Religion, Licence To Kill, Steal and Destroy The COZA Rape Analysis

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mind me I'm just saying it as it is economy or bad welcome thank you how are you welcome welcome everyone thank you how y'all doing today I hope you're good so we will to continue remember this topic this was this was a tie to that who won't gave us yesterday religion license to kill steal and destroy the cozaar rip analysis so we're going to continue on that we're going to continue with the lessons from boost solid that core loss video interview basically boo solid that Kulu interview so we're going to continue with the lessons from that feel free to share your thoughts on our opinion if you're on a stage today and you think that boosts allah has not been you know you don't believe in what be soul is saying and everything and you are supporting the pastor's blindly please i suggest that you just leave the platform if you feel like okay you don't believe it you don't have to believe what the soleus is but don't insult her or insult any these intelligence in here today okay that's all I ask of everyone but feel free order I would always say feel free to share your thoughts on your opinion I think it's important even if it's foolish sometimes it's important that you share it so that people can put you straight okay those who know better can put you straight or you can actually just hear a difference of opinion so thank you all how are you oh life pastor you just got back from the shrine okay alright thank you thanks for letting us know thank you appreciate it all right let's go today let me just let me put on my little commentary let me just share my little commentary with you today yeah where it is yeah so it's a quick one I'm going to read religious religious license to kill still and destroy causal rape analysis so I said guide your hearts actually that's in the Bible is in proverb 423 guide your heart with all diligence out of it are the issues of life so out of it comes the issues of life or you can say out of it are the issues of life so I wanted to say religious people are potential victims of devastate of of rape and other abuses physical and mental rape have a devastating effect on the individual and society at large today they shined a foursome of souls for some lets me poke you a little so this is just talking about those people that are religious sorry my attention is a bit divided I'm looking out the window on the balcony I saw someone anyway sorry about that okay I shouldn't be divided like this okay those who believe by going to the church to the shrine so this was based on yesterday's video and the one you're going to watch today you know boo Salah herself as here as a religious victim somebody that is a victim of religion and then she became also a victim of rape or other abuses and this goes for everybody is not just so if you're a religious person and you take everything you take religion they'll you take God like this this is how you see God because she was saying in that video in the video that she wanted to serve God she wanted to be in a church she wanted to do sailings and I mean that's totally the opposite of serving God you don't serve God by going to a shrine you said God by loving people you serve God by being in your purpose but I don't think a lot of religious people understand styles they understand because what they've been told is that they need to come into a building in order for them to show that they're serving God and they need to be working in that building either by singing by being in the choir or by washing the toilet cleaning their auditorium you know or 7 the pastor or seven the pastor's guests all those things are serving God you're not serving God in that way at all you're just providing a service that maybe they should have paid for but because you're dare to provide it for free they're not paying for it actually you're helping them to ruin their economy you know if we're really going to be frank about it but in any case let me just continually with this those who believe by going to a shrine aka church and being conformed to the ideology of estate master aka pastor G or leader leader they they they now it should have been Dame worshipping God Almighty a minute silence for you so I say a minute silence for those people who think that by going to the church or going to the shrine that they are worshiping God or they're serving God you're not serving God at all going to the church means you just go to masturbates you just go to to fill yourself to feel good about yourself and to waste your time you're not serving God in that way at all you know . i don't know how else I can say it I bet you're a willing slave willing because you have been set free by the blood of Jesus but by not believing is worse you cling on to follow the real herdsman who over many years conditioned you to believe in in them and their denomination true brainwashing and Auto suggestion they have they have severe the relationship with the true God so um it's just a simple thing I I think you know maybe I made it a little bit worthy but it's just simply saying that you're not serving God by going into a building that you call Church it's just something that you're used to you're serving your flesh and you're serving your slave master you know serving God is not going to church to sink or going to mosque or whatever you go to sing and dance or wash the toilet or clean the toilet or strip the floor no those things are services that can be rendered by somebody that is paid for it that is providing their services and you know if you think you have to go to build intercept code you don't look god I told you your relationship with God has been severe he's been broken it's being cracked it's being fragmented if you think that that's what it means for you to serve God that's just I just thought I'd share that please share this so that more people can join us and please feel free to share your thoughts and your opinion even when you don't agree with me I think most especially if you don't agree with me please feel free to share your thoughts on your opinion that's how I learn and that's why how we all learn preach Darlene thank you and make make haoyi I hope you're okay thank you very much for joining me Kay McKie no Nick Nick very correct wasted your precious time you can you you tell you do you tell you to think they will allow you to think thank you very much this is somebody send me your your banner your banner today the banner that says that let me look for the banner let me see this is a ballad bye-bye this this I love the banner by the way I had so much fun with it this morning I was sending it to people someone send it to me and then I send it to I send it to others as well let me look for it the one that says madam not them oh I can't find it – where is they my damn poster a haiti's let me actually download it not them not them not them not them not them where is it sorry it's going to be a relaxing one today okay I'll show you the poster that I'm talking about this it's somewhere now where is it let me liberate I look for it and then I'll fair enough but them did not them picture I where is it now okay second I would look for it it's funny that's what I want to show everyone bad look at it listen listen to me this is the first so I'll set it to you today nah damn not then National Association of deceiver and exploiters of the Mughals not them you remember these days I saw this today somebody said it to me look at them or not them madam theory is dead – she'd be Joshua I owe you a Depot at the buoy was this was named visualize was asking for money we actually love me Hsu Li Shimin logo and this criminal another criminal here the two criminals I don't know their names anyway Oh recharge afore yes or Rio Rita for something Randy I can't believe we all so much dig but concentrated in one country madam madam madam madam yeah Association of deceiver and exploit sir orange juice madam I loved it I loved so much today and then look at how you spread the money around there oh alright this is not today's topic guys let's go back to today's topic so here we go I'm with you I'm going to show you this topic in a moment very painful at times let me put this away now where's the video aha so there's the video we're going to continue from here I'll continue the analysis very long video so the sooner we finish the better well it's not the battery I don't really just want us to rush it but let's go somebody wrote tell you are shelling the pastor's are businessmen who adopt the world global business strategy to use the people as leverage and their sides and offering to build their business empire as simple as that universe shaking you got it yeah yeah and that's why we're trying to share this with as many people as possible so that they will know the truth so let's go guys today Michelle was still afraid of this world that people told ok for those that abusing this video you're just watching just came across this video for the first time I'm just going to share a little bit or background with you so the background of this story is a lady that is you see here a name is Ursula de Colo moussala de colo she shared with the world that 20 years ago or over 20 years ago a pastor of a church or shrine called Commonwealth of Zion assembly cosa they call it that rate when she was 16 years of age and she's narrating in an interview how that happened she's given us a background of her life of her history and her relationship with the church with religion a relationship with with the man and how he came about to rape he raped her on this day and it was this is an allegation or should I say yeah it was an allegation that she shared some weeks ago so we've been doing a review of the video but in the past I have also talked about this man and how he is with how is selling Jesus is basically merchandising Jesus I didn't just talk about beard refer to him but the man in question is build alpha tango I didn't just talk about him I talked about many other fleeces I call them fleeces they called himself Gio's that's general overseers and Accord himself pastors and call himself all sorts of name bishop evangelist they call themselves different names to scam people because they know that a lot of people are callable and people are gullible because they don't do they in research they don't have a relationship with God and because they've been told in life for so many years and they agreed with that light they believe their lives that they have to go into a shrine some of the people that told them in line were also lied to like their parents that I lied to you know people are following what their parents did somebody told me a story today