San Josemaría, fundador del Opus Dei: “San José, padre del Señor”

“St. Joseph, God’s father” Could you speak to us a bit about devotion to St. Joseph? St. Joseph, my son, is the most exalted creature, the most exalted human person after Mary. It doesn’t matter that our Lord also exalted John the Baptist; There is no contradiction. Love him a lot. That’s why we love him so much in Opus Dei, because God chose him from all eternity to take the place of a father for him. He sought a young, strong man, handsome in soul and in body, excelling in all moral qualities, a hard worker, who did not consider it degrading, being of royal blood to dedicate his hands to daily work, and who taught Jesus so many things, and protected him while he was a child. In the breviary and in the readings that the Church recommends for before and after the celebration of the Mass, there are some prayers that speak of St. Joseph’s love for the Child: how he embraced him, and kissed him…. As you do with your children. Are you the father of a family? Yes, Father. God bless you, my son. Look at your wife’s tenderness, and your own. Look at St. Joseph. How can we fail to love him, since we want to have interior life. Interior life is personal contact with Mary and with Jesus, with God and with the Mother of God. Who was closer to God and the Mother of God than Joseph, the Holy Patriarch? No one. That’s why we love him so much and we go to him. And also, because his intercession is very powerful. Are you convinced? Yes, Father, thank you.

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