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hello everybody today I'm joined by shoe on head so the other night I couldn't sleep and somebody messaged me letting me know that PZ Myers was talking about me on his free thought blogs so I looked at his Twitter and sure enough he's tweeted oh crap another YouTube misogynist with a link to his article and I'm such a freaking stalker that I get alerts every time skeptic tweet something so it was like 6:00 in the morning and I my phone vibrates I'm like what I look and he's like this fucking fat faced Mook is talking shit I'm like what is happening it is 6:00 in the morning god damn it skeptic I'm trying to sleep I'm a wage slave I've work in the morning and I look and then I couldn't go back to sleep because it was like the funniest most cringe ease thing I've ever seen and it's fun we both wanted to do another video like this where we read we like infiltrate echo chambers describe you described it really well this the skeptic reacts thing is kind of a series that writes itself I'm just poking my head into echo chambers and then laughing at the reaction that happens afterwards it's honestly like scary so we're here again on a free thought blogs calm yes and we're reading for regula which is it's PZ Myers free thought blogs handle I don't know much about it the funny thing is though before I even read all of his blog he write the very first thing you see is that he only got like eight minutes into the video so he didn't even watch my whole video he called me out on Twitter so I replied to him and I say hey PZ the point of my video was that it's dismissive to call your opponents misogynist and anti-feminist simply because they disagree with you and in response he blocked me and the very first thing he does in this article is call me a misogynist I love in the video you're like you know it's very disingenuous to just call someone off as a misogynist and just brush off their opinion and the freakin title of this thing is oh crap another you too yeah so either he legitimately didn't watch my entire video ie he did not actually get the point of my video or he did watch my whole video and he's pretending not to because his little brain cannot handle what I actually said in the video oh I didn't know who PZ Myers was I heard the name a lot and I always heard it associated with atheism plus so I assumed he was just some like hipster nerd colored hair you know kind of like that and it turns out he's like seventy years old or something yeah this he used to think that he was gonna end up being one of the Four Horsemen with Richard Dawkins and the community doesn't see him that way the kind of steam is like a whiny little bitch so when I read this I only read a little bit of it I still thought he was some whiny hipster and then skeptic was like oh no he's like he's like a scientist or something this whole thing just reeks of like a tumblr girl the funny thing is he is actually kind of a smart guy I've seen some of his lectures on DNA and stuff and I've actually rather enjoyed them they were pretty good Ray Comfort did a video where he went around into interviewing people asking them about evolution trying to prove that evolution as a belief just like Christianity but of course he only asks college students who don't study evolution and they're like yeah I don't know much about it they're like ah see evolution isn't real it's just a belief one of the people he interviews in that video is PZ Myers and PZ Myers does the cringy astruc in that video Ray Comfort goes says something like do you believe in evolution and PZ Myers says yes and Ray Comfort says why is that and PZ Myers goes because God's not real fucking idiot God God not real okay June start us off here all right so just just like tell me this doesn't sound like a bratty teenager who's just suffering from a different opinion it's like a tumblr blog this is what it sounds like oh crap another YouTube massage yes very first the first two things he says about me are that I'm a misogynist an anti-feminist exactly the point I was making in my video also in my foot and the flatter his comment video people were like wow she can't even read I am dyslexic and so is skeptic oh I'm even more dyslexic I read in my brain at the same speed that people read out loud and I'm the opposite I read so fast in my mind that when it comes out of my mouth it's all like jumbled yeah so just deal with it she's the better of the two of us if that's not good enough for you go find another skeptic channel to subscribe to no please don't I need your subscribers thank you papa bless okay keep reading babe I was challenged to watch an anti-feminist video on YouTube what the fuck so why is there even an exclamation point I was challenged to listen to a different opinion my challenger told me he got 16 minutes in before he couldn't stomach anymore oh good so the person that told him to watch the video didn't even listen to the entire argument that I made I told myself I was made of sterner stuff than that and he and the challenge was accepted alright challenge accepted it was like it's like when my friends and I challenged each other to cringe compilations this is there's like different opinions Oh different opinions so cringy I only got through the first eight minutes before gagging and having to stop gagging and having all right this was the part where it was 6:00 in the morning and I read this and I was literally dying because it sounds like he's just choking on skeptics giant cock he can't take it eight minutes of deep throat PZ Myers can't take it anymore like in the first eight minutes of my video I don't even make real arguments like I'm basically just responding to Steve shives thesis at this point god this guy's reaction to fucking your video look at this I am we it's so dramatic I have to stop I am weak it's an especially dismal showing because there is almost no content in this video it's a guy posturing and sneering through a crudely animated puppet of an armored helmet okay this is like PZ Myers where his age really shows yeah it's like I can't I can't watch it cuz he's a cartoon character I don't understand this everyone should be showing their faces in videos this is like Adam Baldwin getting mad at people on Twitter not using their full names here's the