Secret Proof the Bible is of Supernatural Origins with Chuck Missler

It’s a delight to be with you but I have
to tell you as one who spent his career in the scientific community I get so
tired of people who mean well say you can’t prove the Bible but then will
make some positive statement I’m so tired of hearing that preamble this
presumption that you can’t prove the Bible yes you can this document this
collection of documents you have in your lap
the Bible is incredible and you can demonstrate that it is of
extraterrestrial origin its origin is from outside our time domain and I want
to give you some examples of things that help demonstrate that this morning one
of the questions that we often get asked is are there hidden messages in the
Bible and there’s a lot of nonsense published in that area but yes there are
in fact Solomon tells us it is the glory of God to conceal a thing and the duty
and honor of kings to search out a matter so we’re gonna explore some of
those things this morning and I believe that before we’re through you’ll have
some examples that will strengthen your confidence that that Bible the Word of
God that we also depend on is in fact a supernatural document a unique document
but I’ll start by asking you a riddle and that is who is the oldest man in the
Bible …anyone?….Methuselah good for you yes Methuselah lived 960 and 969
year he’s the oldest the longest life in the Bible and yet he died before his
father yeah that puzzles you a little bit doesn’t it
he’s the oldest man in the Bible yet he died before his father see I cheated on
you you see everybody forgets who his father
was his father was a guy by the name of Enoch and Enoch was an interesting guy
and we’ll talk a little bit about him at the age of 65 something
happened in his life that from that point on he walked with God
for another 300 years now what happened was I should explain something else the
flood of Noah did not come as a surprise the flood of Noah was preached on for
four generations surprisingly enough but when Enoch’s
son was born God told him that as long as his son is alive the judgment of that
flood would be held back and indeed so he names his son Methuselah that’s a
Hebrew word from two root words the word “muth” which means his death that occurs
125 times in the Old Testament and the verb “shalach” which means his death shall
it means to bring or send forth the combination means his death shall bring
or send forth strange title but that’s his name and we discover when we study
Genesis chapter 5 carefully that Methuselah was 187 when he had a son by
the name of Lamech and Lamech was 182 and he had a son by the name of Noah and
it was in the six hundredth year of Noah that the flood came and the in other
words the year that Methuselah died is the year the flood came and that was the
prophecy can you girls imagine what it was like to raise that kid every time he
caught a cold the entire neighborhood would go into panic right as long as
he’s alive everything’s right but that when he dies that’s when the Lord did
come I’d the flood did come excuse me when the flood did come before I go
further I want to give you a little flavor for the Hebrew language because it’s
very different most alphabets are phonetic they’d help us this pronounce
the words the Hebrew letters the 22 of them in their alphabet carrying meaning
not to sound the first letter in their alphabet even the word alphabet is
Hebrew by the way the Aleph bet the The Aleph it was originally written like an
ox’s head showing on the left up there and we are up there on video
okay good well being the first letter it means first or strength or leader that’s
what the flavor of that letter is and the second letter is Beth it was
originally written like a little house or tent and the word Beth means house
and our family and Bethlehem is the house of bread “bethel” the house of God
the word Beth the letter itself carries the concept of a house now when you take
an Aleph and a Beth together you have the word “AB” and if it’s a it that means
it’s the leader of the house who is is the father it’s the word for father
now there’s another Hebrew letter called “Heh” probably like an open window or two
hands raised it’s a breath if you will and it can mean Behold or revealed it
also is like a breeze or a breath or a wind or spirit the heh you even breathe
we all remember Henry Higgins and my fair lady in Hartford Hereford
hurricanes hardly ever happened he to get Elijah Doolittle to get her H’s right
same idea there well if you take the heh and put it in the middle of a word the collective represents the essence of that the word “Ab” was father if you put
the hay in the middle of it you get “Ahab” which reveals the heart or essence
of the father that is the Hebrew word for love because love is the essence of
the father see the point I’m trying to get across the meaning is in the letter it’s not just the
sound and so now you may recall in Genesis 17 both Abram and Sarai had
their names changed right what God did is simply put a “heh” in the middle of their names a breath he filled them with the spirit the spirit
was infused in their lives Abraham Sarah the heh was what connoted that if you
will well as we read our Bible we really get enchanted with of course the first
