Spiritual Solutions to End Depression

Jai Radha: Hello Everyone and Welcome to this
week’s very special Hangout and we have with us Dr. Pillai. Often times you hear Dr.
Pillai talking about his Mission to ending suffering and this week we were met with a
tragedy with the loss of Robin Williams, someone who brought compassion, light, love and laughter
to the world, and this has left lot of people wondering, what could grip someone so tightly
to end their life? Today Dr. Pillai talks about the spiritual causes and solution for
depression, anxiety, and mental illness, and the prevention of suicide.
Thank you so much for joining today with your busy schedule to talk to everyone about this
important topic that unfortunately the passing of Robin Williams has brought to Light for
many. Would you please talk to us a little bit more about the causes of depression from
a spiritual perspective? Dr. Pillai:>>First I wanted to say a few
things about Robin Williams, and comedians in general. In the role of comedy as an anecdote,
or an antidote, to depression. It’s an irony that a man who made many people to laugh and
feel joyful, should inside be feeling very sad, and then ended his life. That is really
very sad. This phenomenon is universal. I’ve seen so many comedians who make people laugh
and be happy, end their life because of depression. They get into alcoholism and drugs, and finally
end their life, and it is one of the ironies of life. In this presentation, I just wanted
to cover a wide variety of areas of what causes depression. Not from a clinical standpoint,
because I’m not a clinical psychologist. Let me start out with saying my association
with Norman Cousins many years ago when I was at the University of Pittsburg. When he
started a very important program at the UCLA Medical School called the PsychoNeuroImmunology
Program. Norman Cousins as many of you know, was confronted with two terminal illnesses,
and how did he cure his illness? It was just by watching comic movies. He took off from
work and from morning until evening when he went to bed, he just watched comedy, comic
movies and then he got well. He reversed his disease, and he wrote a book called: “The
Anatomy of Illness”, which became a best seller. So comedy is something that can reverse
your illness, even a terminal illness. That’s how powerful comedy is because it makes you
to laugh, and when you laugh, you can even reverse your diseases. It’s a biological
fact. Even your biology, not just the mind responds to it, your cells respond to it.
So we are here to understand what is going on with the comedy. The comedy really takes
you out of your mind. It’s all a matter of managing your mind, managing your thought
processes. You cannot separate mind, thought, emotions, they all go together and they are
interconnected. If you are able to keep in mind that everything is connected to your
mind, your though process, your emotions, then you can shift from a depressive state
of mind, to in the next moment you can be laughing, but people with deep depression
feel that: ‘No, I can’t do that because I often come back to that original depressive
state of mind’. Is there any way we can address this question from a spiritual point
of view. Yes, there is. Most spiritual people tend to go towards some kind of depression
because they do not know how to deal with this world because the world is really not
something that they like, so that makes them depressed. Depression drives them to alcoholism,
drugs, and finally they also take their life. Now I want to start with how a state of mind
gets so deeply entrenched in somebody’s consciousness. I can relate to it because
somebody came to me and said: ‘I’ve been crying since 1 am in the morning’, and it
is now 9 o’clock. It is not an accident that this person came to me and discussed
with me her situation. It was God who was giving me a direction to me about what I should
do about a situation like this. Now changing from one thought to another thought is not
that easy especially if you are depressed and the thought is deeply entrenched in your
consciousness. I have been involved in this business of helping people to become happy,
and to get rid of their depression at least in this lifetime for the past 25 years. This
state of mind comes from another lifetime. Depression is not just from this lifetime
alone. This state of mind is a continuation from another lifetime because life survives
even though the body dies, consciousness survives. This consciousness is carried on from one
lifetime, to another lifetime. So you tend to be doing in this lifetime what you were
doing in another lifetime. That’s why Lightbody is so important for me because in every lifetime
I just worked with the Lightbody because that is the permanent solution for people to end
suffering, because as long as there is this physical body and the mind you cannot be completely
free from pain and suffering. The only answer is to me, in many, many lifetimes, this has
been my position that this organic body should be transformed into the Lightbody, just as
the Bible says: ‘That there will be a time that in the wink an eye the body will turn
into Light’. That’s what Paul said in Corinthians. So I come from a tradition where
we should find a permanent solution for depression, and the permanent solution is the Lightbody.
