Sci-Fi Short Film “Souls Of Totality” | Presented by DUST

– Sh. Hey. You hear that? – Yeah. Sounds like drumming. – They say it scares away the darkness. Otherwise the eclipse will never end. So, come on, what else? – White guys with dreadlocks. (Laughter) – That is the worst. – Period cramps. (Groans) – I can’t even imagine. Get rid of the fuckers. – We should go, we
should go, we should go. – No, come on. Tell me, what else? What else are you going to miss? Not miss? Tell me. – We have to go. Okay, fine. Politics. (kiss) Flossing. (hums in agreement) Ear pimples. – Oh my god! (Laughter) They hurt so much! – Yeah. Uh, shoveling pig shit. – Uh-huh. – SUV’s. The word SolarFest. (Laughter) Uh, Guy Nine’s dad jokes. – Yeah. – Selfies. My parents. Regrets. Necco Wafers. – Oh! Wow, wow, wow! Now, stop! You’re just saying things to upset me. You’re listing all my favorite things. – You’ve never met my parents. – Yeah, that’s true, but
Necco Wafers are like my favorite food. – Seriously? – Yeah, they’re going to (mumbles). – They’re like the worst candy! – Uh-huh – Everybody knows that
they’re pretty much a by-product of making paper, I think. – Now, that’s the whole point. They’re like fiercely great, right? They’re like some kind of, I
don’t know, alien delicacy. (groans) – You have terrible taste. – Can’t help it. Yeah, I know. The sign. – Bye, bus. – Bye, bus. (door is closed and locked) So, come on. Hit me. What’s your exit item? I want to know so I can rip it to shreds. – I don’t have one. Nothing. – Seriously, you’re not going
to miss anything at all? Nothing? – Nothing. At all. (piano) (creaky door is opened) – I miss you already. – See you in like ten minutes. – Yeah, well, feels like forever. Hey. – What? (thuds against the door) (eerie music) – Hell of a day, huh? – Hell of a day. (mumbled chatter and exclaiming) Thirteen, what do you want? – Scotch. – Scotch, you got it. What kind? – Lagavulin. – Alright. – Thank you. – What do you want? – A Kombucha, please. – A Kombucha. Okay, hey! What do you want before you go? – Lucky Strikes, unfiltered. – Okay. Hey what do you want? – Uh, can you get me some (mumbles). – Um, I don’t think so. – Uh, just a Diet Coke, then. – Do want a regular Coke,
you know, considering. – No, I like Diet. – Diet Coke. – Twelve, check it out. – I can’t believe she’s Chosen. Can you imagine starting all over? – I heard the next Gate is in Detroit. – Jesus, sucks. – Yeah, she’s fucking hardcore. She’ll be fine. – I know, but still, I feel bad. – Do you think she was scared? (clanking) (eerie music) (thudding and rumbling) – As of this moment, you are
the most important person in the world. If you’re hearing this, you
have been chosen to stay behind and Shepherd the
next family of souls. I know what you’re feeling. During your time on this
Earth, you’ve grown to love your chosen family. I did, too. It’s not easy to shrug of these
connections, but you must. You must let them go. Don’t make this harder than it already is. This is bigger than you. Than any of us. – Thousands of lineages. (mumbling and chaotic thought) (loud music) – You’re going to town with him. Think he needs the help. Now. One hour. (crow cawing) – Don’t forget my Twinkies. (slow drum thudding) (drumming becomes louder) (loud city talking) (radio) – Hey, come on. Come on, you ready. Salted. (phone ringing) (radio overhead) (sigh) – We going to talk? – No. – You might not see it now,
but it’s an honor to be chosen. – Honor? It’s a punishment. Maybe he knows about us. Or me. Maybe I’m not pure enough. (quiet drumming) Enough with the fucking drumming! (loud intense drumming) (heavy breathing) – Look, I know it’s scary. – You have no idea. You have no idea what the world is like. You’ve lived here your whole life. – I know, you’re right. You were chosen because
you are a survivor. You’re braver and you’re smarter. – I’m not. – You are. – What if I’m not? – Tell me what I can do. What can I do? Tell me. – Just… – What? – You’re late. – It was crazy out there. What were you going to say? – Come on. (cheery singing) – It’s time. You’re going to be great. (car starting) – This is bigger than you, than any of us. For thousands of years, eclipses have been misinterpreted by man. The word itself, ‘eclipse,’
means to abandon. As in our light, life-giver,
God, has abandoned us in the shadow. But the sun and moon
are like a lock and key. While they remain apart,
they are meaningless. Just lost stars and rocks
circling empty space. But when they align, they open a door to
another plane of existence. So do not weep for us. For it is love, pure love, that drives us. And it is with joy that we depart. And as you embark on this
journey, you will feel alone. But you have not been abandoned. As a Soul of Totality, you
will always be part of the whole of something. Remember what you’ve learned. The universe is always talking to you. You just have to make
sure you’re listening. (slow, suspenseful drumming) (car door opening) (heavy drumming) (heavy breathing) (moaning) (heavy breathing) – No! No! (drumming intensifies) (heavy breathing) (crying) – (mumbled) What were you going to say!? (mumbled) What were you going to say!? What were you going to say? (heavy breathing) – Stay. (heavy breathing) (happy music) (laughter) (fast paced violin)

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