car with his
brother another fellow driving and just… like that flashed in is mind. I asked him if he was going to
bring his music under the control of the… Spirit of God? The young man said, “yes.” On that basis we
commanded that spirit to leave. Afterwards I said to the young man,
because… the enemy was gone and the young man was
able to talk clearly and distinctly. I said, “what to be enemy mean when he told me to… “look it up?”
He said “Mister Logan, he
didn’t say, ‘look it up’ he said lick it up.” Well “lick it up” is a song by KISS and he remembers listening to that and… getting into it in the back seat of the
car with his brother and her friend… driving. People would come to work and say “you had a teenager here last night, didn’t you?” CEF’S property… is a square mile property with the lake
on it. It is huge! “How could you tell I had a teenager, here?”
“Their are tapes all tore up in the… …parking lot.” These kids to go out their in their
car and the tapes would go, after the spirits… would speak out of them, and they didn’t want the tape to go with them. We had a young man that came to me. This is one of the young man whose
parents were in a ministry. One of the first teenagers I work with, that
was not either a missionary’s son or a Pastor’s son. This young man came and his mother
called and said, “my son needs to see you.” Often, when
they bring the kids the mother wants him… to see me more, than the kids want to see
me. You know? I mean… “My kid really wants to see you.”They
shove them in the room and shut the door. The kid is standing there. “Oh, hi kid.” (Laughter) Can I tell you about a kid like that? This is so funny! This mother brought her kid. I was… teaching at Calvary Bible College and to
get their you had a go up huge hills. We had an ice storm and this mother drove
this boy… in an ice storm to see me up these hills.
In Kansas City in an ice storm in downtown… is no fun driving… up these hills with the signals in the middle
the hill with ice. Somehow she got there. I mean I don’t
even know how I got there. She got there. The kid came in. She said,
“my son wants to talk to you.” She shoved him in… shut the door. The kids sat down and
looked daggers at me. I said, Do you want to talk to me?”
I said, “well leave.” “My mother will kill me. Do you know how long it took us to get here?”
(laughter) I said, “well, listen I will tell you I have got lots
to do…” “you could sit their and how long do you want to sit?”
“An hour” I said “okay.” “We will look at the watch and when an
hour’s gone you can go.” So, i sat there. I had so much to do. I was
grading papers and all that stuff. He said, “the… hour’s up.” I said “you can go, but remember this
door swings both ways.” “If you ever want to come back, then come back.”
“Thanks Logan I really like you.” He walked out. About three months later I saw his mother
she said, “I don’t know what you told my son…” “but boy is he different.” (Laughter) What a reputation. oh my I was going to tell you something else, but I forgot the real story. That just popped into my mind. Oh yes this boy that came. His problem was when he would go to youth
group, he would look around and his thought was… which girl should you rape… and then murder. This would happen every
Sunday night. Sunday night… after Sunday night he would sit in the
classroom at school. Christian girls… the thoughts were stronger than the
girls in school. He said there is something wrong. There’s
something not right. So he came and the kid had all kinds
of problems. I can’t even tell you the multiplied… multiplied problems. That was just one of many, many problems
and so I felt that… he was ready and we could deal with it. We came against that spirit, because I
knew he said “I am going to do it.” “I know I’m going to do. It is like I lose
control.” “I am so afraid that some night I’m going to
murder…” a girl.” Fifteen-years-old. Do you hear about kids
that say… that they shot their folks? You know, you just
wonder this nice kid. This would be a nice kid, quiet doesn’t
talk much. To himself, you know all those what they
think are good signs. As we… commanded the spirits to speak they were
hooked up to slasher… music. I didn’t even know their were
slashing music. It is music about rape and murder. That kids listen to today. Horrible music. It’s a form of rock music, that is just
absolutely vile. This kid was listening to it all the time. Spirits would come into him through this
horrible slasher music. Now getting him to act out the very
things he was listening too. We destroyed the music. The spirits left him. Those spirits left him and he never… had thoughts of rape and murder from
that prayer time on. When we prayed for him. He went to the Christian bookstore… realizing he couldn’t listen to that
kind of music, because of what it… had done to him. There is a correlation
between the music they left. So, he went and he brought, guess what?
Christian, what do you suppose he bought? Rock.
He bought Christian rock music, but he
didn’t tell me. Now, he is playing the same music, but it has got
different words. I began to watch this kid go downhill.
I was traveling to these Pastor… …seminars to the major cities in America. So, I wasn’t their that much with him,
but I thought there is something. We… made a lot of progress. But there’s regress now. I didn’t know
what it was. He went from the… rock music after he was listening to that it just
didn’t do it for him. He went back to regular rock. That boy right now… is in a mental hospital.
A horrible… mess. Mentally. Horrible. It was just a degression as he
gave… back ground to the enemy. Remember, what it says… in the Word that it’s possible. when someone has gone through a
deliverance, they can end up seven times worse. This young man is seven times worse. He was there. He told me. He was there for two weeks. He’s embraced
new-age teaching. He believes now in reincarnation. Some fellow came and said, “I know you
have spirits.” I know he had Spirits we didn’t… have them all out. This guy had a lot of
areas in his life that we had to work with. This guy said, “I will call your spirits
into me.” “into myself.” This was a new age fellow. He said, “you must pray this prayer.”
Now here is a kid from an evangelical church. A strong church.
“You must pray this prayer to Saint Jude.” “Six times a day and you cannot mention
the name…” “of the spirits that come out of you,
because if you do they will come back.” I went to see him and he is really excited
that he is praying to saint jude. He said, “I can’t tell you the spirits”
I said, “I know what spirits came out of you.” He said, “yeah, those.” “I can’t say them or they will come
