Spiritual Integrity: What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual?

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  • DeathRow 29 says:

    You have a perfect meditation voice, your voice calmed me.

  • Vince Falsaperla says:

    God, the great source of everything is in us all.And the saviour is in us too.
    To look inside is the key and nature is the answer.What an incredible system that was created for us to enjoy and experience.
    In other words,we are all the masters of our own creation.
    Peace and love to all.

  • One Strange Animal says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and so profound! I think i've found my spiritual teacher 🙂

  • Gam Pi says:

    Thank you Evita

  • V4Vegan says:

    Well explained. This should be taught at schools.

  • starfighter1972 says:

    Hi Evita I watched most of your videos. Just hear my honest feedback to you: The editing you did was really nice with all these relevant to the subject photos, that was a very good job that you did.
    What didn't go well for me was this narration. You are so good when you are present in full picture. Only just your voice lets all the video down. Story tellers have usually those deep colourful voices. Even myself I can't say that I have this kind of voice.
    Anyway as always you are the person to decide what to do next.
    Thank you for bringing your peaceful message to the world.

  • Barry Williams says:

    Thank you so much for this thinking! I really appreciate your perception and effort.

  • Raymond Zia says:

    Great job Evita! I will share this.
    I've also enjoyed your interviews with Tom Campbell

  • Lasse Spolin says:

    So which are the challenges in life when you have passed all the more elementary stages? Is it enough to say that now you are on your own and can do whatever you chose?

  • lane lon says:

    Beautiful ! Thank you Ms. Ochel .

  • jennifer vincent says:

    Evita I thoroughly enjoyed this vid….infact this is it….it all comes down to what you said here….I tke this message to heart and will be more conscious of what I do ..say..think..beautiful insight. ..
    had a long day at work..is 1am here in India. ..this is def mana for my soul. ..thank you….for this message..

  • Ken Lee says:

    Dear Ovita
    Thank you for this wonderful message which comes from Love, you are playing a very important role by sharing your truth, great presentation.
    Kindest Regards and Best Wishes from Ireland.

  • Lasse Spolin says:

    You seem to be a very sensible and sincere person which make it a great joy to listen to you! Thanks Lasse

  • Trash Trashcan says:

    brilliant advice x

  • Laurie Currier says:

    This is an awesome video! Thank you!!!

  • Grandma Knows says:

    Perfectly timed message for me personally. Thank you.

  • MS STUDIO says:

    Thank you, spirituality is very simple to find go far far away from city noise to the woods or lakes hills and if you open your mind you will remember again you are spiritual bean it is always in us but all that noise like religion are designed to put you far away from it, for me that was the case i find again when i look closely on beauty of nature and i remember now about my spirituality even i still not understand completely, thank you Evita

  • Eelke Aptroot says:

    Well done.

  • Thraskii says:

    Thank you

  • ErikGameDev says:

    Great video.

  • Adrian Hansen says:

    To be or to become spiritual, means to me to awaken to all levels of our existence . To awaken to our purpose and goal which is unconditional love or Agape! That journey can start from many beginnings but is often related to a moment in ones life when humans are 'forced' to think about the big question 'Who am I '

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