thing though he's like because there's no content in the video you only watched eight minutes you fucking idiot of course there's no content Steven hadn't even gotten to the meat of his argument being sassy well I realized but like stat in the first eight minutes of my video there you're right I don't get into the meat of Steven's argument yet steven is still basically laying down the foundation for his video and because he's making blanket statements I to make blanket statements knowing that we're gonna go deeper into those issues later on in the video and most of it seems to be pointless posing and talking with a funny voice yeah welcome to skeptics Channel you freakin new fag I don't think he understands YouTube as a medium like people people don't just stand in on a podium and like go through point by point their position and then walk away like what does this have to do with anything this is like he doesn't understand your format or your character this is basically the entire blog is I don't get this therefore it's not funny and it's dumb I don't think he understands humor because I'm not saying I'm as good as South Park but I do what South Park does I get my point across through skits I don't just flat out say my position I demonstrate it by acting it out and doing characters and stuff do you need a credit bond no okay no really it starts with a long prologue with an angel and a devil in the stupid helmet the stupid helmet feeling so angry appear – he's absolutely pissed about the helm of an armored helmet he's so pissed about my cartoon character he's so pissed about my cartoon character I love it talking to each other in those funny voices dear God humor funny voices about what the head guy should talk about okay and it goes on far too long they decide to take a skeptical look at feminism we're two minutes and already and I'm regretting it already god you're absolutely raping him with this video that's verbal diarrhea I'm in at 2 minutes already and regretting it already you can't put already twice in the same sentence peasy come on scientist I'm 2 minutes already and we're granite already that is something a 15-year old girl right arm urges to pose with jerky squints and stilted expressions to make his first pronouncement okay it's called entertainment PZ Myers let's let this fly because he's but here's the whole point of the beginning of my video is to frame feminism as a belief system based organization the same way that Christianity is what I should do is show my character wiggle them around on the screen and say I believe Christianity and feminism have something in common and then just start the video oh okay then that's what's that's what South Park should be then yes Stan and Kyle should just sit on a table and discuss their political opinions with each other so Trey and Matt should get on screen and say hey guys it's really fucked up that Caitlyn Jenner killed someone with her car right 205 I'm not an anti-feminist oh right that bodes well anti-feminist is not somebody who disagrees with feminism an anti-feminist somebody who actively tries to dismantle feminism would you consider me one I say I'm not I'm just no no you're not you're not a an anti-feminist like you and I don't necessarily think feminism should die we just hate please people say they're not anti feminists they just disagree with third wave feminism that is a very point and they just slide yeah no it is it's an important distinction to make and they don't care because they don't want to acknowledge that third wave feminism is different from the old forms of feminism they just think that feminism is this thing where women are equal and if you don't agree with that then you're an asshole misogynist rapist anti-feminist there's there's there's no shades of gray as far as these feminists are concerned everything is black and white you are with us or against us that's all I care about how many times have you heard someone declare that they're skeptical of feminism but oh no they don't hate from ism they like good feminists why am i waiting through this dr dribbled to get cliches why did they even bring that up he doesn't even make like a coherent argument against that bitch we get an announcement of what kind of feminists claims should be regarded skeptically like the wage gap here we go should be skeptical to pay gap well and that's it no arguments no evidence I guess he's done with that point probably because he doesn't want to flail about to wave away the facts click on the facts okay basically this confirms that the wage gap exists which everybody knows but it doesn't confirm that it exists for any other reason then that there are less women in the STEM fields than there are men if you look at it it's full-time women versus full-time men so we'll show a link to this it basically confirms what I said earlier and it's it's because there are less women in higher paying jobs there is no proof that the reason there are less women in those high-paying jobs is because they're not allowed to join those fields the thing with free fill-up blogs here is they're just absolutely over laden with ads and we're trying our best not to show these ads but they keep popping up and he like mixes them in with his blog it's so frustrating some feminists treat feminism as a religion again assertion with nothing to back it up you literally died three minutes in and I'm not seeing anything but searchable anti-feminist noise from this not an anti-feminist oh my god sold 320 title intro music what the fuck everything up to this point was a goddamn intro how full of themselves this guy ie I'm not deleting when I just wrote I spent all afternoon typing this shit up what is entertainment David like how it does this have anything to do with anything he's just he's the man is confused about your content I don't think he understands YouTube as a media you know this guy should stand up on a podium in front of a group of people like I do and clearly plainly explain his position don't try to entertain an audience 4:05 imagine my surprise in dismay when I discovered that see shives had drunk the atheism post Kuwait he's going to attack the arguments I made in this video finally we get a statement about what he's going to talk about and apparently it's going to be a criticism of this video