and I'm going to share that story now my story goes that there was a boy that follows his father to – where do you catch fish – the ocean is an ocean or this – the river or whatever they get fish from so he follows the the father I just get my mind – every time and every time the father catches a fish that is large the father would put the fish back into the water when they when the father catches a small fish he puts him to the basket and they take small small fishes they take him back home and when he grew up with his son as well whenever they go fishing he would take them when he touches his big fish he would put the big fish back and he will take this small fish home and you know so the son his son then asked daddy why you returned returning the that's the the big fish is back and we're just taking small fishes he said well I don't know my father did this when I was young he always took returned this big fishes and we always go home with a small fishes so I said well you know why are you doing it when you don't know what it is said is your father let's ask grandpa okay why we had why this is happening so they went back to their village saw another day and they asked the grandfather who who was the father's father and said why were you when when I was young that you remember when we go fishing you always put the big fish back and we only take the small fish home so the father said yes I did that because we only have a small frying pan can you imagine we only have a small frying pan so that is the story of the life of most Christians they are a Christian now you've been to you been to the shrine because you were told I should worship God didn't you don't have an encounter with Christ and you don't you have not built a relationship with Christ you're doing things out of a dogmatic reason you know that's what you know that's what you've been taught you didn't even question why you're doing that it's just like okay that's what my mom did that's what my father did because you loved and you trusted your mom and your dad who are just doing things because that's what they knew as well you know you're just repeating their stupidity I'm not trying to say that your parents are stupid but maybe I am you know get over that all right but I'm saying that if you're doing something without you knowing the reasons why you're doing it and you're continuing to do it you haven't actually sat with yourself to reason carefully that why am I doing this then you're just like that story you're just like that's further that goes to that goes to the two fish with the child not only logic should tell you that you can actually fry the fish I mean you can cut the fridge to size why would you touch big fishes in the sea and then or in the ocean or wherever you catch know in the ocean wherever you catch the fish from and then you use you're returning because of the size just because you've got a small frying pan that's how you're living your life now you went to just because you feel like to the shrine if you don't go God is not going to hear your prayer if you don't give tides you're going to be bankrupt you're not gonna have a lots of money you know can't kaboom is gonna go into your finances it's all BS it's a lie you have believed in life you're living in life of life I just thought I've dropped that in and that is ripped in itself you have been ripped if you believe that you have to go to a shrine today and you went to the shine and in order to fulfill all righteousness you have been raped I just thought I should tell you you know you as simple as that there's no other way to go about it anyway yes Victor that would that was a story that Victor shared with me and I think somebody I don't know if he is the one or somebody else shared it with me thank you for that story I always remember that story before I take any actions especially on things that people tell me so I hope somebody has taken a cue from that story as well so is there anything that you're doing right now that you're doing because your parents told you or because a loved one said that that's what how is done or because you believe some sort of authority over it you need to re-evaluate it and if you need help in reevaluating and resetting your mind correctly maybe you should go and watch dr. sunday's truth series it would really help you you know the truth series and the thinking sir is the art of thinking honestly those two series changed my life you know so go and watch the truth series and watch the thinking series your life would not be the same is dr. Sunday at Elijah on YouTube go and check him out you know those are the this that that's how I learned that's how I developed myself you know some of these pastors themselves they're doing these things because that is what they believe themselves so that's why I'm not mad at them I'm just mad at what they're doing because they believe I'm off also because they're benefiting from it sometimes we're doing things because we feel like that we're getting benefit from it not knowing that if we don't do this anymore if we do the right thing we would even get even much better benefit from doing the right thing anyway thank you very much Akilah you welcome thank you very much for joining let's go guys hello for my good afternoon welcome hi JD thank you so let's go with this analysis today here we go full interview yeah yeah and again you know because it was a bit difficult for me to really integrate myself into the church because of where I was coming from the FCS that's a Fellowship of Christian students something like that yeah so this is a lot a lot of people suffer from this religion is a disability seriously I think that religion is a disability and it needs to be the people need to be helped just like you would help somebody that have a physical disability it's a sort of mental disability whenever you are a religious person although you carry religion on your head you're joining any type of sects or any types of group you have a disability either you accept it or you don't it is a disability that you need to look at you need to look at the key off or you need to look at remedies to help you with it like this young lady lamb you know she was probably told us you know if you have to believe if this is how you believe in God she said she used to go to a fellowship in in the in the school Krissy FC or something Christian fellow fellowship of Student Association or this kind of herd mentality so she was also deep in religion I don't know if now she's actually developed to know God for herself I don't know that like I said I don't know her personally I don't know anybody personally but it's important that we learn lesson from their lives especially if we can relate to them in some of this and I think a lot of us can relate to her you know so I try and acquire and then one day they told me oh they won't sing a song now Nick I couldn't really so very well for this I sang yeah there's another thing whenever you join any of these shrines you know is it they always tell you to join something what that you know what that is the system that is the system of manipulation okay because if you join something then you have ties with them they will tell you to join choir you can see we can sing there's so many crap singles in the choir is unbelievable you know because they they appeal into your ego do you understand they want to don't they dislike Oh Cinco you can say look at this girl now she said that she can't even sing she's not even a singer they said join the choir oh you can say the root of deception is from most of the shrines called churches they deceive you today to the degree that even you you will not recognize yourself anymore by the time they finish deceiving you lots of people how many of the choirs in your church can sing let me tell you see there may be one or two people that can sing them requires the rest of them you just figure edge you can't sing let me just even tell you that now okay if you are the choir oh my god we are welcome it's a form of entrapment thank you thank you very much here our lads Nicky Lizzy they'll tell you let me tell you a lot of you cannot sing if you are in the choir and they tell you that you can sing and in they acquire you're more than five I can guarantee only about two people in that fire can sing the rest of you you just mouth and voice honestly you cannot sing let me just tell you right now ask anybody in the church ask anybody in the shrine that you go and just tell them to be honest with you can you think this is sister God we're going to help you especially the sisters you can't sing the brothers to you cannot sing a lot of you can sing that is always why is usually one or two people than leaves all the time they tell you that they require leaders they not they don't use to also figureheads there just is an entrapment they entrapped you that's what they do so you see what's what they did to her as well sometimes you know when I go to when I used to go to shrine when I get there and I see that the one that can sing that can't sing is not there I'm like oh my god today is gonna be it's gonna be a drunk that was when I didn't know God myself I just go to this shrine and I think oh my God look at all these people and they you know the ones that cannibals think they were fighting for microphone I want to leave today Oh Monica you can't see me you can see I'm sorry seriously I'm a sorry a lot of you can sing Oh Monica you can sing okay across the diode receiver I know my buzz I know so we've already confessing oh my god so this is another less you know this is another less let's just take a cue so if you're going to disjoin they said oh we should join the choir you should join the who work what society and their technical departments they're just using your brain at least in technical department you can even lend me a few things on there and there but they don't teach you anything you just have to carry your use your brain to learn some things or lend the tempo tempo cleaner you know join the temple cleaner they're just using you dad said this they are spoiling the economy temple cleaner this one I asked somebody that has no job in that church or inland in that organization and paid them to clean the temple you are helping them to destroy the economy there were free everything free services okay they they the choir forget it you can't sing I mean we we know that you cannot sink and you yourself you know you can sing you GRU sing in the bathroom and in the toilet and before to add a shutting the door you cannot sing they can't just tell you that I should keep quiet but everything just Marshall mushy everything I say you're singing for God most people cannot sing I just have to repeat that then they'll tell you to