Release Limiting Beliefs & Subconscious Negativity (NEW) | Healing Waterfall Hypnosis (Meditation)

welcome to this healing hypnosis and guided meditation to release limiting and negative beliefs about sucks none of us are born thinking negatively have ourselves as all of our deep-seated beliefs lie in the subconscious below the surface of the conscious mind this will take you to a relaxing state where you can access and transform these beliefs and today's journey will take you through a tropical rainforest to a healing waterfall the relaxation is essential as this allows the subconscious mind to enter re-record mode in a fully alert state normally the subconscious is read only and this can be why sometimes you feel frustrated with yourself or conflicted but unable to make a change because the subconscious is holding on some of these unhelpful beliefs may transform straightaway and in other cases this session may start a ripple effect of gentle relief so be patient with yourself please do not listen to lists or any other of my session while driving operating machinery or with any other task or responsibility for this particular session it is preferable but not essential to stay awake throughout until I transition you to sleep at the end now if you find a comfortable place setting or lying down ensure that you are in a safe place where you can close your eyes so settle in now and if you haven't already just close your eyes take a couple of moments to connect to your breath breathing a little more deeply breathing deeply into a tummy and exhale Bree this easily if you want letting go of any tension in the forehead the island yo and bringing gentle attention to notice if you have any clenching in the jaw any tension around the gym and then so let go you let go of any tension if there is any around your cheeks seeing if your door can relax even more your teeth parting gently you're generating and let your tongue rest at the bottom of your mouth and your neck now let neck muscles go around your throat down the side where they connect to your shoulder letting go of whatever you are carrying been in the back of the neck gone all around your head the space between forehead down to chin and allow it to relax muscles to soften as much as you want and you may not have even been aware of any tension in north a just is on a day to day basis we are not always aware of our limiting belief just as we make our attention which restricts the body we may carry a limitation that restrict our mind our life but even at this level we were starting to detect restriction and let go so let's continue and thinking your attention down into the body be patient with himself do whatever you need to remain comfortable and clear the mind let's breathe together inhale and exhale and feel a ripple of relaxation extend down your body gentle way and as you continue to bring bring your attention to your own self-care there is no distraction required as you are just fine as you are chuckling thinking no need to worry if your minds are still talking and as you think about that in a voice or maybe even hear it what other things you often think about yourself what does that inner voice say about yourself and as you think about that inner voice your self-talk is that voice belonged to another person would you be friends with them would you feel that they treated you well would they be supportive respectful kind and understanding were they approaching with compassion and forgiveness would they approach you with judgment prejudices would you trust this other voice to give you advice to have your best interest at heart and whatever answers come up simply use these to realize that there is some work to be done we are all works in progress from no shame or self blame here and think about what would it mean to be a great friend to yourself returning to your breath returning to your relaxation breathing in and down at some point we will pay attention to these forms but the most important thing right now is to relax and think deeper feeling another wave of relaxation roll over you from head to toe feel that is just so nice to pause for a few seconds go back to your body sensation you feel that wave of relaxation like soothing warm water do you submerge yourself fully allowing both heart and mind to open up if you think down and as your mind drifts away from me everyday I'd like you to start to create an image an image of yourself at the top of the hill on a hill standing above a lush deep rain forest start to paint in this picture the sky above the humid air the trees all around and the forest down and you look down and you see steps carved into the side of this hill safe that's going down into the forest you see birds fly suddenly overhead and hear the rustle of the thick waxy leaf you look up and as you look up you breathe in that warm tropical air and you feel perspiration bout to break out on your skin toxins are already starting to release and looking down the steps again each step looking safe and solid as you start to go down those steps now with every step your relaxation deepen taking the first few steps as I guide you down letting your body relax in motion a few more steps down and your breathing calm even more no rush just allow yourself to inhale the scent of the fire and as you keep walking down you look at the vivid greenery and flowers on either side feeling yourself going deeper into the forest feeling safe and protected now if you keep walking down you enjoy the descent no rush just allow yourself to inhale the scent of the fire finding in whatever color whatever detail you may see or hear around you getting more and more connected with your own wishes and one taking in the site the Sun and a path ahead you and if you walk along the path just wide enough for one person the Sun peeks through the canopy it briefly lands on your eyes and you close your eyelids seeing gold through your eyelid as the Sun shines bright as you open them again you see tree trunks all around as you walk ahead and vines wrapped around them life is everywhere crammed into every speak with budding orchids mingled amongst the rich green and everything seems fertile and blooming as wild as the forest in everything belongs everyone belongs and as you continue walking along the forest path one foot in front of the other your