SB001 What Is Skeptical Buddhism

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  • blackcherries4rings says:

    It reveals a misunderstanding to declare that skeptical Buddhism, uniquely among religions, asks of one to test every idea or element of dharma, while all other religions demand faith as a starting point. This claim simply confuses the original teacher with the derived centuries of dogma which have been interpreted. In John 1:39 "Come and See", we find the exact same injunction, or if you like suggested approach. All esoteric traditions which are not corrupted insist upon individual testing.

  • justalittledust says:

    @blackcherries4rings. Yes, it would be a misunderstanding, had I actually said that Skeptical Buddhism is unique in asking one to test every element of dharma.

  • fmiscuses m says:

    "Canon" it's spelled "c-a-n-o-n"…with just one "n" in the middle instead of the two n used for the big gun.
    I stopped watching right there.

  • Fontoflife says:

    Great video Star.  I like it.  Not too sure about "Skepticism" these days, but as a Taoist I can definitely go along with Skeptical Buddhism's try-things-out attitude towards life.  Very similar to my own approach about "seeing things for yourself." and what I gather of Casey Kochmer's Personal Tao.  Anyway, loved your video here.  Thanks for sharing it.  Best!

  • Justin Rogalinski says:


  • Justin Rogalinski says:

    Your really smart

  • laapasakuna says:

    Why should one resort to "skeptical Buddhism" rather than just to Buddhism?

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