join burning violence in life in the shrine that used to go to benevolence is like you care for people you care for pastors and everybody that comes and you look after them it's rubbish you know they're just using you the time that you can do your own purpose and take your to do what you need to do they use you as a glorify house help you know that's what they do is they glorify help in there that's what they use in I'm just telling you now so this is what is happening to be solid is what happened what happened to her so they tell her she can say given her she's admitting I can't sing go in yes sanctuary worker you see is just sanctuary worker they just using you as a cleaner that's all you are you're a cleaner yeah that's it exactly that's why you know other boylee exactly that's why the money is so concentrated in their coven because they're not spending on anything they don't have expenses they're giving you you you're providing service and providing money they ripping you on all holes they rip you from the front they rip you from the back they rip you from the ears they rip you from the nose they rip you from the mouth every way they raping you it's just a say I mean I don't even know how else I can say is this is pure rape abuse is abuse that's what they're doing in those strikes anyway charity group Evangelic oh uh thank you very much chief okay charity group you really won't fucking up money when any whenever anybody needs money you really won't giving them money the church as menu you in the group you really want to put in the money together to give somebody that needs money evangelical group you go out and you can recruit mostly for your slave master in the shrine your plantation partnership group do you at the cash cow we are the ATM of the church the partnership group they mooing you please don't deceive yourself now I'm just telling you you look I've been there so I'm telling you they're moving you for partnership are you partnership in heaven you're not partnership anything you are the mood group we had a group of ATM they will call you whenever they need element mr. mr. Lannister names mr. Willoughby you are the partnership group and we need this you know your pastor be sucking up to you whenever they need money you are the partnership and you too you be feeling good they'll be up till it's your ego yeah okay so I will see what I can do move the drink for one I just for one night you dead bang that life on direct you can't even call the police because you are greed to it anyway what are the appreciation group appreciation group is for you to appreciate the same person dies ripping you can you imagine after they finish appeal they said I should come and appreciate them I child child child child people are so far I relate to relation you in religion they kill steal and destroy that's what they do they cute kids steal and destroy say appreciation group wow this is really bad because vegans and they collect your money the collector labor for free in all these groups the every way and one particular day first of children I came to me it was like does she don't like to talk how are you you know just become me how are you okay cool yesterday this was very part that was good to dividing get to this this is the grooming process you're passed on did it to you as well they groom you when they go come ah hello welcome this is your home now this is your family you know they even changed some Mahmood to do this as well they have some new members that will be doing this you're part of this family now we love you in the name of Jesus we love you in the name of God you're part of our family you're here this you can do anything anything that affected affect us for one night this is the grooming process they are grooming you you see this is when you start to suspend your brain and you'll be taking child this was very nice so this report so good they're grooming you so this is where pastor bill just started to groom but and everything husband I can't find and then it started coming to my house and all of us mercy they all say that they want to come and visit or somebody it might not be the person that comes to visit too they have trained lots of people in these things okay it's not just the senior dog don't just be focusing on the senior pastor they do especially when they're big it's not them that will come directly but if a member would come welcome I come and visit you not them met them that one day just using him/her to recruit must leave this is all the grooming process they bloom you you know so when can I come and visit you we can who asked you to come and visit me go and visit somebody in the hospital me I can still walk with my leg to come to your to your shrine go and visit somebody in the hospital why you visited me go to the street and sit down with the decedent with the homeless in there why do you come to visit me jesus said I was naked you did not clothe me I was hungry feed me go on follow cooking Foundation and you got feed people on the street with cocoa Foundation no come and visit me in my life in my house what do you want to come visit me for me yes maybe if there's something that is wrong or I need counseling or I need some sort of help and I want to talk to somebody and I request for you to come visit me you can come but what is it this is all grooming they're grooming you they're grooming you when can we come and visit you it might not be the senior pastor in my of course wellyeah depot is not going to come and visit you in your house but it's going to get people that is going to recruit and they are thoughts that after you come within three months the shakaama visits you they should call you to Bible class you should do some work big classes where there is initiating you that's the initiation of classes this is you know they have all sorts of strategy they finish you don't finish your life Yama Yama you just leave you just come to this life and just go like that this is what these people do okay it's really hot it's really hot today so in Instagram I know you've seen a lot of fear mm-hmm yes that's why some people are on Instagram mm-hmm anyway so I just want to say this is women process – okay no that's a family we were so active in church and I mean extremely active in church more like the are marketers are so passionate about cosa so passionate about come over else anyway would go we just keep dragging everybody to discourtesy the sisters and so personally that's how you are they lost you this I mean so passionate about cosa so passionate about comb-overs you should be passionate about Jesus not passionate about cosa or commonwealth or whatever or any man look good you should be passionate about Jesus should be passionate about love you should be passionate about truth you should be passionate about justice that's what you should be passionate about if your passion is the building that you go or your denomination or that dgo or your geo or anything you are not a child of God you are working you are a willing slave that is been recruited to a shrine at best you do not love Jesus you don't love God and you do not love people your passion should never be a building or denomination your focus should be people loving God and you demonstrating Jesus being like Jesus on earth that it should be your passion being truthful should be your passion just this should be your passion love should be your passion not passion for Koza or passion for a builder or club passion for a W or pressure for Oladipo you've got it all wrong all those people that come and said I'm insulting the man of God I just shipped by it for you that used to completely ruin your life nobody even mentioned that anything about Jesus they'll say you're talking about a man of God blah blah blah because you do even know Jesus they don't even know God to even say that all it is this is related to God they are angry because you're talking about the amount of God they are all their God the God on earth is a shame that is their passion the passion is not truth it's not justice it's not love it's not equity equity is justice nothing like that it's not compassion there are lots of poor people everywhere they don't see that and they takasi these zombies all these causes are people I got when I came to this church my life change you are masturbating so you masturbate yourself to the point where there's nothing else left for you you would obtain your hand through something else so sad dragging everybody just come to church come for self and a few things like that and we regress to our own personal all of you that you are dragging people to go to your shrine repents now repent you should not be asking anybody to go to your shrine the way it should work if you are a person where you go to evangelize and you tell people to come to your shrine from your work your friends your colleagues I have done it as well and I've repented over it okay you are new the way she to operate is that out of your character after something that comes out of you people should see you and say wow where do you go I want to go to please where are you coming from woo how did you develop this character how do you develop this kind of personality that you are you know people should say that themselves and then you can tell them oh I read this book your book will be well you'll know your your where you develop your knowledge oh I went to this doctor that's where I was able to get this or I go to discharge this is where I got this character from if it was really from God oh I read my Bible daily or this is how I've got this behavior of my reading the proverb or by reading songs of Solomon this is what I read to get this it's not that you went to a shrine to get this you are not a child of God you are a child of a shrine or a denomination you do not follow Christ neither you agree with me or you don't agree it is what it is and they're going to rape you you're going to be laid down they're going to destroy your life if this is your belief system you're going to be cheated you're going to be hurt you're going to be destroyed they're going to steal from you it's as simple as that there is no other logic family issue sir alright yeah yeah my my father was always around you know and then my from second disc already facing financial issues and then while I was a seconder school – okay so I was seeing now who can relate and this is one of the things that I say that people can relate you know this lady is talking about her her home life I was growing up her father was not always around still some of you that you don't come from a polygamous home how many of you can say that your father is around the culture and tradition of Africa there I can tell you 90% if not 98% of the people that are watching me over