I’m not going to talk about that in this session. In this session, I want to take you
to the concept of depression being carried from one lifetime to another lifetime. So
what happened in the one lifetime affects you in this lifetime. In my study and in the
literatures that I am familiar and aware from my tradition is that if this particular soul
committed suicide out of depression, out of inability to deal with their problem whether
it is a love problem, or money problem, or whatever problem drives them to take away
their life. They are born again and then they are forced to do the same thing. So the theory
here is if you made a suicide in this lifetime, it’s because your soul remembers that, and
forces you to do the same thing. Now I have studied with regard to suicide bombers in
different parts of the world in Japan for instance, and also in the Middle East. These
souls are reborn again with this thought deeply engrained in their brain and then they take
away their life. So what do you do? That’s the most important. What do you do? Can you
really change it? There are a couple of ways I am going to suggest to you. One way is a
traditional approach which I have found very, very useful, and I have been experimenting
with this particular ritual at least for 7 to 8 years ago. This comes under what I have
come to call a New Discipline, called ‘Soul Genetics’. ‘Soul Genetics’ is
a term I coined myself. Just as you inherit
biological genes, for instance somebody has diabetes, is diabetic in this lifetime. The
father had diabetes, and the mother had diabetes, and the grandfather had diabetes, so you have
diabetes. This comes from biological transference of genes. The same way, you have ‘soul genes’,
if you will, and they are thought forms that you have inherited from your family members,
or ancestors, and also from your own self. So you have on the one hand, you have biological
genes transferring diseases, and here also the soul transferring ‘Soul Genes’ carrying
certain thought patterns, depression, and suicide tendencies are embedded in the soul
that are inherited from your own soul, or from the soul of your ancestors. There’s
not much of a difference between your soul and your father’s soul, because you have
inherited any way, just as you have inherited the biological genes. Now how do you deal
with this soul business? The body, of course you can go and take medicine, or work with
thinning cerebrospinal fluid, or work with areas associated with depression, and try
to treat with different technologies. But what are you going to do when you have inherited
something from your soul, and then the soul business is a very deep seated emotion that
no matter what, you cannot deal with it. It’s very difficult to deal with it. So what you
need is a ‘Spiritual Solution’, or a ‘Soul Solution’ and that comes under ‘Soul Genetics’.
In the Eastern countries, whether it is India, China, Japan, they have a method. In India
it became a science, and it is called the Science of ‘Tarpanam’. ‘Tarpanam’
is an offering, offering food to the ancestors, the ancestors’ souls. The ancestor’s souls
are not leaving the earth plane. They are ‘out there’, although we cannot see them,
and they are basically responsible, the ancestors, and also your own previous soul, they are
‘hanging out’ around the person whom they are associated with and then giving their
thoughts. So you are not thinking your own thoughts. You are thinking the thoughts from
your previous incarnation, and also from your father, from your mother, from your grandfather,
great, great grandfather, and all of these people are thinking through you, and that’s
where you are getting these ideas. The remedy here is just to do some offering called a
‘Tarpanam’. If you just offer just water. In a way it’s- I’m not going to talk a
lot more about it because if you go and check my previous videos. There is even a video.
Somebody made it it’s called “How to do Tarpanam”. [T_A_R_P_A_N_A_M] Tarpanam is
just offering water, and some sesame seeds to the ancestors’ souls, and also your previous
incarnation, incarnated soul. You will have relief immediately, because it is a ritual
that cleanses your soul. The depression is in the soul, not in the mind. The mind is
only the child of the soul. The soul is the father, or mother. You have to get to the
soul to remove that because the wound is in the soul and you have to address that. You
may say: ‘I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in the soul’. But then
I want everyone who expresses depression because everyone goes through depression, not that
depression is only for a few individuals, everybody gets depressed. And people ask me:
‘Are you depressed?’ ‘Yes, I’m depressed more than anyone else’, I say. ‘Why?’