by Steve shibez that I like oh you know like it's gonna be a criticism of the thing you like oh no he likes Steve shock video it's been interminable so far but let's see where he goes with it he starts with a clip from the shives with you for 45 atheism and feminism are complementary to one another well one cent to ten and I'm like wow I have so hard yeah that was a joke I know PZ it was a joke I know he won't get it without watching it you can't appreciate the substantive skeptism at this point he draws out that what to great lengths using one of his funny voices well gosh I guess shives is wrong then it is literally your entire blog this is that okay oh my god gagging I can't even oh my god like guest skeptic is wrong then okay at the 4:45 mark that is the very first sentence of shives video it is the thesis you do not listen to the thesis statement in an essay and go yes or no you just react to that by saying okay I'm skeptical or okay I believe that I love how he's like being so critical of this that's basically what he did with your video I know well one sentence in amor really what he's like whoa even if I'm already like gagging like you can't properly debunk a thesis statement you debunk the essay but that's it what and cut to some old video the armored skeptic did in which his helmet avatar is wearing an afro and talking in his version of black slang can we just rewind this yeah courageous cut to some old video the armored skeptic dude yes be careful most feminists are reasonable people who just want a better world but some feminists treat feminism like a religion and will ignore the truth and substitute it for their own imagined reality whoa deja vu just be careful most Christians are reasonable people who just want a better world but some Christians treat their beliefs like a religion and will ignore the truth even substituted for their own imagined reality my brother word daddy oh I know does he like literally believe that that's an old video that I did yeah I made that video in 1976 and I uploaded it to YouTube I was very popular back then I'm gonna say it because this Michael in your channel or it might go online but you know what I'm gonna say this man has yeah but he's he's got a condition yeah yes condition that doesn't allow him to understand humor irony dramatic posture I love that one comment that was like oh so the 70 sceptic is at least 50 hello how black slang didn't everyone talk like that in the 70s I don't know if June I wasn't there humor even if it was black slang it makes it funnier you're such a white guy like they don't understand I love everybody made for saying word and they're like that was a 90s thing yeah I had tried telling him that and he didn't listen showed me the version of before you put on YouTube I was like that is 90 slang what are you doing like I don't care I said word my brother and I change it to word daddy oh but that's it what and cut to some old video the arts get did and which his helmet F star is wearing an afro talking his version of black slang cultural appropriation giving me the opportunity to say why back to my scream oh my god thereby refuting him sir it's not an argument you fuckin reach could you mention PZ Myers watching this like in his little pajamas and going like going close to his computer like what the wat it was no an argument you idiot what was a reaction that atheism and feminism have a common problem religion and that there are patriarchal religions I still treat women as inferiors it's not even what you're refuting but apparently the armoured skeptic rejects this idea no I didn't know I didn't didn't even bring it up 5:15 the only people I hear unmask perpetuating the concept that women are not equal to men our third wave feminists what oh you give him a new joke hey it's old friends and they're gonna thank you so honey i'ma mmmm your meme I'm a meme what so he's an atheist skeptic who has never heard of fundamentalist Christianity / Islam who knows nothing of the quiver full movement hasn't noticed the American presidential candidates comments about women but thinks modern feminist is about gender equality what do I care about the American presidential candidates I'm fuckin Canadian you idiot god damn everything's about America June I'm guilty of this too America I'm guilty of this I think everywhere the world is America I forget that the world is in America I wished Sargon a happy Father's Day cuz of his son and he was like ah the world is in America fuck I am constantly forget but thinks modern feminism is about gender inequality again that's not what I said I said that the only people that perpetuate that women are not equal to men are modern feminists they're the only ones going around saying women aren't equal we need to fix this and everybody else is like what the fuck are you talking about that's why I'm not a feminist I'm not a feminist because all they do is just treat women like children they treat women like children who are incapable of making their own decisions they treat women like they are don't understand consequences of actions and they treat women like they are just born to be victims and that they are too stupid to do anything about it and for some reason they don't understand why people get upset with feminism I'm not holding up well I feel you there buddy boring is wrong isn't way to keep my attention I feel you there too buddy mom brother I would have loved to have seen pc's reaction to my video I just wouldn't want you to see him like video tape PZ reacts to armored skeptic video then he starts on a the–in the plus man but eight things and well sure spanked a lot of guys hard there still stinging words so he's going to lecture us once again that the only good atheist is a dictionary atheist oh my god the irony oh my god good what's feminism out uh look in a dictionary my point wasn't that you can't be an atheist feminist my point was that when you tack other things on to atheism it's not atheism anymore your Naviance congratulations you're also what 6/10 yes there is an atheist community but that community is connected by only one thing and that is the fact that they have a shared disbelief in a god that's true right I know this is outdated but exactly like gamergate the only thing they had in common was they didn't like the way their