watch me now if you weigh over if you are over 30 it is not common for your father to be around in the household unless if your father don't do anything at all all responsibilities of child or childbearing is left to the mother is their warped mentality and a worked nature additions and culture of Africa on Nigeria so this nobody can say because she comes from a polygamous or even you that don't come from a polygamist home is your own father around tell me how many times did you see your father when you were growing up who was he all that they say that fact that that that is the breadwinner it just goes out to bring the money you don't even disturb him maybe once in a while you will play with you that is what I see in most families it's very rare and those traditions are still going on so if you are here and you want to learn and you're a father you should learn also to be involved in your child's life so that people don't end up abusing your child it's not the reason in this case please don't get me wrong I know some people like to twist my words okay the people that don't have fat diamond in their home at all or they are orphans and their life is this fine okay they escaped a lot of things and they protect it so I'm not blaming it but I'm saying that you can also make the situation better at home if you have both parents at home you should be involved in your child's life you should talk to your child find out what is going on with that child and that responsibility is equally on the man and the woman so if anybody is saying that or bruselas came from a polygamous home or that's why please check your own family as well how many times is your father that's not polygamists how many times did he stay at home everyone is that's true I'm inside he will talk to you tell me hmm how many times if your father sucks you down to talk to you about life's issue or even ask to question ah Mary how is life what did you do today you know who talked to you today who are your friends now how many times you're finally done look if you're under 20 even don't let me go to 30 on that twenty and you were raised in like during a traditional or more in the culture of Nigeria how many times how many of you did your parents come and they talking to you and dialogue in with you on a regular basis your father even let you learn your mother maybe sometimes your mother your mother would always just drum warning on to you be careful oh and as you as a girl the only way one day the boy is just minta I mean everybody needs to just put an asylum in that country seriously it's not an insult just let us all just uh just check him let us all just you and check him in an asylum it's just a shame because even the doctors in the asylum they need to be in an asylum true so who's it useful to be treating anybody in asylum when everybody in an asylum he even the doctors that would be treating you in the asylum they have mental problems and you understand ain't even know where to go now mmm hello sir mister girl any girl welcome look at that grace thank you for your honesty grace said I wasn't from a polygamous home I want to be same and my brothers I live in the same life you see you see you see we can't be truthful to us I think you see from this video there's so much lessons to learn don't let us just look there are many ways that we're ripping each other the culture rapists religion rapists we rip each other it's not just a physical thing where the organs are been forced into another's or another's organ no it's not that it is all the things that we are using to rip each other ripping the mind gripping the body groping the consciousness gripping the belief system ripping people's paratime people's understanding of things it's all rape and our photos call without some provisions what's nobody knew I was very good at living coping pretends not discussing with people you know I just know that you know that's another thing you know coping with thing is not having anybody to discuss these do with you know your children let me tell you so one wise lady told me something right recently and that they really touched my heart she said that when she was young she would have a dream okay and then she would tell her father and then my father would say oh you are you are not close to God anymore that your your god is away from you that's why you have that dream you know whenever she says that that you say oh you're you're deviating from God that's why you having that dream that was a response the Father give her from that childhood right she stopped sharing anything with anybody because if when I share something with you what you will say to me is that I'm not close to God or God is is far away from me so she took it as okay whatever she sees is enough people to tell her own father the one that she loves and the man that she believed loves her to tell her that so she's done or suppressed everything and she still suppressed things until adulthood okay so that tells you something that's an information learn from this this one is saying something similar okay look at what she said here and then it's about coming to my house and all of us in my family we were so active in church and I mean extremely active in church more like the Americans are so passionate about cosa so passionate about Kamal wells anywhere we go we just keep dragging everybody to this church you're hugging everybody just come to church come for self and a few things like that and we were going through about one personal family issues right vanity oh yeah yeah my my father was always around you know and then right from second discovery facing financial issues and when I was in second to school there were times I would go to school without sound traditions but nobody knew I was very good so this is it nobody knew she was very good at hiding things non idealities but internalizing things managing what she has it's good to manage what you have it good to be content but this we are breathing young people we are breathing individuals that they can even be honest they can even talk they can even say this is what is happening to me there's suffering in silence and I'm going to read some of the comments that you guys have written because it's so interesting what you have written atta boy Allah says asylum doctors need to be an asylum themselves yeah that's true some of us have had a father but he wasn't present with us father problem is a major one in our community and others too she thank you very much that's brilliant that is brilliant you know somebody can't even be honest we need to be honest we need to tell people the truth and stop pretending okay thank you very much shady McCoy says my father was very strict and now I appreciate him thank you very much make well that's good who bounces my father is a satanic we can abuse abusive depraved creature that made our lives my late mom and us the children and living L I swore that I would never be like him brilliant that you will never be like him that's great thank you both for sharing that who for myself most teenagers and internalizing so much more that they can deal with due to lack of communication in the family many I'm living in depression and subject to abuse you know firma is a professional she's somebody that looks after young teenage teenage girls she has an organization she has a foundation that she looks after she she talks to young girls so she knows what she's talking about and this is true I know that as a young person you know if you want to say something that who asked you you know as a young person I still do that in Africa now they still do that looking in my own family or my parents they let you speak they might not agree with you do me don't let me speak but they will not agree with me you know most of the time I dared leaving I agree with me when I say anything it's like no no no no Maya that's not how you do it this and that they badly and I will just say my own pace and that's it I'm out of them you know I leave it but there's so many other children that the time so they can't say anything and they internalize things and you give birth to them you keep giving back to them you give breath to more so that they can just say that you have children we don't have time to look after them you don't know what it takes to look after them actually talking about that you can help yourself if you have children and you don't know how to raise them then lots of books or doctors only you need to read those or other books forget even about dr. Sunday duck solids because the ones that I know how to how to how to create score values in your children it's one of the best books that you would read I also create core values in your children when you create core values in your children they won't be able to abuse them and you have to take responsibility it's not just the accolades that you have children okay that you know your mother boys your mother of girls or your father of girls and boys no you need to take responsibility it's a huge responsibility they huge undertaking to have children you have to continuously teach them help them help them to understand the world around them help them to grow healthy to be emotionally stable to be physically stable I am you yourself you need to be emotionally and physically stable be before we embark on that kind of responsibility you need to have read everything that you need to read I don't understand what people are even allowed to have children when they haven't even studied how to have two marriage the same thing you should not be getting married because by biomass you're developed or because you're horny you want to go and have righteous sex okay that's not the reason why I should go and get married you should get my because you have spotted marriage and you know that you have what it takes to engage in that role of a married person okay it's like if you want to be a doctor and yes don't say oh I want to be a doctor so I'm just going to go into a hospital and throw myself a white coat and go to the lab and stuff I study medicine I studied the area that I want to go into so the same thing if you want to get into marriage you have to go study that's as well if you want to have children you have to go study how not how to have children because that's easy you just have to have sex and their eggs and all that have to work but how to raise children how to you know right from the Incans Instagram conception how you be well you must to study those things I think I'm frozen on Facebook so you must go and study those things just wait a minute and like I can see that is interrupted on Facebook sorry guys I don't know why Facebook is hanging sorry don't be perturbed just keep going alone singing broadcast interrupted I think it's the