back.” I said , “then they didn’t go.” “You are one deceived young man.” Then
later on he said, “they’re back.” I said, “I know they are back they never went
anywhere and you just get deeper into this.” “Getting into that new age stuff” It is just awful what is happening and his mother is… weeping over him now. He’s worse off as he went back to his
music. Let me share another illustration of music. If you’d like to music material… I would be glad to see that you get it.
If you want to write your name I hope… booklet on this whole area that we can see comes
to you. I’ll see that you get it. I know that if your a missionary that
the organization, Bill Gothard’s organization… that brand… new booklet they put together on rock
music. It is awesome! It’s just awesome. It just
came out and I know he would send it to you if… you want to put your name and address on
it. I will collect them I will call his sister
on the phone who is a secretary and ask… Laura if we can’t send them. They can send
you those free. Now, don’t ask for a hundred of them. If you
have one and you can use it, then I know that they would make it available
to you. I know that they would. An Awana missionary from Africa came
to America. This just happened this year. First
time ever in America. He’s driving in a car. This is
an African. He punches in the radio thing with
another family or someone punched in… and he’s hearing music. They say this is a Christian radio
station. He is listening this man was a drummer. He drummed up spirits into people… in his tribe. As he was listening… to this Christian radio station he asked… “Why are they drumming up spirits…” “in the background?”
He is Awana missionary called us to find this out. His name and everything is in the Gothard book that is just one testimony. So, this man was telling Bill. Bill
gave him a hundred dollars… to go to the Moody bookstore to buy
contemporary Christian music. For this fellow to listen to the music and evaluate
it… as an African drummer. Who all of his life
up to the point… becoming saved and what being Awana
missionary called up spirits with the… drums. He went through and documented what
songs… use the same kind up drumming… to he used to call Spirits. That’s just one testimony like this on
one-page… of this book. We have found that we cannot bring a
young person to freedom… unless they’re willing to turn their music
over to the Lord Jesus Christ. If they’re… having demonic problems, and I didn’t say… that if your son listened to this that
obviously… we need to bring him here we will all hold him down and get him straightened out here the… floor. Did you hear me?
See don’t take what I didn’t say… take what I did say.
We are saying if a young person has demonic problems… and he’s listening to rock music. This
young person will not get free. You… can bring in men… or professor’s that have done this longer
than I have. That are credible men and they’ll tell you
the very same thing. You cannot be listening to that kind of
music, and get free. So, that’s something we want to deal with.
Another thing that is very dangerous… that we are finding are sweeping young people
are… these games, quote-unquote games. Occult games that kids are playing. I was teaching summer missionaries for
CEF. These kids that go out during the summer
in Missouri. They were going to travel in the
state of Missouri. There was a fifteen… year old kid, and I spoke… in the area are not grieving the Holy
Spirit of God. When I got through speaking I looked over and
this boy was crying. Fifteen-year-old boys don’t like to cry in
front of other 15 year olds, 16, and 17 year olds. He was crying and my heart went out to
him. I just walked over and I said, “is… “there anything I can do for you?”
He said, “no.” “Everything is okay.” I thought well if
everything’s okay why are you crying right now. You just don’t do this. So, i sat down
kind of on the edge of the platform, and… they were giving all kinds of announcements. I walked over to him and I said and this
was nothing about warfare. I mean nothing. It is about the Spirit
of God and getting a life right so that… God could use them and they would be Spirit-filled. Messengers of the gospel throughout the
whole state winning children to Christ. This kid said just out of the blue, “Mister Logan,
I’ve been in Dungeons and Dragons.” I said “oh.”
I said “Could we…” He said, “but I burnt it.”
I said… “good.”
You know what is amazing?
Someone saw sixty minutes… or 30 minutes or whatever those programs
are 20 minutes whatever they are on the… radio TV, and they have photo they taken off
the television. That expose that CBS did on
Dungeons and Dragons. I had it in my office. It is about 20
minutes. It was a half-hour segment but… twenty minutes with just “would you want to come in and watch it?”
It showed all the kids that committed suicide… that year. Or murdered somebody that played Dungeons
and Dragons. That were… Dungeon Masters and really into dungeons
and dragons. So, this was a… TV special. We sat in our office I had a
monitor we played it. We got all through and he said, “I didn’t
tell you the whole truth.” I said… I didn’t know this kid. I said “really?”
He said, “yeah I didn’t.” he said “i… “I was a dungeon master.” Now a Dungeon
Master is one who has to know all the… curses. Has to know many calls for the Satanic
Bible. So, that they play by the rules. It’s a
very unusual game they use unusual dice. The dungeon master says what they can
and cannot do, what their characters can… do and cannot do, and who can kill what
and all this kind of thing. I just heard that Dungeon Masters
usually… become demonized in the process of
becoming a Dungeon Master by… memorizing all these curses that you
put on people and so on. I didn’t know the first dungeon and
dragons person. I’ve had lots of them… since then, but this is my first one. I asked this kid “would you let me pray
for you?” He said, “sure.” We have chairs that are wooden. Wooden back and wooden arms not real fancy
chairs, but… wooden chairs you can put your arms on. The kid was sitting in one of those. I said, “can I just… “pray for you and say ‘Lord if there’s
anything here let’s… tell it to leave.'” Since you already burnt it up,
but if the enemy took advantage… of that and took ground in your life
well just take back. You burnt it will take back the
ground and pray against. “That would be super… “Mister, Logan.” He put his head between his knees. You
know how kids pray. He is flopped over with his… head between his knees. His arms on the floor, and I always pray
watching. I never pray not watching. I mean I pray
not watching a regular prayer meeting, but… this kind of things… always watch to see what’s going on here.