two chapters of the creation that’s pretty exciting stuff you get to chapter
three that’s the seed plot of the whole Bible is
rooted in chapter 3 chapter 4 is the the murder of Abel by Kane and you know that
story from chapter 6 on we have the flood of Noah there’s a lot of action
there so the book of Genesis is a very exciting action filled book but we get
to Genesis chapter 5 if it’s one of those chapters you thought you’d like
the skip it’s just a genealogy and if you’re in a reading plan you’d like to
sort of skip over that get into the interesting stuff no Genesis 5 what is
it all about well it’s a genealogy of ten people
Adam Seth Enosh Kenan Mahalalel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech and Noah see the
problem with that list it’s not translated for you that is
transliterated those are approximations of how they were pronounced I wonder
what might lie behind these other names let’s see if we can go through
this a little bit that name Adam is pretty straightforward that comes from
“Adama” which means man no problem with that one he’s followed by a
son by the name of Seth the word Seth means appointed and how do we know that
because he tells us that in the previous chapter Eve said when he was born for God
hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel whom Cain slew and you all
know about Cain and Abel everybody asked me where did Cain get his wife right he
married his brother’s sister because he was able thought I’d help you with that right
all right now move on he has a son by the name of Enosh now this is a heavy
name to go around with the word “enosh” means mortal frail or miserable
can you imagine having him on a sports team hey miserable you’re on our team it
doesn’t really work especially in school I imagine okay and it comes from the
root “anash” which means incurable it’s usually used
of a wound or grief or woe or sickness something like that Kenan now not canaan
kenan is a can mean sorrow dirge or elegy don’t confuse it with
Canaan Balaam and in numbers 24 develops a pun on his name it’s another old story
but Keenan means sorrow these are pretty heavy names miserable and so forth
so when Keenan has a son he decides enough is enough so he names his son when he’s born a mouthful but a wonderful name Mahalalel and “Mahal” which means
blessed or praise one and “EL” the name for God Mahalalel kind of hard to pronounce
but what a great name quite a contrast to his elders the blessed God is
what his name means he mentioned he names his son Yared and there’s a story
behind that I’ll spare you here but the name “yaradh” which simply means shall
come down and that may have a connection to Genesis 6 but it’s another story that
brings us to Enoch we’ve mentioned already but what is the word Enoch mean
it turns out that Enoch is an academic phrase which means commencement or a
more narrow teaching Enoch suggests teaching if you
will and then of course he has Methuselah which I’ve mentioned means it
that “muth” and “shalach” really mean his death shall bring the year that
Methuselah dies is indeed the year the flood came
that brings us to Lamech now here’s a case where the root word is still in our
English language and we see it evident in the English word lament or
lamentation if you will in the Hebrew the word Lamech suggests despairing
despairing fair enough now Lamech has a son by the name of Noah and that’s he’s
derived from “nacham” which means relief to bring relief or comfort and we know
that from his father mentions that he’s Lamech says in chapter 5 says he
called his name Noah saying this same shall comfort us concerning our work and
toil of our hands because of the ground which the LORD hath cursed okay so
here’s our genealogy now Adam Seth Enosh Kenan Mahalalel Jared Enoch Methuselah
Lamech Noah that’s the way it’s a rough way they might pronounce it let’s
translate it with what we’ve learned well
Adam means man Seth appointed Enosh mortal Kenan sorrow Mahalalel the blessed God shall come down teaching that his death whose death god’s death shall
bring the despairing comfort or rest man is appointed mortal sorrow man is
appointed mortal sorrow but the blessed God shall come down teaching that his
death whose death God’s death shall bring the despairing comfort or rest
staggering staggering discovery here tucked away in the genealogy of Noah
this tells you several things that tells you that God’s plan of redemption was
not a knee-jerk reaction to a surprise that Adam sinned he knew he would from
the beginning before the creation he appointed those that would be saved when
did God first have his mind on you Ephesians 1:4 before the foundation of
the world God knew he knew it it would take a display of infinite love to
remedy the situation that nothing less than the death of God himself would
avail to pay for the wickedness of sin but the other thing
about this that you learn well there’s no way you’ll ever convince me that a
group of Jewish rabbis contrived to hide a summary of the Christian gospel tucked
away in a genealogy in the Torah no way no way
and yet here it is right they’re staying you see the thing I want to get
across is in your Bible it’s an integrated design every detail is there
deliberately the New Testament is in the Old Testament