Internet my apologies yes we are live chica chica Tati where are we live I know it's cutting I can just see the signals is showing me here was poor on to a few minutes ago sorry about that okay Maria started sharing her or now she said that I am different strokes for different folks I come from a polygamous home but my my dad was always there for me with value communication and he was very involved in our upbringing brilliant that is somebody that he knows his responsibility you know what is going getting himself into and he is taking that responsibility and that's what I'm saying if any woman is going to allow to be in a polygamous home at least allow is somebody that has sense corrector that we need to take the responsibility of that of what they're doing yeah it's not only you apparently Victor sorry sorry about that guys buy this you can see me but you can see the video but you can hear it okay let's pass living cooking pretends not discussing with people you know I just know that's what I'm studying well c'mon it's not discussing with people you know I'm not a big advocate of discussing issues with people because I won't only discuss issues with people that have sense okay I just don't want to be carrying information and and words about me or my personal language with somebody that kind of prefer solution that we just talk about it I'm and gossip I don't okay but is there still this culture that you can't even talk a choice like gosh any problem Oscars anything else is a plague of silence and it's not the same okay I'm not playing with silence if there's something that is wrong I will speak about it but I am NOT an advocate or just telling things to anybody Charlie to people died no that can help or you at least if you think that it can help you tell it to them don't be plagued by silence go inside dusty and get a good job you know I really I was everyone to be there for my mom in particular because I just felt I'm sad cause her a lot you know things like that yeah so you know children as well young people also they carry a lot of burden you know they are worried about the parents relationship they a lot of a lot of young people I like that they worried about you divorcing yes then your children might not tell you they are worried about that you need to know they are concerned because the way you talk to mommy the way you talk to Daddy they think is going to lead to divorce when they go to school they see their friends that are the parents are having problems or they divorce and they they are waiting for the data is going to happen to them as well they think it might happen to them that Mommy and Daddy also might divorce so they have all this emotional turmoil inside of them then they kind of discussed the communicates well they're not having peace of mind at home so they can't discuss anything with you so of course they're susceptible to abuses by other people in the community other people that are watching them other people that can see that you don't have time for them and they can they know how they can penetrate into them mentally in order to abuse them to arrest them to violate them it happens to both boys and girls I took at that time in church I came to meet me that's faster better and then I said I notice you're always open yourself so that's how the groom they even in touch I notice you're always by yourself they're predators they prey actually the teeth that comes at night to steal kill and destroy so they're watching your quiet daughter they're watching your son they're watching them and they'll go to them and they'll pounce on them I noticed you always quiet I noticed this I noticed that that's what they do that's what they do their life yes like after a fetish a blood like we always all by yourself things like that okay are good you know so I said yesterday said he was going to come to my house the next day no no she said I'll come to your house the next day who do you want to come to my house for you mean I don't even have any problem people coming to my house I don't have any problem with it come you going to their house who look at how he went to you look at the violation debris and pass because he said him I guess is yes he just wanted to sort of know more about me things like that because we were always going to church I guess people said something was wrong like in terms of family I believe I have money any things like that but we never opened up to anyone we people just take care of our own that's another thing you have challenges and we said that people always think that something is wrong but we never opened up to anybody we just used to go you know why are you in a while you deceiving yourself tell me I don't understand because a lot of people do this it's not just the dog was a lie saying this was even 20 years ago or more today to debut for us to doing it you are struggling you probably didn't have breakfast this morning you work in but the money doesn't and meet and make meet doesn't meet n meets or whatever it doesn't the money is not enough okay and still you'll be carrying yourself to this shrine where in your al Cara wearing Gaelic wearing all these things pretending that everything is all right and you're going there to service other people you're wasting your time you're wasting your energy you're wasting your money you're wasting the little you have everything just to keep up with the Joneses you can't even you are in a community of people where you can't even tell them that you have a problem you can't tell them that you're having money challenges why are you there what are you doing there isn't it better that you're just not in that place you can't be honest with them it's the same thing you have friends you can't be honest with you can't say oh my friend I have this challenge you're too afraid that they will laugh at you or you want to show them that you are at a certain level why are you deceiving yourself this thing starts from religion is started from religion do too much deception she's young naive girl a little insane but her just her sisters are their appearance at there as well allowing them to go to this place why do we do it you've been to the shrine today you know you have challenges there's nobody that's trying all your congregation of thousands that you can't go to and say I have this challenge how can you help me just nobody you're just pretending it's raining over here so maybe that's the reason why the internet was playing up Thank You Victor make ends meet that's what I wanted to say that's right my friend told me about the pastor who had the key to every single sister's house in the church and he could turn up any time to check on them so they don't bring a man to their house chai can you imagine that one so what is your business if I take a man to my house fast Oh am I using your vagina or I mean I don't understand what is the big business of this pastor you see what they've in the rubbish that they allow in esta can you believe this nonsense they are key so this is a pastor that will come to come and test the instruments in there I don't even understand I don't understand the logic about this seriously I don't understand and now with when I remember a teenage girl in my church then who reported being deliberated by the Iancu she was living with oh my god she was living with I had to report and introduce at one of my big faster faster comfortably Anka Wanda him and posture took over the sex abuse chain he was married the poor girl become a sex toy you couldn't say anything Prasad sponsored her true unique she eventually got married and settled in the u.s. she told the hobby and they traveled to Nigeria converting the pastor I apologize if the girl comes up with this issue today I know the password like building who denied that very sad and lot of them do it can you imagine you a girl told you one pressing the person told a pastor to try and rescue the girl requested took over the rape and abuse from the oku and continued from the girls is sofa seriously so much suffering so much suffering and you know what a woman's continue to suffer they all world will suffer with them likewise if men also suffer we all will suffer stop we need to stop treating each other like this there is no advantage for any of us in in treating of each other bad badly I can't believe this let's continue business the ratings would go to church more food but I will go back home and South issue as well so no I didn't listen easy not a man I definitely I think I definitely say is denying manly about the pastor who's got the key to everybody's house or their sisters in the church house so it doesn't want man you doesn't want to meet men there why tell me if a pastor tells me night doesn't want to meet men in my house I said why don't you want to meet many my housewife I don't what I don't even know what these reasons would be I need the one that we're going to service me who's going to do the job if many is not going to come so that's why are we all these people i practicing lesbianism as well because I don't understand why do you just teach them the words and let them believe in the Word of God if they if you don't want them to be promiscuous who's going to be doing the job I don't really understand was this our comeback on Instagram when it goes off is almost an hour is yeah I just don't understand what's gonna yes I am or Mary I'm wearing the shorts on day yes yes yes I am Mary I'm wearing a shorts that's why I said that I instagrammed a scene film is hot and I'm wearing a shorts under my dress so don't worry okay thank you sis yes I'm wearing a shorts under my dress not to worry and my skin is showing on Instagram they say they can see my my flesh never mind the shorts underneath no worries hot today met five percent bullied bullied by nature that's what she kept saying this continued the next day he came to my house in the morning and then my mom was in the kitchen so I told my mom that yes so you see it came to his house to her house as promised might asteroids hell it came in if we tell my mom and then I told my mom that my husband is going to buy some things on Tycho Road that if I should cross accompany him you know so I went at a particular day and my mom was not a guru me you know you want to buy something in somewhere you should have company you actually they accompany you this this is just guru me this is the grooming process you know for people that say they don't believe this girl you have to listen to everything this is a predator grooms you must not be you must be all landed to not know that this is grooming process is grooming her why would you go to young girls as I said you want to go up by something somewhere that she should accompany you she gives too much details for it to be a lie