Salvation By Works (Christian Film) CAMEROONIAN movie 2015

In the beginning God created
the Heaven and the Earth. God said… let us make man in our image, after our likeness… and let them have dominion
over the fish of the sea… and over the fowl of the air… and over the cattle,
and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing
that creepeth upon the earth. When Adam and Eve sinned, the Lord God sent them out
from the Garden of Eden… to work the ground from
which he was taken. Man was separated from God, and every inclination of the thoughts
of the human heart… has only been evil. God, out of his love and justice, chose to send forth his son Jesus, into the world to die
for the sins of mankind… that whoever believes
in him shall not perish… but have eternal life. Mr. Clement is known to be a Christian. He is married to Angela kanni… …with a daughter Esther Kanni, and a son Jude Kanni. He lives with a brother Joel… and a housemate Susan. A happy home with an unborn child. What happened with his
concept of God and eternal life? Ahh, as for the door, the man tried… Ahh…this is a solid door, This is how a door is supposed
to be in God’s house. This, very wonderful work. It’s Great. – Good evening Elder.
– Ahh Madame, good evening. – Good evening, am happy to see you.
– You are welcome. I came to look for the Pastor,
unfortunately he is not around. Thank God i met you. Since the day my husband died,
things have not been moving. We have been leaving from hand to mouth,
i’ve been struggling with the children. The small business that i have been
managing in town, is no longer moving, so i’ve decided to close it, and tomorrow my children are going in
for their final exams… there is no way for me to pay their fees. – Elder, i came to see the Pastor.
– Ok Dead… dead is wicked. Your husband died since
fifteen years ago, right? You are right. So i don’t know where to start,
so i really need prayers… I need prayers, Elder Well, Madame… maybe this, can help you. – Thank you so much, God bless you…
-To God be the glory. – May God replenish your source.
-To God be the glory, to God be the glory. – Ok, bye bye, we will meet again, bye bye.
– May God bless you. Thank you Elder, thank you Elder. Good afternoon sister Angela. What is good about the afternoon? – By the way, you even called me Angela.
– Good afternoon sister Angela. What happened to sweetheart?
What happened to honey? I just want to…
I have just come to inform you that, My decisions are final. See… i am the one
getting married to you. So i have taking the decision that, we are getting wedding
in Bamenda not in Buea. – Here in Bamenda.
– Why, why? Because, it will be very difficult for me to transport my parents
from here to Buea and back For what?
My family is also there, my friends are also there,
we are getting married in Buea – Thats my decision, it is final…
– I am the husband we are not… We are not getting married in Bamenda,
i have told you. – I have made my decision…
– It cannot work. we are not getting married… – Look at me something. Good morning. Good morning, how can i help you? Please, we are here to see Mr. Clement. Are you on schedule with him? No, not actually… is that we have an important meeting,
that we have to… that we have to… discuss with him. Alright, you can come in. Ahh Sam. – Good morning Elder.
– You are welcome. – David…how are you today?
– Good morning Elder. – Fine
– You are all welcome. Ahh, this match was still going on? It’s long Sam, you have not been here. Is that, we had alot of things to do Sir. Wow…what can I do
to you guys today? Sir, we are all witnesses of what
the Lord has been using you to do… …in the church and in
the community as a whole. Sir, we are also in that same line
of communicating God’s word to people. But sir, we cannot do so effectively
because we are not trained. Sir, I do not think you will be sick
and go to the hospital, when the doctor is only inspired
by the Holy Spirit and not trained. I don’t think so Sir. You are right, It can’t be so. No one on earth born by
a woman, can do such a thing. We need trained people, to do the work. That’s why we have come to seek
assistance from you, to study in the seminary. We don’t want to do
God’s work as charlatans, but we want to do it as trained Pastors. Wow…You people have challenged me. Alright, you may pass
through my office tomorrow. Let me see what i can do to you guys. Wow…thank you Sir. Okay. Okay, we will also be on our way Sir. Okay. – You can have this for your transportation.