So, I can stop… and deal with something if I need to. I just started praying to the Lord. I said “Lord if… “there is anything here in his life that came into
him through dungeon and Dragons.” He screamed.
He went backwards.
He was thrown backwards like I slugged him. He was thrown backwards in the chair. The
chair rocked back. I thought it was going on floor… came down. His head went up.
His eyes rolled in his head and he gurgled. I said, “In the name and the authority of Jesus Christ you leave him and go where Jesus Christ sends you.” He said, “did you see that?”
I said, “yes, I sat right across from you.” He said “that was powerful I’m going to tell all
the kids at church.” I said, “I don’t think I would.” “Because your church can’t handle it.” There’s a
Baptist Church… where the pastor was in a meeting I was at.
There was a thousand pastors their. The pastor… was their. I shared it. He didn’t know at that
time I knew who he was… and knew what he was doing, but one in
the church says “you know our head deacon…” “is getting people in the church to play
Dungeons and Dragons…” “at his house on Friday nights. I don’t
think…” “that’s a proper thing for a deacon
to do.” They told his man that he was
critical and probably should leave the… church. Not the Dungeon Master, who was a deacon,
but the man in the church. Who wondered if this is something that
the Deacon should be having people over… at his house for every Friday night. The pastor stood with the Dungeon
Master. The pastor was in there. When I shared
this I was so glad the pastors were a little more groaning… than you were. They went “Ahhhh.” Good did you hear them.
(Laughter). Wake up guy! This is not a game. This is introduction into the occult. We could go on with games. What kind of
games do your kids play? Are they playing occult type games? Should missionaries kids be involved… in occult games? Even if they’re fun. What kind of nintendo games do you have?
Occult type? You can get dungeons and dragons… in nintendo. Are your kids dabbling in darkness? They may get more than what they
bargained for in the dabbling. Start having serious trouble. You
need to watch. A father should watch… all over his home. He is the protector. To be sure that the kids are protected
from that kind of thing. There’s a lot of… games out there. They don’t need to be doing occult games, and you know like ouija board. We could go on and on and on and these
kinds of things. One of our CEF missionaries, a tremendous
fellow. Went to, some of you may know him. He went to
Indonesia. Was a Satanist. More of a self-styled
Satanist. Before he became a Christian had all
kinds of tools. He would call demons up in full length mirrors.
A full length mirror like the kind you could… turn. He would call them up, and the demons would
speak to the people that would gather. He had all kinds of things that he used in
making money. That is how he made his living. He made his living by doing this type of thing channeling… spirits and all this kind of stuff. This guy still has
strange eyes. Now, He’s free. He’s been so in the occult that
when you look at his eyes there’s… something not good about them. Larry is doing Super. He is fine.
I’ve talked to Larry. “Larry, are you sure…” “…you’re good…” “…you got spooky eyes?” He said, “Logan, I am clean.” It is just so long that he allowed… Spirits to speak out of him, and channel spirits to people in all
this. That there is still… …something about his eyes. He took all the stuff when he got saved,
and he burned it and broke it. Then he went and he got one of the
things that he used a lot, which is a… pendulum. Which is a crystal on a chain that he would
hang. This crystal would spell out
messages… with no one touching it. It would move like
the pencil, but this was a crystal on a… chain. He decided that he needed destroy it. I just want
you to see the occult significance to the… stuff. He took it and he took it in his garage. He took a mallet… A two-pound hammer or
something like that. He was beating this thing. He couldn’t
even chip it and it is only glass. He put it in his vice. He vised it down
and put a cheater and bent the vice. But nothing happened to the crystal. So,
he took it out of the vice… he said “let’s go I’m going to throw it out
at the city dump.” They went out and he… threw it as far as he could… into the city dump. They live outside of
Seattle in a smaller area. When they got back home, he went into
the bedroom and their… in the box was the crystal. It beat him
home. Here, he is a brand new
Christian. He said “Lord… “if you don’t make this stay in the
dump I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t…” “destroy it. It won’t burn.” “I can’t break it. You’ve got to make it
stay in the dump.” They put it back in. He, his wife and kids got back in the car and they… drove to the dump. They threw it as far as they could
in the dump, and when he said “Lord you keep it… here.” It stated in the dump outside of Seattle. I have to watch my time. I was going to read you this letter, but I can’t. It was in my prayer letter. If you’d like to get my prayer letter you may
find it very… helpful. We have testimonies of people
in their that are credible. This last prayer letter had a testimony
of an IFC Pastor. The other testimony is of a
Missionary’s son. Who has become a medical doctor and his
deliverance. He didn’t write his testimony until he
been delivered from demonic sexual… powers… for over eight months. He wrote his testimony
of the… eight months of freedom, and the change in
his life after he got… those things dealt with. The
next one has the… testimony of the boy who was 14
years old. Whose father was a head of all the
outreach for the iron curtain countries… who had to go home, because his son got
full of demons through listening to rock music… in Vienna, Austria.
A Tremendous testimony of that boy… and a testimony of a Pastor and
his troubles. We wait! We wait at least sometimes a year or a year and a half, before we will allow
someone to write a testimony that we put out. We want to be sure that the person
is walking… in victory, and that the deliverance is
totally complete. I can’t read you this whole thing, but
just let me tell you this story. This Pastor was extremely exhausted,
and they said to him “how would you like…” “to go to our condo…” “in Arizona?” He said, ” Super.” So, this fellow
loaned his condo, and they drove to this… condo. Neat! They couldn’t afford something like this.
Beautiful this day. They went in their, and they sat down… in that evening, and ate it was late. They went
too bed their was nothing. Next morning he got up went out in the
