Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – Where's Muslim Reponse to Modern Western Philosophy?

philosophy in the West has moved on and you're in postmodernity you're in the deconstruction of grand narratives you're in hyper reality you're in critical theory you know the Frankfurt School is reign supreme right now so where are the Muslim responses to all of these things where's the Muslim response to identity politics where's the Muslim response to evolution where is the Muslim response to quantum theory if we had a living tradition we would be responding our scholars would be responding to these things but in order to respond you have to do what a Mohammed did you have to learn what you're responding to we just have people say evolution is Cooper that's our response doesn't work you have to understand it first of all are you asking what is evolution they don't it there we came from monkeys Adam this is a problem so how do we address these extraordinary issues of our time how do we address button non-binary like a third gender we actually are footpad dealt with search enter a long time ago but but how do we address it if you don't have a metaphysical view you won't understand where non-binary comes from because non binaries come from an idea it's a philosophical position that there that there's no essences there's that it's the bundle theory of the self that the self is a social construct gender is a social construct this is what the feminists argued in the 1960s the gender is a social construct the reason girls like pink is because pink is associated with girls culturally and blue with boys and so if you go to the toy store the girls you know dolls are gonna be in pink and GI Joe is gonna be in green or something like that and then your parents are gonna buy the girl for the doll for the girl and GI Joe for the boy and and that enculturate s– gender stereotypes that's the view from our perspective that's fit bra from their perspective no that's a social construct and so now we have to eradicate the social construct in order for you to be liberated to choose whatever gender you want to be or and have a non gender so you don't like being a then there's always been women that didn't like being women there's always been men didn't like being men they were a small minority now they seem to becoming larger and larger numbers you know we are transgenders hear us roar and numbers too big to ignore so so how do we respond to these things well actually it's supposed to be the enema of theology that respond to these things but if they haven't studied metaphysics if they haven't studied modern philosophy if they don't know these things how do they respond cool for you these aren't responses I mean they are but they don't work you know they don't they don't convince people we want to save people want to help people you know we really want to help people our community especially and a part of one owner than my role so our young people are getting confused even here don't think they're immune here in Malaysia where it's it's it's globalization everybody's on the internet everybody has access to films and TV young kids are growing up with gender dysmorphia and confusion but if you don't know what polymorphous perversity is that's an idea that was an idea introduced if you don't know what that is and you're not going to understand where we are and how we got here so our our culture is affected by ideas if you don't philosophize somebody will do it for you it's the nature of thought if you don't think somebody's gonna think for you because we are thinking beings and so if you're not using your brain somebody else is going to abuse your brain by thinking for you and then that becomes ideology and so what's happening in a lot of our universities is ideological you go and I mean I'll do an example when I was when I was in grad school you know I would do these papers and and the teacher would write on the side you're essential izing I'm an essentialist I actually believe that I believe that there there's there are essences that can be there discernible but that's not an accepted philosophy anymore so that teacher now is an ideologue they're not allowing me to take a position they're saying I have to adopt their position and if I don't then I'm wrong and this is why it's so difficult for conservative youth now in American universities because most of the professors are that very left not just left like not traditional liberalism but many of them are radically left in fact many of them are essentially espousing a kind of Marxist view of the world so but that's a philosophy Karl Marx took Hegelian dialectic and inverted it from a spiritual view to a materialistic view so so these are the problems that we have and we need we need renovation arguably chefs are ed Fodor who's one of the few really I think brilliant and in in some ways trying to revive in the canal in a deep way and I think I don't see Jordanian people know him I think he's Jordanian but he he's written extensively on on the need for Tuesday of Baja Rahman great scholar in Morocco has also written about his deed renovating in the Quran chef Abdullah India has spoken about this the importance she received argues and I and I think I think he's accurate and you know if I could look forward that from my own perspective that his argument is that in Luca Nam is still a formidable tradition what we even what we have without addressing the needs of our age it's still a formidable tradition and it has within it the rule to address a lot of the issues that we're dealing with and I think that's accurate I would argue that same 4/5 and the same for to soul which we'll get into when we do it so that is where we are

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  • Mr Chow says:

    Go and carry on working for trump u snake

  • Irshad Tarsoo says:

    How do we address modern issues of our time?
    Simple, let's establish the caliphate

  • Sam Malik says:

    Finally someone admits that there is a serious problem within Islamic scholarship on lack of understanding of some modern scientific and philosophical questions.

  • Rashid Savage says:

    Even dealing with Critical Race Theory.

  • Abdollah Salleh says:

    I watch Japanese drama and movies a lot. At meals those at the table will say "Ittadakimassu". It means thanks to everything that contribute to the meal (being Buddhist they are thanking the plants, animals, farmers, hunters, chefs, and everything that went into and make the meal possible). Of course in Islam we say Alhamdulillah.
    However, recently I noticed that the translation has been rendered to simply "lets eat" or more rudely "lets tuck in". This is an example of how Western thought has encroached into our lives and is trying to control our beliefs.

  • shala shala says:

    إحياء وليس تجديد

  • SummerJ200 says:

    I guess the bottom line is to get educated. Pray for guidance it’s the only way to defeat the enemy.

