Spiritual Aspirants and Truth Seekers

Who is a truth-seeker? Or sometimes people ask me, “Who is the spiritual person?” This question is also asked frequently by my students and other people. The truth-seeker is very simple. It is a person
who is trying to discover himself or herself. “Who am I?” That’s what he asks the question. And he tries to work on that direction. Spiritual seeker or the truth
seeker doesn’t seek God, doesn’t seek Mahavira, doesn’t seek Buddha or Jesus. He seeks or she seeks, “Who am I? Where I am coming from? Where I
was before? Why I am here? Why I am being born as a human?” “What is the purpose of my, this human life?” And he begins to have
this kind of curiosity and this curiosity brings him a lot of, lot of solutions. Because it is sure that you are coming from somewhere else. That your body, this body, was not eternal body. Maybe you have before that some other kind of body. So you begin to ask yourself questions. And
this is my realization for the people. So you begin to ask yourself questions. And
this is my realization for the people. So you begin to ask yourself questions. And
this is my realization for the people. So you begin to ask yourself questions. And
this is my realization for the people. So you begin to ask yourself questions. And
this is my realization for the people. Everyone when they are born, especially human babies, they are very curious. They are curious because they want to know who they are. They don’t know that, who they are, but they try to
look at themselves sitting in front of the mirror. They see their teeth, they see their tongue. They stick
their tongue out and see it. “What is this?” What is this, my eyes, what is this, my teeth?
What is this nose? What is this face?” They ask those questions to themselves when they are even little. So it is the human babies always have curiosity. And that curiosity makes that baby a seeker. A truth seeker. But unfortunately, they find religious teacher. They don’t find the spiritual masters. That’s the problem. If those babies, I can guarantee you, if those
babies find a spiritual teacher, they can blossom. They can flower. They can bloom. And they will very beautiful. Their growth will be totally different, but it is unfortunate – I
am using the word unfortunate – they find only religious teacher. They find madrasas [arabic word for schools (in this case, fanatical
schools)] . They don’t find the real spiritual schools. Because it is difficult to find it. It is difficult the spiritual master. I have suggested to you many times, that this world, this universe,
is full of disciples, but it is lacking the masters. Because they are very few. You can count them. And disciples means a person which is ready to blossom already. There are many, but if they get trapped into the religions, they
get trapped into the influence, under the influence of religious teachers. They might teach you, under the influence of sadhus.
They might teach them drugs. They might teach them traditions. They might teach them religions.
But they will not teach them how to blossom. So the real seeker, they are many, many seeker.
But how many out of them become real seeker? I can still say not 100,000’s. Maybe 1,000’s only. So, the person who is beginning to blossom is the real
seeker who will begin to ask the real question. And very lucky if you find a live master which is an enlightened
master and which has a very very good impact on your life. And your life will be fully changed. The real seeker, the truth seeker, is to be a real
seeker, to be a truth seeker, is very very important. And they can be blessed by the teacher, by the live master.

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  • Bob Smith says:

    You see, this is the problem.. you dont need to go out and look for people to show you what truth is.. its a human logic/structure thats hardwired in our brains to 'follow' others with knowledge, and ignore the 'real' issue.. its not old, aged, monks or teachers who've been around this earth for ages who hold 'great' wisdoms.. NO .. not all.. its actaully completely opposite .. the things that have wisdom and truth are right in front of you .. young children, babies, animals, nature.

  • Bob Smith says:

    If you want to find 'real' Truth, the 'REAL TRUTH', then you have to accept the fact that we're all really just 'insane' .. LOOK AT US.. Look at the world! you have to even accept the whole, so-called "food chain" in our realities as insane! because its something that we already 'know' but we dont really 'know'.. i could go on about how the majority of us are manipulated into 'thinking' or 'feeling' what we think or know is true,

  • Bob Smith says:

    and i could go on about how most of us are in a thought process that is controlled by structure and power, or how to at least get close to 'real' truth.. cuz to be honest, i havnt found it yet either, but im searching, and if you get into this whole area of 'really' wanting to know the Truth, the REAL 'Truth', then your going to discover some pretty scarey stuff along the way, stuff you would NEVER EVER would be able to believe in right now, it would be impossible anyway..

