Son Worship on Star Trek

Gentlemen Captain, I see on your report Flavius was killed I am sorry I liked that huge sun worship I wish we could have examined that
belief of his more closely It seems illogical for a sun worshipper to develop a philosophy of total
brotherhood Sun worship is usually a primitive
superstition religion I’m afraid you have it all wrong Mr Spock, all of you I’ve been monitoring some of their old style radio waves The Empire’s spokesman trying to ridicule their religion but he couldn’t Don’t you understand? It’s not the sun up in the sky It’s the Son of God Ceasar and Christ, they had them both and the word is spreading only now A philosophy of total love and total brotherhood it will will replace their imperial Rome but it will happen in their twentieth
century Wouldn’t it be something to watch – to be a part of to see it happen all over again?

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