  • MasterChief says:

    Well essentially anything can be labelled a social construct. The very notion of challenging gender is a modern social construct in itself. Girls are different to boys and it isn't just a case of being programmed to like dolls and the colour pink. Similarly boys have clear traits and tendencies. We have to remain focused on the majority as the greatest shift in modern times is to highlight and promote the new standards of thinking and behavior that have grown out of popular culture. This isn't because the new standards are superior, rather it is because certain abnormal tendencies are being accepted as normal and it's a kind of social cancer. People are becoming more and more confused because of this pursuit of extreme liberalism, a situation were definitions and boundaries have gone from being refined to being completely removed and rewritten. A cancer cell is normal in the sense that it is a functioning cell. However, it is not actually normal because it isn't functioning the way it was supposed to as defined by all the other cells around it and the eventual destruction it leads to.

  • Isaac Rizard says:

    Muslims responded to this by chastising those Muslims engaging in response to this.

  • Sleys says:

    He has a massive point. If you respond in arrogance you must remember you’re being taught an arrogant argument against religion in the first place. Trust in Allah(Swt) and you will prevail

  • sinbad77 says:

    Yes. Sustainability and climate change? Muslim scholars dont mention it. If you want to be a thoughtful muslim you have to go beyond the muslim community

  • Mukhtar Hassan says:

    Want an explanation for Evolution from an Islamic perspective? Then you must read 'Creation and/or Evolution?' by T.O Shanavas – it's absolutely amazing!

  • Something Fishy says:

    Brilliant lecture! Thanks.

    Hegelian dialectic upended by Marx to materialistic. Are you referring to dialectical materialism? If so . . . I get it.

    The feminine narrative can be summed up as: A woman without a man, is like a fish without a bicycle.

    A fish doesn't need a bicycle, ergo, women don't need men.

    I read it on a tee-shirt once. At that time, when I was in jr. college, it made sense (?) to the LEVEL of my intellect, which — I will admit — my grey matter was still very green! For me now, the saying is a non-sequitor, with the illogical argument supporting a false premise where a bicycle was ever even "needed" by a fish.

    My son is 32 now. Hmmmmm . . . kinda needed his father for that to happen. Procreation tends to work that way in our species, but what do I know?

    The feminine mystique, the feminine sacred has been hacked . . . for a long time now. Pity.

  • Umer Dadabhoy says:

    Modern philosophy is based on negating everything n also everything that comes in way of human desires or centric group of west. In such scenarios no matter with what response u give only filling of heart with iman will work or prioritising it over desires.

  • thtguy ish says:

    If Islam can't challenge it then know that the west will challenge itself and internally destroy itself from within

  • the annointed one says:

    Wahhabis are the cancer of this generation. They just turn Islam into rigid retard garbage. Their retard low critical thinking makes people leave Islam because they no response to liberalism or athiestic worldview. Their whole retard response is "it's haram". Well that response doesn't really apply to somebody who's struggling with believing.

  • The Great Shocker says:

    Kindly increase the volume of these videos

  • sher khan says:

    Many Many Curses on Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Khanzeer.

  • Kerim Ozal says:

    Where can I find the rest of this talk?

  • ICEV Al Mu'iiz says:

    The greatest philosopher of modern philosophy left atheism and became a theist, his name is Anthony flew and he wrote a book called ''There is a god''

  • Mati khorasani says:

    The brothers from iera and Salam who are both UK based have started to respond to many of these issues, whether it be from evolution, liberalism or the feminist narrative. I suggest people look at their videos and also their debates at speakers Corner.

  • Zaid Aq says:

    There are responses if only you looked hard and sincerely enough, sir.

  • Sarah Civgin says:

    I adore your videos- short, sweet abs to the point!
    Jazak Allah Khayr for taking the time to add these videos to your channel!

  • Lamine10HD says:

    anyone has the full lecture?

  • Nabad Doon kaahin says:

    Sheikh hamza i want to be your student i wish if you could give me your contacts plz

  • Zayd Muhamed says:

    The few that will remind us of… Thanks for this buddy

  • Mateen Abbasi says:

    why is the volume so low? Can you please make it louder Jaz

  • Ta Naka says:

    hes right. no wonder lots of people are leaving the deen or diluting it to the point its no longer recognisable. we can mock western countries and their beliefs as much as we like, and act like we have all the answers and are so holy and heaven-bound, but our kids are entrenched in those ideas. they are not satisfied with outraged dismissals and cries of 'thats kufr!!!' and 'thats haram!!! be quiet!!' from islamqa sheikhs. our scholars used to be fierce, now we're a joke to the rest of the world. it depresses me walahi.

  • ALFONSO , says:

    Money is social construct so what does that mean now should we remove all social constructs?

    Attempt at a muslim response 😅

  • El-Andalussi says:

    Indeed! How to respond to modern time knowledge. Are interpretations of Qur'aan and Sunna compatible with this knowledge? I think there is much more than compatibility: at least there is confirmation of Qur'aan and Sunna by science and well-based philosophy of science. There is an open field of research and a lot to do in interpretation of scientific results and theories …

  • Nuruddin Azri says:

    Hope that you can upload the short clip for yesterday's Rihla (3rd July) with Shaykh Hamza especially on the language part.

  • Sophia Perennis says:

    The Perennialists gave one, but not every Muslim likes them.

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