– Thank you Sir. Thank you Sir. Meet you as we have promised. Alright Sir. Good morning. Wow…You are big now. Big? No daddy am not big,
am still a child. See…am waiting for that day,
that one young man will come in here… and will wrest your hand away. Daddy… I mean, I’m praying… that God should keep me alive. and i will spoil you on your wedding day. That’s why i say, you are big
and you are beautiful. – Honey, here are your keys.
– Oh, thank you. – Ready to go?
– Ready to go. Have a blessed day. – Thank you.
– Okay. – And have a great day.
– Same with you. Remember to keep me, in fact to keep us some very nice things
on your way back. I will do, trust me. Doctor, Doctor, my husband was rushed here. – Who is your husband Madame?
– Mr. Clement. – Sorry Ma.
– How is the situation? – We tried our best Ma.
– Try? No Doctor… – We tried our best Ma.
– No… No… why? Take heart, take heart, Take heart, you hear?
please take heart. Daddy why? Just two days, two days after having our graduation… from the seminary. Mr. Clement could not just wait, to see us ministering
in church for the first time. Dead is wicked, wicked my brother. Dead! I believe, just God alone knows why. God alone knows why. …Pastor Sam, I was up to his house,
so I can sympathize with his family. I don’t know if you would like to join me. I think, that’s the best thing
we could do for now. – Okay, let’s go. Good afternoon ehh… Pastor. Yaa… good afternoon Elder. Pastor?…is it true that Elder Clement is just…
is gone, Just like that? – Just like that Elder.
– What? is too difficult, I cannot understand. Is it true? Dead is a road to everybody, so prepare for you do not know
the hour which dead will knock at our doors. Actually, the news is really
shocking to… to me. I called you people to come,
so that, we can go to the house and be a source of comfort to the wife. Actually, i was heading to the hospital
to see what is happening there and to talk with the family… to see how the funeral service is going to look like. So, we the church, we have to… be behind… our sister. I don’t know what you people are doing now,
so that we can be able to go to his house. You are right, actually. We should go together. – No, its ok.
– We go together, We go together. We can go together. Daddy why? Daddy why? You always challenge me
with your results… each time… you… you bring home this results,
I am very happy. Daddy why? And i promise you, keep up… and i will take you to any
level in education that you want. Thank you very much daddy. I promise, i will do my best. God, be in control. It cant be true. Mummy please… Mummy what is wrong?
please stop crying. Son, It can’t be, it can’t be. Mummy stop crying. it can’t be, it can’t be. I cannot accept this. It is a great loss… for us… that Mr. Clement Kanni, is no more with us today. He was a very important personality… in the community, and more especially… in the house of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church… it is the way it is today, is thanks to people… like Mr. Clement, who sacrificed… his finances, to build… the church of worship… to the almighty God. No one can doubt the fact that,
he was a good man. He took very good care
of widows and orphans. He even sent
many children to the seminary, especially Brother David
and Brother Sam beside me here and many others into the university. He made their dreams to become true. What a wonderful man. Brother… may your soul… rest in peace. But… I will like you to reflect… have a moment of reflection,
think about your own life. What have you done
with the massage of the cross? The Bible says…for all have sinned
and fallen short of the glory of God, There is none who is not a sinner. Everybody is a sinner
and is in need of a savior. Thank God… Brother Clement, confessed Jesus Christ
as his Lord and savior… right there in the office, five years ago. That is why I can stand here and say, he is with the lord. I don’t know if you want
to pay for your sins, or you want Jesus Christ to step in and rescue you… in that dungeon of sin. For salvation, is by grace through faith
in Christ Jesus alone, it is not by works
so that no one should boast, its only Jesus… alone, that can rescue you… from your sins. I will like to call upon… the wife, to say a word. …Clement, you have killed me… Clement… What will i tell this baby
when the time comes…? I will also like to call upon the daughter…
to say a word. Daddy why?… Daddy why did you have to
leave us just like that? No Daddy, no… Daddy, you said you will wait… and live to see me get married… Daddy you promised to be there… I will also like to call for the brother, to say a word. Brother, Brother… Brother you promised me, Brother… Brother, you said you will stay
until i become what you wanted me to be, now that you are gone… who will push me to that level Brother… Brother why? Brother why?… I will like to call for the father…
to say a word. Clement… you said… here you are,
you said you will buy me a car, but you didn’t. You said you will roof the house,
but you didn’t. You have left your children behind with me… Clement… Beloved… I will like us to give
a moment of silence, to our brother… Clement. Clement… Clement, Clement… You are dead. What is going on here? Who are you and
what do you want from me? I have come to take
you home, ha ha ha ha… Take me home!!! No doubt you are called
the father of all lies. Hell is not my potion. I bind you in Jesus’ name. Out of here in Jesus’ name. Do you want to challenge me boy? Before you were born, I was. If I am a lair, then you are the son of a liar… because you have
been living… in deception. What do you mean? Don’t you know I am redeemed… and sanctified… by the blood of the lamb? Hahh…
redeemed and sanctified indeed. You claim to know God,
but by your actions you denied him. You are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good. You talk about works? ha ha ha ha… the Bible says, you are limited. Let me tell you more about
my heavenly investments. I am an elder in my church.