concealed there’s an example I’ll show you some others
the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed it works both ways
and we’ll look at a few of those examples so we’re looking at the book of
Genesis here if we study the letter D and I should point out something before
I go further you need to understand that all languages flow towards Jerusalem
nations that are east of Jerusalem go from right to left
not only Hebrew but Arabic Sanskrit you name it all nations west of Jerusalem go
from left to right not only English and German and English Latin of course but
also Cyrillic Greek what-have-you all those that are west go east anyway so they go in
different directions but now here’s the book of Genesis and remember it goes
from right to left and the the most venerated part of the
Old Testament the Tanakh is called the Torah which in Hebrew is four letters
the equivalent of our “T.O.R.H” if you will well it’s interesting if you go to the
first “towe” or T equivalent and then you count 49 7 squared 49 letters and you
come to a “vav” which acts like an O in effect and then you count forty-nine
letters and you come to a “resh” and then count which is like an R and then 49
letters you get to the “hey” and that spells Torah now you say well that’s
kind of an interesting coincidence it happens in 49 letter intervals that it
spells the name of the books of Moses all right that’s kind of a curious
oddity I’m not sure it means anything you go to Exodus and the strange thing that
the same thing happens there’s a “towe” 49 letters to a “vav” 49 letters to a
“resh” and 49 letters to a “hey” and again it spells Torah now it does that a
second time you get a strange feeling someone’s playing games here indeed the
Holy Spirit may be doing this let’s watch and see what happens here the next
book is Leviticus and when you look at it that doesn’t happen and you almost
feel a sense of relief but when you go to the next one numbers you find it
happen but backwards there’s a hey the resh and
a vav and a towe it spells Torah backwards I have no idea how they
discovered this somebody had time on their hands I think you go to
Deuteronomy the same equivalent thing happens so you stand back from all of
this in 49 minutes 7 squared 49 letter sequences you find genesis spelled
right torah spelled right numbers and and Deuteronomy it’s spelled backwards
that’s pretty weird well let’s go back and take a more careful look at the Book
of Leviticus and when we examine that we discover in the Hebrew that at seven
letter intervals it spells yo-dee-hey well pay the unpronounceable
name of God some people call it Yahweh and so that’s interesting you see look
at this whole thing Exodus just ecstasy go forward numbers Deuteronomy backwards
right in the middle you have the name the Torah always points to you have Ave
one of the unpronounceable names of God at you unused of Yehoshua also our Lord
Jesus Christ well let’s enjoy that okay you know
every time I do this I get goosebumps cuz that is so static just see that
there let me show you something that to me is even a bigger surprise
let’s take a look at Genesis chapter 38 now that’s a pretty weird chapter it’s
one that many parents wish wasn’t in the Bible because it’s this sordid story of
Judas sin with Tamar and you know when you study Genesis from 37 to the end is
a fabulous wrap-up of this incredible book and in Genesis 3:7 you have the
beginning of the saga of Joseph who after being a sold by his brothers rises
to become the prime minister of the world incredible saga from 37 to 50 end
of the book chapter 50 but in chapter 38 they insert this story that is a sordid
thing how Judah is tricked in having sex with his daughter-in-law Tamar and then
who gives birth to two son’s out of wedlock and many people
wonder what’s that doing in the Bible and while it’s in there because it’s
part of the Messianic line for a lot of reasons but we won’t get into that here
the real question is why is the Holy Spirit recorded here let me show you
something else about it and this is Genesis thirty-eight again people going
from right to left and it’s interesting that we discover in that text at 49
letter intervals again the name of Boaz that catches our attention then we find
at 49 letter intervals we find the number of root the name of Ruth and Boaz
and Ruth Wow okay what’s going on here and then we find 49 letter intervals
that name Obed and then at 49 letter intervals we find yishay or Jesse as we
would say it and then we find at 49 letter intervals the name of dahveed now
so we have here apparently rather astonishingly we have Boaz Ruth Obed
Jesse and dahveed at 49 letter intervals in chronological order we have the
genealogy of David indeed now realize this is in Genesis long before the after
the books of Moses we have Joshua then we have judges then for Samuel long
before David’s around David’s genealogies plug it we know that God had
planned it to have David as the king from the beginning
Israel is impatient they want a king sir let them have solve for a while to learn
some lessons but David was ordained in Genesis 38 staggering staggering
implication known unto God are all his works from the beginning he alone knows
the end from the beginning he demonstrate that to authenticate that