gaming journalism was being treated and they liked video games other than that everyone was from different political smears and before a gamergate these people would all be at each other's throats on the internet we had authoritarians and libertarians fighting each other in gamergate we had feminists and anti-feminist arguing against each other in gamergate there was a huge spectrum of different systems of belief and thought in gamergate and exactly the same thing with atheism one thing that Richard Dawkins said that I use all the time trying to organize atheists is like trying to herd cats if that's the case then we're not talking about a community we're also dealing with a mob of dumbasses who are completely uninterested in pursuing the consequences of their strongly held beliefs what the fuck is he talking about what beliefs strongly held again he's not believing things what strongly held beliefs could you possibly be talking about this is major projection here he literally pulls this completely out of his ass there's nothing in this sentence that makes any sense or relates to the atheist community at all there is an interesting discussion to be had about with what atheism does and should mean to its proponents and some consideration of why it's important to us that conversation is killed every time by these know-nothings who yell at atheists to shut up about implications and meaning and consequences because they don't believe there are any and it makes them uncomfortable when you talk about intellectual responsibility I don't know what he's talking about because this was like words and this conversation has been had before it is shut down by people telling other people to shut up I'm sorry it's the feminists saying that it makes other people uncomfortable when they talk about responsibility yeah that what I find ironic though is that he says that it's our side of the conversation that is shutting down the conversation not the other way around because in my experience the conversation was always shut down by people calling us dumbasses and assholes and misogynist and anti-feminists for asking questions and disagreeing with statements made by feminists when shives talks about things like did you notice that he edited it oh he did edit it but before he was calling him shires shires the whole time things are shyer which i talks about things like ethical obligations that make people like the armor skeptic we're back in horror I don't even know what to say to that that's just I don't know what is he talking about when do I ever show horror in my video he's building you into this like perfect anti-feminist romantic he is he is because I don't equalness equality I don't understand where he's getting that from 7:15 what you are proposing Stephen is that we police ate these communities so that they are no longer troubling to you Yeah right it's a terrific yeah yeah right shai supposed to be talking about an atheist police force all suited up in body armor to threaten the arms getting with tasers and clubs and handguns fucking what he's being such a bitch about this what a little cry-baby bitch clearly I didn't literally mean a fucking police force I know it's thinking I don't want to say it's true but you don't need to be a police officer to police people policing is a verb no I think shives is saying we should be open and talk about with being an atheist means rather than hiding behind some kind of intellectual nihilism in which all meaning is denied if saying we should freaking think is an act of police state repression to you what are you doing in saying anything at all to others that's not at all what shives said shives was not proposing that we create an environment where people can think and describe their opinions he was describing an environment where people who say things that are troubling to him are publicly scorned that is the opposite of intellectual honesty we're supposed to be a group of intellectual thinkers we're supposed to be a group of people who think about our place in society the way society works and come together and bounce our ideas off of each other Steve shibez however thinks that certain things hurt people's feelings so we shouldn't even allow them to be said I finally gave up when I heard his ignorant tirade against atheism plus so ironic so hypocritical so dishonest eight minutes this is exactly the issue that split the Atheist community into a thousand plus reared its ugly head the feminist community started proposing regressive ideas taking away people's freedom of speech pushing members for asking questions and proposing new ideas and publicly shaming people cooling women for not toting the line at all yeah he said toting the line I meant to say towing I don't know why it came out toting people were like toting is this a Canadian thing ya know no it's just my mouth and my brain weren't on equal terms at the time essentially a group of bully Society they wanted to police the community because they found it troubling this is very true yeah I do actually want to say about this what is what the Atheist movement is a body of ranting arrogant fools exactly who want to get women in in fear place exactly he's getting it he's getting it that's exactly what happened okay it was a group of feminists that wanted women to stay perpetually victimized and we refused to agree with that they inject it too is that people other than white men have much to contribute to the movement no nobody rejected that idea what we rejected is that there should be some sort of grading system based on your race and gender because they would always give preference to people who were not white men / people who were white men and that is the thing that was getting frustrating because there were people that were making really good points but they were immediately dismissed because they were coming from sis white males as a beautiful picture like a school photo yeah it is probably a school photo or he took it at Sears armor skeptic wants to claim that atheism plus promoted regressive I and ISA I'd ISA Misa no idea regressive I DISA like taking away people's freedom of speech oh that meant less love that he keeps doing that good Mendham good how exactly does an internet forum dedicated to progressive ideals of equality take away anyone's freedom of