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it is what it is hi I'm Brenda paramedicine woman interesting day so far how does it look well uh let's just get our spirit stuff together when you're frazzled Phil everybody when you frown something you're upset life starts to take a toll what can you do take a deep breath in and let out look at all these feathers that are floating by take a deep breath in hold it up if you feel scattered feel flat you know just put your hands together across turn hands then cross your ankles and then just breathe in and lift your spine get that energy rolling I'm not sure which light is causing me to be so yeah it's okay we're all okay everything is fine didn't get a chance to set up any of my cameras getting my husband off to work you know he kept saying I feel flat this is okay let's do some wing quick get out there he's getting ready to leave he's got a flat tire I'm like no no yeah literally it took it serious make me laugh oh that's funny huh very now see what happens is when you're scattered you can wipe out energy out of people wipe energy out of yourself you won't be able to switch switch angels you won't be able to focus on reading retain anything to communicate energy is scattered like I said you feel flat and the problem with that is that if you are scrambled you can actually take on other people's energies you your the emotions will kick in and then start creating thoughts and the next thing you know you think it's all your crap it really isn't oh there goes the brain last part which hand up like this it helps bring the two halves together oh I felt that energy shift a lot has been going on you know what can you do when you have to handle stress there goes my screen again you know what can you do what can you really honestly do and a lot of it has to do with being able to have enough knowledge and education to be able to and what do I mean by that I'm simply put the education of the soul the education of the spirit the education to not just be over identifying with matter not just letting life kick you in the ass it's so much more than that you are so much more than your problems and your issues in your motion and when you have them it is your reactions it is your you're looking at your beliefs you're looking at your emotions you're looking at your values and Spirit says I don't like that light so the picky okay they're persnickety so let's just see what we do if we take this light up here I think I like that I oh well there goes light falling backwards still works okay so lighting you know I said with all of the family issues that I was going to what do you call it I was going to shine brighter today and I wasn't kidding apparently the cameras are going to show you that yes you will shine and I'll say yes I will shine shine brighter and slowly watching the camera set change stop it nope it's gonna be a little bit about anyways I'll just keep an eye on it and if it does I disappear that hospice readjusting so there was uh things have to happen in your life in order for you to be motivated okay let's just put it that way real quick it's for you to be motivated what does all that mean joy can motivate you yes happiness can motivate you but does it do we shoot it do we know that we're hardwired for it do we know that we can a lot of times we don't a lot of times we just fall in to the trap of overidentifying with pain our reaction our triggers and can you go back in time you know this is a little time Turner and some of you probably recognize it from Harry Potter but it's attached to a an Egyptian necklace the little piece broke off and so until I can fix it i hook this on there yes you can go back in time physically no but your conscious being your soul when you move the ego out of the way and you listen to your heart and you listen with your gut and you listen with spirit then you are in that spirit position with your spirit mindset and you can hear ego so I love it bring the Walker target dreaming all the time and when thing in my program needs to be shifted and changed I can stand back my spiritual self and see how the ego is there over identifying and I'm like ah I will feel just like you feel and those emotions create the thoughts that match it and I will think and then and then the memories will pop up the constructed memories of it all of these things will begin to pop when that happens I know spiritually it's like okay I can't waste this I have to watch it live it be it dream it whatever I have to be in it but I don't have to let it own me so I have to feel to the degree so I don't hold back I just go with the flow I see how far it takes me I see how Fargas my emotions get I see with the story of where there's no love okay so I get to see it I get to hear it I get to look at the different rings out for me there's me I project out and the next ring will be you know my loved ones that are right in my face like my husband or my kids or my dogs or my birdies or whatever then the next ring out and and then as it goes out you know then you'll hear a story from your family that that's about that and you're like oh that triggers you're watching TV that triggers and spirit of speaking to you telling you where you're limited where you have taken as the creator and you co-created this world and you you know remember when you asked me to help you make that chocolate chip cookie Spirit says you know God says hey you know go create okay I'm gonna make a chocolate cookie okay what do you need I need flour pink I need sugar you know pink I need and all of a sudden Spears granted all those things makes a cookie I need some poop okay but poop on it oh that does not work okay don't be blaming dad you're you you're co-creating but you're creating you have that you have the choices to make and we have to be responsible for how our soul has journeyed through it is soul journey and this is just a strap off this is the moment of when I chose to be Brenda power and this is the things that I can see that I need to change so can I go back in time you can go and in your spiritual mindset and you can go back where through your consciousness and begin to change what do you change you change the decision I need to react that way now you don't I can change the emotion of how I accepted it how I accepted the way that this is you can change it yes a memory is a memory you're supposed to know when you're close to learning you can get to that next level but what I really want to talk about is what I'm looking for right now it's called values some of you think see me reaching over and what I'm doing is I need to look up values I'm writing my dissertation one of the things that helps us create this illusion called life is values they are a container for how you create how you can create your particular individual personalized reality your soul says you're going to do this with these values and you're going to have the players are all of the people the souls that are going to show up as family friends you name it we're there now somehow I raised my hand to be the bad person in some of these life and did I intentionally do it to him no do they think I did yes are they hurt yes are they taking it out of me yes do I have to do I have to accept that no do I have to correct it no it's their journey what level are they on on awakening it's their journey our true purpose half of you are going no I don't even know how my purposes where is my purpose your true purpose will show up in your reality by the means of your values that motivate you Wow when I first asked people what are their values including myself it's amazing how you know you have them you know you use them but you intentionally think about them sometimes can make you go uh here's quick easy one what is important to you you begin to define that and you use that as part of your sentence at first you go family friends okay what I found out that if the hierarchy of that I must put family first that means where am I on the list as my soul began to awake I broke those cultures I broke those traditions I broke those I'm not going to become an abuser I'm not gonna become an alcoholic I am NOT going to become a negative addicted person I'm not gonna be a drug abuser I'm not gonna sit there and have a negative life I broke a lot of those chains if I was going to put family first that means I'd have to be like them don't separate myself I put myself on top of that list not in the ego sense of vain I do put pride in myself in that ego way but on a spiritual aspect of the spiritual mind because I'm a spiritual human I let go of those limitations that says in order for me to be in family I have to give up my self and love them more I did that as a mother I did that as a daughter and I found out that when you do that you put people on pedestals when you do that you you you don't allow yourself to think for yourself when you do that you quietly the gallbladder Meridian the wood element that includes liver you'll secretly without even know you're doing it start building bitterness bitterness resentment resentment and how one day you're like why not me what the why is always about you yeah some people will live in two sides of their head or talk outs two sides of their mouth and that is there in congruent they won't sit there and they'll tell you that they peeled they've grown and they've done this they got over it and then in two seconds later they're bitching and moaning and bitterness because they're showing the you where all of that is attached now you can look at it and you can use the sermon saying hey am I still doing that you know you don't need to rub it into their face if they need to learn about it then the universe will set it up so they can learn but you can also say I done that where am i doing that and I wanted to be done with that and the value is as I value avoiding that but you don't want to avoid you want to heal the root it says you have to avoid that when you heal the root that's attached to the pain the decision the belief and the value then you will change miracles as Shipton thought so I valued one of my family members I was the baby at the time and I was easily led easily influenced because that was part of my sign astrology a numerology you know to be easily persuaded and so I was doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I realized I don't even have my card to tell me you know somebody's paid isn't that interesting but we'll get to that people have paid I think I will get to that but first let me continue on with my next few minutes of doing this spirit loves to speak I believed him I valued their opinion now as I got older I value their opinion there it wasn't just family it was the critics it was the haters because I valued it I believe that they were bright so over time I build all this up it's one day experience it stop stop it consider the source and then like for instance the example was would you pay good money to go to somebody that's gonna teach you a big millionaire when they have got two dimes to rub together together no okay so then I started to look that and I kept hearing to apply so I used my discernment and when people would start to criticize me I could feel my reaction my belief that I accepted and gave him my willpower away and I'm like what would get back my could get back here energy get back here I'm looking through my spiritual mind and I'm