there's too much details too much information you know so that's how if you have a sound mind of course you would believe what she's saying she's given names of the place what she wants to buy what the guy said he wanted to buy when it came to her house or what the mother said you know how can you not believe her and you believe this one that says this you believe this if got a person here tells me see does not work hmm Hotel good thank you haha because seeds walk and please don't come out out of compulsion come out because you're convinced of the Lord if God appears to me and tells me seed does not work hmm I'll tell good thank you ha ha because seeds walk if God appears to me I tells me seed does not work hmm I'll tell good thank you if God appears to me and tells me seed does not work if God appears to me and tells me seed does not work hmm I'll tell good thank you ha ha because seeds walk if God appears to me and tells me seeds does not work hmm I'll tell good thank you ha ha because seeds walk and please don't come out other company if you're a personnel tells me seed does not work hmm I'll tell good thank you because seeds walk you've got a personal nasty this is rip itself that statement is a statement of rape yeah I'm telling you is Rick it's so violating we've got a patreon sense it does not work because we want to rob this young people there you said to go down ok see it works so chica I know that chica here is a chick ITT he said that she must not fall in here 16 years old and you're passed oh I don't know how much I can tell these people 20 years ago you are 16 years old and your pastor said you should following him somewhere you cannot say no I was talking to somebody to do over 40 years old he doesn't eat setting food and he doesn't somebody came to give him the food and elderly woman came to give him their food he cannot even say to the woman that I don't eat this we cannot say that it shook the food as a thank you man because it believed that it is wrong it is rude to say to their movement that I cannot take this food this food is not what I eat that is it stress pet food and you are telling me chicken again oh that she must not follow she must not follow at 16 20 years ago you don't even know how to say no to three people like that they are Authority some people you know when I talk to some people and I said no I'm not doing something they'll look at me especially in Africa like whoa a woman telling me no like I said no I'm not doing it no I'm not doing that they are short it's madness just because you are bold enough to say something for you not to realize that there are people suffering in silence there are people who don't know better the mother has to say no they are ill your mother did your mother say no to past Oh tell me does your own mother say no to Pastor if master said to bring your child at 12:00 midnight and live your child I want you to deliver us with a child you that you are talking you take your child a hypocrite you're all hypocrites that saying that the mother she said no can you believe that you have the guts not to say no no no how can you say no how many of your own were done now I say no to their past oh I do yesterday from online in them or here opposed to taking their money did we just you I said asking them to come to thee to come to for deliverance Iginla they still going to DC or Bathsheba Bathsheba in his image in the pull of Bathsheba they still skunks coming them but they're going on – of night vigil your own murder in 2019 is now saying you know and in in 1990 1990 1990 you are saying that somebody's mother should be saying no to Pasco they don't know better who bought an effective ready to uses bait not close they get more prey by a grooming Thank You Kathy let's continue I tells me seed does not work I'll tell good thank you because seeds walk keep-keep shots that's not the one that I even want to show you we're going back to the interview like Salah which one is this one now she said it's my dear mother has intuition as a woman which one is this one and that's as far as those mothers who go especially when it comes to church religion is the license like Obama said yesterday religion is a license to steal kill and destroy if it was any other man that came to the house and the man is not a clergyman it's not a pastor it's not a religious influenza or a religious person the mother would probably have objects stronger and that hence the title today the mother will probably I said no no no no no ah young sisters to follow you I don't know him and the mother will come and speak to them and I say with your family or ways you also do this and that's but because it's a pastor first I can steal you away and won't do anything in Africa you come back used to say thank you sir what's a free should I give you today after his finish wrapping used to commences thank you sir we can say who would say no to pasta why didn't pass them by what he wants to before coming exactly you see I did Jim was very honest here we are still training our parents to learn to say no to dis Gio's even in 2019 excellent I did you my champion yes chica I agree that we must learn to say no but I'm saying put yourself in the shoe of this lady 20 years ago and actually says our parents hold us by hand in hand into all this coven and commit us to the life of slavery that is true westerland's articulate our parents hold us by hand and commit us to the hands of slavery how many of you as your parents done that how you can even say that their parents did not do that well I mean a lot assets in my mom would be saying did you go to church days like what is your own why why you asking me if I went to church or not I give you some days that didn't go say yes mommy I did because I don't want one lap even if it doesn't matter what you do if you go deep to church and pastor well to rape you pastor abuse you they do everything it doesn't matter as long as you went to church that is the life that is the religion that is the syncretism that is the culture of our society we don't love God we don't look good there's nothing you know so ma'am my gosh I don't care no problemo without him as I my mother saw that oh I'd love to escape you see my mom said no problemo greeted him you know I'm sorry guys the reception is poor I'm so sorry I'm sorry the instant is raining over here sorry guys is raining so just hang on if he's saying frozen is no don't leave okay just stay on because it's because of the is raining and I think is affecting the the internet I think the rain is affecting the internet so my apologies in advance everybody I'm not feeling very hot even though is raining I'm still feeling very hot right now anyway so how many people so the mom mother just left let them go like that together so he was driving a white Mercedes Benz here like the old I don't know the model and what's called quite my sister's bells and that was where sort of started industry the gear remembered everything people you know check your dates check the past do you remember when the other factory boy used to drive an old white Mercedes Benz this are detailed that this girl is sharing how could you ever in the right sense say that she's lying she's sharing details of somebody that something happened true even though she tried not to remember for twenty years she can still remember details like it was yesterday she was driving an old Mercedes Benz this is not a liar this is a human being that is sharing her experience a story who Braun said here people gravitates towards three things money sex and God smudgy the last option is optional because people only seek God for the truth religion offers the tree as much as the two thre not tree at an hour cetera The Ultimates bait to get easy prey victim absolutely Maria story says it took my mum living the shackles of religion bondage in Nigeria to America before she liberated herself thank God sometimes you do have to leave your parents you know some of you have gone antidote for you for your parents that are so religious in Nigeria you know fasting is and if you are in diaspora you have you if you in any Western country even if you're in South Africa first of all get your parents their passport and get them sick visa and ticket to come to you to where you in the West and let them see life differently your friends that we prayed before she gets on the bus she realize that she doesn't need to pray for no bus or to get on the bus everything is timely is in order okay should I just open then I don't need to pray for boss first you afraid to find a boss in Nigeria there is not one chance okay after you enter the boss there's not one chance you prick throughout the journey in the bus that the bus driver should not have accident there should be no fight there should be no nothing to get you to the destination after you get to the next mission you pray that you're back go with you to that destination where you're going yeah well you already in the destination that even from your walk in from the bus stop to the house that you're going that you get damn pissed that there should be no accidents but when you go to the West those things are no your prayer anymore because there's not going to be any sudden accidents it's not going to happen the roads are good okay nobody is going to your number to enter a one chance boss okay nobody is driving it and a boss that has no tire or the fire is finished okay or the engine is open they're just using Roberto oh the engine down so all of those things when you take them away from those poverty mentality from those poverty impunity in those countries they will start to seek God for who God is not a God that they have to beg for everything to survive not a god that they need to survive so if you know that your parents are the ones that are you can't tell them anything if you tell them anything about pastor just pack them and get them to come and meet you in England or in America or wherever you are everywhere anywhere in the world and let them spend one month there their prey is going to be different they're not going to be praying on yeah yeah pray anymore they have like 24/7 nobody is taking electricity they don't need to pray to God for that they don't is not just in church that they have lights and AC go this rain is really heavy this this rain is heavy I the Internet is still ok let me continue character and start talking like you don't say things you're always quiet what's wrong you see that's what the big grooming you start talking you don't say anything you always quiet was wrong they want to know your life they want to know your issues so that they know where to penetrate why is it your concern if I don't say anything is it disturbing you they don't say anything you see they want they