speech yeah that is an excellent question PZ I would be very interested to hear how you justify publicly scorning people and blocking them and blacklisting them for having opinions that do not fit with your narrative and yet you still managed to do it like the whole irony of free thought blogs is that the only way to think freely is to believe exactly what PZ and his followers believe if you have thoughts that think any freer than that then you're not a free thinker you're a misogynist anti-feminist rapist racist it's funny that like it's like how ain't a your freedom of speech it's like if these people had their way their entire world would be a bubble of everyone who just who agrees with them take P Z for example ninety-nine thousand of PCs Twitter followers of his 175 are fake he's paid for more than half of his P Twitter followers so we're doing a Twitter on it here of PZ Myers almost 2/3 of his followers are completely fictional ninety nine thousand one 195 of them are fake the man paid to look like he was important look at that you got 2,000 fake ones Oh weird well that's because there's a lot of bots and people like oh no I know I know I can always tell when a bot follows me because it's a picture of a girl in a bikini and they're they like something really random on my page do you guys say like oh girl like the thing no I can always tell that it's a bot oh we're oh shit son wow that's really bad it seems that he thinks it is bullying and depriving people of free speech to forcefully criticize their position it's the opposite forcefully criticized is a very flavourful way of saying blacklisting and publicly scorning people who have a different opinion from you it's not forcefully criticising somebody by calling them a fucking misogynist we're not agreeing that there's a rape culture he's just oh my god which means that he himself is a bully trying to snatch away the speech of the good people who were writing and conversing with each other on atheism plus because I'm fine I'm troubling how how he's trying to throw your logic back at you but it does that suppose how is that supposed to stick it doesn't I'm saying that we need to allow more opinions not less the point Steven was making in the video was that there are people that are troubling that need to be stopped and I'm saying no let's not stop anybody we should just allow all opinions to be said how is that policing the only thing I'm policing is stopping people like you from publicly shaming people who disagree with you and then I looked at this time and then I looked at the time on this video and so that twenty more minutes to go and said fuck this and quit oh that's too bad because we barely got started Challenger you win I couldn't watch some rest and if I see his BeOS pop up on YouTube I'll just wretch and click to close it peasy sweetie you have to click on a youtube video for it to open first of all how do you internet June it doesn't just open and then no is not it's like the popups on your friend website close look at this shit I know his website is disgusting with all the ads on it how's this feminist at all 19 dirty bathroom photos his doors have seen the photographer had a little too much champagne rich adult stars you'll be totally disbelief well you know what he's gonna say is captured more than expected so what PZ Myers is famous for is not just eing a talking head for atheism plus and an atheism plus apologist he basically reached a point where people who called themselves skeptics we're so publicly known on Twitter and on freethought blogs for being people who would disagree with feminism that instead of PZ Myers saying oh maybe there's something to what the skeptics are saying instead PZ Myers wrote a blog saying I'm no longer a skeptic to which we all replied duh but I don't know if he realized this is what he was saying but he knows to be skeptical of something means you can't believe something without proof and feminism unfortunately does not lend itself to skepticism let's retain these common anti-feminist yeah he didn't even get into the meat of my video it's so insulting hello by the oculina who how exactly does an internet forum dedicated to progressive ideal of equality take away any ones from your speech surely you've heard enough of these Yahoo's to know that they interpret anyone contradicting or objecting to the Kratt days views by delaying their freedom of speech free speech is like a meme to these people it's because they don't understand they don't understand what freedom of speech is freedom of speech is not freedom from being offended by something somebody says freedom of speech is allowing people to say things that you are offended at misogyny is an old idea been around for a millennium feminists are the ones with the new idea like treat all people including women as equals and the problem with this is this that's not new women were equal when I was born the problem is the third wave feminists are saying hey everything feminists did to make women equal it hasn't worked they're not equal enough yet and we're not agreeing that they're not what we're seeing around us is that women have all the same opportunities women are allowed all the same rights and freedoms that men are allowed and we are having a lot of trouble seeing what you mean when you say that they're not equal oh I saw this girl comment on your video actually okay she was like fuck this shit I'm out I was she the one that wouldn't leave no different she's on every one of my videos like unweaving I'm done yeah I'm so disappointed in this I'm out of here and then she like sticks in my comment section for like two days some comment I don't think that girl was ever subscribed to either of us because on all the video she's like I'm leaving obviously bitch you never were here when people point out things like hey women still get paid less than men and it gets worse when you add raise why do they automatically go to the conclusion that it's because of discrimination they'd love to assume they wanted to be a nation they want yeah exactly what further good thing is these clickbait articles and these things in the media stuff they go women still earn less than men and the normals the first thing that comes to their mind is that's inequality something's wrong with their doing this purposely