message that he sent to you it’s in your last it gets better it gets better when did
the flood end we all know about the flood genesis six seven eight flood but
in eighth chapter eight verse four the flood comes to an end okay and we notice
in verse four of Genesis 8 it says the ark the noah’s ark the ark rested the
seventh month on the seventeenth day of the seven of the seventh month the
seventeenth day of the month upon the mountains of Ararat now if you are a
normal well-adjusted Bible reader you go ahead and keep reading but if you’ve
been to one of my Bible studies you are no longer a normal well-adjusted reader
because you remember I told you every detail is there deliberately every
detail every number every place name in the Bible is there on purpose the Holy
Spirit had a purpose in it well why on earth did the Holy Spirit want you to
know that the ark came to rest I mean who cares no it came to rest on the
seventh month 17th day of that month on the mountains of Ararat now for this one
you need to do a little bit of homework you need to understand that the Jews
have two calendars and the Genesis calendar is the one that they celebrate
even to this day the beginning of the year is in the month of Tishri in the
fall and that’s called the head of the year Rosh Hashanah so that’s their civil
calendar what I’ll call the Genesis calendar however they were given in
Exodus 12 the exodus calendar where God tells them to make that month the month
in the Sun in the spring the beginning of their months because that’s where he
establishes Passover and you may recall that indexes Exodus 12 verse 2 God says
this month the Sun shall be unto you the beginning of the months it shall be the
first month of the year unto you so now they got two calendars with two
different beginnings you need just keep them straight and so if you compare
these of course in the Genesis account issues the first month it offends and
then in the Exodus calendar the Sun is the first month which is the seventh
month of the Genesis calendar the Sun is the seventh month of the Genesis
calendar and as the genesis counter that records
the art coming to rest on the 17th day of the seventh month so let’s put this
together Jesus was crucified on Passover the 14th of Nisan how long was Jesus in
the in the tomb anyone for days what three days okay great exactly so that
means he was resurrected on the seventeenth day of Nisan which is the
seventh month of the Genesis Genesis calendar you with me so far you say so
what here’s why do you realize that Noah’s new beginning on the planet Earth
was on the anniversary in advance of our new beginning in Jesus Christ praise God do you get the feeling that God knows
what he’s doing to get the feeling that he’s in control of every detail praise
His Holy Name he’s orchestrating even the flood of Noah and the timing ties
coordinates with the whole Gospel story praise God the more you study your Bible
you’ll discover these connections these coincidences now the rabbi’s will tell
you the coincidence is not a kosher word okay and the old test the New Testament
is in the Old Testament concealed and the Old Testament is in the New
Testament revealed let’s take the brazen serpent I love this one it’s one of the
weirdest stories in the Bible it’s not explaining the brazen serpent it’s the
numbers 21 for those of you want to study it later the people spiked against
God and against Moses and war for you brought us out of Egypt to die the
rulers where there’s no bread there’s no in water my soul low that this light
bread meaning the mana they hated the manna lords and so the Lord sent fiery
serpents among the people that bit the people much afraid they called fire
because the poison stings it burns and so the that bit the people and much
people died from these snake bites and their personnel they’re upset about that
and they repent then the people speak against God
I gotta get the next slide okay therefore the people came to Moses said
we have sinned we have spoken against the Lord and against thee pray unto the
Lord that he may take away the Serpent’s from us so Moses prayed for the people
and God resorts to a most strange remedy here the Lord said unto Moses make me a
fiery Serpent and set it upon a pole and it shall come to pass that everyone is
bitten when he looked at the bonnet shall live Wow
so Moses and Moses made a serpent of brass put it on a pole up on a hill and
it came to pass that if a serpent had bitten any man when he beheld the
serpent of brass he lived so God set it up so here’s this brass serpent on a
pole up on the hill somewhere and up a copper bronze I won’t get into the brass
issue right now but what why is God doing this there’s no explanation we
take a look a serpent is what a figure of evil or sin isn’t it and that a brass
by brass that’s the metal that could sustain fire so it symbolizes judgment
is this an idiom for judgment you can search the entire Old Testament and
never have this explained very is a wood come on it’s it is a pretty strange
remedy that God set up here to heal if he’s gonna heal these people why didn’t
do it that way he chose to do it that way and they did in fact this particular
remedy creates a problem because that brace brazen serpent becomes an idol to