living room opened his Bible to have his… devotions. His mind was flooded… with the most evil, wicked thoughts. He
said… “Lord.” He asked God’s forgiveness
for this. It wouldn’t go away. His mind was
flooded again, again, and again with wicked, evil
thoughts. He thought “this is not me.” You know “I don’t struggle with these
kind of things when I have devotions.” He looked around. It says “about this time the Lord seemed to
impress me…” “with the idea that maybe some object in
the room through which Satan was able to…” “exert some evil influence.” So, after not seeing anything, since he couldn’t
figure anything out. He prayed and asked God… to direct him. To whatever object may be the source of
trouble. As He continued to sit there reflecting
on unique problems, he looked around the room and all of a
sudden he saw a small… black statue hand carved. The kind you would
pick up in a novelty store. It just looked like a harmless thing on
the top of the bookcase about five… inches high. He walked over picked it up, and turned
it around… to his utter amazement their was a little
sticker on the back of this thing. It… said “the god of success.” There followed a little prayer, which
if one prayed… if they needed success would get
success. If they would pray to this little object… and pray the prayer on the back. He told
his wife. They took the thing… into a spare bedroom. Now, he couldn’t
destroy it, because it wasn’t his. He took it in a spare bedroom. He
opened the bedroom… door, and open the closet. He put it
face-down on the closet and asked God to… keep it their and any powers associated… keep it their, because it wasn’t his. They
went through the whole rest of the… vacation with no problems like that
coming into his mind. When they got back… he said they called the owners of the
condominium to thank him for staying… their and so on. He said “you’ll never guess what we
experienced at your condominium?” To which the fellow who owned it said, “don’t tell me, let me guess…” “was it something related to that little,
black statue on the bookshelf?” The Pastor was utterly amazed that he
should think that. Well, the incident was related to the
owner the building. He said he responded that the idol had
been received at a Christmas party. Where you couldn’t give a gift over two
dollars. The man who got the idol got it at a
garage sale. Who gave it to this man, who stuck it on
a shelf. He said “we were always going to throw…” “it away.” The first secretary for the… Togo Embassy asked if I would come… and pray over their children. The first
secretary is the one who takes over when… the ambassador is gone. Her sister is the ambassador in
Washington DC. So, they asked me to come. I came to the
home, because they speak French. I don’t… speak French. I had an interpreter. We prayed over the children as they
brought them into the living room, and she… has tons of kids. Some that were there. We prayed over
everybody’s kids I think. We prayed… over the kids. They were all Christians. This
is a Christian family. They’re moving into a new home. They
said “would you come to our home and… “dedicate our home to Lord?” “Pray God’s protection?” We went
to another section there… to this beautiful home… that was being painted. This home had
two sections. Had a living room with sleeping quarters
upstairs, and then another whole section. You went
in and it was all open courtyard… that you could walk upstairs, and you
could go both ways. Well, I went and this house is empty. They
had the doors locked into the section… where the children would be sleeping upstairs.
It is a big, big… balcony like. I went and I put my
hand on the door. I began to pray God’s cleansing on
this empty house. As I was praying, my hand was being
pushed off the door… by nothing. I mean nothing you could see. I never said a word. I’m just praying. My
interpreter is putting more… oomph in my prayer than I am. As he’s
doing it in French… to the first secretary, her husband,
and those that were there. We got through praying and he looked at me and says, “Jim, there were spirits their.” How did he know? I was the one who had my
hand on the door as my hand being pushed… back. As we prayed and then finally commanded it to leave. Everything left. My hand there was no
more pushing against my hand… on that door. He said “I saw them. They were
Chinese spirits.” They checked it out later on… They had been the Chinese… Embassy people had lived in it, and
we got rid of them. Now, we want to keep this in balance. Please, keep it in balance. Don’t go home and
throw out everything. Anything of value… call me first. (Laughter)
I’ll bring my suitcase over. When I was speaking… in Oklahoma last year, my wife got a… telephone call at two o’clock in the
morning. From one of the… In fact, it was the father of the
14-year-old boy. Remember the 14-ear-old boy that I mentioned, that they had to leave. His father was a deacon in a church. He
called and the other deacon… happens to be one of the vice
presidents of child evangelism. They call my wife at… 2 o’clock in the morning. He said, “can we come over? It is about Jim.” Well, she thought it was about Jim. She
thought it was about me and something happened. to me, and that is why they are calling at two in the morning. She got so… nervous. She didn’t hear what they said. She thought maybe I was dead or… who knows. Why would someone call at 2 o’clock in the morning. These two… deacons come over and they said “there’s
demonic involvement…” “of one of the families of the church
there.” “It’s an IFCA Bible Church.” What they were
going to. They said “there’s a family… “there that there’s demonic problems in that
house, and they don’t know what to do. The…” “whole family is terrorized. Tell us what
to do? We don’t know what to do.” So, my wife told them what to do. They
went over to the house… and they dealt with it. Let me share… this house, because they kind of put it under
wraps. One night the twenty two-year-old boy
was down in the basement of the house, he had one door that went out. There was a
noise… He was in his bed and was not asleep. At the
bottom of his bed… up stood this black creature. That had on his football jacket, and a
chain around his neck with an upside… down triangle. No face just the Black glob standing there. It frightened him to death. He wasn’t
going to stay in the room with it. He went to the end of the bed, and was
going to slug his way out. When he slugged at him the jacket fell to
the floor disappeared. He ran out and ran upstairs. His
bedroom went this way, and there is a… door or two doors. The door to the