but when you actually look into the meat of it and break down the numbers and see why it's happening it's very little is unexplained this is another thing that a skeptic should know is correlation is not necessarily causation blur blur blur blur make your fish noise but ah fuck narcissistic vomiting everywhere fuck our skeptic and fuck avatar only funny voice tubers oh no not avatar only funny voice no being anonymous phone me it oh please well unless they have a good reason for being anonymous or unless they're actually good at it oh my god it's not what you look like mr. Hank Hank says who the fuck are you Hank says I trust her heart tune but no I love what he says here he's like and fuck avatar only funny voice tubers unless they have a good reason for being anonymous or unless they're actually good at it unless they have a good reason for anonymous thing that's like a jun ism here's the problem that I'm having here is that I get this attitude a lot from people in the feminist community I hate it when my opponents do this but it's okay when people do it for me or it's okay when people do it if they're arguing for my position I just hate it when people do it and they don't agree with me it's shit your day it takes a fee for you when you talk from a cartoon character oh by the way though I'm not anonymous you can see my face on my second channel yeah and everywhere on Twitter and yeah I tweet my everywhere I tweet my face all the time I have an Instagram even I'm not anonymous it's a character he's an absolute camwhore outside of the skeptic chat oh my god oh nevertheless back to superficiality if an avatar is doing pieces of cameras chiefly how you're going to tube I like this like slang on the tubers the tube you might as well just do pieces to camera in person like the aforementioned and profile ik and required viewing steam shives it's just you is this guy being ironic because he's saying things like I hate people who don't show their face unless they have a good reason for it or they're good at it that's a really dumb thing to say and then he says that Steve shives is required viewing that's like the stupidest thing I've ever heard there's no way he's the stupid this has got to be this guy's trolling he's got to be true Steve shives hell lot quicker and easier than arcing about with an amateurs animation but your animation and your characters are what got you popular you were just a hot dude sitting on camera way hey guys gun not real you get a bunch of subscribers but you wouldn't be that unique no and my animation is what sets me apart from Steve's fat face again barring any decent reason for anonymous anneal always earn a whisker more respect star for being yourself as opposed to hiding behind an avatar why do they think you're always hiding why would I care if this guy respect this is every though these are these these and these people these middle-aged moms who think that you are hiding behind an avatar like it's not a cartoon character you are hiding yourself what I say should stand for itself the point of my character is it doesn't matter who I am what matters is what I say that was like the huge thing with atheism plus is they wouldn't listen to you if you were a white man they'd only listen to you if you were another race or if you were a woman and and they would listen to you even more if you were both of those things the problem I was having with that is that if I showed my face if I let people know that I was a white man they would immediately dismiss what I said as a privileged opinion so the reason I initially hid my face when I created the armored skeptic thing is because I didn't think it mattered what race I was what matters is what I say is accurate what I say has weight to it I like a person in your comments I was like Iran your voice through a voice thing and it says you're 74% asian made up what weird I thought I was your weirdest fangirl no that was hands down the weirdest thing I've ever been told in my entire life like this additive white-hot male entitlement yeah see and that's exactly what I was fuckin talking I know paranoia were you afraid of vaginas guy nope no guy no paranoia means that I'm afraid of women basically it's like he's dismissing me here as a MIG tau because they talk about gyno centrosome all the time but at least you know who they are when they're swagging women where where can we citation where he ever slagged a women on camera this is something that PZ alludes to in his vlog too that I was saying misogynistic things and that I believe women should be repressed you didn't even say one I never even said one thing that women should or should not do even one time in the video women because you do not agree with their narrow viewpoint that that automatically means you believe women should go back to the kitchen it is that is spectacular oh can take his secret identity so good and Brian and insert it into a toaster your secret identity my name is Greg I live in Canada I'm a white man subscribe to my other channel where I show my face subscribe to my subscribe to my Instagram channel where you can see my face follow me on Tam ok like me on Facebook you can see my goddamn face all over the internet Jesus Christ why aren't men going into the lower paying jobs do you know who paved the roads who takes out your trash who fucking snowplows the streets who fixes electrical wires who cleans the sewers that's an argument I always say to is when people say oh we need more women CEOs there aren't enough women CEOs I say yes and we need more women sewage workers there aren't enough women sewage workers that immediately ends the kpz just writes his blogs now to Pat himself on his back get a small group of cronies to tell him what a good job he did and then just leaves it at that its toe the line not toed the line sure it's a tiny pebble in the mountain of armored skeptics ignorance but it's sometimes the pebbles can be revealing I know it's toe the line I'm not an idiot mmm I recommend you just go back to playing call of duty I hate that game oh that's the most obvious statement ever I just really like lips yes somebody's gonna have to explain comedy to me oh no no everybody look at those look no as I was looking at for views why were you looking at Barbies babe just be the banner to this website