steps are muffled hardly a sound it feels almost as if you float along the path with each breath in taking in the pure oxygen released from each leaf each vine each flower as you feel both karma and more energized with every step as you breathe in even the air has an energy and you can feel a few beads of flat rolling down your neck and the path starts to curve in front of you and as you turn to follow the clues you start to become aware of a new sound the sound of water running very gently as you turn that corner go further down the path you walk toward the gentle sound and you feel a mess gently coating your face in hand and you feel your energy pick up I start all good definite shift and you feel more conviction to walk forward you walk toward the direction of the mist as you walk forward you start to make out the pool at the end of the path like a liquid jewel embedded in the earth and from one side of the pool is a gentle stream flowing in and at the other end furthest from you is a waterfall and beyond that the water flows away out of sight and after one side a three-step cut in making the descent easy you feel you know this play from some time before and you may or may not have been here before this is a place that knows you and that is known to you the mist continues to skid across the surface and you feel it all over your skin them and you walk towards the edge of the pool towards the three step and you look into the water and see your liquid reflection look back and you bend down and take off anything covering your feet and as you take one step down feel the cool around your ankles and feet and the second step down the water coming up to your knee and the temperature is just right and three steps down the water is up to your waist and with one quick push you swim into the pool gentle easy strokes and the water swirls gently around you feel the gentle tug of the current and you look down the water is crystal clear maybe tinted with an emerald green or a sapphire blue the water flows around you but you float and swim where you want and as the current flow around you you feel your circulation pick up you feel your blood rush to the surface of your skin feeling so alive so invigorated so ready for change positive change this is a magical pool a sacred space and you drift over to the waterfall feeling drawn to that place and stretch out one and then the other hand and you feel the gentle massaging effect and the pressure is just liked powerful yet soothing like a watery massage you feel that this water is different that this is healing water is it laps around you and recognizes you at some cellular or soul level and you put your body and face further into this waterfall until all the viewers underneath and if you feel the massage flow down cascading over the crown of your head massaging your shoulders and back and the water starts to energize and to take a factor now is the time to peel back through the artificial layers and label any way that you are artificially defined or constrained any name or label every time that you tell yourself that you cannot do something that you are not capable you are more than capable any time someone tries to impose limitations and you have taken these on let all limitations dissolve in this healing water anytime that you have put yourself down or being put down anything that is limiting you from going after what you truly want anything that is limiting you from taking actions or decisions that are right free yourself now from being controlled and contained wash away all those kinds you are told or tell yourself what you should be all expectations imposed on wash away any moment when you were told what you would or would not be where you would succeed and where you would not when you were told to not even try to give up give back anything that does not belong to you that is not part of the true you and as you allow this protest to happen you may see or feel images you may hear voices from others or from the past memories may flash up in front of you and do not worry they are all releasing if they come to the surface they are washed away you and as you feel blockages release in your body as you feel barriers write down in your mind recognize that you are perfect as you are feel your very life essence start to flourish and bloom as you let your true light shine inside of you is a solid brilliant pure Center that real essence that transcends all ways and accept and connect to that call brilliant essence inside of you and you may feel the water start to subside and you can now believe the deeper sigh of relief reconnecting to your breath enjoying a feeling of being in your own body if you float for a few moments and you're quiet oasis floating in this liquid paradise just like those few months of life before life you you and in your own time you swim or float over to the side of the pool new slowly step up the three steps again feeling water runoff you've in river lot feeling a shiver down your spine as the warm air evaporates each drop one by one and you notice the flatbed of rock and the Sun is warming it you walk over and feel the warm gray stone beneath your feet as you feel a little tired you lie down face up and allow the Sun to gently dry you and slowly now you get up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated you stand one more time at the out of the pool and you look over the edge into the water and see yourself reflected back and notice what you see and feel differently what do you see is different in your eye in your expression and if you slowly set off from the forest path just know that you can return to this journey at any time every time I mention the cleansing healing waterfall it will take you to that perfect place to allow the healthy relief as you walk off into the forest I will send you off to sleep as they count you down now from five to one so counting down now and five just letting everything go knowing that your mind is taking care of you let everything go and for start to sink into a deep pleasantly and three all the way down knowing you will wait even stronger even more rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning and to letting everything go any last tingle in the body or mind and one releasing allowing your body mind and soul to heal and strengthen is usually you you you