worship many centuries later King Hezekiah discovers they’re there they’re
praying to this he destroys it in 2nd Kings 18 as a kind of doing what’s right
before the Lord according all history but his father David he removed the high
places broke the images cut down the girls were in all that and and forth
under those days the children ISM did burn incense to it that is the the
brazen serpent that Moses made he called it an accursed farm which means a thing
of brass and he destroys it but they never explained why did God do it that
way there’s no evidence of that in fact this becomes the symbol of the
medical profession it leads to a legend called the Escalade pious and the rod of
Asclepius was used that legend has its roots of course in numbers 21 now in
America they have a way of messing things up you know they thought gee two
serpents look a little more symmetrical so they not undo sis which is that wand
of Hermes which is the symbol of merchandising so when you see a American
doctor with his car on a unlicensed plate with a caduceus it’s that you can
know he’s going to charge it too much you’re saying now these things happened
as examples the scripture tells us what sort of things are written aforetime
were written for our learning that we through the comfort the Scriptures might
have hope they’re written for our admonition and so on and so so let’s
move on here let’s see it isn’t until you get to the New Testament and you’re
in the Gospel of John and Nicodemus the leader the leading teacher in that
region came to Jesus and Jesus explains it to him then John 3 verse 14 Jesus as
Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man
be lifted up that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal
life now the it’s astonishing to me to
realize that that’s the first place in the Bible that’s peculiar event of
numbers 21 is explained and then you suddenly realize that that’s why God had
this serpent in the wilderness as an indicator as a foreshadowing of the
cross deliberately in advance did the people of Israel understand that I doubt
it but God planted it there to be assigned to us because it leads to the
most well-known verse in the entire Bible verse 16 of John 3 for God so
loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in
him should not perish but have everlasting life
praise God okay so if this is one of these things in in in in Gentile terms
prophesies of prediction and fulfillment prediction fulfillment in the Hebrew
mind prophecy is pattern all through the scripture you see pattern setup that are
four that are predictions and the numbers 21 the brazen serpent is a
prediction of the cross interestingly enough Socrates was recorded as saying
it may be that deity can forgive sins but I do not see how it’s interesting
this guy had the perception to understand the problem how can the deity
be righteous at the same time forgive sins what’s the key he saw the
contradiction I can’t see how it Dini can forgive sins he never occurred in
that the deity might offer himself to be the payment for those sins he understood
the problem for more clearly than most people made and yet he didn’t see the
solution to it because he Paul tells us in the second Corinthian letter chapter
5 verse 21 speaking of Jesus for he hath made him to be sin for us who knew no
sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in him you and I
have no capacity to imagine what it means to have a holy God who’s pure
unspoiled made sin for us we can’t imagine with that embraces he may have
made him to be sin for us integrate design the New Testament is in the Old
Testament concealed and the Old Testament is the New Testament real it’s
a single 66 book penned by 40 different guys over almost 2,000 years
that’s an integrated design you can’t prove the Bible yes you can you can
prove it’s that you can demonstrate its integrity and you can see where who it
points to how it Afeni Cates Christ and then how Christ
Afeni Cates the whole package but let’s take another glimpse of surprises that
might be in the Bible I always say that everything in there is there
deliberately by design people challengeable what about numbers too how
are you gonna make of that numbers – that’s all these weird numbers that that
what may what might be hidden behind the numbers and details of the camp of
Israel here let’s describe Jesus said the volume of the book is written to me
you need to discover for yourself that Jesus Christ is on every page of the
Bible not just the New Testament and so in numbers chapter 2 we have the
listings of all the twelve tribes of Israel
you have Judah Issachar and Zebulun then you have Reuben Simeon and GAD and then
you have a frien Manasseh and Benjamin and finally of course you have Dan a
sure enough Holly now you realize there are 13 tribes by the way don’t get
confused they always speak of 12 tribes but they cheat because if you want all
12 they all of them you want to call it 12 you take Joe Joseph and lump it
together if you want to take one out for some reason dan for one reason or Levi
for another you can still have 12 left over like taking Joseph and splitting
them into two once you realize the game they’re playing you’ll realize why they
always have 12 whether or not Levi’s included he doesn’t go to the line of