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    skeptic logic banged PZ Myers mind. his mindgina got broke in. hed weak. laughing all day

  • Ekim Aulthar says:

    I would've gone with the laser beams myself.

  • AnonymousKitten47 says:

    shoe confirms skeptic's penis big?

  • Kevin Lyon says:

    PZ was a hero of mine and I put him way up on a pedestal….he fell hard.

  • jbrisby says:

    4:49 Did…did shoeonhead just squeal?

  • ShaggyShagz13 says:

    I love listening to Skeptic & Shoe responding to idiots. Yall are fkn awesome.

  • Joseph Schultz says:

    Skeptic, it's okay that they think you're human trash. You're our human trash and we love you for it <3

  • Nunya Business says:

    By “condition” do you mean autism?

    What? I have it too.

    Not as bad as this autistic pussy though.

  • Enosh Starcrod says:

    Ad filled sites are ridiculous and annoying

  • Xeno The Strange says:


    Jan-Jan Skeeps the Gungan

  • ᴸᵀᵏᵃᶦᵗˡʸⁿⁿ says:

    41:10 these jokes are literally to simple to even do

  • Sheila Olesen says:

    I love the South park references

  • Amadeus Kurisu says:

    i understand what you feel i only read in my head by eyeballing the words i never speak out loud while reading

  • Ed says:

    10:48 Womanteruption detected

  • CrazyReii says:

    while looking at the thumbnail of this video in my recommendations (several times…) I noticed, if you put your mouse between the space of c and t in "reacts" it makes the c and t look more like a d, which fits the title better.

  • Shadowman V4 says:

    29:14 Oof

  • Daniel DeLappe says:

    I think PZ always wanted to nail Rebeca Watson and that’s why he does this shit

  • Daniel DeLappe says:

    Myers. The wet fart of skepticism. Just a dull pile of dung.