hearing the manipulation the blame the shame I thought why are they wanting me to have to change who I am to live in their world ah paradigms paradigms okay so I looked at paradigms I looked all this up and I realized oh my goodness so I began to with knowledge to be able to see it know it and stop it and then I went in and I used healing tools like EFT this is before I had hoped therapy and I began to disrupt the signal that created the strategy that's a court of that value and and I changed oh but you've changed as if I don't like you turn back to the person I know you you are and I knew I was onto something but I also had a voice coming out I healed the root and the values and the beliefs and as I kept healing those my voice I well I'd normally couldn't answer I came up some interesting things to say that balanced I didn't have to bitch Ramon but it was just I gave a response and they didn't how to deal with that because I showed up different and it was easy where was that hidden all this time huh where is that where was that and the more I kept working on it the more then it was like oh thank you thank you so much for your opinion you know but I learned it this way and after a while people got bored with trying to manipulate me because the triggers for them to push the button had disappeared and I don't even know if they even realize they were doing it themselves because I don't think they were intentionally realizing that they were doing what they were taught or they thought that was the way you post a bond relate to communicate that's not how we bond relate and communicate that's not how we love there's a whole other level out there so when you think of your values they it's it's what is important to you and there's a hierarchy and the thing is if you don't have values it says hey this is the one spot you chose that's you know before I can joyfull in love and we just don't have values our values our criterias is the way they we organize all of our beliefs and each value has a strategy and when you begin to understand that's a container to how you create life and you can really change it and if you don't understand using healing tools then what's in current to me and then if it's me well what does that look like how do I go after that and let it motivate you but if you're saying it's you and then all of a sudden you put yourself lettuce and put everybody first rearrange those values because you're at somewhere either not on the list or on the bottom of the list but you've got to get your head I said ah this is my values to what the program and your body's conscious in a sense is already written you can change that heal it and become congruent so I made a decision about my life and little by little my life changed I still believe that I shouldn't talk bad about people because that's that's a good value because I see that everybody has a story of pain a suffering it's just that this great person and the next great person that I'm having the friendship with be no longer in sync and we no longer match and it's okay yeah I could sit through an ego and tell you how well they done me wrong but then I would be on the cause and effect I'd be on the effects side equation and I'd be in victim consciousness or the vulnerable personality hmm well that's not who I am I don't value that I don't know I don't I don't care what it gives you and what rewards you are there's a more loss an energy power than anything and you can't be off of your authentic self because that don't you when you come to me and ask for reading and I give you a reading alive you're like excited because you're like yes but don't just take the reading yeah I had this person suffering and I said well you know you can heal the pain and then you get to enjoy the person more the one that you lost and you'll be able to to thrive again and you can heal the fact that you lived and they they died and and and they go to say they'll I'll do anything I'll do anything soon as I suggested here's a free thing or even something you can pay for it was oh no no I'm already used meditation I'm already doing this all I wanted to say was how's that working for you you know because they can you don't realize the two thoughts they're completely separate and when you separate them you know you don't even know it so you have to listen to your excuses new reasons you have to begin to become one with the two parts yourself and when you realize that you don't really want to give the pain there's nothing wrong with that you just have to begin to to own it that yes I I'm gonna keep this pain because that's my identity and I don't want to get over the pain because and you have to be okay with that but if you literally are done with it then find a way because there is answers okay now the only problem with this as I have got to curtail myself and I've got layers of clothes on so I look better than what I am what I'm that bottome because right now I'm still vulnerable from after the event that occurred I thought it was very important that it I sniff it in the bud and – I'm not one I'm okay to tell you my life but I won't bash people I'm okay to show you how to resolve those emotions I'm not asking for minions I'm not asking you to hate I'm asking you to evolve so I shared because people asked how do you get from here to there and I'm showing you so you're gonna have to bear with me just for two hopefully less than a minute I'm gonna boogie to go get my again my husband had a flat tire by the time that it would have took me to get my camera sign up to put on makeup to get ready no that was gone that was out the door that was you know so here we go beef aspirin that'd just be fast nope I'm here here I'm here okay plug it in huh now I can see what everybody's up to mmm I'm up to the FIFO date I lost a half-inch okay clear that empty disappear j-john goo goo holy crap how many things I get open hmm but when you emotionally have those triggers and you can hear all the bitching and the anger those are the limitations and you got to stop and you got to think about it and you have to decide whether you want those to be who you are or are you ready to go to one step further and now it's frozen I have to wait for it to freeze it's little self Oh talk about freeze it is colder than the dickens here oh just kidding okay so I'm looking at you lovely people I am thankful for your in my life you are my family Lenore is not even just the Mercury retrograde and Saturn I have an issue with Saturn or Saturn has an issue with me and it's also in retrograde and as far as knowledgeable in medicine not drugs prescription ear that am i knowledgeable in certain herbs and vitamins and homeopathics that isn't deep that because I'm more into the medicine of the energy medicine of the body and how even if you had those nutrients your body may not absorb it take it in and allow you to get to that stage of healthy so I looked at the roots I look her Energy's blocked I looked to see where the magnetic issues are and then we go from there okay now Brenda you don't want Facebook that's right I don't want that so energy the energy medicine I noticed that when you starts changing the emotions the chemical peptides it herself and you calm down with your own ability because spirit always tell me hey what if the end of the world was here and you were sick don't Madison no nothing what would you do and I said I don't know what would I do well glad you asked spirit said we do this and it's like oh that works and the love that's pouring in because we go through this together we know that that lights now screwed up and and and you dipper not alone and by helping the heal then you understand that you don't have to be alone on this journey either because there's nothing like feeling rejected pain abandonment and I didn't feel that what I felt was you're saying what they wrote you're saying I am not allowed to have the right as a woman or as a family member to make a decision and that somehow it's somebody else's fault for me too that made a decision I own up to the decision I made because it was the right one for me it physically made me healthier mentally emotionally made me healthier I'm sorry that I didn't live up to your standards and according to what was and I even didn't even live up to the fact that they had this right and wrong and how dare I break their right and wrong you know I thought a lot about you my reaction was wow it went back to a value where I valued their opinion and when I start I mean last night as I act I did my healing I said no more valuing other people's opinion about me and I didn't realize how much I believed the lie that I was told no one loved me in the family and I believed it for years and all of a sudden it hit hit you start putting this together with this and you're like oh you see in the puzzle is making a picture and you're like oh oh hell no and then when those pieces come in you can tap it out you can get really you can change it and since I did all those reactions all those things that said I couldn't be me all that stuff just one layer by layer I mean it affected me and when I noticed it was connected to my bronchial lungs this is I can't have I have to be smothered I can't breathe I can't do this and as I began and I was having it as an exercise I thought you know what screw the medicine and I went and I started to use my hope therapy and then my lungs just like that and then I started to rub acupuncture points and my lungs returned without medicine and it's like holy it's related to it it is related to it and I'm thankful so thankful for that bitch-slap but you can become a spiritual human and you can stand in your spirit as you go through the ego and you don't waste it yes you got to go through it yes it's painful but you get to hear your thoughts you get to hear the pattern you get to discover you didn't even know that was there but it's the things you need to know for the transformation to happen okay it's so so so important okay and you once you do the healing all of a sudden those emotions calm down and then your thoughts those thoughts change and usually you can do the same thought but like change one word having getting being you know it's it's it's that's the verb or the predicate not the verb and it's just it's it's amazing now the problem with this is it says business day for the payment to process it came as an a check which means it says that I have pending money for $11 but it's not on my way it's on the way but you have to wait for the clearance now normally when you do PayPal you send money it can get to me right away and when usually when I have one of those happen I have to wait but I'm gonna trust that the money's going to come through and this is where you I can take a big leap of faith and trust spirit if this person decides they can't pay or that it's somehow it gets rejected because banks have rejected not people or PayPal then it'll be the journey that I meant to be on I don't think that's what the intention is now I'm shrinking yes I'm drinking yes but I forgot I just catching up on the things oh and I'll be glad when I get to reread all these remember hit love and you get a card share share into groups share and that you get a card spirit loves to give back and keep that energy exchange beautiful oh yeah yeah the love yeah I was just reading what Jennifer wrote yeah it's just uh we've been working with a series