I built the church single handedly. I have sent many young men
and women into the seminary, many widows and orphans… have something to eat because of me. Moreover, I have been faithful in my giving. I’ve gone above tithing…
on to grace giving. That is why… I tell you Satan… I’m a candidate for Heaven. Have you forgotten… that you have been hiding secrets? Look at the way you died… no one knew,
you were addicted to alcohol. Okay… have you forgotten that you slept
with the appointed deacons’ daughter? and you know what the Bible says
in 1st Corinthians, chapter 6, verse 18. As i see it, your fiance is… doing like that because
he doesn’t know that, there are better people
outside here, like us… who can take good care
of… people like you. You took advantage
of Sister Angela’s situation, and you slept with her. When she came complaining to you,
of what her fiance did to her. Again, you know what the Bible says… in Matthews chapter 5,
from verse 27 to 28. Mr. Clement… you taught you could challenge me. Let me remind you of what you did
before becoming an elder… in your church. No no no, don’t do that to me. No Don’t do that to me. You see… you… are… a… sinner! No! not a sinner. Yes! Jesus paid it all… on the cross at Calvary. Now, I am a born again child of God. No weapon… fashioned against me, – shall prosper.
– Yes! He paid it all,
but you knew the salvation message. You prayed the sinners prayer but you did not leave the life
that qualified your confession. By their fruit you shall know, not by their gifts and deeds. Ohh… I am finished. I’m finished! – But, no!
– Let me repeat…By their fruit you shall know, but not by their gifts and deeds. But the Bible says… in first John 1, verse 9: that if I confess my sins… God will forgive me all my sins. Yes…you are right… But let me continue
from where you have ended. 1 John… chapter 3, verse 8: he who does what is sinful
is of the devil. Verse 6: no one who leaves in him
keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him. Even when you sinned, you did not confess it. you took the liberty in Christ, for a license to sin. And above all, you suppress the truth of God
in your heart. Please… give me 5 minutes,
give me 5 minutes! Ha Ha Ha… Ok! but that won’t change anything. I was a committed member
in my church, but I was not living
in obedience to God’s word. I thought that… money… and good deeds… could pay for my salvation. but I now know that only
salvation in Christ Jesus… can take me to Heaven, but I have missed it…
ohh i have missed it. I have missed it. Please Satan, let me talk to my wife. She’s just like me. Haven’t you read… . that there is no connection
with the living. Just remember the story… of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke. Why do you now care for them? When you took good care of others, and did not take of your family. And the Bible says… he who does not take care of his house,
is worse than an unbeliever. Look at your father, all that you have given him… are promises. You said you will buy me a car,
but you didn’t. Your time is up! Come with me, to your final destination. It is time for you to go home, ha ha ha… My brothers and sisters… please do not make
the same mistakes I have made. Salvation is only in Christ alone… and nobody else. Hell is real. Your concept about God
makes no impact, if it is not from the Bible. Ahh…Dead, dead is wicked! We may now go… and bury him.

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