  • Liam Birch says:

    im leaving i used to like you but now you bad thats why im supporting you on Patreon…..baka

  • Weedle says:

    god not real, orange mam bad, oh crap another tubgirl misogynous

  • animefreakshjo says:

    Edit: BTW this is not to defend the guy who wrote the article he is sucky from what I see, i just wanna make sure you have the facts and since i study it for school, i know a lot about it.
    So uhh wage gap isn't just that one of the issues is called the "glass escalator" concept. A sociological study by Adia Harvey Wingfield from Georgia State University titled "racializing the glass escalator. reconsidering men's experiences with woman's work" examined how men were treated in traditionally FEMALE jobs like nursing, looking at pay, treatment by co-works and patients, and promotions. It also looked at race. There are many studies like this one but I'm using this one because I have a physical copy of it in one of my sociology textbooks. but it found that white men were paid more, treated better, assumed to be doctor especially by older patients, got promotions faster, and some of the men felt the promotions to be forced on them rather than deserved. this affects the wage gap. White men get raises and promotions more often and easier than a woman, even when they don't want them. This is apart of the institutional sexism many forms of feminists reference (not TERF "feminist" or as you call them SJWs though they think everything is sexist even not sexist things) Also I specified white men because the study found the very different results for black men but that's not the focus of my comment so i won't go into detail. Also if you wanna read the book I have its " the social construction of differences & inequality. race, class, gender, and sexuality." sixth edition. by Tracy E. Ore. The book is a compilation of studies, speeches, and academic papers.

  • King Nothing says:

    Don't worry Shoe i live on the other side of the AMERICA/world. Hawaii and i too forget their are places other than America fuck yeah!/world.

  • Kel Shadowmourne says:

    well.. god exist.. inside the little mind of people afraid of death.. so yeah you can say "he" exist.. but he will not talk to you if you are not having brain damage.. or some kind o mental problem.. so in my mind he doesnt exist..

    and no iam not against religion.. its not bad some of faith.. but really dont become a fucking templar.. for one imaginary god or someting like that….

  • N D says:

    Hey Armour I have the 'live and let live' mindset is there a
    'title' for that just wondering.

  • Aaron Horton says:

    "She's the better of the two of us". Proof he's a mysoginist right there.

  • Frankie Raffaele says:


  • Hamza Sultan says:

    Going to use that "sewage worker" thing the next time I decide to troll a feminist. Troll because God knows feminists don't engage in serious arguments.

  • Introverted Dodo says:

    Imagine people who didn't know these people are together, because I'm a stalker I get a notification when armored tweets

  • mint the fox loves golden freddy says:

    people… sigh I was honestly getting annoyed when you reading comments complaining about the character. I just wanted to shout at the person who wrote it "IT'S A CHARACTER STUPID!" and "WITH A CHARACTER YOU CAN DO A LOT OF THINGS THAT A FACE CAN'T!" bring up example when you blew up the earth and brought a bunch of women to space with you shouting "We fucked it up!" the whole time

  • Pudding Osu says:


  • Lord Fishron says:

    What video was this

  • Trial_With_An_Error says:

    Hank_Says sounds alot like a certain weeb i know

  • Remember me? says:

    steve shives embodies the "la la la I'M NOT LISTENING" mentality

  • Guru says:

    The echo chamber is real.

  • Mr. Wonderful says:

    Whoever put the diabetes ad on his website is a fucking legend LMFAO

  • Iggy says:

    "pajamees" shoe is adorable

  • Emma Scanlon says:

    9:11 im 14 and jesus fucking christ id never shit out a sentence like that

  • Space Cowboy says:

    i genuinely loved the fucking "it's rude to just call someone off as a mysoginst"
    start of the fucking article
    " m y s o g i n s t "
    also greg when rates rise,
    consider short duration credit bonds.

  • warquad says:

    the comments on that page just show how ignorant his fanbase is, any person with common sense would go look at the video themselves and draw their own conclusion, yet all the comments clearly just take the article for granted, he outright admits he didn't watch it through meaning that even if he did understand your video up until that point, they wouldn't have a clear picture of the full content discussed.

  • W.I.F.L.P says:

    Okokokok… 22:00
    I don't think he litterally pulled words out of his anus. Sorry Im very sensitive to litterally being used incorrectly. Anyway besides that 10/10 would watch again

  • Mc Fudge says:

    Skeptic is a lucky man, i'd rub butts with shoe in a heartbeat

  • DH_X12 says:

    God not rael

  • Taz Moore says:

    Sometimes your intros are rapey my dood

    I believe feminism, I am a feminist. And I watched your entire video without turning inside out and burning alive so, this is just proving the fact that men are weaker (im joking for all you dipshits that cant understand sarcasm :3 )

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