  • Bob Smith says:

    Why am i telling you this?? Well, to spread a message, whether its wrong or not .. (btw, theres no such thing as 'wrong' or 'right', it doesnt exist anyway, its a form of logical 'opposites' that we as human beings process through our brain and minds, all the time, as a mathematical structure and basis built into how we 'think' and 'percieve', through our own 'concious' reality, Good Bad, Up Down, Left Right, In Out, Far Close, Big Small, Sad Happy, Light Dark, etc)

  • Bob Smith says:

    regardless of all that, my point here really is to show you, and also to 'warn' you, about the 'beauties' and dangers of 'really' wanting to know and discover what the 'real' Truth .. is?

  • Bob Smith says:

    Try not to let all the 'Shit' get in your way..

  • Bob Smith says:

    unfortunately, especially 'Shit' like 'Comedy' or 'Sex', the two most mind altering/distracting methods out there.. 'Comedys' even more powerful than 'Sex', lol.. believe it or not..

  • Bob Smith says:

    'COMEDY' itself, is the #1 most mind-dillusioning state thats used on everyone all the time .. it subdues your mind into its weakest point, allowing watever message, 'subconcious' or not, to slowly slip into your brain, which may or may not eventially effect you later on depending on the intention of it.. I mean look at our current 'social' language and communication these days..? the majority of us communicate through 'comedy' as our own means understanding..

  • Bob Smith says:

    thanx starlighteds1, i appreciate that.. this shows me that your understanding the message here.. and from what i can tell you sound like a truth seeker, or what i like to call, a 'real' human being..

  • Bob Smith says:

    no problem.. everyone is lovely, but most ppl wouldnt agree with me on that 1, cus most ppl cant

  • Tesh Punja says:

    would you be the same person today if that didnt happen to you?

  • J78miu says:

    its your last life, what you did.

  • Julian Tumamao says:

    i would very much like o find a master of spirituality. i want answers of my being.

  • Psytrance Love says:

    i was told i was a truth seeker once and i think i am

  • Mystic Logos says:

    ATTENTION TRUTH SEEKERS: "This contest is seeking the answers to the big questions of life, the truth about life and death. If you know the answers, make an entry. Let's get honest about the truth of life." Search "Truth Contest" in Google and click the 1st result, then click on "The Present" and read what it says. Thumb up this comment so other truth seekers can see it. Let's work together to find, check, and spread the truth of life.

  • Sarah Nelly says:

    The best thing to finding the truth is looking for it. The truth contest is clearly an original way to find and spread the truth of life.

  • Acharya Shree Yogeesh says:

    For Daily Spiritual Inspiration visit http://facebook.com/acharyashreeyogeesh.

  • MLion 108 says:

    I'm a seeker, and so grateful to have found your teaching, thank you Acharya Shree👏🏽

  • 5D or Bust says:

    I find it interesting that no one talks about picking up a book. Knowledge knowledge knowledge. It takes years upon years of acquiring knowledge. When you find out your answers, you will be horrified. So, now I'm learning to cope with what I've learned…..hence learning to chant om and mantras and mindfulness. You need these tools to get through each day.

    Until we all come back to love, to vibrate in love, lay down our arms, and stop being sheep/ followers of government, stop taking orders, stop fighting amongst ourselves….we are doomed as a species on this planet. Those who are in control of this planet wins and the NWO is brought in in completion.

    Here is one hint as to who we really are…. 5000 year old Sumerian Clay Tablets…. Z Sitchin. We are…. the Annunaki, …. the Elohim….. we were created as a slave race to mine gold for Anu, Enki and Enlil…. the Annunaki. You can read/listen to The Lost Book Of Enki on Youtube narrated by Josh Reeves. Wake up time.

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