and other people people you know people that are the beginning of becoming a spiritual doing people that have been on this journey through empowerment through enlightenment to become a spiritual human and I'm hoping to get very some serious serious videos so that you all can see what it is like where are you on your path and where would you like to be and so then these people will show you their vulnerability but their hearts are going to show you that they're much happier than where they were they're so happy they don't want to go back to the what that what it was they look there they are going to help be the next mentor you know you can say wow my life was that I want that now I want to be just like that so it's gonna be good it's gonna it's a slow process because as you can see I have troubles with lighting oh the one series I have red hair I mean white is a little camera the lighting it's being fun now somebody paid and like I said it says it's in queue for six to eight days but I'm gonna trust and I'm not sure if the person is here I don't see their name so they may be going by somebody something out so I'm going to say Cheryl main it's codon now I'm gonna wait for that person to show up and when they do then we won't go a next step further I love giving like the one on ones which is referred to as the lemon eleven now the more one-on-one we are the more that like if you called in then we could really work and I can give details giving a reading just like this you can still get a lot out of it thank you thank you thanks for tell me that you shared cuz sometimes it depends on where you've shared it may not show up and or they don't let me see it okay so that is good Charla you know maybe Charlemagne's over here oops huh oh I can't wait I'm excited to read the messages okay I don't see Charlemagne Charlemagne here I said that right charmaine not Charlemagne char shy main char yeah ch AR ma I and II they paid don't if that happens somebody pays I will get a hold of them and I don't really care to do it after the show because the after show is meant for those that are that don't you know they get their discount they it's just a set amount of what to pay pay this is what we do the big discounts are on the show just remember you that yes we'll do the minute have somebody shared twice that means I'll get you two cards Charlemagne well we'll wait I will maybe begin to do the reeds so I'm not sure who that is no no I don't think it's that person there so as soon as if you go hide her name you say you know see that is me Charmaine okay oops yeah I was gonna give everybody five Maitri no that's not no I don't have the strength for that dreaming okay so last night I was being human and allowed myself to fear all of my programs and it's like there's a stage that it did that when you get to oh I'll never forget the time when I was working with somebody and a drill hit them in the head so we quickly did EFT payment away and all of a sudden I look when I seen the little girl inside go I get to cry about it that is I saw I didn't mean to invalidate you part of having emotions is so that you can you can commune with that part of yourself about how this is I said you can I saw I said you can we can cry about it or we can tap it out we can try whatever yeah we're ready to validate you yes you voice yes this is who you are and so last night I I mean it was just like my it was weird because my head I was fine but my heart was pounding out of my chest and I says what the hell is my potty consciousness saying so I had to go in tune into my body and say okay I validate you what's going on and I was sudden my body says I'm hurt I really hurt I don't want to forget I'm hurt and then all of a sudden it's like oh Jesus and and and I had to feel bad to release it and so I just kept using hope therapy and going deeper and deeper and Oh Teresa that you ah I believe if that's you Tresa Perkins you say yes that way I know oh but it was so fine I'm gonna be a little brat I'm gonna be a little I need to validate these emotions and I'm gonna let myself and I set my timer I said you get two minutes of bitching go on don't was basically grunting and then all of a sudden I got hoping without realizing it I'm pacing the floor and I'm saying all this and I had my my recorder outside whoa get it out get it out get it yeah the vent use it out get it out and then all of us on the timer went off I go I'm not done two more minutes and all of a sudden exhausted it and that's important like when you're doing healing like for instance when you do values elicits it elicits your values or any of that you write it down and then you exhaust it breathe in and then you exhaust it some more Oh Thank You Teresa yes okay anything something it's like okay okay yeah now I'm just playing in it I've heard everything I need to do and then all of a sudden as I'm sitting there I healed it out and I'm healing it out sort of calm down all of a sudden it's like hey do you know what you value their opinion I do not expect I'm really I really I don't I don't like or what I even think I've had you that and I saw myself as a little kid and I logged my mind to drift there and see it like oh I see it and it was like a shocker but it wasn't shocked because I didn't go it was wow really and I got to go deeper in a whole nother stuff came and I healed the values and then went down again and exhausted it one more time and so it's it's it so again when you change the values it's not just saying you're changing you literally have to notice how you're hooked into believing that you gave him that power hey Karen your song was so sweet he got on my wall and told me he loved me ah so okay um for if for any reason I don't I guess it's hard to see I am going to do the the read the minute half read so hopefully Charmaine Sherman wow I don't know I don't even recognize that person's name and it doesn't say anything any other clue for me see how that goes now no matter what room you're in YouTube or Facebook I'm gonna keep an eye on it say yes please spirit will come through give you a minute and a half rate but only say yes please once and remember my screen is gonna show us differently and so as soon as I begin to see that I go rate in order so if you're gonna sit there and talk 20 times then it's gonna race my board and then I have stirred over it so just to let you know okay the first thing is as I see is a yes please over here and lo mo the VTT okay yes thank you for reminding me now the only problem is that this new lighting makes us so it's hard for me to see but that's okay we'll play anyway there's a loved one coming through and I don't know something about say sorry to John I don't know what that is or whether it's a movie or if that's a real life person turning on good job but it says it has to do with somebody somebody taking action and which caused you to have a reaction and this reaction has create a vibration in you that's very low what and I said okay what is that about and they said that it's an anxiety so it keeps coming back okay and then I said and now if they come I have it and I'm like the trigger is that when somebody is lofty can you give me an agent when this happened about three years old now three years old you don't ever want that to happen again so some of your values will come up as I value not to feel that ever again and you wouldn't think that's a value because you can think family or achievement those are values but we do write those and that value that you don't ever want this happen again I remember what you resist persists oh then it's if we focus on it or if you have a value container it will keep projecting out and coming back keep projecting out coming back so one of the key things that they say that you need to heal is disapproval explore disapproval looked it up get the definition because there might be other words that would support it and then you can see how it is in your life I can either heal it on your own and remember there's always little street tools that I have EFT is one of the biggest ones oh my god helps you really get those thoughts like my emotions to calm down but you then have to reevaluate how you accept it how you believe it how you project it how it's a filter that's between you and reality but you know that it's inside and you need to pull it out because the body keeps repeating repeating repeating so now if I go over here I see a Jennifer Margaret turtle.turtle you have a particular habit that are bad that doesn't matter it's about that changed the energy vibration inside of you and when that happens it causes you to panic and I said I want you inside the womb so it is two weeks two months two months two months inside the womb and when that happens we have to look at is that yours no is that a prenatal yes and the emotion in this case is to be inferior well everybody else is in charge so that means get your magnet and roll that out and you have to say prenatal conception inferior to complex and do that ten times I know she knows this this is why I'm not doing it right now because I know she'll do it now it has to do with the consciousness of the depression so constant the body's consciousness has its own thought about depression and it is a habit that has to do with six B that has to do with being inadequate so now you've got this one over here and you got to be inadequate how old and it's inside the room at two months old again so that that's connected so again prenatal conception inadequate roll it out ten times okay and that will hopefully start to change that interview Jew vibration that allows you to go to that next level we're gonna take an Amy Jensen okay and then over here okay Amy Jensen somebody is coming through I can't Wow oh my god it's a disgrace who's a disgrace is she considered a disgrace there was a lot of judgment about how you should look act be and even though you read this great girl that obeyed and did things and sometimes my hair argument with your mama whatever the point is is that there is a consciousness in the body that that says it has been written that you have to have a particular outcome okay and it does affect the depression or the way the the prefrontal cortex functions and you have to let the word disgraced to do we roll that or hold it in this case what I would tell you to do for the disgrace would be to hold our to s is that related to the no let's not release that so our to s you have to check something that has to do with your your bones and a little bit of your muscles apparently more of the ligament because it controls your destiny so is it have to do with relating to the knee yeah over here Delinda hangs pains pains Linda the feeling of indifferent they're saying let's say okay you you you you just did you healed however you did it you come to this indifference you're like I don't care they're saying that and this difference it is actually like a negative emotion there's a difference between getting to that achievement of I don't care – okay I'm overcoming it I don't care and it becomes a numbing effect like a novocaine the problem with that is is that it causes you to take action when people energies create a resonation and cause you to go there so the indifference now becomes an action a reaction it becomes an action it's like you have to actively take that in order to what not feel something how many one what is it that she doesn't