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is Christianity the only way uh well I would say that to Christians yes Christianity is the only way because that is legit what it says in the Bible is that Christ is the only way to get into heaven but that does not mean that Christ is the only way out of all of the ways there are a plethora of different ways to get to this quote-unquote heaven or to live your life what's up heathens today we are looking at if Christianity is the only way to heaven or to you know what fuck ever religion is leading you to so um stand a reason is a channel that's been putting out a lot of content lately and I've been really wanting to do a bunch of videos on him because they produce some of the best quality shit out there right don't forget that if you like this kind of content subscribe and leave me your comments Hemans I want to know what you think well Jesus and His disciples certainly thought so Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me well well right that's what Christianity says that would be a lot like me saying God doesn't exist because atheism is a lack of belief in God therefore God does not see how it's a circular argument here like it just doesn't make sense Jesus explicitly says that he is the way not a way true Jesus does say that he is the way not just a way and if you subscribe to Christianity you should not believe that in anything that a Buddhist would tell you so you know it if you're if you're a Christian out there you're gonna have Christian beliefs so I mean I guess what I'm asking here is what makes your particular religion true in the face of all these other religions with all these other different ways of getting to heaven in fact no one gets to God except through him when facing the same ruling body that crucified Christ Peters own confession is equally exclusive he says and there is salvation in no one else for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved yes and again in the Christian faith this is what's believed in the Christian faith what you need to do is set that Christian faith aside and compare it with other ways to get to heaven like what makes it a a more true representation of reality than these other religions that's what you need to do you don't need to be spitting out a whole bunch of like Bible verses here you need to actually prove to me what makes your religion your quote/unquote truth more true than just it being another religion like you need to give me that kind of information but you're not you're just pandering to your Christian base because they already believe what you're spitting to them this is not gonna convince anybody now let me make an observation at this point the claim that Christianity is the only way rubs a lot of people the wrong way as it should I mean that is that is your belief I don't understand why you would have a problem with it rubbing like I don't see why you should think that it rubs people the wrong way like it should just be the truth right like I mean I guess you could you could formulate truths in a way that's hurtful to somebody by thinking of it as you know it rubbing the people the wrong way it makes me think that you're gonna lead into some propaganda shit that tells you how to basically twist your words so that people don't actually realize that that is what you're saying and so you're really just hoping to fool people into thinking like a soccer version of it when really it is that just Jesus is the only way to heaven basically you're gonna you're gonna devolve into some bullshit right I think that stem is from a misunderstanding of the kind of claim that it is how was it a misunderstanding like legit I have no idea how it could be a misunderstanding like it's a misunderstanding of the claim being made you're saying that Jesus is the only way to have it how can you misunderstand like that's a pretty simple statement there bud many people treat religious claims like preference claims in the same way some people prefer chocolate ice cream to vanilla ice cream some people prefer Christianity over some other religion well I mean yeah it is kind of a preference thing but I would also say that it's the region of the world in which you live you know the religion of your parents often comes into play with that I know it down here in the south most people are Christian just because their parents are Christian me I was a you know a Christian just because that's how I was brought up I was actually given the option to think any other way it wasn't until later that I actually managed to question my own beliefs that I eventually became an atheist you get what I'm saying here is that it is a preference or indoctrination into that particular religion it's it is a preference like what religion you are is a preference like you know it whether or not you're homosexual is not a preference because that's innate in the person on this ice cream view of religion it doesn't make any sense to say that Christianity is the one true religion well right it doesn't make any sense in actual reality but your ice-cream view of religion I what he said ice-cream view I just imagined chocolate ice-cream in this bowl but it was actually just a bowl of shit because that's what it is in the same way it wouldn't make sense to say that chocolate ice-cream is the one true flavor of ice cream okay good so you realize how much bullshit you are actually slinging here I'm so glad that you know this but my guess is is that you're actually going to use this knowledge in order to spin propaganda in order to convince people that you know it's not as hard lined as it actually is but religion isn't like ice cream it's more like insulin when it comes to type one juvenile diabetes it doesn't matter if you like it or not the truth of the matter is that insulin controls diabetes there is a correspondence to reality well I gotta tell you Christianity has as much correspondence to reality as any other religion out there so you're actually on an equal playing field with all other religions and you comparing it to diabetes diabetes and how it's affected me in my life oh you come to the wrong show motherfucker I'll start when I was first diagnosed religion is not like diabetes in that you know it's it's true like it exists whether you like it or not religion is not that way religion exists I guess whether you like it or not and I think that it continued it will continue to exist whether we like it or not but Christianity being like that particular version of Christianity whether we like it or not forever like in an objective sense it is not true either Christianity has been over many changes it has had many changes over the years so you can't sit there and tell me the head that Christianity is is the true religion whether you like it or not it sounds Muslim II if you ask me because Muslims say this exact same shit that that they are the only true religion out there and all other religions are false I mean any any religion out there that is is like Christianity would say the exact same thing Judaism says the exact same thing about both Islam and Christianity Islam says the same thing about Jews and Christians Christian says the same thing about all of them so you know it doesn't make sense to me why you're why you're acting like this like like Christianity is is somewhat more connected to reality than other religions there's a reason why Jesus and His disciples claimed he was the only way because that is a doctrine of the religion still circular arguments here thank you very much he's the only person to deal with our sin what do I mean oh well Christianity may be unique and how it handles sin and all that kind of stuff it's completely ridiculous to say that other religions out there do not handle sin in some kind of way in this one particular faith called Baha'i it's seen as humans are created by gods and measurable love and that humans are intrinsically good people when you turn away from God's light or whatnot that's when you become a bad person and so pretty much in