Spiritual Attack or Demonic Oppression?

hi this is Beth with the other side of darkness check out my blog the other side of darkness calm where I give my testimony on how I came out of satanic ritual abuse witchcraft Mormonism the call New Age depression addiction promiscuity and so much more because of the love of Jesus Christ who wooed me out and brought me into a place where I could find redemption and freedom through him and I have a lot of great teachings that he has given me on my blog as well so today I want to talk about the difference between spiritual attack and demonic oppression and I have written about this on my blog and I will link that in there and and so for a while I kind of it took me some time to think about and discern that there was actually a difference between spiritual attack and demonic oppression so when I first came into a relationship with Jesus and he began healing me and I started learning more about the spiritual realm and understanding that there was a spiritual realm and there were demons and things like that then I started to understand okay spiritual attack but then I began to call everything spiritual attack you know not saying everything that happened to me but everything that I knew was of a spiritual nature and of a demonic type of nature and and from the devil basically is what I'm saying that I call all of its spiritual attack and that was before I understood that I could actually have a demon or demons inside of me um I hadn't even got to that point so everything was spiritual attack I'm under attack I'm under attack and I'm sure that I'm not the only person that ever it has been at that point where you can recognize spiritual attack but you haven't got to the next level of understanding more about it and so when I had my deliverance I found out okay I have demons inside of me I have all what I think one of them said he was the captain of legions of armies so there was a lot of demonic inside of me and um I am not ashamed I am not ashamed okay um the fact is is that it's totally normal to have demonic oppression but I digress so I had my deliverance and I had had people cast demons out of me before but I guess I didn't really think a lot about it you know okay they cast a demon out of me spirit of anger or spirit of Rage spirit of depression spirit of whatever you know but I didn't really click connect two and two together like oh they're casting demons out of me I had Nieman's they were living inside of me I mean some people think demons are just attached to you on the outside like I can't be inside of you um and so it just you know sometimes it just doesn't click all the way and so um I have the deliverance I had the demons cast out of me and I heard the demon speaking I heard him and that's when it really clicked like okay you can have demons inside of you um and so that's when I think I started down the road of understanding oppression demonic oppression and you know I had seen possession because there's a lot of movies like The Exorcist and things like that where you know someone's possessed by a demon their head spinning in circles and I'm totally not saying that that never happens because I know what happens there are legit Ordinaries of things like that happening um but that's just like the kind of thing that the devil wants to put out there to scare people well if you have demons and you try to get them out and this is what's going to happen to them that's gonna be scary and it's going to be violent and it's going to be messy so people of course do not want to think a they can have demons and be they want to get rid of them like oh maybe I should just hold on to those suckers I mean even when my husband was scheduled for his deliverance and it was time to go he was like oh you know I don't know maybe we don't need to do I was like come on you're going having to drag them you know to the deliverance because the demons inside of them were like you don't want to do this this isn't a good idea you know they want to scare you away from it because they want to stay you know the devil has his ploys to take us away from God and if a demon can get inside of you or more than one demon they're having hating they're having a hate but let's get back to that so I'm just going to refer to my blog here for the definition of attack so this is from the dictionary so to set up to set upon a forceful violent hostile or aggressive way with or without a weapon to begin hostilities against start an offensive against to blame or abuse violently or bitterly to direct unfavorable criticism against argue with strongly to try to destroy so the Bible definitely gives us examples of how the devil likes to attack us he likes to kill steal and destroy he's the father of all lines even in the temptation in the desert he was twisting the words of Scripture to Jesus Christ himself to try to trick Jesus to committing suicide or to use his powers which he hadn't even used yet because he used his powers of God when the Holy Spirit came upon him and if he was if Jesus was to submit to those things that the devil said then he would be going directly against the will of God the Father and God does not do that so but that is what Satan wants to do so he attacks us he also he's the accuser so he accuses us day and night and he and Ephesians we are not wrestling with flesh and blood but against the powers and authorities and rulers and principalities of the unseen realms of darkness I know I got that wrong but and so he attacks us it can be physically it can be