want to feel the anxiety so you've learned how to heal your anxiety by putting on the cap of indifference so I would say is that like a safety blanket yes so don't heal that but just be aware the fact that the anxiety is there what can you heal know that you understand that's a habit what you want they want you to dress is self abuse a self abuse and in this case you know what it is but you also sit there and degrees yourself and you don't need any help with that and that's so that's why it's a self abuse because you have you have to catch when you are saying those things about yourself and because you don't need to because you know you you don't you feel indifferent towards them so now you've turned it in on you so that you're doing what they would have done but you can handle it more because you're doing it they're not and I'll tell you the brain knows no difference who's doing it it just knows it's being abused Amy Patterson Oh turn it on miss Patterson say hello teejoe momma and yo sissy repulsed food family friends friends okay so this repulsion that I got was all of a sudden they were repulsed by you you're repulsed by that you repulsed by them because of how they how they don't see me as one of them really so do you believe they don't see you is one of you and it so does it no it's a trouble of feeling like you can fit in the trouble of feeling that you can fit in but it's changed thus energy field that you're beginning to wake up you're beginning to wake up as an adult to the point where it's okay to leave your mama's house and get ready to rely on yourself instead of rely on others it's okay because the to fit in is fitting in the way that you would like to fit in and you there are resources galore out there to help you to do this just say thank you spirit and bring it in the issue with pride and take a look and find out what pride means many different ways of looking at pride how to deal with pride but one of the things is that you change when others do is it all the particular what what particular thing they do that causes it because you feel attacked gotcha you know just this Amy just start off with this and say you know I feel attacked I feel attacked or do EFT and say even though I feel attacked because I want you to when you do that I want you to feel it whether it's in the head or the body but I need you to own that you know this and you start to remove that out then the pain will be less and less and they won't have to own you oh I'm not sure who picker Rick is but over here pick a Rick and then we'll go back over here thank you Rick what's worthless oh there's like a feeling of flat worthless wow it is a flat feeling and the feeling is is I can't find my worth no I just don't see any joy there's a there's an interesting feel that and I feel like it's right here okay so if you feel flat I would say it look up Wayne cook posture by Dunedin I also have it on my website just it's Medicine Woman number four the letter U dot weebly.com and then you look under healing healing tools and then you'll see Wayne cook it did something to the energy though inside on the outside so it says it like a broad kick though on the outside does it draw in what's it draw in somehow it draws in the right and wrong you know self what self-justifying it's like you you don't you're not validated you have to self justify why you are acting and being the way you are and you have to use excuses and reasonings and there's a part you're just looking a alone for a moment I just need to chill pill an interviewed group so I feel that happening to you if I get anything right please let me know Lisa Hildebrand Lisa Lisa Lisa you home yet okay oh you've been feeling awkward about something because you're being to see something differently that you haven't seen before and yeah I have a feeling we're going to be getting together but what it's happening is that you are you're beginning to see how you could do an auto-response and there's a party it's like but I don't know if I really want to do that other response anymore you can see how you were just a program running and you're beginning to wake up and yeah I don't really know if I want to if I want to and that you don't have to do your honor responses we just look at it and start to kill those Auto responses out because the energy and it changes your authentic 'no switch means who your ego says you were you're beginning to evaluate that change it so you can go more into your spiritual authentic nests ah thank you um so you're beginning to come and bump up against your habits and and and that's good because your awakening and you can begin to write those down and then once you do you when you get enough information your egos going ah she found out and then you're gonna not be able to unsee what you see and then you can resolve it out and then move to that next authentic self which is very beautiful trust me it's a good job yeah we're gonna go to Teresa Perkins miss Teresa hmm wait what you're all over the place is that her energy no that's people's energies all over hurt Oh mmm that's not good um it was just a simple doing that yes but talk to her about what two years old at two years old it was you began tune I think already be an empath and and kinesthetic which means you already began to feel when people would leave their in the room or the way they aimed it we don't know how to be responsible for our energy is when we present it with other people that's why it's okay when you do alone but when you're with people you need to be responsible for those energies sometimes they trip people sometimes they hurt people and and so you in and even if you're just thinking well you picked all this up it does affect you and they said something to do with your body parts ache or something that's not even your emotions that are causing it it is your immune system that's picking it up the first thing I'm gonna it's how you to do is you just rub your hands together and you bend them back and you push and Bri you that hand that goes in the air is where your eyes go already and the other hand goes down so do that several times okay and then when you're like done and then you come back you can do this and do a figure eight and sweep it out and breathe and when you do that do it here do it at the solar plex do it at your hips do it at your knees do it at your ankles and you will begin to push those people off and then kind of end it by putting your finger in your bellybutton and your third eye and push and lift up because you need to get that energy around your egg that goes pulses the rest of the people away so their will just bounce off it you don't need this to be down or in the back to be down because then it just sucks people in um Lenore Sears all righty oh you've had some interesting light come in you've helped you see you've kind of grown your you don't have that same kind of mindset you're you're tweaking it a bit you're beginning to look at people and say hi I used to think that way I don't have to anymore you're exposing yourself to other people you're becoming stronger they said that there is a nun Graham that creates an inner trigger then not that it affects you up here but effects on the physical and they said that there's a disdain you were young and you were taught that disdain is a tool that you're supposed to use against people and that protects you and so you valued of having that power and they're saying just reevaluate that because you know how are moving into your authentic spiritual human self of becoming that you value achievement you value yourself you value acknowledgment you value you see your value systems are changing which is a very good thing they're saying that what you'll know when you're doing it because you'll do an obsession an obsession obsession so what would you do I would say hold r1s that's a large intestine and notice the failure because it doesn't work then hold l2d and notice the failure those invading no they're just there so you have our failure that's in those places missus even before you start to remove the disdain and the obsession but I think failure is the key of why those two exist so I think by removing failure did that is the the disdain change your value and then so how would she heal the value out our 3s so removing another triple warmers that doesn't have to go into pain and suffering pain Tom mystical okay pam pam pam pam pam what habit they're showing me that there's a habit of how you're doing something and then you respond so does that mean they're in the body – spirit isn't it so there's an incongruence of intentionally allowing yourself to be present in that you do something so normal so habitual that you don't even know you're doing it and but it's the it's learning how to connect more with that heart and reevaluating friendships reevaluating how you would look at things from a different point of view and realize oh wait wait wait i can have growth here i don't have to learn to bond like that without my heart I need my heart involved and they said that you thought your heart was involved but as a little girl you were very awkward in about five years old you said I don't want to be like and what happened was that it created a filter over the heart is this a heart wall no it just literally created a limitation because you said I don't want to be that so look at what you don't want to be yet write a few things down use EFT whatever healing till you have sweet heart and begin to let that change so that you can begin to let your spirit self to bond differently okay you'll use more discernment you used more love and you let's look um Tracy Van Wert or Tracy okay oh you have a lot of smells I don't know if they give you a headache or what it is but it's like uh going on grocery aisles laundry soaps things that you sensitive chemicals no you just want to oh uh is this a super sense no I just want to avoid something so tell me about what about five years old a certain sense became so strong what's that related to it change the energy but let's related to you is that you know there's an overpowering energy and it's gonna and it's gonna take it has the power to overcook it is like the belief that if they have that then they can do that to me and and you don't want to see it in people so spirit says okay fine we're gonna you'll act it into your nose if I said to you one of the sensory accessing tool basically if you were to hold one side of your nose its smell they'll smells or the emotions or the thoughts and one of the main things that go with that is this trust just trust so if you were to have your hand here hold one side of you nose and put it on a scale from zero to ten ways you're smelling are you gonna be can't smell you know I just trust in oh yes a ten oh my god yeah I just trust and then all of a sudden you'd be amazed so you breathe in try to anyway and then all of a sudden you just allow yourself to just you know let let all that and say no you can say remove transcend this disappear and then you just switch okay and you'll switch and you'll keep doing it on a scale of zero to ten well this may be an eight okay just keep doing it keep doing it and then breathe in and let it go reevaluate we breathe and let it go and you keep doing it until it's zero on both sides okay and then you'll start to remove that excess trigger you've got so when it comes to we're going to do Casey Hester but