Rosie O’Donnell Shares Concerns About Tom Cruise’s Scientology Beliefs

Rosie O'Donnell is known for her strong opinions and she opened up recently about Tom Cruise and what she thinks about his Scientology beliefs when o'donald appeared on yesterday's episode of Sirius XM's Radio Andy a caller asked if Cruz's connection with Scientology has changed her opinion of him yeah I would say that Leah Remini is like superhero yes to God what she's done to blow the lid off that Scientology I mean there was a time years ago with speaking of documentaries where when anyone tried to make a documentary they were sued and they were followed and they were was like a creepy bad mafia Scientology so since seeing all the documentaries it does make me worry about him and his life and think of you know how protected he is from the facts of that which I don't know how you could be when going clear was that documentary that you know oh my lord if just watch that so you know I've always had a like a little ik factor with the Scientology he's never brought it up to me we've never spoken about it he keeps it very private it's not like he tries to convert people by still in touch with him a little yes we get I get birthday flowers and a cake at Christmas and yeah he's really a classy dude he really is Wow and he just had a birthday I sent him a little painting she sent him a painting yeah well the opinions kept coming so this time O'Donnell shared her thoughts on Trump and his daughter Ivanka when she appeared on Sirius XM's the Michelangelo signor I'll show wanna get em right the former talk show host gave her opinion on reports that the president is preparing his daughter for a future in politics so she says I don't know what he's doing with her adding I think he's been doing bad things with her for a very long time there's a creepy incest field that is very prevalent amongst Donald Trump and his children at least his daughter very creepy okay so after that Rosie then goes on to give her very strong thoughts on Ivanka herself saying I think she's like you know a talentless non-intelligent own onderful woman and I think she's it's laughable to think of her in any kind of public service role no one in his family has ever been in public service why they start now okay let's go back to Tom Cruise for a second and do her talking about Scientology there's still friends it's such an interesting conversation now you talk to I'm not gonna say who it was but it's a director who came up to me and asked me goes you just did an interview with Tom Cruise why did you ask him about Scientology well interesting and I said do I do any interviews and ask about people about their religion and what their beliefs are I don't do that yeah and you know we have our opinions on Scientology and how and you know what Leah Remini did she did open the doors to something we did not understand it's a New Age religion and I think it's taking a while for people to understand it and there's some lot of corrupted things that happen in it but are we right to ask him on his beliefs probably not this is how he wants to live his life and let him live his life the way he wants to do itself and I agree with that I think for me what I find a little bit funny is on one hand she's like wow I love you know yeah I mean we're very exposed to what is going on I get an icky feeling and yet she's still seemingly friends with Tom Cruise and if you watched anything or hear anything from Leah Remini or documentaries you know Tom Cruise is the face of Scientology oh yeah he is Scientology yeah he knows everything up going on assuming he does yeah he is the face so for her to you know be able to still enjoy you know giving gifts and things like that but also it seems to be in this interview that she doesn't fully agree with everything that goes on in Scientology I find very interesting it's a safe answer right she's agreeing with everyone everyone believes that Scientology is a bad place and you should not be part of it and while at the same time she's still friends with Tom Cruise is sending cakes and give back to her yeah but when you do meet when I've met Tom Cruise he's just a really really nice guy he is and he takes the time to say hi to everybody he comes early to the red carpet so we could talk to every outlet on the red carpet he's nice to the camera guys so there was a sense of like he's genuinely a nice guy so I don't know like again it's what you believe in that's what you believe in right we can't question it right and there's a couple of comments specifically about this and saying Tom is the poster boy of that cult but nagy is saying if that's Tom's belief let him be right if you think his religion is creepy minding other people's business is creepy yeah and then Byron you know then of course people are giving their strong opinions on what they think a Scientology versus not but yeah so it is very interesting okay so what do you think of Rosie O'Donnell then talking about Trump I mean here's the thing to do even bring up the word incest like we know her sitting on her dad's lap oh really have you not seen these photo he's really when she was young and little kisses on his cheek it is gross if those photos are for somebody to say that those photos aren't gross I hate seeing photos of Trump with Ivanka on his lap when she was 12 years old it's just weird the little thing is really weird however all of us had independent opinion about Ivanka Trump and how she is and that she should not be there and there was a video recently that she was talking to one of the I think was the president I can't remember who was and she made a weird she didn't want her there like she didn't belong there right but when I was part of the one campaign I went to Africa and I travel with people who are actually part of Washington and part of some movements that they're happening Ivanka Trump in the back is making some movements for women in the Entrepreneurship program she's raising money she's doing it quietly so she is doing some work that we don't really know about that they have spoken about it yeah so I think what's happening is she is doing some good work however her dad is putting in the forefront and not making her look good so this is a problem is he trying to make her the next president maybe who knows but I think we don't know the whole pictures at the picture and I don't think we need to judge Ivanka Trump on what she's doing right so that's part of it and if you know Rosie O'Donnell you know that she's had a feud and has been very opinionated about Donald Trump before he was the president and I mean so I think for her that entire family's tainted she's not even at this point I don't think she can give an opinion on anybody in that family without having her emotional yeah you know her own opinion in there but yeah I just think from a woman to a woman calling someone unintelligent and just kind of go you can't she is a smart woman and she she's in the White House and she's doing things but I think the whole concept of having Donald Trump and his whole family in the fort right is just weird I mean you're the president it should be focused on you and you're your team not you and your family when you're out in doing business that's worldwide right so I think that's part of the issue too but those photos they need to go away they really do