kitchen was right next door. You go out the door… go up the stairs into the kitchen. He ran upstairs and his mother said, “don’t tell…” “the rest of the family about this.” Said “okay.” She won’t tell them. The next day… or a few days later the 7-year-old boy… is playing nerf basketball. The only door… in the house that squeaks is, guess which
door? This… basement door. He heard the door
squeaking open the seven-year-old. Knew nothing about anything. Around the corner this is during the day time.
Around the corner comes to this black… thing… with a triangle upside down. Over a
period of a year… every single child has seen this thing. Except one and the mother keeps saying
“don’t say anything about it!” This particular night they were… all in bed. The door opened downstairs… the kitchen door opened and closed and they
heard… a girl, one other girls of the family, she’s
at Bob Jones, heard… walking up the stairway. Walking down the
hall… It opened the door. The girls sleep on trundle beds, so one is high one is low. The girl on the lower bed was awake.
The girl on the other bed was sound… asleep. There was a dresser that had those
little things that you lift up. To open a dresser with. She felt this thing come behind the bed.
She didn’t want to look at it. It came over and it flipped those things
on the dresser. Then, she heard it walk behind. These
rooms are real small… in the house. It walked over and she knew
it was… over her sister. Somehow, she knew and
she looked “maybe if I look at it it will go away.” It went down to the edge of the bed. Then it came over this girl and started
entering her leg. I’m just telling you this story as
this teenager told us… and these follows from CEF. As the
spirit came into her leg slowly, her body… were going numb, and the pieces of her body… were being put together in front of
her. so that, everything up in the air
was everything but her head. Somehow this is what the girl told me,
“Mister Logan, I thought…” “when my head gets up there, maybe I’ll be
dead.” “I’ve got to do something.” It took all
her might to sit up in the bed. She though what do I say to my sister. She said,”I know, I will tell her I am sick.” “Because, she doesn’t want to clean up the
mess, and she will get mom.” She said… I won’t say the girl’s name. She said to the girl, and the girl woke up and said, “what’s wrong?” She said, “I’m sick get mom.” She said, “I don’t
know where mom is…” Laid back down and went to sleep.
Which the girl later on… could hardly realize it happened. It took a
couple of days to remember that even took… place. The girl forced herself out of bed and got her mother up… and was just having a terrible time. When
they would read verses about the blood… of the Lamb, she could begin to talk. She could tell what happened. Fire was going
through her body. She told her mother not… to touch her. “Put your hand close to me” you could
feel the fire that’s burning in my… body and so on. Then they called these men. They came
to the house, and my wife said this is what I think… Jim would do. So, they went over there scared to death
not knowing what to do. Everyone saw… this black thing with the upside down
triangle. They went in and they prayed God’s protection.
They commanded this thing to leave and go. But the only one who saw it go was the girl.
She saw it come out of her leg… and go back downstairs. We came… to go through the house, and to cleanse
the house. Because for some reason I could tell you
story after story, after story about… houses. We get these calls every day… about houses. Experiences things like
that going on in a home… frightening everybody to death. We went through that house, room by
room, by room. I kept looking at her… “is there anything here?” Prayed through the house. We cleansed the house and dedicated it to the Lord. We also cleanse the ground. Many people miss the ground. Taiwan… the seminary over there, the students
were having horrible problems. They kept praying through the seminary. All of sudden they looked and realized… that the seminary was on a Buddhist
cemetery. As soon as they dedicated the… ground to the Lord, guess what happened? All the nightmares, all these strange things
stopped. When they gave the ground to the… Lord. So, we gave the ground around the house.
We gave everything… to the Lord and commanded the spirits never
to come back. They never have. This is amazing.
When I was in Africa… we went up to this, I won’t go through it because our time is going, a real wicked place. It was the most evil part of the city
I’ve ever been in. We went down. We went to see the dye pits. Where these… pits are five – six hundred years old where
they dye cloth. We went down a little, teeny… ally. These guys are going to sell us stuff
out of his house. We went into the house. I was with the
president of CEF. I was with the… this was an April. The guy who is over all the
missions for Child Evangelism Fellowship. Their wives, myself, the African a
vice president of a bank. Their was a bunch of us there. We went to this little, teeny courtyard. This
guy had cloths for sale. On the wall he had necklaces hanging.
Guess what was hanging on that wall… in that Africa hut? A necklace… of an upside down triangle hanging. I almost bought it, but I didn’t
think I should. Because it was
exactly as these kids… described that they saw on this thing. I want to go on, because some things that
are really significant. We always… think it’s always associated… You know? “well, I brought this
thing back…” “from Papua New Guinea I had better burn it.”
Why? Why are you going to burn it?
why are you going to get rid of it? Is everything that a national
makes… demonic? No
Do I hear you? No!
People have thrown away and got rid
of things they should have never thrown… away and got rid of. First of all, if there’s nothing
happening in your house, why bother with… throwing stuff out. If nothing is going on, the kids aren’t
having nightmares, if nothing’s going on… there, and there is nothing strange. Why do you want to throw stuff out? But, if something is going on you need to
say “why is something going on?” Right? I mean it is only smart. Something is
happening in this house why is it… happening. Is there something? A lady her children
started having nightmares. Wake up screaming night after night. She
left her husband. She moved to a small apartment. She
thought it must be the traumatic… experience of my husband running off. All of sudden, she realized that the
twin beds that the boys were sleeping in… that they were screaming in… her sister gave them to her from two
homosexuals. Here all the evil committed in that
bed, and she dedicated it. She couldn’t… afford to throw the beds out. So, she dedicated the beds to Christ, and
