– Hello everyone! It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. I’m very excited today. Hopefully you can tell. For a few reasons. Number one, first of all, is this self-saucing toffee apple pudding which we are making in today’s video. So phenomenally, ridiculously,
sumptuously delicious. I really hope you give it a go. The full method and
ingredients on the website myvirginkitchen.com with an epic write up and all that stuff. Also, for the last six months as you know all the renovation is going on. The builders are finally leaving
in a couple of days’s time. I’ll be able to go back to, rather than doing the filming the steps and then the voiceover like now, which is okay, I can do the real time stuff. Cook along like I used to. I’ll take a while to get back into that. I’ve probably forgotten how to do it. But I’m so excited to have the house back. I think the builders are
excited to go to be honest. Good times. I can’t believe I managed
to stick out for six months and not really affect the schedule. First thing I’m gonna do is peel, core, and slice three apples. And what do I use? Of course I use the best
gadget ever for this step. Which incidentally we are giving away up until the first of June. Yup you’ve still got time. If you leave us a nice comment
on the iTunes podcast thing. So, so good so that
peel, cores, and slices the apples up. If you can’t do that, just do it manually and
place them into a bowl. To soften them up really really quickly, of course you can do this
in a pan with some water. You’re gonna just put some
cling film over the top, put them in the microwave
for three minutes, and it’ll come out hot and looking a little
bit like a jelly fish. Be careful when you peel
back that cling film. There will be a little bit
of steam poof out of it. You just want to drain it off to one side, and you’ve got some lovely, freshly stewed apple slices. For the power of your microwave. In a mixing bowl, we can have some self-raising flour with the cinnamon, half of your brown sugar, you use the rest of
that a little later on. Give that a little mix together, just to make it all incorporate
into one dry powdery thing. Then we’re gonna dump
in the wet ingredients. In goes some good quality custard. We’ll save some to finish it at the end. Milk, melted butter, and the golden syrup. Which bloops on there like a charm. Give that a real good mix together, and you’ve got your batter. With the batter made, you’re gonna pour half of
that into your baking dish. It doesn’t need to be lined or greased, anything like that cause
you want it to self-sauce and be all gloopy at the end. Once that’s in there, I’m gonna be honest with you. Some of the apple slices
look better than the others. So I took the more ugly looking ones and put them in the hidden middle layer that not many people are gonna see. You then get the other
half of your batter, really use as much of it as you can and spread that out on the top, and then carefully place the
more nicer looking apple slices slightly overlapping them if you like, on top of the pudding. Next up you’re gonna boil
just over 200 mililiters of water. Put that into a jug and pour in the other
half of the brown sugar. It’s gonna look like
some sort of weird gravy. But trust me this is gonna be good. It’s gonna give you a lovely
caramel vibe for the pudding Stir that till it dissolves. And pour that all over
your apples and batter. Now what you’re gonna do
is bake that in the oven. Sit on a baking tray if you wish just to allow for any
spillages that could happen. My dish was slightly deeper so we were all good. Bake it in there for a good 50 minutes until it comes out looking all delicious and golden brown on top. For the last five minutes while it starts baking away we quickly made a toffee sauce. In a pan you’re gonna add in
your water and caster sugar. Stir it together so the sugar just dissolves into that water. Keep it on a medium heat
and it will start to bubble. I don’t know why but I find that very therapeutic to look at. It look absolutely gorgeous. Then it will start to
change colour to a nice gold and amber colour. Once it’s at that point
try not to stir it, take it off the heat, transfer it to a jug and drip it, pour it, just gush it all over
your apple topping pudding. Give it a couple of minutes to cool down, and you’re ready to scoop it out. I did get my big old spoon, scooped up a huge wedge
of that apple delight, pushed it on to a plate, and drenched it with some
extra custard on top. It is best served still a teeny bit warm. Don’t eat it immediately, where you like scold your
tongue and wanna see me, but it is phenomenally good. Of course you could take it even further. You could add raisins and
other different fruits in there as well. It is phenomenally good. Just like other recipes, I really hope you try and
tag me in your pictures @myvirginkitchen I love to see your attempts. It will make my day. So that’s it folks. Do not forget to subscribe
for regular recipes and food fun. Let me know down below
what you want to see next. Thanks for sticking by me during all the renovation works. We’ll be back to real time recipes soon. Congratulations you made
it to the end of the video. Here is the puppers. They’ve been lying down by
me during this whole video.

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