verbally it can be mentally it can be emotionally he finds ways to make us feel attacked and so we feel under pressure we feel like we're in a battlefield we feel like we're being struck upon or abused even and circumstances in situations in our life and it doesn't necessarily have to be one specific person doing something because it can be just us feeling pressed upon by our own emotion and we can feel severe anxiety or fear or anger or rage because once the devil gets ahold of you he is able to find out how he can press on your you know power points it's like when you talk about your kids and you say well they know how to push my buttons you know to dial me into the place where I just you know get angry well that's what the devil does he's one that originated that not you know children he is very manipulative and he knows exactly how to get in and I think that the book the CS Lewis wrote the Screwtape Letters is a really good example of the devil and how he uses the demons to watch people and manipulate them and use themselves against themselves basically to be their own worst enemy but it's not even you know they're not even their own enemy it's just that the devil knows exactly how to dial you know the right number to get them to that place of frustration or confusion or maybe they're just questioning things that God has told them or things in the Bible and just our anger you know there's so many things that the devil does so he dials us right in he's got all of our numbers on speed dial and so spiritual attack is generally an outside attack that's coming at you that's why it's in tact so think of you've got two armies at war and they're coming against each other with weapons to fight and ultimately destroy each other so that is one of the things that the devil does he ultimately wants to destroy you if he can't destroy you physically he will try to destroy the call that has on your life or your relationship because we find all of our strength in our relationship with Jesus Christ I mean everything that we do should be rooted and bound to our relationship with Jesus Christ because anything outside of that is not of God and then we come out of you know his protection and has will but we're choosing to buy our own very well and so the difference between spiritual attack and oppression is I'm going to just sorry about that go back to my blog where I have my article and the definition of oppression the exercise of authority or power and a burden burdensome cruel or unjust manner an act or instance of oppressing or subjecting to cruel or unjust in positions or restraints the state of being oppressed the feeling of being heavily burdened mentally or physically by trembles adverse conditions anxiety etc okay so oppression is a little bit different it's not something that some that is coming at you from outside it is something that is more of a feeling you have within you of being burdened it's cumbersome it's painful and so oppression is when the demons have already gone inside of you they have a stronghold inside of you and they know they got you know they dialed you up and they have a hold of you and they can affect you physically emotionally or mentally but it comes from more within and so while attack is it looks like things that are happening to on the outside are causing problems maybe you know you just see things bad happening you've got a flat tire are you got an accident or you've got an argument or you've got fired or you lost your house or things like that you can never get along with your relationship with your kids you know those are also signs of spiritual attack I mean the devil he just really has no ends to the things he can do so he can use those things to attack you because what that attack does is it's breaking you down slowly but surely over time like the waves of the ocean on the rock and it slowly is breaking down and deteriorating the surface of the rock and you would think that the rock is strong but the constant and relentless pounding again and again over time does break down with some part tiny little particles of the rock and that is what Satan does and so if you feel like things are always coming against you or always going wrong or you're always having problem in different relationships or aspects of your life it wears down on you mentally and emotionally and sometimes even physically because sometimes the wearing down of the attack is physical maybe you are getting hurt maybe you um see others getting hurt or you know maybe you have headaches or pain um and spiritual attack and demonic oppression also can go hand-in-hand you can have both happening at the same time but back to oppression so you have the demon or demons inside of you they they know what's going on in your life and your thoughts in your feelings I mean they're right in the midst of everything that's going on inside of either in there they know and I'm not trying to say that the demons are omniscient or omnipotent or whatever I'm saying they're inside of you and when they're inside of you they have access to who you are they your soul is your body mind and emotions they've already gained access to it they've gained access because somewhere and door has been open and I do have a video about demonic oppression and I have written about it also on my blog so if you want to know more about that please refer to those either of those two resources and so um they use um and so basically the difference is is that the demons have gay right so the attack comes from the outside but the demons