commanded anything associated with the… bed that was tormenting those kids… The kids were able to sleep in the beds
with no problem. Oh, I want to share another house. This happened just before I
came here. I got a phone call from… Connecticut a Dallas seminary Pastor. They didn’t teach me in Dallas how to deal with this. Do you know Ron Blue? Ron Blue called me and said “Jim tell me about
that Pastor we need to get the fellows…” “at Dallas seminary understanding the
work of the enemy.” “They’re not paired to go out here and
pastor churches.” “They don’t know what’s going on.” But this
is what happened. Here’s a family… and when they’re in bed, the beds go up
and down. Trunks are pulled across the attic, but
there’s no trunks up there. Cupboards will open and dishes will fly
out of the cupboards. The only thing they knew that good Bible people don’t know… what to do about this. So, they called… a Catholic exorcist to come in. They got this Catholic exorcist to
come to the house and he came to the… house. He was upstairs and said “alright, I
think we ought to pray.” When he said that, he was picked up
thrown against the wall and slid down… the wall. Got up and walked out of the house. They went to the pastor and they said
“what we do?” There was a missionary there from
Africa, whose going to come and do some… internship with me… that knows that demons are real, but he doesn’t
know what to do. I was in Africa I couldn’t… help the people. He said, “Jim, I saw it.” He says
“Pastor it’s got to be real.” “I mean you got a whole family talking about
strange things going on in this…” “brand new home.” When they said they were going to send the deacons over there. The wives told their… husbands “you don’t dare go over. You will bring
something home.” Can’t you see where our mentality is.
Where is our protection? Didn’t we… learn about that today? If God hasn’t got any important protection then… let’s throw in the towel. When they went to
the home it is amazing. The family all stood… outside and they don’t have to do this,
when they went to the home… I called and asked what happened.
when they went through the home… the spirits rushed out the front door. Do
they have to go out the front door? No!
But they did and they bumped the
family standing on the sidewalk. While they were leaving the property. All of them
were bumped, and they said “did you feel?” “yeah!” What happened to you? “I got bumped.” “In fact, I was punched.” One girl said, “I think it pinched me.” (Laughter)
Swish, out they went. You know we miss often… the dirt. You know this family… that lived in a new home that this black
thing was coming in. You know what we think? Kept thinking why. Brand new home. Why.
There wasn’t statues from anywhere. The only family lived in there was a very
conservative Christian family. Why?
The ground probably was… Indian burial ground, because we know
there was a lot of Indian activity there… and that ground may have been set aside
to the spirits. When you build a house on it, they used
it to attack this family. I don’t… understand. I know they’re not under attack anymore,
and two years this family was tormented. By this thing walking around frightening
them to death. They didn’t have to go through that
torment at all. A father called me on the telephone. He said,
“I’m an executive Mister, Logan.” “Can I talk to you?” I said, “you’re
fortunate, I just happened to be between…” “…counselees.” “I’ve got a moment.” He said, “let me go into my
office.” He went to his private office, and he… started sobbing… over the phone. He is from many
states away. This man is sobbing and I… said, “Sir, what is wrong?”
He said, “my wife today…” “walked in and found our seven year old
with a butcher knife.” “She was going to stab the baby.”
[he] said… “my seven-year-old all of
a sudden has the strangest…” “behavior. We don’t know what to do with
her.” “Should we put her in a mental hospital?” he
said, “I don’t know what to do!” My wife says, “I am NOT going to be
responsible! I can’t watch that baby…” “every moment. Will she kill that baby when my
back is turned? i can’t stand…” that kind of pressure.”
They were in a mess. I said, “you know, that’s just not natural
for Christian family. That’s not normal for a…” “Christian family.” I said, “I believe their is enemy involvement.” He said, “That is why I called your center.” He said, “I just… “believe it has to be something…” “demonic. That our little daughter all of
a sudden will start having a strange behavior.” I said, “you know, I have some
material that we send out to parents.” “To pray over their children while they are
asleep.” We had some missionaries come. Both
the father and mother missionary had… tremendous demonic problems. They were
gloriously set free. They said, “our problems were so bad…” “we were sure that if ancestral demons,
if that is really true,” “…our children must have some demonic
problems. Mister Logan,” “should we deal with our children?” I said,
“here is some material, read it through…” “and here’s a…” “prayer in there on how you could pray
for your children.” I said They said, “we want to do it now.” I said, “no,
don’t do it now. The Lord will let you…” “know. Do it while they are sleeping. Children do
not need a traumatic experience. Just…” “read the prayer…” “over them or learn how to pray over the
children.” Well, that night a boy got up. Walked across the hall. They were at CEF
headquarters. Walked across the hall. The oldest boy
was eight years old. He was crying. The dad said,
“why are you crying?” Now they didn’t know anything about the demonic. They didn’t know why their mom and dad… were there. They did not know their mom and dad had
gone through, both of them, a deliverance of… freedom from the bondage that both of them have had for years. He said, “why are you crying?” He said,
“I dreamed that dream again.” “What dream?” He said, “I dreamt that I woke up,
and everybody was dead.” The dad said, “I don’t know why I asked this
question.” I said, “did you dream that you…” “…killed us?” “Yes!”
He started sobbing and crying. The dad said… “That’s it.” He said, “I command you in the
name and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ…” “to get out of my son’s life…” “and to go!”
The kid stopped crying. He said “They did not all leave yet, dad.”
He did it again. The kid went back to bed. They said,
“this is the night.” They went… and they prayed over the other boy. He
was five years old. They said, “mister Logan,” “I wished you could have seen it.” As they prayed over that boy, this
doesn’t always happen, that little boy… was thrown back and forth as they were
