Ski Mask The Slump God “Nuketown” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I really don’t give a fuck. I really don’t, though, bruh. I really don’t. I don’t give a fuck what your opinion on me
about is. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like how
I do things. You don’t have to be around me, you don’t
have to be with me. It was really to just speak upon people and
this shit, like, cut throat. It’s long story of how Juice WRLD really got
on this song, Nuketown. He really liked the song, and he felt like
it would be a really good performance song for both of us. Which is smart. It’s funny that Nuketown is the biggest song
on the album because the last song I made on the tour bus is Catch Me Outside, which
is one of my biggest songs also. I was really angry. I ain’t gonna lie. I was mad. I was mad as hell. I don’t know what I was mad at. It was tour … tour is just torture. Torture. Which I feel like is good for music in general. When you put real emotions into it. Avengers. Okay, so, Thanos, he has this big ass glove,
that he’s collecting diamond rocks for. In the movie, he’s collecting them to kill
off like half the population because he feels like it’s too much people in the world. It’s a really long explanation, but I just
explained it because he had dead ass, like, colorful diamonds on this nigga’s fist. The reason why I said Michael Jackson is because
he wears one glove. A glove is referred to in our term as a condom,
so I just said Michael Jackson one glove I hit. I wanted to say something about my slimes. ‘Cause I usually call my homeboys or my people
that I really fuck with my slime, my mucus. Icky Vicky is supposed to be a nasty bitch,
we really … we don’t really fuck with icky Vicky. She’s from Fairly Odd Parents, she’s a babysitter,
she’s mean as fuck. When you think of icky, you just think of
nasty, so icky Vicky spit, so she spit. Her slime. When you flick a Bic, there’s metal on the
lighter, so they … metal on them like they just flick Bic. That was just for all the people that fake
fuck with me. That’s what I put it as. I’m finna be your friend now, but like,
we could really be friends maybe in another fucking life, my friend. How did Cut Throat come about? I was just mad, it was after a show. I just felt bothered. When I did the yelling part, I didn’t let
it go. I didn’t let it be good until I actually got
it perfectly. That’s something I got from X. It’s like you gotta bring it from you core. I really was influenced by that nigga, Chief
Keef. There’s a song called him … from him, “Every
Day is Halloween.” That’s hard. Every song he did with Riff Raff is hard. I fucking love Riff Raff. You don’t have to be lyrical anymore to be
somebody … a factor. It’s your energy. It’s the style. It’s what you bring to the table. I was trying to switch up the flow so many
times that you would just be like, “What the fuck is going on in this song?” When I work on a track, I definitely work
on the flow first. The flow comes to me first and I put words
into the flow. It’s really a lot of science into it, if you
really want to think about it. But, it comes out as ignorant as it does. I really don’t fuck with that demon shit. I feel like people look to demons for power
that they don’t have. And I just feel like we have the power ourselves. I feel like everybody’s their own god if they
choose to wake up to it. But you really have to choose to wake up to
it. This, your shit, ain’t that. And that ain’t this. With the flick of my wrist, it’s easy. There’s another song on my album that’s like,
“This ain’t that, bitch.” So, it was in … it was a really good way
to incorporate it.

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