march in battle so you still have 12 going to battle and there’s their list
of 20 times in the Old Testament always a different order but it’s always a
subset of the of the 13 but anyway moving on here so we also learn from
numbers 2 that these twelve tribes camped in four camps the first three
Judah Issachar and Zebulun camped under the incent of Judah as the camp of Judah
to Reuben sibian GAD camped under the camp of Reuben Ephraim Manasseh and
Ethan under the ensign of Ephraim and Dan and Naphtali under Dan and so they
have four camps now the Levites are camped in the middle they set out an
area where they set up the tabernacle in the middle of their area and the
doorways always to the east and that’s where Moses and the priests were camped
and then the the gershonites Goa fights and Mara writes camped around the
tabernacle but the whole area was the area aside the Levites I don’t know how
big it was but it’s going to be the basic unit we’re going to deal with here
the camps of Aliyah why because we’re going to discover that
the rabbi’s work very hard they give them credit they really worked hard to
fulfill the law as precisely as they understood it the Rabbinical precision
the camp of Judah is instructed to camp east of the Levites fair enough
camp of Reuben was the south of the Levites no problem but that means that
no one can camp southeast because that’s neither south nor East so that’s the
vacant area apparently only cardinal directions were ordained in the law and
the width of the camp it would be as wide as the Levites camp and still
conform but not larger than that so it would go as long as they needed to for
the population okay let’s take a look at this here so we have the camp that we
have the 22,000 or so of the the Levites in the middle and we have the camp of
Judah to the east its ensign was of course the Lion of the tribe of Judah
and so those three tribes assigned to Judah would be encamped to the east no
problem there Reuben was to be to the south his ensign
was a symbol of the man and they camped to the south and only to the south and
then we have no one in the southeast you understand nor nor the south west
northwest northeast those are vacant ok Ephraim is to the west and his symbol is
ensign was the Ox and the three camps that make up the camp the three groups
the three tribes that make up the camp a camp to the west and then we have Dan
and his symbol was the Eagle now you wonder wait a minute
I remember Genesis 49 his ensign was a serpent except a he’s er the head of
that tribe it was uncomfortable with that
so we discover that what he does he adopts an eagle with a snake in its
mouth as his ensign and that’s where Dan picks up the Eagle as is a more
comfortable ensign than the serpent for obvious reasons and so we be that as it
may we now have the fourth now what we need to do is figure out the of the
populations Judah is the largest with 186 thousand Ephraim to the west is only
a hundred eight the smallest the other two are about the same
let’s I want to show you an aerial picture that’s in your Bible that we’ve
just constructed here for you it’s the same thing that Balak our to Balaam when
he was on the hill cursing Israel as he looked down what he
saw and that’s what he saw that’s an aerial view of the camp of
Israel this is in the Old Testament this is in numbers – staggering isn’t it when
you restart putting it together it’s even deeper than that it would appear at
the first time because it also becomes a model of the throne of God because we
have the three faces of the cherubim the man the ox the ego in the lion portrayed
here that are in all the visions of the throne of God whether located Isaiah 6
or zekiel 10 or revelation 4 we see the same four names we discover the design
of the four Gospels in the New Testament Matthew Mark Luke and John present Jesus
the Messiah in the one case the server and the other the Son of Man the
humanity by Luke in John the son of God they have a genealogy appropriate to
their mission each one except mark mark has no genealogy because he no one’s
concerned about the pedigree of a servant Matthew because he’s dealing
with a Jewish thing starts with the first Jew Abraham and takes the legal
line Luke was a Gentile and a doctor he takes his genealogy from Adam and goes
down the bloodline a different genealogy Mary’s genealogy is not the same as
Joseph Matthew has Joseph’s geology Luke has Mary’s and it’s a very interesting
study and John of course has a genealogy but we don’t recognize this because it’s
the genealogy of the pre-existent one the first three verses of the Gospel of
John was it better to talk to Matthew to speaks of what Jesus said servant to
mark what he did Luke what he felt his humanity and John who he actually was
and we have that one is written to the Jew the Roman the Greek of the church
defending and we also have the first miracle in each one supporting that
particular design all the way through and they have the same proper ending
Matthew being Jewish ends with resurrection mark is writing he speaks
to the Gentile so he’s talking about the Ascension Luke’s talks about the promise
of the Spirit setting up the sequel Luke vol 2 which
we know is the book of Acts and John sets up his sequel which of course is