order to write you're wrong you just have to turn back to God's light or you know be that a neatly good kind of person so I mean like even obscure religions like the head you know have responses to to sin Buddhism doesn't exactly have a sin in it but it does have Karma and the only way for you to combat bad karma is to really like cleanse yourself of all of those things that caused your bad karma and then just to lead a good karma kind of life because you know when you really boil it down like what sins our sins are just bad things that go against the moral structure of a particular people group so that's what a sin would be you could apply this another way it's like for instance here on youtube you have cinemasins he has a set of morals or rules in which to follow and when a movie steps outside of those it's called a sin the same thing can be applied to multiple other religions in Judaism which is the parent of Christianity you would have to sacrifice animals in order to cleanse you and your people of the sins normally this is done once a year with a Yom Kippur where you have one particular animal that runs off into the woods in order to carry the sins of Israel off you know into the wilderness and then you have you slaughter another one that is the blood sacrifice for it because you know the the the Jewish God is a blood God or the Old Testament God is a blood God so I mean in in Judaism you have that and we'll it evolved with Christianity to be that just one person was killed and there's even a you know similar thing in the Bible to the yom kippur which actually a lot of historians out there say that the BRABUS is it is it resembles the yom kippur and is actually just like a reimagining of yom kippur it's like a Yom Kippur for humans because you know Jesus is offered to the people along with Barabbas and Barabbas who has also quote-unquote sin gets let go and and he represents like the people he represents the Israelites and what not right so he's let go well Jesus his sacrifice as the blood offering that's the Yom Kippur ritual to the T so actually Christianity was built off of Judaism which has this whole blood sacrifice thing in Islam you pretty much sincerely repent to God for your sins and he will directly cleanse you of them a lot like Protestants you know because they can directly ask Jesus for good forgiveness while Catholics out there have to go through a priest or somebody like that in order to absolve their sins so I mean to say that that Christianity is the only one that has like a way to absolve your sins it's just flat-out wrong well we're all sinners that's not a put-down I'm just being descriptive we're all guilty of breaking God's perfect moral law look I get that you're just saying that we all do bad shit on occasion and so none of us is free of things that we've done wrong in our life but just because you've done something wrong in the past doesn't mean you should be continuously punished for it in the future at all like you don't need to suffer continual punishment out there that's that's just that's emotional abuse of the highest order we can't even live up to our own standards much less than the standards of a holy God and guilty people deserve to be punished with rim jobs from a spiked tongue demon in hell that's what that's that's how you deserve to be punished forever because you told a little white lie when you were five well I mean that's what the whole concept of it you know kind of entails I mean it's not gonna be like one person's gonna come in only once in in their entire life but if there were a person out there that only committed that one sin in their entire life then they would go to hell if they didn't repent to Jesus in the Christian faith but you know you take that same person and you take it to you like Islam and he can repent to God of his sins and he can get into heaven there or these other places and these other religions Judaism I mean they get a slut or goat but you know they still have some way to absolve their sins that's the bad news the good news is that those who put their trust in Jesus Christ God's only provision of salvation will be saved Jesus is the only provision for salvation in the Christian faith that is all that it is or that it is like you can go to a different religion and it will be completely different they will have a different way to absolve it's not like absolving sins is something unique to fucking Christianity through his death on the cross Jesus purchased a pardon for anyone who believes in him with it were rescued without it we stand alone anyone trusting in their own merits will be judged by those merits and found wanting I disagree I contend that my merits are much better than yours or my moral code is much better than yours I contend wholly on that point so you can say that your moral structure or anything like that it is better or how you can't be good without God that's fine but I really pity you and I look down upon you because you need this magical mystical being out there in order to be good while I am over here being like this is just common sense you anyone trusting in the merits of Christ the sinless one will be judged by the merits of Christ and will find favor so Christianity is absolutely unique in what it claims Christianity is unique in that they have like a I guess a Christ to figure but that's only because the other Christ figure type of cults and mystery religions and all that were stamped out during the Middle Ages even even before the Middle Ages so I mean I think that you saying that you're unique is a lot like saying that Facebook is is unique amongst all of the social media platforms it's not false because it is unique and how it handles it but it's not the only social platform no other religion or religious leader has dealt with the reality of human sin only Jesus did that again not only Jesus did that other religions have other ways to circumvent it just because other religions don't have a central figure or a central person that like died for their sins or something like that doesn't mean that they don't have mitigation for these sins they do and it's false to suggest they don't now just because Christianity teaches that it's an exclusive religion doesn't mean it's not also inclusive what do I mean by that yeah what do you mean by that cuz it sounds real fucky does it sound funky to you oh this is that fuck it you thought so it's fucking it's exclusive and that it teaches that Jesus is the only way but it's also inclusive and that's a genuine offer of salvation to everyone who believes I just can't deal with it guys oh my god okay so it's exclusive in that you've gotta believe in Jesus but it's inclusive because everybody is free to believe in Jesus do you not realize how stupid that sounds I mean that's that whole rhetoric of you know well no gay people do have the same rights as straight people because they can freely marry someone of the opposite sex that's the same rights correct no those aren't the same rights just like you aren't in a religion that is inclusive to all people it's all it's very exclusive and it states that directly in the Bible in the Bible it states that that you have to believe in their religion otherwise you need to go off and kill other people like even Jesus uses a metaphor in the New Testament where he talks about you know if they don't believe in me come and bring them to me and I shall strike them down or something like that I mean there's different interpretations of it you can apply to it but basically I mean it's saying that all people need to believe it's Jesus in order to get into heaven and so you're not being inclusive this is called propaganda you're spinning a lie to make it seem like not a lie other people can see through it I don't know how you don't get the hell you're just spinning propaganda right here well guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did hit that like button well don't forget to leave me a comment and don't forget to subscribe I will see you heathens later don't forget to stand up