inside of you are there because they have rats and there's different ways that they can get rights it can be from your bloodline and generations before you or it can be because you yourself have already opened the door and many times most of the time people are opening up the door or have doors open through their previous generations and have no clue whatsoever and that's when we need to start to be aware of how these doors are open now in Deuteronomy God talks about witchcraft and the ways of what witchcraft looked at that time in witchcraft has always stayed witchcraft but it is changed in the way it appears and looks and how it's used in society so in ancient times when people would see mediums it would look different than now when you call up the hotline and you're talking to a psychic and if you think about it and look at it closely it's really not different but it's just evolved to fit into the way society looks right now basically it's just it's the same thing though you're trying to contact the dead and for see use someone who's harnessing the power of the demonic to tell the future um so once the demons have rights they can wreak all kinds of havoc in your life um they can actually physically affect you they can cause you neck pain back pain headaches they can cause different manners of disease and what they do is they partner up with the false belief systems that have already grown inside of you as long as well as emotional pain and trauma and abuse and so we allow these false belief systems to come in and create a whole system and environment within us but we do not even realize it's there and that would be because of denial and I always like to say denial is like a remote island you know somewhere that we just kind of Pat a lap too and we like to stay there because it feels safe you know you don't have to worry about the problems of the world or attack or anything going wrong when you're off in the remote island of denial you can just say everything is good and fine and great in my world even if it's actually falling apart right before your eyes and so we use denial often times for good reason because when bad things happen and we can't handle it bad things such as trauma and abuse and different sorts of pain and it affects everyone differently especially at different ages and stages of life we cannot handle it we cannot deal with it and so we like to put that away and like a little drawer somewhere in our subconscious where we do not have to deal with it or our mind will take it and make it into something that is more bearable so we'll tell ourselves it wasn't as bad or it wasn't even bad at all or we'll make excuses or we'll even just turn it around and make and blame ourselves even though it was actually something someone else did to us and that is very frequent with that is a part of denial and so to a certain extent denial can be healthy because some things happen to people and they're so bad that you would just not even be able to function at all and so denial is healthy in the aspect that because it creates another place for that abuse or pain or trauma or whatever somewhere else where you don't have to openly deal with it then you can continue to function but there comes a time when denial is not healthy any longer you have come to so much denial that you you might be functioning just fine but inside you or breaking down you are having a complete emotional spiritual mental or physical or all or a combination of some of those things breakdown complete and you still are in denial that the fact that you have some serious problems and you need Jesus Christ to help you and some people have those kind of breakdowns and then they go to the doctor or this kayat Restore psychologist or whatever and they get medication or they track operations or whatever and they just say I'm sick there's just something wrong with me and they refuse to go to the root of the problem which is something too big that they want to do and so they continue handling out into denial but denial ceases to help you when you get to that complete breakdown and some people work fine with with getting on different kinds of medication for mental emotional or physical problems sometimes that works fine but you're really just masking the problem and some people will live the rest of their lives and they will be able to function and mask the problem and never have to go deeper and dealt with it and that's the choice that they've made and that is okay there's nothing wrong with that I mean we're going to make the choices we're going to make in this world but the truth is is that God has called you out before time began and has known you and given you basically an assignment here on earth to do amazing things for the kingdom of God and you can try to overcome the obstacles that have been laid before you and go after that call and do it but it's not going to be easy as a matter of fact it might be extremely difficult and painful because you're going to have to start peeling back the layers like an onion to find the seed that was planted in the first place and has grown roots and caused all the problems that you're having right now has led to the complete breakdown of your emotions or whatever psyche or you know your physical being you might have cancer you might have a disease I mean whatever it may be it might just even be some sin that is completely corrupted your entire life whatever it is it has caused a complete breakdown and so that is a part of demonic oppression but you have to understand that