the book of Revelation the promise of his return so that’s what we have this
represented these representations are by those same four phases the lion the Ox
the man and the eagle and that’s why we see the ensign of Judea Fryman Ruben and
Dan in that order on the east west south and north side now I don’t have to make
a big thing of this but if you start studying your Gospels you begin to
discover that they also are designed in some amazing ways again the New
Testament is in the Old Testament concealed and the Old Testament is the
New Testament revealed something I haven’t come out of the scientific
community for most of my career I am continually stunned by the technology
that is anticipated in the Bible our most advanced weapons technology bullets
that can’t miss cruise missiles that can’t miss are described in Jeremiah and
elsewhere the fact that man can wipe himself out with his weapons if
something didn’t make sense in earlier years and today’s technology the world
worries about the fact that man can very easily do that and medical hygiene has
its own history in the scripture circumcision there’s no way you’ll
convince me that Moses knew that you circumcised a baby on the eighth day
that he learned that by trial and error not like so no God told him that we now
know medically that is the optimum time if you’re going to circumcise you do it
on the eighth day for a lot of reasons Matthew Fontaine Mauri read in Psalm
eight that there are pathways in the sea and he dedicate his life to finding them
and he’s recognized worldwide as the father of Oceanography and of course the
round earth is all through their subatomic particles are anticipated the
meteorological cycles anticipated global TV Jesus says when you see the
abomination of desolation stand in the Holy Place Holy Place the Holy of Holies
how can the world see what’s going on in the Holy of Holies a place that only the
high priests and gold only once a year after great prep
there’s something going on there everybody’s going to watch how they’re
going to do that on CNN of course an electronic friends funds transfer we all
talked about the six six Sigma and all that stuff the other thing that you may
not know but we need to pay attention to the physics world the scientific world
is very were very worried about the fact that the constants of physics are
changing and that’s disturbing many and they are light speed of light has been
slowing down the other chain constants are looking at searching every in
Scientific American in June of 2005 they had an article which points out that if
the constants are changing and they are that implies that the reality what we
think of as reality is but a shadow of a larger reality no kidding Dick Tracy
that’s what that’s what the Bible has been saying all along in Hebrews 11:3
versus Corinthians 15 that we live in Florida the Hebrew sage North monetise
in the 12 and 13th century discovered by looking at Genesis that we live in ten
dimensions for directly discernible six are only infer them we could not know
not knowable in his vocabulary and now we spent hundreds of billions of dollars
on atomic accelerators to learn what dock manatees inferred from the text of
Genesis that we live in ten is the current estimate for directly the
perceptible three spatial and time and then six that are inferable and being
hunted by these accelerators we have boundaries to reality we know now if we
if I use da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is a symbol representing man’s reach that
which is larger than man that size increases to the right amount of the
diagram things that are larger than man we call the macrocosm and that leads us
into the fields of astronomy and astrophysics and the great discovery of
those Sciences in the 20th century is that the universe is finite it may be
expanding but it’s finite not infinite staggering that’s what leads to the Big
Bang just conjectures and other things if we go the other way things that are
smaller than those calling that the microcosm that leads us into quantum
physics in subatomic particles and the more most astonishing
discoveries there are simply that there’s a limit to smallness so if
things get so small you can’t divide them anymore
even conceptually if you try to divide a subatomic particle it ceases to have a
property called locality it’s everywhere in the universe at one time shattering
shattering discovery so what that really means is we live in a digital virtual
simulation a virtual reality there’s a limit to smallest and a limit of
largeness we are bounded in a digital virtual reality it’s very very elaborate
electronic game if you want to look at it that way it is set inside a larger
context for lack of another term we call the meta Kazem that’s the domain of
angels that’s the domain of the demons and what have you it’s these things that
we are experiencing and measuring our transdimensional that’s what leads to
the confusion in the UFO area and so on and I won’t go to that here but the real
point is the assessment is that our universe is but a shadow of a large
reality that’s what the Bible’s been saying all along and it proves its
origin from being that from coming in from that region so I want to give you a
challenge before we leave here and I want you to if you accept what I put on
