Spiritual Growth Quotes & Scriptures πŸ™Œ CIWC(201) | 18/24 – “Owning It”

Bible study group topics and bible scriptures great for every bible group okay we’re now at the end of step two in
the final section and it’s called identity matters it’s titled own it and
where it what’s the game plan as we delve into this final area of step two
well the question is what does God call you to do now
now that you’re getting established in this identity also I’m going to give you
a little bit more biblical encouragement and identity for you to embrace since
this is all about identity matters and identity does matter let’s start off of
course with the verse in Hebrews let’s look at this God’s promise of entering
his rest still stands so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might
fail to experience it for this good news that God has prepared for this rest
continuing on has been announced to us just as it was to them but it did them
no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to God for
only we who believe can enter his rest so everything that we’ve talked about
from the beginning and we’ll talk about through and until the end has to do with
you believing and entering into the finished work of Jesus so when it comes
to whether or not you’re dead and you get into agreement with God you enter
into the rest of God provided by Jesus and his finished work when you get
established in your identity and you resolve that matter you’re entering into
his rest because that’s a gift that’s grace from God so while this all may
seem foundational how often do we see that this isn’t always a slam-dunk done
deal in a Christians life and so the Spirit of God is speaking to you
his word and through this course that you would be established in these things
and you would enter into his rest regarding the finished works of Jesus
how about another verse jesus replied I tell you the truth we looked at this
earlier but here it is in a broader context everyone who sins is a slave of
sin a slave is not a permanent member of the family but a son is part of the
family forever so look at the contrast there Jesus is talking about sin sinning
and being a slave to sin but he says now they’re not permanent member of the
family but his son is so there’s some encouraging words from the Holy Spirit
regarding your sonship your daughter Bible study group topics and bible scriptures great for every bible group hood you’re being a child of the Most
High okay how about another reminder you are
not your flesh or your body as we’ve discussed rather you who are you are who
God says you are a child a son or daughter possessing his divine nature
who is Jesus right the Spirit of Christ the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God you
invited to live in you so what does that mean well you possess his divine nature
but this is an opinion so let’s read a couple verses here just to get
established in the truth regarding your nature and because of his glory and
excellence he has given us great and precious promises these are the promises
that enable you specifically to share his divine nature and escape the world’s
corruption caused by human desires so go back again and look at this this is
because of God’s glory and excellence that he has given grace it’s a gift
right great and precious promises these are promises that enable you so you
share His divine nature marinate in that His divine nature your brand-new another one to get established to them
God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory
of this mystery which what is the mystery its Christ in you the hope of
glory Christ in you the Spirit of Christ only through Christ can you know the
father and come to the Father so Christ in you sealed by the Holy Spirit be
established in God’s truth walk in this so remember this is new
wine from God right you need the new wine skin to receive all of this you
don’t want to mix covenants where you’ve got one foot in the Old Covenant one
foot in the New Covenant you’re not really sure exactly who you are you’re
kind of wearing multiple identities and you’re old and new at the same time none
of that that’s not God’s will all things have become new as we’ve already
discussed so remember this is all new wine and you want to make sure that you
receive it completely pure grace all right so you might ask yourself now what
God now that I’m established in these things we’ve talked about to this point Bible study group topics and bible scriptures great for every bible group

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