the demons always use the false belief systems and the emotions paired with whatever trauma or pain has triggered the emotions leading to the foss belief system so for instance let me give you an example I was severely abused in satanic rituals but lots of people are severely abused it doesn't matter if it was a satanic ritual or not abuse is abuse so I was severely abused I was told that the abuse was actually happening by Jesus Christ and I believed because of that that Jesus hated me and God abandoned me and that I was going to have to be subjected to abuse and there was nothing I could do about it that I was helpless and powerless I was just a child so it actually was but my mind took those bad bad things and put them away your mind fragments as splits into different parts so that certain parts can carry the trauma and the rest of you can continue to function so my mind took those parts and put them away file them away in the drawer I continued to live my life in function but I had still having beliefs inside me that were already in a plant of me that Jesus hurts me or hurt me and God has abandoned me and that there was nothing I could do that I was to be subject to abuse that I was helpless and powerless as well as so many other things that I was worthless and it was stupid then I was a sex object I could go on the list is far too long to even think about okay so I'm walking around I'm living my life I'm thinking and yeah I've had a pretty bad life you know cuz I remember that stuff I remembered abuse I remembered other bad stuff uhm and I'm walking around like well you know my that my life's been pretty bad but it could be worse I've seen people that have wore sides but you know I have a job I have kids of a car I have a husband it can't be that man you know yes I'm a drug addict and an alcoholic and I feel like I'm a terrible mother because I'm always Aang yelling on my kids and my relationships messed up but my life could be worse right you know I can't hold a job or whatever you know I could keep going on about the problems I had but it could be worse right right that's what I was thinking until I found out that oh I was severely abused by people who told me that it was Jesus and that gotten around me so I've been living my entire life with the false belief systems that were created that I didn't even realize were there and functioning out of those beliefs and the demonic we're able to use those false beliefs and the emotions that empowered those beliefs in the first place to have a place inside of me and use me and function inside of me and by the way that is another way that witchcraft works which I have talked about in another one of my videos and I've talked about I believe in my book that witchcraft is empowered by err and our intent and by our emotion and by our false belief systems you do not have to be the witch with the pointy hat dress in black around the cauldron to do witchcraft it is about harnessing the power of the demonic partnered with our intent and strong emotion and pushing it out and so that's another form of spiritual attack witchcraft is spiritual attack when you're getting hit with witchcraft but spiritual attack it's the same thing and as a matter of fact a lot of times spiritual attack is actually witchcraft coming at you that's another video I'm going to have to work on because that's a whole other subject now there are different reasons why you might have spiritual attack it might be because you have a strong call on your life and the devil wants to stop it it might be because you have assignments against you and there are which is actually sending attack at you it might be because you've already opened up the door to the occult and you don't know it and so you have witchcraft coming at you it might be from your own family members you might have family members that are mmm aligned with darkness and they don't know it and you don't know what or maybe they do know it and you just don't know and they are working witchcraft on you especially if you have family members who are basically in the occult which could be Mormons Jehovah's seventh-day adventists different Christians yes there's Christians that are in the occult and they don't know what there's different Christian churches Catholic churches Muslims Hindus it doesn't matter it doesn't matter I cannot reiterate enough that it doesn't matter what your religion looks like or what you call it or how you feel about your religion you can be in the occult you can do satanic rituals you can be working witchcraft there is no there there is no boundaries you know that say you can't have witchcraft here there's no special places that are sacred that don't have witchcraft you can go into any kind of church and there could be even one person working witchcraft and you don't know and they could be an act of witch and know it or they could be working on witchcraft and have no idea witchcraft is everywhere it's been implanted in people just like it was in me and secret ceremonies that you don't remember you could know someone that is a survivor just like I am and they don't know it and you don't know it okay you might be one and you don't know it they aren't all over the entire world and the numbers are far greater than you would like to ever admit and I'm sorry that people don't want to believe that satanic rituals happen in all places all over in churches all kinds of churches and all kinds of religions I know that nobody wants to hear that or admit it that's ugly that's a horrible truth why would