Because my depression is not because I cannot handle my situation’. It’s because I want
to find a permanent solution for human suffering and that depresses me. ‘What can I do for
Africa, or China, or India where people are without basic needs?’ And then that depresses
me, but then I don’t allow that thought to overwhelm myself because I know how to
switch to another thought right in the next second. So it is impossible for me to stay
in one state of mind forever because I stay in ‘The Now’. So if you stay in ‘The
Now’ there is no way you can be depressed because experience is generated from a thought
staying within your mind. If you allow your mind to process thoughts as they come and
go, and never get attached to any of these thoughts, then there’s no problem. The problem
is you have to know that you are bigger than your thought. You are not the thought. The
Tibetan Buddhist’s would say: ‘Thoughts are your guests. They come and go because
guests cannot stay here forever. They check in and check out.’ ‘Thoughts check in and
check out’. And who are you? You are the host to thoughts. So how can a thought stay
there and depress you for a long time? It cannot, provided that you play the host. There
is also a technique that you can do, it’s a Buddhist Meditation called ‘The Maha Mudra’.
‘The Maha Mudra’ simply means ‘The Great Technique’. You just sit and watch the gap
in between two thoughts. There is a gap in between two thoughts. Thought is not a continuous
process. You just watch this thought, and before the next thought starts there is a
gap. In the beginning it will be difficult to perceive this gap. But then with practice,
you can see the gap a little bit, and then eventually what happens the gap will get increased,
and then you will be all gap. Then you will be all gap. Then it will be difficult for
you- like Raman Maharishi said that his problem with thought is that he has to make tremendous
amount of effort to pull a thought into his mind, otherwise he’s ‘Blissed Out’.
So you can do that. Anybody can do that. The easiest way of course is to do like Norman
Cousins and go and watch comic movies. Then after that what happened? That’s a problem,
after you have watched the movies, then you get depressed again. There is a saying: ‘Wherever
you go, there you are.’ ’Wherever you go there you are.’ You may go to Switzerland,
Southern France, but wherever you go there you are. If you are depressed you take your
mind with you. So you have to eventually find a way to deal with your mind, and more importantly
your soul. If you keep on doing this Tarpanam, in a day you can do it many times, but make
sure you do it only in daytime before the sunset, after the sunrise and before the sunset.
Keep doing this. It may seem to be very silly, but I don’t care about whether it is silly
or profound. What I care about for one thing, and that is the result. If you get result,
do it, especially if you do it on the New Moon Day, it will be very, very effective.
Why New Moon day? That’s another topic and I don’t want to get into that. Now if you
do some of the practices that I have said, Like doing Tarpanam, watching The Gap in between
two thoughts, and listening to what I have just said about: ‘That you are not thinking
these thoughts. You are being used by your ancestors and your own previously incarnated
soul that keeps processing this depressive thought’. And Another method that will be
useful is just chanting. Chant certain sounds, the sounds of happiness. Many years ago I
gave to Wayne Dyer, the sound called ‘Ah’. And I told Wayne Dyer you can go and give
lectures for several hours, they will listen to it, the they will go away and they will
get motivated and inspired. But if you want them to go with something for the Soul, then
that is the sound ‘Ah’. Because the sound ‘Ah’ will give you a tremendous amount
of Joy: Ahhhh Ahhhh, this is the finding of the Yogis. So you can go and check my website
and also Wayne Dyer. He wrote a book, ”Manifest Your Destiny” and dedicated the book to
me. Manifest your Destiny means you control your Destiny, not that the Destiny controls
you. So it is very relevant in this context because you have to control your Destiny,
and some stupid thought comes that you have to take your life. Also the sound ‘Ah’,
‘Ahhhh’. It’s a simple practice; if you want access to the practice I have myself
put out a lot of the videos on that. Then you have to practice this ‘Ah’ because
‘Ah’ is a creative sound. It even is associated with procreation. You know. That’s why people
release this sound during procreation. ‘Ahhhh’, then you go into the soul. So when you say
sounds like: ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’, ‘Arul’: Arul Arul Arul Arul Arul Arul.