praying. Sound asleep! From one edge of the bed to the other. Just like this, as they were
praying over him. The next day, the little boy did not know he was prayed over. The next day that little… boy got up… walked across the hall where his mom and dad
was and said, “guess what?” They said, “what?”
“Those voices are not talking to me anymore.” Isn’t that beautiful? He didn’t even know. He
was sound asleep. We say use the… least intrusive… method as possible with your children.
Well, back to this… little baby with the butcher knife. You don’t
want to go to bed without knowing what… happened. I don’t want you… lay at night trying to figure that one out.
I sent him that material. They waited until she was asleep. They
went in the bedroom, and they… looked through the home to be sure that
everything was right, and they were right with the… Lord. They prayed that prayer. He called and said,
“Mister Logan, it’s really wonderful.” “She’s doing super.” I was so excited. But about two months later, I get a phone
call. He’s crying again. He said, “She is as bad or worse. She had the butcher knife again…” “at the baby and my wife says we just
can’t go on like this.” I said, “there’s got to be something.
There’s no way that little child…” “has done anything…” “themselves, because God protects them.
That child couldn’t have done something… themselves… in some way to get full of demons. That would try to… be murderous, violent spirits. So, it just can’t
be. I asked this question. I said “do you
have any artifacts?” I’ve never asked that question before. They said, “yeah we do. In fact, we have a missionary that we call Uncle…” “…and he has given us things.” Because there’s nothing else wrong. They
don’t watch television. They don’t have a TV. They don’t have rock music. None of that kind of stuff. That would be way out there. None of that going
on. I said “well, what you have?” He said,
“well, I have a mask.” “Oh good a mask.” They use those in
dancing and worship. “The missionary carved it.” I said,
“that’s not it.” He said “well, I got a tie tack.”
Tie tacks. I am have… more than that from Africa.
That’s just a… tourist thing, that can’t be it. He said, “I got a
basket.” “it’s new it was woven by
Christians.” I said “no, that’s not it.” He said, “we do have one thing. It’s an old…” “…musical instrument.” I said “you know I
wonder if that musical instrument was…” “…used to calling spirits?” “That may be the thing.” He said, “I think I’m
going to take all the stuff…” “put it in a box, and put it in the garage.” Tell the missionary to come and get it.
He took all the stuff. He put it in the garage, because he
didn’t want anything. Because the violent… behavior of the child. He prayed “Lord, I don’t want
anything in this home. Cleanse this home…” “…from anything here.” They called the missionary.
The violent behavior… has stopped. It has been two years. They called the missionary and said
“we just we didn’t want to destroy this…” “stuff,” “because you gave it to us, but we would
like you to have it.” The missionary came over to get the
thing and this is what he said. “I want you to know that I’m really hurt.”
He said, “I’ve been a missionary in Africa…” “for many, many years and I want you to
know one thing:” “Our people did not worship spirits. They
only worship idols.” What does it say in Corinthians? Paul said “I am
not concerned that you worship idols.” “They cannot hear. They cannot speak. They
cannot see.” When you worship idols… and make sacrifices to idols, you are
sacrificing to… What? Demons.
Now, Don’t go home… and throw out everything from Papua New
Guinea. You promise me? Remember out of balance. That is what Satan wants you to do. Clean the house out… Throw everything out, maybe you should throw the kids out to. They were born there. (Laughter)
This one we don’t mind. (Laughter)
Don’t do that! That is the enemy. That is of the enemy! If you have something strange going
on, and if you have something that was… used in worship, maybe you need to get it… out of your house to see if it’s that.
Not everything, you realize that don’t… you. I know people get into extremes.
People come into my office they have all… this …stuff from all over the world.
They’re most afraid to sit down for fear… that I’ve got all this demonic stuff
on my cadenza. It’s just carvings and stuff.
They have no significance at all… demonic. Be wise! Would you? This is important I want you to know. I can’t
tell you the people that are struggling, because of things in their home that
they need to get rid of. But if nothing is happening don’t throw
things out. One other thing. Don’t have evil in your home. I’m not
talking about stuff you brought from the… mission field. I’ve mentioned this before. I cannot tell you
the young man who are in bondage, sexual bondage that got into bondage from
their fathers hidden pornography. Their father did not even know that his
son found it… between the mattress in the box spring. I asked kids “how did you find it?” I mean you
can’t get a teenage boy… close to a mattress and box springs. Now,
he’s got his hand under it and pulls out his… dads magazine. Guess who led them
there? Or the kids say that you
take out the bottom dresser drawer. You pull it all the way out and on the floor.
Guess what’s there? Playboy. My dads playboys and stuff like that. The kids get into pornography and
into bondage. The parents don’t know anything about. You
know often what parents will allow in… moderation… the kids will take to excess.
The enemy will use… that which is not right. Maybe a
father says “well, I don’t have any real… …don’t see how anyone can say I don’t have a problem with this. But their kids go into tremendous
bondage. A pastor came up to me one-time, and he
shared this at one of the pastor seminars. So neat. His son heard this somewhere
about the magazines between the… mattress and box springs. The son reaches his hand under… his Pastor, fathers bed, between the
mattress and box springs. There was a magazine. The kid grabbed a hold of it and his heart
sunk. He pulled it out and the magazine was
“holiness to the Lord.” (Laughter) Praise the Lord. “Father, we pray for wisdom.” “O’ Lord, if something is going on in
our homes. If our children are waking up…” “screaming.” “Lord, may we be wise. If there’s something
there that is of the enemy,” “Lord, lead us to it. Give us that…” “inner witness that this needs to go.” “Lord, may we not be extreme.” “Lord, may we realize that places…” “and things that have been dedicated to
the enemy often…” “will have forces of darkness attached to it.” “Give us wisdom, Father, as we seek…” “…to be wise, moms and dads.” “In christ’s name we pray. Amen!”