anyone want to believe that or admit it but you're not helping yourself by deflecting the truth you're paddling now back to the room on island of denial I get it I totally get it oh look I lived in denial for I don't know 37 years of my life when I first started finding out about the abuse I was in denial for a while still I was taking it in I was trying to understand it I didn't know what to do with it and now I'm finally to the point where I can stand stand up and say I am a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and I'm okay with it I'm not happy about it I don't like it but I'm okay I'm okay that's the power and majesty of Jesus Christ that's what he does you know if God can heal me and take me to freedom God can do it for absolutely anybody anybody anybody anybody unless you never choose to come out of denial God does not violate your free will and if you decide by your own free will to continue to deny the things that are happening inside of you inside of your life and then the world around you God can forcefully make you see it or change you he won't forcefully do it he's not going to bottom line is this we need to begin to know our enemy that way we can have discernment about whether we have demonic oppression whether spiritual attack or witchcraft is coming at us about the spiritual realm around us what's going on how to protect ourselves how to fight against it and how to help other people do this thing how can you do that well I've got one word for you Jesus it is only through our relationship with Jesus Christ that we can begin to understand any of these things you have to have intimacy you have to have relationship you have to know him you have to surrender to him open your heart to him and give yourself over to him as much as you possibly can as much as you are willing to and it will grow the amount you can surrender and give or word over to him will grow with time as long as you just keep doing it because the more you heal the broken places inside of you the more you'll have to give over to him and you know there's areas of yourself that are completely blocked off to God and I know you don't want to hear that it's a very hard to hear it was very hard for me to hear and you might even have parts inside of you that hate God and I I know nobody wants to believe that especially if you're a Christian but unfortunately the devil is going to do whatever he can and it's how we're willing to go to those places with the help and guidance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit we're not going to be able to surrender those places and let Jesus heal them and it's only through intimacy and just seating in ourselves right on the lap of God the Father because we are seated in the heavenlies right now in this very minute minute we have to do that in order to protect ourselves you know God will put your armor on and then he'll teach you how to use it and with the sword of the Spirit he will disconnect you from the powers of darkness nobody wants to believe they have darkness inside of them or that they will line themselves with darkness in any way and that again it's denial and I understand why people deny it and I still got parts of me that are denying other things you know I have not come for a full circle in my healing I've got a long ways to go I don't know how long but I've come a long way a really long way and that's good you know I believe God's very proud of me for doing the work I've done because it's been really hard it's been incredibly incredibly an excruciating ly painful I have not enjoyed it I have cried and cried and sobbed I've gone to places that were so deep and so been so painful that I just I want had to go numb I had to watch hours of videos and how to do makeup so that I could just go into another world and forget about it for a while and God use that God use that and he'll use everything and it's ok it's ok if you have oppression it's ok if you have spiritual attack it's okay if you have witchcraft coming at you it's great if you have family members that are witches it's okay if you are doing witchcraft all of it is okay do you know why because you still have God you still have Jesus Christ inside of you and you still have the choice of your free will to choose like to choose freedom to choose hope to choose light and walk into it you can choose to surrender yourself and bring healing and redemption and restoration into your life and you can choose to say yes you don't have to be ready but you have to be willing you only have to be willing and if you're willing anything if it's just a teeny teeny tiny part of you that's willing to say yes to Jesus yes to freedom and yes to healing that's all he needs and he will take it and he will run with it he will not do it in a way that is more than you can bear God will never do put you through more than what you can handle he knows how much you can handle when you can handle it and when you're ready you know and so he will take you at the pace that you're ready to go and you know frankly he's taking me very quickly apparently that's the pace I was ready to go I don't know I've questioned that but okay Here I am and and that's okay and some people might need to take a long time you know but it's just like inch-by-inch maybe it's millimeter by millimeter that you let the denial come down so you can just start to see just a little bit but you cannot do that unless you are fully grounded and who you are in Christ Jesus I cannot say that enough it is only Jesus Christ that can take you