Spiritual Consciousness

there are three levels of consciousness that I like to speak about they go from low to high the lowest level of consciousness is what I call ego consciousness and it's the time when we believe that who we are is our bodies and what we can do and what we have and what other people think of us we essentially believe we're separate from everyone else and we're separate from what we would like to attract into our life we go through our lives sort of believing that we are so special and so important or more so than others in competition with others and then there's a level of consciousness that I call group consciousness and this may be higher than ego consciousness but it still cause us a lot of problems this is where we begin to identify ourselves in terms of the group's we belong to I'm an American you're Canadian I am male you are female I'm Republican you are Democrat I am Muslim you are Catholic and on and on they go and ultimately we create an enormous amount of conflicts and ultimately Wars over this group identification but there's a third level of consciousness system one that I've always aspired to and try to teach people to go to and that's called unity consciousness and this consciousness is one in which we begin to see ourselves not as separate from each other but as connected to each other and when we see another human being we see the unfolding of spirit rather than the appearance what color they are what shape their eyes may be what their belief systems or cultures they belong to that all gets shifted into seeing the connection between all of us when I use the word spiritual I'm speaking now about a way of being I'm speaking about not being a Christian but being christ-like I'm speaking about not being a Muslim but being Mohammed light I'm speaking about a way of living which includes the extent to which you feel connected to other people you see the ego is the part of us that believes that we're separate from each other when you move into a spiritual approach to life you begin to see yourself as connected to everyone and everything and competition is replaced by something called cooperation and when you see another human being in pain or struggling you know that a part of you is in pain and struggling and you begin to reach out when I use this word spiritual a sense then of an awareness that it isn't about being better than somebody else is not about being better than anyone else it's about being better than you used to be and I know this about myself and if any one of you here in this audience we're giving this talk I could be sitting in that audience and I would have just as much to learn from what you had to say to me as you have to learn for it from what I may be saying to you the thing that I know for certain today is that I'm just better than I used to be as a man as a father as a writer as a speaker I know that I'm better than I used to be and I try to make that something that I do each and every day just a little bit better than I used to be to me that's what I mean when I use the concept of spirituality

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