want to befriend you does grooming other places even in your complaint they our parents who even demonize us and a lot of the children just continue in the way it's just been laid out that's true adequately thank you for sharing that they do I told you one of the girls one of the girls on social media said that when when she was young okay let me tell you this story as well she said that when she when she was young she was probably I don't know maybe about 12 years old she as a girl she used to play who used to play a lot and play rough and her parents told the father or the priest and the priest said that she should come for deliverance that this girl's like a tomboy she's always saying she's always this that they need to pray for her for deliverance so they sent her to did to they find out the Reverend Friday or whatever and the Reverend friend I was just touching her inappropriately she wasn't doing nothing he was just touching her so she just left they left the place and run to her father to tell daddy daddy this is what the father was doing the father is doing this another now you know what they deferred and he said UI devil child toward each other that that is why you need to go back to church and go back to the Reverend Father and they sent and the father sent the girl back to the man to abuser and the girl said she just go there and the guy who abused her you would do whatever he wants because he's already run to their father and the father sent her back to him so all of you yes I get what you're saying I have seen it I've heard it do you send them back religion is to steal kill and destroy they destroy you from childhood and there are complicit of the crime is usually you're gonna be parents your parents that may lie to as well very sad situation let's continue you know so it was something I want to be a spiritual father to you so at that point even though in my world I'm always very mindful of people around me mmm like when I was small because when I was like ten one of my dad's drivers just looked at me one week I slapped a man like why you looking at me like that you know so you see she gave a lot of details even this the driver come come at say yes is true you know she's very conscious she gives so much details that people can relate anybody with son mind should be able to relate immediately I was about to just put up with that you know pretend it was just able to like just freaking I just want to be you see she was about to put up a guard but the guy Virgil was a bad he was able to break it and it's anyone who goes to a girl to say I want to be your spiritual father if you're not a predator all of you have gone through anybody if you're a pastor you're a Jew is a you want to be somebody's are you fact I own children have you been a father to your own children you can you can even look after yourself let alone look after your own children you say you want to be spiritual father or susharma – to somebody else madness back to her – somebody you can always interact with and then really I think how do you get around like when I was small because when I was like ten one of my dad's drivers just looked at me one way I slapped a man like why you looking at me like that you know so immediately I was about to just put up with that you know but then it was just able to like just break it my response would be like the father somebody you can always interact with and then really I didn't have like a good relationship with my dad yes at home and then my sisters were all all busy running their own lives and I had my fears fears of or disdain over yeah but and I invest here there's a whole lot for you to know about these new environments it's really felt I thought I fit in a way you know and I everyone I mean everyone can relate to this honestly you know and it's really sad I before she goes to the next chapter of the story memories we are doing exhibited the characteristic of a predator from her story absolutely former thank you the parents have had no longer religion brainwashed as such will be harder to sway yes it's possible that it's harder to sway boys not a reason not to try they came they came as damn damages yes they came the wrong caste said they came as damages Jacob said surprising some of us in the Asura still engage in all these evil prayers my enemy somersaults and die of course because you're not thinking you're not thinking straight which enemy the enemy that is a Mossad from Africa is going to come and so misogyny and aspirin good luck yeah bye know what you're saying that people are still engaging even though they know in Africa any modest to saying these kind of nonsense Internet is – ok ok thank you mr. an Igor oh thank you who bounces innocent sexual predators building is using the vamp vampire Nigel police to intimidate see me and be Sola instead of clearing himself like his fellow Christians who named Suleiman deeds did Stephanie evil people your leader evil is going to go on go after you don't worry they can t intimidate those people is too late we already know that your predator we are doing you can't wash that one away Maya please let's in the full video Jackie Devo video is on internet this video has been around for me for weeks almost months now ok so this analysis damn just doing going watch it yourself if I let you see the full video is one hour 55 how am I going to do analysis so Jackie don't be lazy go onto the Internet it's only used on YouTube go is full interview solitude ocular opens up about past computing factor in bukoza is they're gonna watch it yourself I was a bit card like oh I have so much interact with so it wasn't that particular conversation that made me to open up to him but it was more like within me I just felt relaxed like okay okay okay you know I just talked and you went to buy whatever that's to buy a chocolate back home then after some you wanted by you wants to come buy something you asked me to come with you to pack let me tell you even me I've done that move before you know I stopped would say oh I want to go somewhere can you follow me can you do this can you do that to me as well I will follow him like in me you know but it's not the guide it's not anything to do with ripple it's just wasting your time you see this not even rape it's not a rape issue all the time it's just wasting your time if I want to go with you I would be the one to say Oh pastor if you're going somewhere please let me know I'm free today I will come with you alright if you don't mind but to come to my house I say you want to run by something I should follow you are you crazy I don't have anything to do with my own time hey are you alright we're not going on holiday and having fun want to come to the market with you are you okay sorry Jackie we're not fighting we're not fighting Jackie Gerry this it will just upsetting me Mia you will never fight don't worry Thank You Jackie again I came to my house that cane was going cuz a church without auction off from that masculine location to another location I was like wonderland that's why they call it so you see all these things a detail the church was about to move from another location we'd be look at it's like Wonderland that's what they call it all those things how can you say that she's lying all of you you know that she's telling the truth I think I'm going to stop here guys thank you very much I think I'm gonna stop here today or maybe I should please let me play to 17 17 minutes that's 30 seconds besides the grand scene she took me to that particle a teeny came to consider case which was talk I was taking this is all grooming why you why is this you so much interest in her taking it to the sides to go and see the sights and already they were grooming her you would do one by one that's how I would concentrate on you you think that you're special you know green green blue it's called grooming this is grooming religion to still kill and destroy this is grooming okay ridiculous says when you pray for your enemy to some assault what about if your enemy prayer for died Yeti's smell praying for you to die mm-hmm everyone say Christianity in like John Isner Satanism where as RA used using rape isolation million in mediation total dependency intimidation financial and sexual exploitation and statement threats rituals and even murder to keep the victim in line fair is key to of control yes AB you're doing just prayed on her innocence and educate saying agreed Gabrus says they're pressed or manipulated their members God Almighty who exposed them in Jesus name Amen even you should expose them as well Gabriella yeah Gabriella God Almighty will expose them only if you the people have the courage to open their mouths and people accept when people tell the truth and they're not saying that they're lying you know God is not going to come out a common expose you think that God is going to show us se TV anyway I tell you amen to this prayer but sometimes it's just it's just what it is thank you very much Gabrielle I appreciate your kind words you guys let me finish this to the second verse wants me to be talking about someone only about others interactions yeah actually one time do you have a boyfriend all right hey they ask you do you have a boyfriend let me tell you something hmm nobody should be asking you if you have a boyfriend or you have a girlfriend no possible should be asking you that the only reason they may ask you that they want to give you a boyfriend or they want to give you a girlfriend okay it's nobody's business if I have a boyfriend or I have a girlfriend it's not a Buhl it's none of your business how is that's going to be what always that affected my relationship with God or my faith with God God is there all-knowing God already knows if I have a boyfriend or a girlfriend God already knows what I do in money in the closets he already know everything you shouldn't be asking me that use your common sense it's not just boyfriend and girlfriend that they ask you whenever they sit you down it's not asking you question so where do you go tell me about your family so tell me listen I didn't come to you I came to God what should I be telling you about my family because I came to said God but God already knows about my life he already knows about my family why do I need to tell you this is the way that they used to gather information about you this is a predators way of gathering information then my luck that they rape you in your own case is sexually they got during that information to rip you in another way maybe to take money from you they'll ask you question who or tummy history about your family is your is your father married to somebody else they're going to use that information later to say that it is your is your stepmother that's doing you yeah or