Spirit Science Announcement ~ Rebirth and Renewal

hello everyone please forgive me for my long absence it's been almost a year hasn't it this past year has been well crazy to say the least things did not go as planned and over and over we were faced with the feeling of crushing defeat until all that we had hoped and dreamed was scattered and lost to the four winds taking our egos along with them and in the absence of all that we cared for a new light was born for us Rafa explained even if the spirit of light is destroyed it will be reborn again in the heart of darkness let's face it we aren't alone in this feeling just looking at the state of the world right now reveals that there is far more suffering than there is joy even America has never been more divided but hope is not lost though it can often feel subdued there have been two major reasons for our silence that have mirrored the challenge that we all face from the left brain and the right brain almost perfectly on the left information and structure from the beginning it was Jordan making cartoons in his parents basement which brought spirit science into existence yet as time went on he attempted to put more of himself higher animation quality and more research into each and every video however he never wanted a business but a community and when resources got involved this community structure could not last without structure and there were hundreds who tried to participate almost all of them ended in failure three stayed together the longest but in the end we still collapsed under our own weight and all of the motion stopped Jordan acknowledges that being at the center his decisions that the largest impact in this flow and he takes full responsibility for his actions on the right side of the brain the community itself not being able to come together as a team and changes an intimate personal relationship led to a huge slowing down of all things quality content was replaced by quantity of content and videos slowed to a halt this led to a recent massive change in the personal life of Jordan and those involved in spirit science the slate was wiped clean Jordan returned to his hometown in Canada and intentions had to be reset thus let this video serve as a statement of intent moving forward from our experiences in the past we have learned the value of structure in order to create together as a community we have to form some kind of businesslike model in order to create at the level that we want we want to see new and fresh videos well researched and well animated happening every week through all of 2017 and onward and right now we are called to create a studio more than anything else a studio which can serve as the first level of an ongoing string of grand creations which shall lead to a spirit center a laboratory and much more the intent of the studio is to create a community environment and one which operates based on a harmonious union of the legal and business structures of the modern world and the cosmic structure of sacred geometry than the fabric of the universe itself something simple and clean designed in a way that allows us to focus on doing what we love doing most creating truth be told we have thousands of books and materials which all deserve translation into spirit science cartoons and much much more everything from our most mysterious ancient civilizations to the science of the source field the cosmic structure of Tarot and the Merkava meditation not to mention games and apps revolving around the education of these topics and the transformation of the world and the dawn of a new golden age of mankind the list goes on and on but it's too much for Jordan to do alone and so we're asking for your help as of today we're launching our first ever patreon account this is basically a recurring Kickstarter which will be the basis of our membership platform different tiers are available for those who are interested in participation your pledges will get you rewards ranging from behind the scenes info and updates on what is going on all the way to monthly Google Hangouts a private community chat for everyone to talk and connect with each other as well as invitations to in-person gatherings on patreon you can also see our goals ranging from hiring a team of researchers and animators to work together in a spirit house and start making videos on a regular basis moving into an office and then building a full-scale spirit center pyramid which would be the combination of the studio the laboratory the community center and so much more obviously there's a lot of structure required in creating all of this and so we will be employing the right conscious professional lines to assist in setting up the structure necessary to grow without being hindered by a clergy business model or the lack of compassion which is inherently important in making all of this happen at the top of this organism is one very basic principle for the highest good of all this can also be described by one word compassion please accept our most humble apologies for a lack of creation these last several years it's not that we didn't want to but that the energy was simply not right we are attempting to correct this now and we thank you so much for having faith and staying with us all of these years even when things got heavy and moved really slow we still have time hope is not lost it lives within each and every one of us and we are all powerful creators

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