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  • Ellen Barnette says:

    I don't know if that fat ass knows she would leave the USA if Trump become our President why the hell is she still here we don't won't her here

  • YouWillbe Mocked says:

    ROSIE OBUTTHOLE Spreads HOMOSEXUAL FILTH to our CHILDREN and she has the BALLS to accuse TOM CRUISE of having dodgy Religious Beliefs???

  • yudhi adhyatmiko siswono says:

    So what ? no one cares.

  • Sarah Smith says:

    F U C K T H E H A T E R S

  • Cesar Antonio says:

    What part of corrupt criminals gangster family do you not understand? They scam people. They are con artists. They cheat, steal and scam people. Why are you talking like they are a normal run of the mill family? They have been sued 3500 times. Her husband's father spent time in jail too. All of them are corrupt. They are the Trump Family Crime Cartel.

  • weird werk says:


  • BombasticLove87 says:

    Scientology is not a religion. Period.

    It is a science fiction cult.

  • Rebecca Nicole Vega says:

    Tom Cruise CAN'T leave Scientology. They have too much dirt on him.

  • Erik Flores says:

    Greatest action star of our time and one of the nicest A listers in Hollywood. Scientology has also helped me so much in my life with my business and professional life. Proud to be a Scientologist here in Atlanta.

  • Susan West says:

    Scientology is like all organized religions. They have secrets and those secrets are usually messed up.

  • atticus finch says:

    Cant wait for the day I put the news on in the morning to see she croaked

  • Akatosh Dragon God of Time says:

    I dont think anyone cares what this bitch has to say about anything

  • Chaka Phillips says:

    No! No! No! The media never, ever, asks Tom Cruise about his religion, and I mean Scientology. Never! Never!

  • AnonymousConqistador says:

    #Ivanka2024 after Trumps second term and Candice Owens as her VP

  • William Steger says:

    Why is this pig still on TV?

  • L ex says:

    The only reason Ivanka is in the White House is because of her father. That has nothing to do with intelligence.

  • L ex says:

    There is a difference between being a Scientologist and the leader of a Scientology. Entertainment reports, do better.

  • kali koka says:

    Pig-like energies

  • Angie says:

    Ivanka is only in the white house because of her dad and no other reason. I agree with Rosie.

  • ThunderbirdPrincess says:

    I hate the “women shouldn’t call other women unintelligent” argument. I agree that women shouldn’t attack each other out of jealousy, but we also shouldn’t just blindly praise each other either. Half the population is female, so what, I’m just not allowed to criticize the intelligence or the tallent of half the population? That’s not feminism, that’s just absurdity.

  • bill bixby says:

    Going after the President children is pretty scummy, even for O'Donnell. But, perhaps that's the reason Hilary keeps running away from home.

  • tracieMac says:

    Ivanka's clothing line was made in Chinese sweat shops. Yes, you can judge her for the trash that she is

  • 1982 says:

    i have some depositions that expose Warren btw.

    how much?

  • 1982 says:

    she is worse than a scientologist.

    she's on the level of flat earthers

  • HinHwood says:

    Today's entertainment journalism is PUSSY. No one has the balls to confront or challenge any celebrity. They all have protected status. It's pathetic,

  • hop529ddlft says:

    Rosie O'Donnell is the most irrelevant shoe wearing piece of shit to walk this Earth.

  • Titan Colossal says:

    2 incredibly gullible hosts… 👀🙄😑😑

  • bigbabyzubas says:

    Scientology killed Issac Hayes for telling the south park people the secrect os their "church", if you can even call it that!

    Tom Cruise is A Rich charlie Manson.

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