as far as will I talk to somebody soon and in this case it says no and the reason why is because there is a filter of pain and that keeps repeating okay so what is this and that is about feeling you must be treated by that type of person and because you needed to get this this this to always happen to you so it's an always which means that you recognize something and so they're saying that you have a self imposed limitation that stops you from really connecting with anybody know that person and so this I what is the self imposed limitation overwhelmed and your thoughts seem to go nuts you can change that you don't have to have your thoughts tell you that this is this is the end of the world or that that things are going to be like this forever learn to just put your hand on your head when you're obsessing or when you're thinking because you're going to go into a space that doesn't allow you to let people bond with you because you have to keep fulfilling this over and over disrupt it okay I can't I can't acknowledge that now it's habit and don't do excuses and reasonings that you got it honestly keep doing it because that tells me you don't want to heal it put your hand up here and just give it a shot it's not gonna hurt but help you any way I could do a lot more but that's it's good oh sandy take oh yes I will say sandy sandy sandy sandy oh oh sandy what are all these dogs nipping at me Oh cute one it's from the past or now Oh so dog-sitting gotcha what about it there's a habit with the dogs our youth you have it with you there's a story you keep telling yourself so you're constantly telling yourself the same story when you begin to dog sit and that but then you tell yourself that so you don't feel panic so I guess I don't know if you know you're panicked or if you already tell yourself that so that you can avoid feeling it something like that okay what else you come very self-conscious as if there's a pair of eyes watching you oh this cried it just propelled me back to when I was a little kid at five years old that they're watching you and so they're gonna tattle on you and then you're going to get into trouble and then but it's a five-year-old that's repeating the story of the feeling and the incidents and it is a I have to take action I have to act I have to act this way I have to do this I have to do I have to I have to it's okay so we're looking at a half-two important to really we get a handle on this story tap out the story whatever healing tool you want to use and start to get a handle on this because it's the story that keeps firing off keep a journal start noticing in it when if you if you're not open to seeing it just start opening up to an emotion whatever the emotion say oh yeah this is always thinking and then you can begin to train yourself to the next level okay ah Renee hey babe Renee Allison may Patterson Pat ability indecision self-efficacy self-efficacy is that ability to trust and believe in yourself and knowing you can be very creative and you can get those end result and in such a unique creative way but there's a pattern of indecisiveness that doesn't allow you to go there and if I ask what that is they say that you're used to having people bully you so that you couldn't get that end result I would address the bullying in and I would do it through l2d because when you look at the bullying I want you to feel it and want you to hear how you have to always defend yourself how is how you have to to stop it and you as you got older you you you you were very good at it but the thing is is this little girl inside says it hurt and I keep having her look and she keeps reconstructing not remembering as much as she keeps restricting she keeps going it over in her head like why go over her head but why I gotta get them to understand but you can't look over here which is the memory and so you don't need to get them to understand but the thing is is that you think you do and if you were to just move your eyes over when you're doing l2d and remember that you had tried to get your point across and it didn't work so then you felt like you had to use that same tactic of boolean as' in order to not to the extreme that they went oh god no but in your loving way of you know standing up for yourself and how and get over here and remember because that little girl needs you to give her a big hug inside Sharon garden are you picking that up you're putting it out you're noticing so you're noticing how people have patterns you know get the away from me you can you can see how they have it before they say it so something about a new ability – you've taken that next step of not using your ego but using your spirit mind to be see these patterns without getting hurt or offended you're like no they do exist and and they are unaware of it so I think you're going to be moving into the more you begin to heal the more you're going to begin to move into becoming a healer yourself you're not quite there but you're learning those baby steps of remembering so thank you spirit for helping me remember look at those things because you're going to notice without judgment Wow and then you can say oh do I do any of those and then you remove those I have anything specific that you need to heal there's some contempt you still hold with inside of you and a very young age oh really if Jim the held well let's pull it out Arwen s so think whole Darwinist and think of contempt look at it from every angle and how you have how maybe it silently broods or it sits in the body but it you know get that out miss Sharon you don't need that ton um let's see ah there you are there there is a Charmaine's codon way we found you I'm sorry that I'm so far behind on the comments here um I will get to you in just a minute – do you – do no honey you didn't miss your reading you're gonna be in a few minutes I just need to see oh you did – Sharon okay okay so I got a catch up on this why didn't that thing go off it should have went off holding mother's well Wow I will reset it again and see what happens and you set your 11:00 that means you should it should show up let me just keep I gotta catch up here alright how are we at where we're at gonna get down here okay good okay so anybody that's new now I'm going to do some paid reading because somebody's paid and it's there now Charmaine somehow the way you paid it said I'm not going to get the money 68 days now normally I don't take people and do the show like that but for you I will if there isn't a complications we'll work it out okay so I'm gonna trust beard on this no it said and sharing so you've said you paid but I'm not seeing where it went so we're gonna see if we can pull it back up or maybe I misread that well somebody got through I take a right be powered imw a doctor doctor yeah that's it when you go to PayPal and you type that in you know you share money or whatever it is pay money well why didn't it show up Sharon did you say you paid anybody else pay that because if this isn't working then I'll have to open it up on the other screen so what the heck okay so Sharon just say yes I paid or no and then I'll look and figure out why that that's not working I will anybody else if you've paid I don't understand why PayPal wouldn't be working what we'll find out anybody else that wants a minute and a half speed read then you say yes Li's and then I'll know and then go from there no it's gonna be a cool one how she did come on go down well it says that you did yes okay so we're gonna Charmaine and then we'll go Sharon okay so yes I did get it Sharon we're good I don't understand why this isn't working but we're not going to worry about it Sharon if you want to call in we can do it that way Charmaine Charmaine so is there anything particular topic sweetheart that you wanted to talk about okay so um and the same thing for you miss Gordon but Charmaine if you all right so this is important and and hopefully she I see I don't like to start it unless I know the your present yes flee not share okay so yeah I got how many one to two sure mean you've gone again sweetie it doesn't matter I'll do Sharon first then I will go back to Charmaine and Sharon if you want to then you can give me a buzz otherwise I will oh that's you there get rid of these some of these things because I cannot see wonder why it didn't work okay all right ready Sharon Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall all the king's horses and you can't fix something inside self in a relationship something to do with the house you can't fix something in the house is this a physical thing an energetic thing oh so she's on a bear do you have a vortex in your house okay so apparently you have a like a vortex or something in the house oh go ahead and call yes we will do that yeah way people can hear it yay it's not sitting right I can hear you anybody else here say it again hopefully y'all heard her all right we'll have to wait for in some comments but it doesn't matter so that is good my dear let me pause that just for a second oh you're looking good me like that charm barians it's beautiful you lost weight too oh you look lovely yes you you look different you like in your new home yes good so excellent that's what we want now part of you or I started doing the radium a little bit and it said that inside the home because when I said Humpty Dumpty so I think you got a vortex in your house and you're not surprised yes that's the vortex is causing that that's why you can't fix it okay so Humpty Dumpty couldn't fix it so the thing is is that we have okay so that's related to the vortex so what would you like her to do to cleanse it clear it say but need to intentional aids well they intentionally you're going to talk to it yeah all right so what I'm hearing is is that if you were to talk to the land and you can do it inside the house outside the house but I can see you touching the ground I can actually begin to see you talking to it and saying okay what is it's you're gonna hear that's why I said you're going to become a healer ah that's funny alright so it says that the emotions of it being irrelevant so is it picking you up no is it have the residue from beforehand the people beforehand no the residue of the plants are you picking up everything else no it is trapped so do we release it like that now you got to release being irrelevant from that vortex and so how would you do that you again they're showing me that you're commuting with that the ground you're communing and you're saying okay so I do you know how when you use a magnet and on each other and you know we just take that we say yeah usually you got one yeah so you know I would just say just taking it's just like you're stroking it just imagine that you're helping that vortex wherever it is and say let's remove the irrelevant being irrelevant and then do that ten times and with intention call in some angels or some helpers you know how to do all that and there's a crystal I can't you have a crystal wand or something that's my girl mm-hmm okay you have a blue one like a solid eight assault soul yeah do you have one of those that's the one you're supposed to use and when you do it they're saying you take the wand after you released it and then you're going to take and you're gonna like you gonna stir you're gonna stir you're gonna aim it down and stir it and then you're gonna just say you're just gonna feel like you're gonna help me