Scott Morrison discusses freedom of religion during Hillsong conference

is a brilliant efficiency this country emotionally particularly Australia is a free country there's nothing more fundamental than the freedom of belief whatever that belief might be when you have one we know there might be of a different religion there might be a different faith with the freedom is so important and that makes a big narration that needs to be protected but what this country and I remember us going between the stories about the missionaries in Soviet Russia and when they were Christians under persecution he didn't hear the stories that were complaining about their rights I would just love him in those situations and I were out there for God anything that was their response this country needs more love misjudgment I do that this is one of the things that I feel passionate that's it suffers with the fountain Tory's again talking about the first of each other gauge and in of course we'll do what we must do from a legislative in the ball but what I think is great and I want to thank everyone doesn't matter how you buddy as Bronson was I want to thank everyone here outside of here for their prints it didn't matter where Jimmy and I went the country someone come up to us and they talk about had that been praying for his people fasting for us what what all that balls down to to know I think isn't a culture in this country it's not the laws that makes freedom privileged it's the culture that exception so I speak about my faith in the journey because I what everyone in this place feel comfortable about talking their faith in this country you [Applause]

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