through this healing and the knowledge of what's going on with any kind of oppression attack witchcraft or any of that you have to be fully and ground fully and completely grounded in him and his love then go from there let God do the work that he's going to do the way he wants to do it in his time if you try to push your healing or push yourself and to knowing things that you're not ready to know you're gonna cause problems you're going to cause problems inside of yourself and you're gonna bring on attack that you're not ready to handle God will teach you how to handle attack he will teach you how to attain handle witchcraft he will teach you what you need to do to find freedom he will teach you the call you have on your life he will teach you how to use it he will walk you through it he will help you establish an administrate you just have to be willing to surrender and walk into the healing healing is never easy but think about this if you break a bone in your body and you go to the doctor and you get a cast and you have to sit there with that cast on for months and months it even though you have a cast on and you're working through healing it still hurts it's just when you're broken and you're waiting for heat you know to be healed you have to go through a season of pain but God is willing to refine you and the Potter's fire if you're willing to lay down in the kiln you don't have to want to you just have to be willing I know it's hard I really really truly do trust me I know I'm just gonna go ahead and pray dear Lord God I just love you so much and I just thank you for this video and ice I tell you who Lord sometimes I feel like I am just rambling and I am not making any sense and this is one of these times God and I just pray that you will take this video and you will turn it to glorify you to be completely for your good that will be your truth and you'll work it into righteousness that the ears that will hear will take it and run with it and those that are in denial that you or you will be the great comforter and comfort them and so that their soul will see that it is okay to start to lower the veil of denial before their eyes God and I just pray blessings over every single person that watches this video that you would just bless them with um come complete and utter freedom in the name of Jesus Christ I pray that you cleanse and wash everyone with your blood right now and bring them into restoration and righteousness with you God that you would begin to repair the fabric of their soul that has been ripped and torn where the devil's very hands and claws God and that Jesus you would sweep across everyone right now and let them feel your love and the whisper of the Holy Spirit telling you exactly what he wants from you which is most likely come be with me come to me children and be with me let us be with you God just reserved a place right now for today and today that we would go and be with you even it was if it's just for a few brief moments that we would sit sit quietly and still before you gotta just soak you in and worship and praise you and come to a place where we can just hear the still quiet voice that comes before us and tells us what we need to hear what we need to go God every person has the ability to hear the Holy Spirit help us to believe that that's truth God break the veil down that says you can't know God hear God or or be someone who can hear from God you don't have to be special to hear from God you just need to believe we think you've gone for your gift to hear your voice to know you that you live inside of us and you work inside of us and through us and that you are more powerful and mighty than he who is in the world God that you will bring us to a place where we will have complete restoration even if it takes a lifetime we will find that place gone as much as we are willing to go there I praised you Jesus in your mighty and wonderful and powerful and precious precious name you are the Lord of lords the king of kings the creator of the heavens and the earth and before time began you called us out you cradled us and your arms you rocked us and whispered sweetly to us before you sent us here on to the earth for our assignment God and we chose to come here God we chose to take that assignment and through life's circumstances we may may have been deceived into being too afraid to walk and the call you've given us God and I release each child into your kingdom to walk into their home right now in the name of Jesus Christ we thank you God we love you we praise you we bless you for blessing us we love you Lord we love you we worship you we adore you we just want more of you God and we thank you so much God thank you Jesus and your name amen I thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video and I thank you if you have subscribed or followed me or my blog I fell absolutely blessed by every person that has decided that they want to listen to me at all um you know I am totally humbled I'm just you know an average stay-at-home mom I am NOT something special I don't know the things I know because I'm a special person I know that because I've been you know willing to humble myself and sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from him and walk with Him and heal my pain and you can do that too you have a ministry waiting is calling you but you just got to take one step at a time go to the arms of Jesus children go he wants you he loves you be with him have a wonderful blessed day you

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