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this video expanded by dreamless animation frozen Hanna lily and I have been obsessed with the new spirit writing free origins of friendship stories on the DreamWorks TV YouTube channel but first have you please subscribe yet do it now and don't forget to into notification melts together first to know when we post a new video we love seeing when Abigail first met boomerang and unpruned chica Linda met for the very first time yeah now we're waiting not so patiently to see the next fare origin story video about lucky and spirit pets little ones and it made us feel all nostalgic about our own first riding experiences so today we are going to vlog about our first ride and this special horses in our lives so while we wait get ready to some truly awesome stories and old photos of us and our favorite horses think I think was my sixth birthday party I was so excited I threw my hair up in this little ponytail hair was flying in my face while I got on him so I was so excited I think I was 283 I had a cowgirl hat on and I had to borrow a helmet I think I may have had my own I'm not sure but I was at cowgirl boots instead of paddock boots like I had now so in the first grade you went to a barn field trip and they had us ride these ponies and ever since then I'm like okay I'm in love with this because I first started doing gymnastics and then after that I realized I love horseback riding so much I've always had rushes of adrenaline because I'm just very energetic yeah I don't like to say I'm nervous I think I was a little bit nervous but overall it's probably more excited because when I try new things I'm always more excited nervous I gotta say I was I was really nervous you know because my older sisters had been showing for a while and they always did super well you know I wanted to keep the we pride going every barn has something called a schooling show which is when you just do a horse show at the barn instead of going away this year I was able to do my very first horse show with her she was super good at that show but my very first competition I read fern and I had this ribbon in my hair and then I Austin won first place somehow it was a walking leave lying class in 2011 7/3 gotta say I was pretty scared I think I was entered in the walk trot canter division so I don't think there really any jumps but I was so little and I was on this little pony and her name is ladybug I was so nervous and then my mom she got me this blueberry muffin of all things and I ate the whole thing all my nerves went away and I was so excited and I ended up getting first place it was just a really great experience and I don't think I'll ever stop loving showing it was pretty awesome and a really great first time the one I'd like dancing with the most was definitely thinking live it because he was very obedient she came from Mexico like my mom I walked into the barn and I feel like for me I was two-and-a-half baby and I feel like is just love at first sight you see had gray hair and I feel like I was in love like poison oak right here I don't know why the first pony that I tried out his name was rascal I also tried out Jane on that day but I didn't really feel as comfortable on her my instructor was like you guys look really good together and you should definitely give her a chance so I decided to give her a chance I definitely got used to her and I started to figure her out a lot more throughs my I love her so much is because she's not your typical really easy pony she's definitely one of those ponies that'll teach you so much about riding which is what I definitely love about her comes together we would be unstoppable she practically taught to meet all the rodeo tricks thanks for sharing our questioning memories with the spirit pals now is your turn to tell us all about your first writing experiences in the comments below we want to hear from you guys don't forget to Like subscribe and share this video with your friends who also have great horse memories and remember the next oranges at friendship story video is going to show us lucky and spirit one day we're young I don't know about you but I can't wait to see them as little ones I think we're going to understand exactly why those two are a match made in horsey heaven so tune in to the germ ranch TV YouTube channel you know when you're not busy watching spirit riding free on Netflix keep an eye out for more videos from Cheyenne Frontier Days coming to you by spirit house

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  • Spirit Riding Free says:

    Meeting the girls' horses was awesome! Tell us about the first time YOU went riding below👇

  • Sandra Cathelain says:

    I love you vidéo and love Spirit🐎🐎🐎

  • Holly Moonvalley says:

    I loved horses when I was younger never rode till I was older

  • Bunny lover says:

    I don't think there will be an origin story of Lucky & Spirit as little ones, as they first met on the train when lucky moved to the fronteer in the very first episode 😀

  • Sven B. says:


  • Horsey Heaven! says:

    I live spirit I’m am watching it now yay!!! I also do horse riding on my channel

  • lylah's adventures says:

    We have to sale 3 horses because thay don't fit in the family now aggie skye has to go and Apolo has to go and revalie has to go watch sucks buy thay don't fit in the family so I no thay definitely need a new home

  • lylah's adventures says:

    I moved to Texas and I wanted to ride cuz I new I could get a horse so when you moved I told mom I want to barrel race I wa t to go fast and then my naebbers ended up haveing horses so thay tot me how to ride I wasn't scared cuz he was an older horse and was supper broke I rode him for 1yr and then I got my own horse bu the older horse and I did rodeos and we didn't when good places but I had fun when I got my horse dippy boi and revalie I loved dippy more then anything and he is 23 now I had him sence is was 21 he still dose everything like he used to e is an Arabian you would never think he was the like one yr latter we war talking to the ppl who used to own dippy and revalie and thay had 3 more horses and I feal in love woth 2 horse them aggie and cadet thay ware mom and son and thay are TWH horses I really wanted a horse I could train and make my own and with cadet I did cadet is 17yrs old and his mom is 19yrs old we got all 3 horses from them aggie is a trail horse and so is cadet and I'm so happy we have them and them we have Apolo now Apolo is not an easy horse he is hard to wrok with and dose not trust ppl to much we don't now why he is 12 yrs old and them my sister Bouma hrs and then thay ended up nit haveing money to keep him so now I have him he is my barrel horse he is going so far our first rodeo is going to be the beginning of next year Harley is kid safe anyone can ride him he is a cuddle boy

  • Caroline Osbahr says:

    My first ride ever was on a rainy day when I was 3-4 years old and it was at a open farm house and you could get a ride on some pony’s and I waned to try and get a ride on the pony’s and that was my first ride ever and my first competition was then I was 9 years old and I was at my old riding school and I was a riding school competition so it was only for the riding students and I did ride a class where we only did walk and trot and I was where we did ride 4-6 peoples together and I was so nervous but I was a lot of fun and my favorite horse is my own horse that I have now but before I met him it was a horse named Cloé at my old riding school 😁

  • Rainbows and me XOX says:

    I love Spirit Riding free and Spirit riding free: Pony tales!

  • Sun Hunter says:

    Awesome i love you Spirit and horses

  • Isla Robinson says:

    I literally am never away from horses! I have equestrian parents and live with my horses a couple of meters away! Oh yeah, and the fact that I have 8…

  • Thomas de Lange says:

    Wow its cool

  • Socky Clips says:

    Aaaaa yaas pretty horses :3 I wish I could ride I mean I use to do horse riding practice so I kinda know how

  • Νεφέλη Παπαδοπούλου says:

    I love horses ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cocoa Animations says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCH I WISH I HAD A HORSE Because I am an exceptionally good Western rider and I LOVE horses

    Keep up the good horse care girls ^^

    A horse lovin' gal

  • Charlotte The Horse Girl says:

    Aw! Your horses are so awesome! They are all so special! And cute and sweet! Thank y’all so much for being apart of my life! ❤️🤠🐴

  • Charlotte Chandler says:


  • Horse girl 311 says:


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