to remove it and then you're gonna you may end up going on your hands backwards you're gonna start putting them yeah and you're gonna start you can even put that on the ground in your hand and use a pendulum no should you use it like a wand okay ah what's that about a feather Oh that'll work yes and you're going to just kind of like you go forwards and backwards but you're gonna help bring the light in and they're gonna help take the negativity out the relevancy and you're going to just start putting the light in because remember you in energy exchange is that if you take energy out you got to put the energy that that belongs there it back so that's love you may take a few you should if you work with energy shifts in the body your energy should shift when it shifts but consciously you'll know but they said somehow that keeps effecting an eruption and that would have to be like you said your pipes what else is there anything else I bought the vortex that we could address now and then you cleanse it and clear it and then bless it and do you know how to do the star of Solomon so Solomon seal the Solomon seal and back in the Bible times was a the Jewish star so it goes and then what you say is left to be light and at each point let's be light love peace harmony joint and charity in this space right now and then just kind of with the intention of spirit blow in love okay and and it will create a healing and helping it's like like taking when we put our finger in our third eye on our belly button and hold it it helps this will help the earth that particular part of the earth okay I'm sorry the camera is pushed to the side you can only see how it's on video for good there's an on response for you know for the house an auto-response from the house so there was a fight prior before you moved in is it is it in the living room is it in the kitchen where is it yeah that's where we going next you can feel it okay all I keep hearing in that is that get out get out get out and it's not about it you it's not a ghost it is there is a fight there is an emotional crap that's sitting there now what's interesting about this Wow I have no I've never seen this before she doesn't have the device imagine do you have a pyramid yeah in this pyramid shape maybe yeah that's what they're doing alright so you're gonna take and you're gonna put it where it where where right closer to like the end is your about ready to walk out your bedroom so you're gonna place it on the floor and you're going to just kind of commune with the spirits and in particular angel that is work with your guides just call your guides in and then you're gonna activate it and what's gonna happen is you're gonna thank you for clearing out this emotional stuff now normally we'd go the other route but in this case they're saying what's gonna happen is they show me that it's going to open up and to be like this tornado type thing okay and what its gonna do is it's the white light and it's going to just pull it in and then cleanse it out and then it's going to sweep it up just do that I just put it in place about maybe 15 minutes maybe you know if you feel like you wanna go longer whatever but when you're all done you're gonna take a candle have it lit and then you're going to turn the pyramid upside down and say cleanse cleanse clear clear clear you know and then you're going to again bless it then put it back on your shelf okay okay I wasn't expecting any of this today but hey yes well they said earlier you're gonna be a healer that would totally make sense um a lot of us is starting to the reason why you're the projection is showing this is because your third chakra in your second it's the communication between you second your third chakra front back in your will the will to have the courage to have relations and relations to have courage so are you what to you want to but are you willing to yes what's going on and they're saying that you've had so many bad experiences feeling attacked okay so they want that removed and they said that the first place you would do is behold r1d and you think about how that feeling of attacked but I also focus if you can maybe just intentionally in the beginning of noticing the second and third chakra you know working on the second and third chakra hold the r1d and i want you to feel attacked and you they will actually feel like they're breathing in the back because the more that you're not willing to you'll feel it can strict and the more that you're willing to and you've healed it you'll feel an energy shift you should feel it come bigger and open and then do we need to connect the second and third yes because there's a disconnect can we do that now okay so after you're done good thing it's recorded after your dying you're gonna take your magnet and you're gonna say connecting the second and the third chakra in the will you know what you're gonna do that how many times three times okay and then you're going to do it the other way you're going to say you're going to connect the the third and the second chakra so you can do it back and forth okay yeah there you go that that yeah that'll work did you have anything you want to talk oh good good good okay cuz i lo okay god I didn't you know I asked it but they just jump right in okay so something about egotistic her someone else you have a filter that your soul is saying you know you were actually kind of done with and is that towards men women people animals no not animals people groups individual gender individuals it's a gender no just individuals there's a certain type of attitude they put up you know so they carry a arrogance that's it okay that's it and the thing is is that they they'd the filter of of that is that when you kind of like you know arrogant people okay you're losing power oh and we don't want to do that okay so I'm glad you asked in this case you are gonna hold our one D again and also that that yeah that our one D and you're going to focus on that how much that arrogance get you but it's also how much I don't like arrogance okay so that's two things and then you're gonna just you want to heal it to the point where you could not give it a time of day you know it's done you're just like and so you can let the arrogant people be arrogant to other people because they raise their hand to be those buttheads let them do it over there you don't need to attract it in any more because the more you thought about it the way you kept attractive min now you're in a whole new space you have been on this journey and I'm very proud you look awesome by the way thanks ah the energy what I ignore you referring to you start something in your body your stored something your body and will that we release no pain okay do you have pain lately back okay they're saying that you really need to look at our to D that there are some points definitely the sling 21 to help get rid of that and the source point and which is sp3 it's on the side of the ankle of the foot let me just check right here and let's see both sides and and it's this point down here see that right there there okay if not you can see it here and I'm pointing to that there's two points and I'm showing the camera right now and these two points on both sides of the feet these two points here they are just do a spleen now there's another one on the side of the leg but obviously I don't have that one here because I got to get anyone okay I'll get that but don't just start doing those we need to get the energy rolling back into your body because that is causing the pain to store up and our energies start to create pain okay right that's a good doozy of a reading so thank you very much sweetheart we will talk to you later and thank you for coming on the show all right all right bye dear okay now when it comes to I know I almost got there oh there we go um let's see yeah that'll work to talk around the house forgot about that yes I see where I've been that they do I call I can hear Charmaine have you come back sweetheart where are you I'd like to I just I might give a reading you deserve my attention huh okay so those that haven't gotten to read that if you're here still waiting on Charmaine if not I will have to either go against my beliefs and do it cuz I'm not even sure for friends and how to connect with that I don't want to not fulfill anything you're welcome hmm all right spirit you just tell me what to do the soul for the rest of you while we're waiting say yes please and I will finish up on any of the speed reads I may have missed so I thinking I might actually get a phone and if I do that means that I can start doing hopefully I know I got any figure out a good phone people cuz the phone I'd like to get is one that can do streaming and so I can do the these type of videos on the go as well as the to do Instagram okay we'll start with an Amy Jensen for M Burley and then Joanna so we'll go from there so little Amberly okay so the sensation cuz you understand never leaves a baby so the sensation of feeling awkward and it's picked em burly is picking up that feeling and when a child starts to pick up energies they don't quite understand what they are but they if it keeps being repetitive it will be felt until it is defined in this case they're saying that it starts to pick up his as an anxiety so the body is picking up the awkward and then feeling things I which then causes a social anxiety no separation no it causes anxiety of what in this case it is anytime somebody's gonna be awkward she's gonna scream do you feel it physically I mean as far as pain or anything it causes a lot of bubbles disturbances called gas and so her body is creating a way of trying to figure out and feel with her immune system what's going on the best thing I would tell you if you're babysitting or you're taking care of a child is to you know rub this point right here because this is the large intestine and and in another part because the body goes into and the trip warmers kicking off do you want it to draw the source no it's three that's okay in the back okay so when it comes to and you know when you're tapping for EFT there's that gamut point well that's actually to do with the trip warmer but this point here in the middle okay go down three fingers that point right there should be sores especially people that are what do you call it stressed all the time ah see I'm not surprised by your source because from the event my body is still producing certain chemicals too until I get it gone oh that feels good ah okay I'm here so um I'll do Joanna and then I will do Jennifer o secant and then chili peeler Clark plot so Joanne Joannie to an auto-response you have people give you auto response so you don't feel like you're being hurt sometimes cuz you're like I'm talkin did it under a hug uh-huh that's that's the the story and that energy with inside of you becomes less than because you lose the our so you can't help but to see how to go uh-huh uh-huh you're like and it actually aggravates you and sometimes it cause you to think what the hell so you reconstruct you know so what all those chemical peptides will start creating a hysteric like you like you know bite back or you want to go crazier you want to go there that's me so what we need to look at cuz those are responses what is causing this so and they're saying that it's about being attracted to self-centered people now some of them they're doing it because