Spiritual but not religious?

Hello friends!  I hear people sometimes say that they are
spiritual but not religious, and I want to take a look at  what that means. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe! It seems like “religion” has become a
bad word in our society.  The connotation has that of following a
rigid set of rules.  Perhaps religion without spirituality or
things that are done in the name of religion have given religion a bad name.  But the origin of the word itself just means
becoming reconnected.  The “re-” part comes from the Latin
prefix “re-” which means “again”, as in to redo or to  restart.  The rest of the word comes from the Latin
word “ligare”, which means to connect or bind together, as in “ligament”, which
is something in our bodies that binds two things together.  So, the word itself in its origin simply
means to become reconnected to God, and then by consequence to other people.  It’s based on the idea that God has somehow
revealed to us the best way to get connected to Him again. Spirituality, on the other hand, seems to
be really poorly defined.  The fact is that I agree we are all spiritual,
but as my priest put it recently, spirituality by itself tends to become self-centered and
wishy-washy.  It often becomes more about connecting with
myself or with nature than with God or other people.  It turns into choosing ideas that sound
good to me or that I want to be true, rather than an honest search for truth itself.  Spirituality, by itself, doesn’t go anywhere. It’s like saying you like trains just as
long as they are not on any tracks. In the end, our minds were made for one thing:
truth.  And so, we all have an obligation to search
out the truth about how best to become reconnected to God or if He has actually revealed anything
to us. As for me, my search has led me to the Catholic
Church, the place where I least expected to find because I had tried to disprove it.  So, I hope that you will remain open-minded
to religion, and never give up on Truth because Truth Himself didn’t give up on you. One last reminder to subscribe, and if you
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  • MusicInspire says:

    Matt 23 says ONE is our Master, even Christ, and we are ALL brethren, and ONE is your Father, which is in Heaven (so call no other man father), and it says again, ONE is your Master, even Christ. So, what value, then, is there within institutional religion, apart from demanding our money that COULD go for the meeting of genuine needs of fellow believers and the needy in our communities? Why should we "reconnect" with a "thing" when we can reconnect with "each other" without all the trappings of institutionalization, buildings and professional staffing (hirelings)?

    Those who work within institutionalism's halls and offices are taking great exception to the movement that is now discovering Christ as the TRUE Head of the spiritual body known as the Church (a body not defined by buildings and institutional, organizational identity). All those "churches" out there that practice autonomy, which includes parishes within roman catholicism, are up in arms against believers coming to the realization that it's long past the time when we should ALL be standing up as spiritual giants in this world rather than sniveling midgets wallowing around on the floor and in ruts of ecclesiastical indifference to actually raising up spiritual giants who actually FUNCTION as a viable and vibrant CHURCH. Institutionalism has failed miserably at raising up a mighty Church capable of keeping entire nations from self-destructing through ruinous embracing of homosexuality, trangenderism, abortion and all the other immoralities gaining a foothold once again, as it has done throughout history to destroy family values and social bonds within the confines of moral absolutes. When the family goes, so goes the nation, kingdom or empire.

    John 10 is a recounting of Jesus' words where He stated that HE is the "good shepherd" who gives His life for the sheep, and that He is THE "good shepherd" who knows His sheep, and is also known by them. How is that practicing Christ being the good Shepherd when looking to that one dude behind the pulpit to sit above us throughout the remainder of this life? Oh, yes. AUTHORITY! Institutionalism has always been very apt at repeating the "authority" mantra with religious indifference to the One who is actually supposed to be the sole Entity within the limelight of our lives.

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