SACRED GAMES | Season 2 | Saif Ali Khan | Nawazuddin Siddiqui | Kalki Koechlin | Trailer Reaction!

hello people I am Jabba Kawai joined by a char Kirk hello it is close to midnight and a char has agreed to stay late here so that we can look at one more trailer sacred games season 2 this is from Netflix India and it is a trailer that both Achara and I have been looking forward to for a while no more teasers just give us the trailer in fact screw that just give us the show just kidding everything comes out August 15 oh my gosh so we got sajo we got mission what's the mission Mongol sorry the names of fresh my mind and then now sager game season 2 yeah happy Independence Day we're not gonna get any sleep on that day so anyway here we go let's check this out funky determine me upon caucus meeting was pretty cocky Junko Athan hiroshima nagasaki don't give Adam a Patania like Arama greatest allergy just about believe on dinner yeah oMG I blinked at the moment when you were like wow cuz my contact lenses got dry and I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open and then the moment I blink to the mouth like moisture and then you really I don't know you missed I don't know anyway no dramatic jeez I thought I thought sacred games was dramatic I'm always so dry sorry Yami obviously I'm very excited by this trailer I'm very excited to watch the show it's been it feels like it's been forever since season 1 I said yeah it'd only been a year yeah like it feels like it's been several years since season 1 and I think that's part of the issue with just Netflix in general is that like you your Netflix kindly gives you the whole season right and then you just kind of power through it and then you're left with like nothing for a long time yeah and so a byproduct of powering through something is you don't retain all the information quite as much whereas if you watch things you know you'll give yourself time to just take it in you hold on to that information longer and then you discuss it with your friends and then you move on to episode 2 like people used to do back in the day but now you just like it's like one long movie it's harder to hold on to all that information unless you watch it you know a second time or something and and I haven't watched this a second time now so I I feel like I almost feel like I need to go back and watch season one I mean I'm pretty sure they'll give you a recap at the beginning of the show I'll be like here's all the things that happens usually I'm pretty good with the recap yeah but yeah I'm it's it's all feeling a bit fuzzy we got great talent here mm-hmm I mean so I felt like I was in a Siddiqui okay close everybody in like even faces I recognize his names I can't remember a lot of lot of talented actors here and I didn't see a list of who directed this season but I imagine that on rokosz ups at least one of the directors of this season what I remember from season one was that it was very edgy and interesting and one of the things that was left me curious was are they talking about an actual bomb and then they show you a glimpse of the whatever that was I forgot what that with that substance is called there's the same substance no no no no it's the same substance as in Back to the Future the first one what Doc Brown put in his car I forgot what it's called I'm sure some of you guys will point it out or say what it is in the comments down below it's legitimately danger stuff is what I know and so like someone's actually threatening the safety of India or Mumbai yeah and that's freaky deaky yeah what's really interesting to me about this season is there seems to be even more of an emphasis on religion seeing that it is sacred games and all that although I that's not to say that it wasn't present in the first season but it just seems like there's more of it which I find lutonium me that's what it is oh yeah that's that's what I saw in the thing there is yeah anyway I'm excited by this and I have nothing left to add to this trailer reaction so you guys thanks so much for hanging out with us check out a chart cook in the social media and subscribe if you haven't already check out our the reactions review short films and blogs and Jeff actually this is a chat

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