‘Ah’_’Ru’_’IL’. This sound will give you incredible Joy for the Soul, for
the mind because this sound carries nothing but Bliss. Because The sounds create your
thoughts. The thought is a word, because you cannot create a thought without a word. You
know: Like a thought, like a Banana. So, There is this word ‘B A N A N A’: Ba_ na_ na’.
and Then every syllable creates an emotion. That is my new science called ‘Phonemic
Intelligence’. We have been able to disseminate this Phonemic Intelligence to children in
India and also in the United States now in schools. Some Government Schools in the United
States are using these sounds because sounds create states of mind, whether it is joy or
depression. So ‘Arul’ is another sound that you can use in order to get out of a
depressive state of mind because it will give you incredible Joy. It’s a matter of people
getting together and chanting, or yourself getting together and chanting: ‘Arul’.
[Meditation] You can close your eyes and listen to this sound. Put this sound on different
sense organs, particularly the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the brain.
Now put this sound on your Right eye: ‘Arul’. Embrace Bliss, embrace Joy, embrace Happiness:
‘Arul’, ‘Arul’, ‘Arul’. This sound also will generate Light, very bright Light,
like the Sunlight. So, Imagine your body as Full of Light:
‘Arul’. Go to the Left eye:‘Arul’, ‘Arul’.
Also receive the Light: ‘Arul’. The whole body is filled with Light:
‘Arul’, ‘Arul’. The two ears:
‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’
The tongue: ‘Arul’‘Arul’‘Arul’‘Arul’‘Arul’‘Arul’
Roll over the tongue. ‘Arul’
On the throat, the tonsils area. ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’
Inside the brain. ‘Arul’‘Arul’ ‘Arul’ ‘Arul’
‘Arul’ , ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’ The whole body is vibrating with the sounds:
‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ILLLL’, ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
On the Right eye: ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
Left eye. ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
Don’t allow any other thought, just this chanting:
‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’ ‘ILLLL’ On the Right ear:
‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’ Left ear:
‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’ ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
On the two nostrils: ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’. ‘Arul’,
Arul’. Now Inside the brain:
‘Arul’, ‘Arul’, Arul’. Spin the sound inside the brain:
‘Arul’, Arul’,’Arul’, ‘Ahhhh’, ‘uuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
[end meditation] This sound ‘Ah’ ‘Ru’, ‘IL’ will
help you to process incredible Joy and Bliss. and It will also work as an antidote to depression.
You can put this sound on an mp3 recorder, on your cellphone, and listen to it. I am
very grateful to The Divine that I could spend this morning in a useful way to disseminate
this understanding. I want to keep this program going, so what I intend to do is: ’If you
have questions then you can send them to us and I think Jai Radha will tell you how to
send them. And I will at least once-a month will engage you, because this is a topic that
is very close to my heart that is ending pain and suffering for all humanity.
Jai Radha:>>Thank you Dr. Pillai for joining us today. We had a few other questions. Would
you like to save those until the next time we meet on this topic?
Dr. Pillai:>>Yes. I will answer them next time.
Jai Radha:>>Ok. Great. So for those who are interested in finding out more for the ongoing
‘Anti-Depression’ Program, make sure you get yourself on the mailing list for Pillai
Center and go to Pillaicenter dot com for that, you can also write to: Office @ pillaicenter.com,
and to me and ask your questions so that we can prepare them and engage with Dr. Pillai
on a regular basis on this very important topic. Thank you for tuning in. We thank Robin
Williams for all that he brought to the earth plane and wish him a glorious passing into
the highest realm of Light. We Thank Dr. Pillai for shedding an amazing Light on these very
interesting and unique teachings on how we can shed suffering on deep levels, and at
the soul level. Namaste. Until next time.

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