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  • priscillajames says:

    Very good video nice work done here!

  • rudderhardtoport says:

    yea, so as christians, we are suppose to listen to any music? so what kind of music can we actually hear? or none at all? just keep silence. then why do they have praise and worship in church?

  • BRMinistries says:

    The best way to see if our music we listen too is glorifying God is by taking a music fast. After that fast when our conscience is more sensitive to God because of the seeking him during the fast, you will know if that music cases you to react or to glorify God.

  • Jindy Tachainovaska says:

    Concerning the portion on D&D: I 100% respect what he is saying about that. My only concern is that some of the information he gave doesn't reflect D&D. It is entirely possible to create a satanic rule-set using realistic spells and such (as D&D is often altered to personal preferences and the game allows for that). It seems like that would be the case in what the DM was doing. However standard D&D doesn't really resemble anything satanic, no more than Lord of the Rings does. I say that because

  • Jindy Tachainovaska says:

    (cont) I think someone may be led to believe that D&D is satanic by default, and the baptist pastor who was inviting people over for D&D (which I know of some christians around here who do the same) was mixing the occult with Jesus, which is obviously a no-no. I don't expect the pastor here to be an expert on every field and I wouldn't even really disagree with anything he said. But that clairifying point does need to be made.

  • Jindy Tachainovaska says:

    Ambiguous sentence of mine — in reference to the baptist pastor inviting folks over for D&D, I was suggesting that I don't believe he was dishonoring God in doing that, given as much info I have on that story. But you know what out of christian love if someone came from that kind of back ground it would be wise to give it up for that young christians sake. Or at least until he is renewed enough to not be tempted to go back into that lifestyle (even if he never played D&D again).

  • polo_loco says:

    jazz, classic, positive music ect. Anything "beautiful"=harmonious you should know in your spirit what is clean or foul, even with music without words. you don't have to listen to music that only glorifies the creator, that's being Super RELIGOUS, over-righteous. Anything "beautiful"/harmonious is good

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    Just a little information: items that can be thrown away should be smashed, burned, etc. . so that no one else can find it and use it.

  • Michelle Bullock says:

    Hebrews chapter 1 verse 1 and 2 as well as Genesis through revelations in the Bible it is written in the Bible that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and he was buried and he rose again the third day according to the scriptures if you have faith in the gospel message of Jesus Christ you shall be saved John chapter 3 verse 16 through 19 in the Bible

  • CHRIS OWENS says:

    Takes a brave Christian to teach on this, nothing is black and white when it comes to this. Try, try and try some more and just pray to Jesus you don't make things worse.Thank you for this video, helped me endlessly.

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    I wanna point out that at this time all these things mentioned certainly applied and still today occur but our God is greater still. He can use any situation to take you from where you were to where He wants you to go. To salvation in the LORD Jesus Christ by faith through grace. God has set me free from much and also gives me grace and true freedom to be myself in Him, for His Glory as I walk with my LORD in constant discernment and obedience. Put God first in all things before your own will and desires. Have faith and be obedient to God, discern which is the way you should go by the leading of the Holy Spirit ( or what you should do, buy, share, etc. Discern all things) so that you constantly know you are following our LORD, right by His side, as Enoch walked with God; through the narrow gate. Walking and serving in obedience. Orrrrr have faith and relationship with God as Enoch did and be found not. Amen. God prepare us and increase us to do as the greatest of mankind ever could do through the power of Jesus Christ as we are led by the Holy Spirit. Your holy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you Lord! Aaaamen

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    I love Pastor Jim Logan; thank you brother. I thank God for him. His ministry and teachings have been a gold mine for me.

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