the screen you’ve flunked the course I’m putting it on there sincerely not
hypocritically I really believe it but if you accept what I put on the screen
next you flunk and I believe that you and I are being plunged into a period of
time about which the bible says more than it does about any other period of
time in human history including the time the Jesus walked the shores of Galilee
or climbing the mountains ageia now that’s a preposterous statement that you
and I are moving into a period of time about the Bible says more than it does
the gospel period absolutely absolutely now how do you don’t accept that I want
you to challenge that that’s preposterous how do you challenge you
got to do two things the first thing you got to do is you got to find out what
the Bible really says that’s too important to try to delegate to anyone
else you need to do it yourself your eternity depends on it now in our unique
environment day that’s easier to do that this parts easy because the Word of God
is more available today than it’s ever been in human history you do not have to
know Hebrew agreed to go to the original language you can do with a click of your
mouse and a pop-up will tell you exactly what that word really was originally in
what it means the software for doing all that is free of charge if you haven’t
discovered the blue letter Bible or similar kinds of things
you’re in for a pleasant discovery and these advanced information appliances we
have many people carry around six or seven book Bibles in their telephone and
what have you and the internet you can find out anything on the internet that
all of man’s knowledge is a few clicks away all of man’s knowledge is a few
clicks away and of course the role of small in my 65 years of Bible study the
one place that I see people grow is in small groups that’s what makes this
fellowship so dear to our staff because it’s the one place we’ve seen it done
right small groups and focusing on making disciples praise God but that
leads you to the second part of your challenge knowing your Bible isn’t
sufficient it is for your cell salvation don’t misunderstand me but it’s not
sufficiently out of perspective what you also need to do is find out what’s
really going on and Pilate asked what is truth you need to ask the same question
you and I live in the age of deceit the news media your schools even your legal
system almost everything every place you look you see corruptions the information
that is biased that’s twisted fish designed to deceive you need to be able
to cut through that now here’s the point the more you know about the biblical
scenario and the more you know about what’s really going on in the
geopolitical and technology worlds the more you see the convergence clearly you
and I are being propelled into a period of the Bible calls the end times we
really are I’m not setting dates don’t misunderstand me but clearly we should
be living our lives by prioritizing our posture with respect to our coming King
because the king is coming and there is we have a window of opportunity I don’t
know where there’s days weeks or months or even some
I don’t know but I know it’s coming soon and it’s gonna impact every one of us
and so we’re so with that you need an action plan what is God calling you to
do I’m assuming if asked you are you saved all the heads will go up but I
have a different question do you know what your calling is you know what God
has called you to do I know one thing is once each of us me included
none of it God is not finished with any of us in this room me included we each
need to raise the bar on a personal walk with him and I mean it may involve many
things but it’s certainly going to include committing yourself to a
systematic program to really learn your Bible and my main motive this morning
was to stimulate enough to realize there are discoveries there that are thrilling
and exciting and they’re available to everyone and you can do that as a family
by the way you can even do it in such a way that your kids will get university
credit for doing so but whatever you’re going to do do it now if you come here
this morning hearing it to enjoy a nice service and hear some things fine but it
should result in a change in your personal priorities about him is the
point so and all of this if you want double back on it is going to be on the
on the internet both by this church and also we have a website ki trust org wwk
I trust not org all this stuff will be streamed free of charge you can take a
look at it and try to sift it out with a little more leisurely even cramming it
in here and in this window and with all that let’s bow our hearts in a word of
Prayer father we thank you for this opportunity we thank you that we’re all
here by your divine appointment we understand far there are no accidents
that we’re here by your divided place so it’s our prayer father that your purpose
be accomplished in each of our lives that each of us would better understand
what you would have in response from us as we this morning commit ourselves into
your hands in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach the Lord Jesus Christ our
Messiah our Redeemer our coming King in amen

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