they're busy and they're trying to acknowledge you as they finish doing their work but some people are just self-centered in making sure that their needs are always satisfied and that is where you're you were taught that that's what people do but it created an Arrested Development to help you see that a lot of people aren't like that and you can attract and then become different you don't have to constantly have that particular thing in your space how would you one release it and that is feel how wounded that feels feel that moon and they're saying once you address that emotion and you can do it like this you can use EFT there's other things you can do and one of those picking yourself off the floor because literally when you see it some of your energy to spills picking your energy off the floor is looking to and you draw in their back there's a whole healing tool you can go to medicine woman the number for the letter U dot Weebly W e BL bike time and look for healing healing tools and some picking yourself up off the floor because you you have a lot of energy that's on the floor you keep tripping over your own energy get that back anybody Jennifer was Sica unable to sleep you're mulling something over in your head you're mulling something over and they said that you reconstruct what's going on maybe I shouldn't have said that maybe I back that way I feel like you put yourself under I have to be strong I have to be fight back I have to do this but you are beginning to realize I think you're getting tired that's why you can't sleep easy getting overtired and they're saying that the way that you had to always respond whether it is being hysterical or whether you had wounded what he called silent brooding it's just you're like ah this is tiring you're expending more energy and there's a part of you that just uh but you love it you love fighting back it's like so you're wrestling between two parts yourself so they become in congruent you're no longer congruent that this is the way you have to behave and this is the way you have to do things you're literally yeah you're literally doing this you're shifting so you're literally going to say I cannot do something anymore and I need to change this and you're going to sculpt certain things more your way instead of just being a reaction and a behavior the best thing to heal for that would be our Wendy because you got self-imposed limitations I have to do this Billy Billy Billy Billy what it does the other side see for me okay so as I'm looking over here the other side says the way people's energy is the way that they have been just demonstrating themselves now I don't know what they don't really grab the goddess carts and I have another set of gods card somewhere somewhere that them off don't yes it is grab the wrong ones okay so these goddess cards are the ones they want yes no you want one of each I so calling this goddess of what the heck Anke hey I think that's a a AI n now a i ke like nike boots fell over the knee and it says it says call in so that you can begin to get your ambition which camera here so both cameras try to get both cameras call them in because there's something about the ambition and you want me to okay so we're gonna go throwing boots you know the other one was bike Collette beer and Reid oh we're gonna chew ah names I can't pronounce so anyways your ambition and your blending and your golden opportunity they're saying you have to call that energy in not just for yourself but you call these a goddesses in to be able to help you feel wow I cannot make that it's that better on the one screen it's better and the other ones not oh well and then the other card is okay so they're saying just work with the energies they want you to work with the energies for that next phase of because it's like you need that extra month and you can have that just maybe call them in and help so normally we say yes please ah here it is okay Elena in PAL Impala and then it would be Pamela okay Charmaine did not come back mm-hmm all right spirit we're gonna make a decision um you could drink just for a second Elena you have a loved one and they say speaking terms what that means certainly speak in terms what are you trying to say yes we are loved you're loved we've never died you have a block in the pain that doesn't allow us to you can't hear us we don't bat match in vibration and but you have a lot of just distrust because you think you're gonna connect to the devil and you're not you're your right brain says be creative your left brain says oh my god oh my god oh my god they says that you have had been brainwashed by so much TV or movies or something that says it's wrong or that bad things are going to occur and they said that that needs to be healed now you the main thing of what you're afraid of is that they're going to overpower you and I would give you a tool of hope therapy but in this case I want you to do EFT emotional freedom technique if you were to tap and feel how something can overpower you without having you complete loss because your body says that it that had happened at 3 years old somebody was yelling at you and you felt that so deeply that you could feel like you had no control and so you um it's quite hesitant because it's that energy is familiar that pain so again another one could do would be just doing this as you thinking and you're feeling take it in baby steps if you need to but it needs to be released otherwise they're saying they love you and everything's great pamela rabin oh uncomfortable so when you're getting comfortable you have a reaction or your reaction because it's uncomfortable same thing okay so there's something about come you're aware of the uncomfortable and it doesn't just set right is this my intuition yes or no there your intuitions telling you something but because you have a picture of something scary then it's actually blocking the correct information coming through so fear is actually giving you a positive false positive reading and so as you begin to develop your intuition you need to clear out that particular fear and is there anything going with that fear living through others when you begin to feel how other people want you to live through their life there is an uncomfortability intuition says yep we're starting this again and then ego says yes they have fear this no your intuition says yes this is happening and then you can use healing tools to disengage the emotion that creates the chords that you have to live through them it doesn't have to always be that way trust me you begin to heal that emotion heal that feeling heal that sensation of how your body took a picture of things that have in the past because again it happened as such a long time ago three years old I mean if you know you can do this then you know make it point with me pay me and I'll help you break all this see Bernadette naruse Sarina Bernadette Sereno chakras you're the fourth chakra front/back willing to love willing to be loved willing to love willing to let people in willing to let myself be loved willing to let myself be loved by yourself by others what stop Amon two years old two months old two months old before the womb in the womb two months old in the womb so that means you've picked up somebody else your parents or whatever emotions so it's seven is seven I faced with it you had gone through so you look this word up demoralized and you picked up demoralized why you're in the room and you and now it's interfering with that chakra to be able to let that love in and in this case I would I'm gonna do it and then you can do it for yourself and goodness Brenda that's okay we're gonna you can use your hand you can get a refrigerator magnet okay in just a regular food Raider at magnet and then you're going to write down so that you can memorize it whatever prenatal conception demoralized and you need to do it ten times okay you start here you go D moral prenatal conception demoralized prenatal conception demoralized okay so then you just keep doing that ten times until it's finished and then what it does is it disengages that energy and pulls it out of the body's consciousness so no longer is it Arendt I know cold coffee YUM no idea ah Thank You Elena again when people tell me you know if I'm right or not sometimes you catch it way afterwards that's okay right me Pamela we need to get it so that you're not uncomfortabie that way but cami Turner okay Tammy Turner hi darlin okay um you can the interaction in the environment for some reason it's becoming harder to bond with people and okay so tell me why that feels that you looks like a lack of luster there's like there's literally a disconnect they said in its felt inside the body the body is remembering when you were five years old okay connecting for the first time like in kindergarten is like that and the reciprocity not getting that attention or that love back that you give you give you give you gift but what you got back in return which caused it was this panic the panic that in petrified of rejection yours theirs which you thought was yours oh so now time went by you feel like it's your issue okay so you have to first come aware then it's not yours it's theirs and but you because you recognize the rejection in the emotion if you remember how to do hope therapy I would say r1d because you've learned to be over compassionate which I want and you allow yourself to take on their issues and that gets very confusing because you are becoming more of who Tammy is at this age which is you don't have to take on other people okay so I'm going to because I don't know if I can connect with somebody that paid now I'm good I'm going to do the reading and pray that they'll see it and or they'll connect with me and I'll tell them where to locate it because I don't know if I can connect with them afterwards that's my only problem again it's pending and normally I wouldn't give a read I'd make you wait and then I would just do it afterwards but I don't know if I can reconnect with this person so spirit tells me to go ahead all right that's what we're going to do I'm not know what to share Lane what to wanted to address but that's okay we're gonna let spirit talk about this so I'm gonna set this for 11 minutes because again it was paid sharmeen okay it's Gordon yes story where the story of panic it's in the body's consciousness and there is an actual story a physical story you know it's physical of how the body responds physically it was a live experience okay so this live experience oh yes making my lungs rattle so I can feel the more than one Meridian kicking off at once and your body says it needs to let go of something because a large intestine is causing it to affect my lungs so it is a story so what story was created at four years old so this particular story was where that repeated four years old and it is felt deep inside the body that it causes the Marines to create a pattern that causes a physical issue okay don't need it did I get it so be it it's a pat ability that what happens is that the body starts respond and it goes from compatibility to repulse what this means is here is a point zero and then you have a negative ten and you have a positive ten when you are completely compatible completely compatible there is no repulsion two magnets great okay so where are you on that scale according to this are you repulsed no incompatible is that remember this is