just your father I have other children if you are Hmong if you are my past or you are system gods now what do you know God knows everything I didn't come to worship you why you asking me all those questions that is how they got that information they tell you tell you to write prayer request pray any questions just cut that information about your life so that they will know what to do this require form online is a systematic form online let me tell you that okay if you don't know I have told you in here you don't know where to start see see and they will they know those kind of people like them thank you I definitely like them they will ask you all sorts of question oh please hello Mabel welcome sorry I got a goat chicas points I got it Kelvin don't worry I already apologized to chica because I shouted at her to go and watch watch it online chick is it chica who no joke a joke arrow or something like that anyway no so that's how they pray they pray in different ways so he's asking you do you have a boyfriend they shouldn't ask you your pastor should ask if you have a boyfriend when they dream you know they wanted are you married if they ask me they're married they want to use marriage to to as a bondage for you when they ask you are you married they want to know if they see how to prey on you if you say you know – that's a lies your enemy you should be married by now I remember one stupid woman some big giant woman like this she came to to the shrine I used to go to and she said that oh you first he said that I'm married and then she said and then she didn't see any ring on my finger they said oh this time next year you'll be married and I said listen I don't even have a boyfriend right now he said take it this time next year they just would they were just find anything and me I wasn't even interested in marriage then you know so this well this was money say Lord States next year Cayman another year Cayman and I asked him know marriage they were scum you they just look for ways of things that they think that he can use to manipulate you they woman don't know me I'm not interested I'm sure even the pastor later says you shouldn't have talked to that girl this one is you you said no boy area you can't do those kind of things with her you know if it she picked me out us that's prophesied all sort of rubbish my life my life my life not them not them not them you know yourself this giant woman commits to boast you know yeah we've been there we know definite and money inside your prayer requests yes ad money as ideas or scam so people deserve fates worse than death this is pure it is feel it is poor people know be small for one line is big for on Iona we say through my prayer request I know that yeah Catholic they use for your request as well to find out your history to find out the things that are affecting you because they'll tell you right they pray I request you think they've got time to be sitting down to pray for you on your prayer request they haven't even pray for their own tree remove the moon of Nigerians the moon of Christians and religious people it's on another level prayer request is just to get that information it's in from its data is data request there is worsening data about your life so that they can log in and they can they can put virus into your computer that's your brain you see 300 quest is to log into your computer they take your password and they put virus in that's what they do it in I'm just using the computer analogy dead ah me as I said I can smell that bullshit from a mouse away now Lionel Lionel I absolutely and I said that so guys okay stem one second you see no I don't have a boyfriend I'm a veggie nothing too much information with Allah that's what he wants to know as soon as you told him that I'm a virgin is thinking cha-cha-cha who is gonna pop this one let me did you want to pop it do you know somebody also told me that these people they used virginity for their ritual so maybe that's why this guy they retry that they did maybe they even use you for each one but Allah yeah I'm just saying you know maybe they'll use your virginity for ritual no I don't know I but I don't believe in ritual but just somebody that told me that they look for people diets they look for virginity the loofah virgin because Virginia is for ritual they use they use your virginity destiny culture them that go on pop a virgin yeah maybe if you that used to make cosa we don't know maybe you just used your head me I'm just saying me too I don't know I'm not saying that believing that I don't believe in those kind of team but maybe it's your virginity that used to expose explode in ministry I don't know Luther that true that it's rising that a year's boosts are large the genie chief to explode I don't know yeah I'm just saying you know who said that once he said the elevator I am a virgin he brought Christ that day you know who knows look at the girl nah she said that I saw they are you are you do you have a boyfriend and this one give I give him extra information I don't have a boyfriend I'm a virgin a they said a and the babalawo told me to go look for a veggie new she cha-cha-cha cha-cha-cha that's why this guy was fearless they went to they have two puppies because I'm telling you it might be because they used that for ritual who knows aunt I invest here there's a whole lot for you to know about this new environment it's really felt I thought stuff working away you know and I was a bit glad like oh I have someone to interact with so it wasn't that particular conversation that made me to open up to him but it was more like within me I just felt relaxed like okay okay okay you know you just talk and it went to buy what we need to buy each other back home then after some days again it came to my house that okay was going because the church was allowed to move from that particular location to another location I was like Wonderland has great aquatics so we would go to that site to go and see so he took me that particular idea game to go and see that case we just talked I was doing this he just wants me to be talking to someone I knew about all these interactions the actually one time do you have a boyfriend all right now no I don't have a boyfriend I'm a virgin night for nothing and I was like oh that's really good that just to keep yourself you know don't get into all these people you will know this truck boys and church choir members so oh my god oh my god I don't know this is revealing a lots of me so she's 16 years old pastor is asking do um do you have a boyfriend the girl replied no I don't have a boyfriend I'm even a virgin I said I keep yourself oh don't listen to you need don't judge members don't listen to discharge boys oh even quite a member so do you miss that you have plans for her why you say no listen to them what can she find some people find their husband in the church and at 16 years old I hope they find their husband at school at 16 years old so why shouldn't she even listen to the boy Xander's in there because you have to learn bo2 you're going to explain yourself I think tomorrow you explain yourself about what you plan to do it be so lies the virginity because why you saying that you should you keep it there's too much details in this information keep yourself me and I'm thinking maybe the guy uses virginity because the way the guy runs to the house and come prepared with crest is guaranteed that's the ritual that the baba say i should do virginity date there for free let me go to use the virginity I don't know because these people they believe in honesty Bala : sense that is what we will do we have the audacity to say this in those day I can say anything and get away with it they've done something for him if God appears to me tells me seat does not work out l good thank you because seeds walk and please don't come out out of compulsion come out because your palm meanest of the Lord Missy this is d2 this is that this is how you've got a person here tells me seed does not work I'll tell God thank you because seeds walk and please understand I was planning to Chris this is not funny smell funny Matata mr. Ladd we sympathize with you but we just have to say what it is he was planning to crested that was onna Goodwin says she naively sets herself up for the kill yes – Aaron says so even faster knows that they are predator in his church exactly while you're sorry Yanni doesn't want anybody to pop her virginity he wants to be the first person to pop my virginity so he said that don't don't listen to any of the boys who because he's a predator they are about caused boys there you know they said they have cult members in the church even harass them that the first time she's saying that cause member came out and gave her life like gave His life to Christ so this is true so much mess oh boy see Martha here Hey mm-hmm joy yeah it's true but today he'll the lamb gave the woof the axe to the disk decapitate itself Wow John says though the prayer request their prophesy to you based on what you wrote down before the congregation yes of course or nice kindness Pamela's come Bo do must have whipped her blood with handkerchief chai hmm okay I don't they do I just thought I should point out it's not I'm doing the analysis dicey yeah I'm not an OD deal I don't believe in somebody using your head for anything but the way that this guy rush to their house early in the morning to pop a virginity and there's something about it he knows he's trying to confirm and use her for whatever he wants to use her for oh that's suicide and as a necklace it's very upset about that is the pointer of Yahoo Pamprin stars hmm that's what they do okay anyway loved ones love lunch family love lounges I appreciate you thank you so much for your time today as always so we're going to end today's program now and we'll be back tomorrow I think we've done an hour and a half over thank you very much Steve Wonder thank you thank you very much okay so we are off for today and I'll be back tomorrow go continue with this video so much revelation in this video that's why I don't want us to just you know just look at it once and say oh that's it we've seen this video there's so much that we can learn from from from Busan as testimony or I should do a poly testimony I don't it's not a testimony story you know there's so much to learn so we will see you tomorrow we'll continue please share your thoughts on your opinion join us tomorrow to share your thoughts on opinion I love you guys I appreciate you for your time I know your time is precious and you're spending it to rob minds on love lounge together thank you I appreciate you so again I'll see you tomorrow take care of yourself yeah thank you bye guys only

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