Sacred Games Season 2 Official Trailer Reaction and Discussion

hey guys welcome to Daniel Jian tuck and it's just me today and finally I'm watching a trailer that I've been looking forward to for a very long time I chose to not watch it while I was in Italy so I can watch it live now I know it's been a week or so since it came out and I some of you are like moved on Wow whatever you've already missed a train you missed you know you missed the boat fucking 80 other channels have already react to it whatever I don't care I'm here now and it's time for me to finally watch savegames season 2 the official trailer I can't fucking wait and let's do it who spoke I gave jungle Hiroshima Nagasaki aarrg well fuck me man that's gonna be a great fucking season III mean I don't know if it's gonna be great or not but Jesus Christ there's a lot to go off of I'm actually surprised and relieved that there's a lot of Nawaz ideon Siddiqui in this which means more flashbacks more story more world building I'm glad to see Tripathi I love him he's fucking phenomenal me and Gian always talking about him all the time that he's underrated call Copeland's in it don't know what role she's playing I mean I don't even really want to speculate about what's going on I know they're introducing a nuclear bomb I know that's a big aspect to this whole thing in this bunker where Siddiqui kills himself very beginning of the show I don't you know I'm curious to know like where that first scene takes place is that a flashback is this some weird you know there's some larger grand conspiracy going on I don't know I'm excited August 15th can't come any sooner sacred Games is a huge huge huge surprise for me last year and I just can't wait to see this one I mean I don't know what else to say about it really to be honest with you because I honor Akash yep he's the man especially when he's dealing with stuff like this I mean you have mallanna also on here as well I think I think I dread that he stepped down though I don't know if he's directing as many episodes as he did I've just tried to not read as much information or read any information I can say about this kind of just keep it as spoiler free as possible I mean I don't know if I'd want to watch another trailer after watching this one but I will say it looks violent it looks like there's some sex I wonder if there's gonna be some transvestite sex there wasn't season I'm not saying I'm looking forward to that I'm just saying that that was an unexpected turn of events and so I'm curious to know if there's gonna be similar unexpected turn of events here yeah I'm just looking up right now to see who's directing season 2 cos trap will continue to direct while new garage golf wand will replace with 2000 so he's not on there anymore well that's unfortunate well anyway what do you guys think out there are you guys excited I'm pretty sure you are cuz I don't see how if you like season one that you don't like the trailer for this one because it looks fucking fun I mean it looks gritty it looks violent it looks like everything I've said a million times already and yeah it makes me want to read this book and I just I don't know what else to say let me know in the comments and that'll do it for this one if you like this video don't forget to check out my review of season one of Baker Games which is on the screen right now so go ahead and click that and we'll see you on the next video

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