point zero you are at a positive five you need to be a positive ten as it starts to go down you can start to physically feel your body starts to respond and that's what they're referring to if it gets to zero or less then you can cause a really physical issue whether is it has to do with and then now we're just going to go a little bit deeper of what's going on is it a sensitive and intolerance yes there's an intolerance and it is to do with certain thoughts in an emotional factor okay so these thoughts and the motive the emotion is oh there's also what arrogant people really get to you and the thoughts that come about which then creates a story so at four years old you were exposed to this you heard how adults adult adults respond their language and this is what you thought you had to do or be yes okay I have to be loved you I have to you know exert myself this is absolutely but your body is saying yes we hold this program consciously and spiritually you're shifting and so now you're incongruent with your bye-bye body's consciousness and who you are because there's a party it's like but I don't I don't I don't really want to have that behavior of being lofty or respond that way and with the body's consciousnesses but that's what we do you can change that you can heal that but it has a triggers because whatever happened at that age become an Engram which means sights sounds colors temperature pictures objects and things like this can trigger it because it is store you've stored all that so deeply but it's the story and they said that you may not be aware of it but if you can hear your story not just what happened at four but how you have to protect yourself so you may be reconstructed about how what you're gonna say ahead of time you know and you know I'm gonna practice and then then all of a sudden the day comes and you may not use it or if you do you do do it really well but you're saying your body you are soul is saying no I don't want to do this program I don't want to do this program again I've done okay so this is where it's gonna could cause a little bit of an issue a little bit of an issue a little bit of an issue action action you want her to take act no it's it's it's a physical action and is in this eye this one and this sigh it's a ten in this eye it is fine so you might have saw some violence or you saw some lofty energy but it is and so I would say you need to do I access aim which means you have to take the incident of how you saw something and look through just one eye at a time people say well I can't do that yes you can another way to do it is if you covered it up and you deliberately looked at that experience felt it know it be it and then you just basically you know I'm always telling people to remove transcend let go but you can just switch over and retell the story from the beginning this eye and then you can let it go remove transcend let it go and then you just switch over and look through this side and you keep putting on a scale from zero to ten Timmy oh my god yeah it's a tenth now oh no it's an eighth and you'll know because it'll feel different and it'll sound different and you're going and it'll look different and you keep going back and forth until there's zero okay your body's like I'm done I can release that that's okay that's good but you haven't auto response to this oh the auto response is the behavior we just said that you your body says or your soul contracts that it doesn't want anymore and it says well I don't know how else to be and they say well once you begin to heal out and notice that it's ego and it's this emotion and this this and that you then can catch yourself you can do the rubberband trick and that is reward and Punishment so if you noticed even after the fact that oh I respond to that way you snapped and then you kiss yourself to help you say I caught it you don't have to go degrading and half take to to heal yourself to change by saying negative stuff does that just creates a whole other mountain out of a molehill you catch yourself and you then then you you reward yourself because yes you caught it so then you can flip the script of lying yourself say yes it happened I could have done it in a happier way a nicer way or whatever you just keep doing it and then if you're not sure how that looks Thank You spirit and you call in all these people that are a great examples of how they respond to you know your scenario you'll see it you'll see how to do that here oh there's another repulse and it's a negative 3 what's this about guilt so it's after the fact that a net behavior you created another one and so when you go into guilt your body goes into another sickness form because remember how I told you this was the middle and this is positive 10 in a negative 10 well your body you you here's the middle you are in a negative now negative 3 and the thing is is that you're going to physically feel this more and in this case they said this is connected to guilt because this is about you because you don't want to have behaved that way anymore so it becomes an is that sensitive and intolerance so you no longer tolerate your behavior or whatever it is but you using guilt the best way to do this I would use hope therapy but the best way for me to tell you was if you could just begin to put your hand here and it covers all the basic important points to help create cuz you frontal-lobe creates reality and when you get stressed 80% of the blood leaves that frontal lobe so you can't create so if you're going to be guilty then it's going to come in and then you're going to not be able to create reality without guilt and and so by having that bring some your electromagnetic beam so you bring the blood back up to your head the hairline is the liver we're ready in and what it does is it processes out those chemical peptides this is an emotional point with through all the meridians and and it's narrow neural emotional narrow lymphatics I can't remember it's called now whatever neurovascular that's it so you put your hand like this and just begin to feel dishonored feel the guilt feel and you put on a scale of 0 to 10 get it down to zero okay you stay there until it begins zero don't you know if you feel like it's down that's gone but there's a little bit left don't finish that by saying I've done finish it out don't waste it because it can begin to grow again so you just keep it until it's like there's nothing left of that with that and you can begin to heal uh what do you deal when you have to deal with pride well when pride comes in you need to learn to be proud full of yourself but at the same time when you have pride because your feelings were hurt it is to go in and use a healing tool to feel how your feelings are hurt begin to take that and stop it because it actually feeds to keep the thing going and alive break that down break that down use EFT whatever it is that you need to do strategy strategy of what being I'm letting go the strategy of what do you do with people that you they enter the room and then you your energy resonates with them you're going to have to put your finger in your belly button in your head push and lift start creating that energy don't take them on you can then just take rub your hands together breathe and bend your hands and what chain goes up is where your head goes and your hand this one goes down and breathe and let go and then you come back and then do that several times and then you end it with making big figure eight okay and you do them at the neck and the heart the solar plexus the hips the knees and the ankles and it starts to push everybody's energy else it doesn't have to you don't have to become then you don't have to resonate as that person okay a lot of healing I do your part today all right so the time stamp okay so it was before to Charlotte I should have checked so I have to go back to at least one ninety nine once after two hours already okay so I Bernadette I swear to God I had given you a reading I'll give you one more but if there's to you know understand pay it forward energetically oops and then I've got to get off all right so uh Bernadette Sereno self-conscious you're self-conscious of the physical what you say how people how you feel because people take offense so how you feel feel like people have noticed how you're feeling and so you have to put on a smile so you don't want to feel your negativity or your sadness no you don't want them to feel because you feel like they're reading you know interesting um so you always try to display that you're indifferent so that it doesn't cause a ripple so people it doesn't set people off or they if they have to ask where you don't want them to ask you feel like you're kind of like an introvert to some degree but it's just you just feel so exposed and so you become um what do you want to know they said address the awkward feeling that you don't know how to release bond and that you don't want to bond and they said this is the second chakra issue in that the front the front chakra is about feeling and you feel at that front chakra that's why you just went through everything I just said in the beginning and in this case I would take and understand that you don't want to be bullied you see those bullying I would heal that out I you know one thing again you can just put your hand like that okay um Bernadette apparently I read before so go back and find it thank you Amy you guys are wonderful and again you don't have to be slaves to your emotions you don't have to constantly if you see something constantly happening to you that's in a negative way understand it can lead back to your values I value their opinion their opinion and apply to everybody I am so glad I healed the value out and now I can value on a different hierarchy and I remove that belief that was taught to me that everybody hated me I don't have to believe that anymore because that's not true I mean it was always a block that stopped me from feeling with my heart because I believe it was true no it doesn't have to be okay remember to watch the reruns if you want you can if you hit like you get a card if you shared video you get a card you know come over to YouTube and you know become we call it subscribe you know if you subscribe and if you go by your name and we're friends I can get you a car but if you begin if now YouTube has it where you can be friends on YouTube through messaging you just have to find it it's in the little top button I can't but it looks like an arrow and anyways you can we can we can with some friends that way or whatever but the thing is I can then give you a card if we are become friends so if you like or leave a comment then I can give you a card so I do keep watch of that and yeah it's Brenda medicine woman or Mendes medicine woman Brenda but you should be able to see me thank you very much for everybody and you guys the love and support I got today was just amazing and again I wasn't doing telling you so that you could give me support and I am on addy I thought if there was a backlash of whatever was going on with this bitch let you didn't need to be exposed to it and or if I was if you felt my energy some people feel my energy yeah I'm okay I'm doing more than okay so I'm healing it and therefore I wanted people to you know you know that's just we're growing or walking each other home what I always say to everybody is you know what it is stay blast