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  • WDHLLTY says:

    I finished the β€œThink yourself slim” I now HATE Sugar. Every time I β€œ force” myself to a sweet treat, my mouth tastes like Yuch!!! ( whatever yuch tastes like must be bad) LOL. Now I’m beginning the positive affirmations!! I’m stoked!!! Your downloads are well worth the money. Divine Favor Missy, keep up the excellent work.

  • EmpressRubyRising 2019 says:

    I'm praying to have the strongest resolve of my life with my two year old March 2019. It's just us! Everything and everyone turned back on us except my dad. I struggled with codependency of him and mom was never in my life. I just want to release the fear of failure that relocating to another city starting over an secure a home that meets all both are needs, provide my son a lifetime of security, healthy nutritionally and mentally I'm praying my son never repeats his father's Karma which was abandoned and left of foster care and then he may never experienced my karma who had a mother who didn't care in a very busy father who was self employed had a wife but was never there, never be co dependent of anybody outside of me. Full-blown Independence success and having indestructible loving Bond That's my boy. And over all continue to heal I realize my unlimited I am πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦
    I appreciate your soothing voice and craft. Thank you for being a part of unlocking my life. Sincerely , Your new subscriber πŸ’›

  • Darrell W says:

    Another new listener, I recently retired and a few months later was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I was devastated! It’s really ruined my life for some time now but I’m sure it’s a psychological problem more than the illness itself so I started looking for Hypnotherapy/Meditation to see if it would help. This has been my go to for a few weeks now and has helped me to be more positive and minimised dark thoughts; it’s made me realise that I still have a life that although I find it hard to do the things I would like to it’s not impossible – where there is a will there is a way!!!
    Thank you so much for this it has changed my life πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
    This is where I found the clue https://youtu.be/v7KQsS2kLM4

  • B*tchesLuv Sprinkles says:

    New listener i listen to all of your self love affirmations at work with earbuds in at my desk..literally..all day…life changer! Thank u so muchπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • Yvette Torres says:

    Really wonderful Meditation. Love your soothing voice. Beautiful!

  • Donna Carole Therapies says:

    So many ads!!
    Whats the point….its never gonna work if every 5 minutes another advert pops in.

  • JerzeyBird says:

    These are excellent guided self-hypnosis sessions. I just listened to this one all the way through while awake to hear the content because I typically listen at bedtime and fall immediately to sleep. Great for those of us who especially love water. Perfect vocals. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Wonder Woman says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful words. This meditation is one of the best I experienced. I feel so much better about myself. It really reaches my subconscious mind.

  • Courtney Witham says:

    God I love this woman she is literally an angel

  • andy collett says:

    That was really good I asked the reflection in the pool why it hates me and it showed me why…but not all of it washes away…But now I understand what I need to do

  • Samrah Hashmi says:

    I like how you have given enough time and attention to relaxation unlike other videos

  • Beyl Hodkinson says:

    Hope it works for me. Beryl

  • joseph aristondo says:


  • Paul Zimmerman says:

    Thank you so much Sarah, keep up the wonderful work you are doing, with love.

  • Andrew G says:

    When should you listen to this? Ok probably an hour before bed then because you will instruct us to sleep afterwards. I wish I could heal my c-ptsd and negative beliefs! I need a miracle.

  • Andrea Swiedler says:

    Beautiful, thank you. I found you when I was deep in constant anxiety, you pretty much saved me. Your voice is so soothing and relaxing and your scripts are wonderful. Thank you for putting so many videos out, it is a lifeline to many of us. Wonderful!

  • cvgr1470 says:

    Thank you so much! You are helping me a lot! Infinite appreciation for your amazing work!

  • Bobbie Lewis says:

    about to listen to it. I live right across the street from a very large cemetery. and on the nights I can block them out I put in my head phones and listen to meditation or whatever I can find to help. can't wait to try this one. I have a sensory deprivation tank appointment in two days. so we'll see if it'll help open me up and help me understand what is needed from me. because at this point I'm very lost and confused.

  • Empath Soul says:

    I definitely need to listen to this one at least once a week. Negative self-talk is a real issue with me. Thank you again for your videos Sarah! Namaste πŸ’“

  • Lily Lebowsky says:

    can i please ask for a session to address emotional blockage. i dont know what mine are. paid a therapist (which i had to save and borrow for) and shes left me … more optimist but pretty much the same… PLEASE HELP. i dont know how i am going to live the rest of my life knowing im never giving myself the best chance because of emotional blockages…

  • ilsor rnani says:

    Thank you so much!..:):) with Gratitude!:)….:)

  • Xavante 69 says:


  • Marquitos Pino says:

    sweeeet! lookin forward to it right after my work!

  • Unlock Your Life says:

    I've updated the script from the original version to, hopefully, provide even more release for you, the listener, with extended quiet time to process your own thoughts and emotions in between moments of guided release. I also hope you find the audio quality improved too. I hope you find this useful on your journey to unlock your life potential with a supporter on your side, Sarah

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