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  • M. Hall says:

    They are all equally wrong.

  • LegioDecemGJCAESAR says:

    Thanks for the video Godless !! An god bless !! May F.S.P. magically enchant your day !! Lol

  • Ravana Oski says:

    Why do all these Christians act so syrupy sweet. To me, this makes them less believable, not more.

  • Jacob Espiritu says:

    Being a true Christian means having an intimate relationship with God Almighty. If you will ask me which denomination of Christianity is correct the answer for that would be none of them. Religion cannot save us it is only our intimate and personal relationship with God Almighty that can save us

  • Ed Oglesby says:

    For the love of whatever, stop using Muslismismy, the term you are looking for is Islamic,

  • Wisdom Night says:

    It's funny how people who called atheist like to debate about something that they don't believe 🤔🤔 doesn't make sense to me 😂😂but talking about other stuff I'm sorry dude but you are wrong and right at the same time saying cristianyty it's the same that mouslim or any other religion .well not really at least not the real Cristianism and this it's like a lot of people get confused ..
    Yes there's a Cristianism RELIGION
    But the real Cristianism it's not about religion ..it's about Relation…it's personal ..like the Bible say on John 3:16 "Whoever " believe in Him . The real deal about Jesus it's ..even today to get us close to God I saw you know a lot about the Tora think about it ..all those animal sacrifice wasn't to create another religion more it was to many like today's .it was to bring the mankind close to God like Jesus Sacrify don't confuse religion Whit Real Cristianism ..and when you say ..I don't understand some of this stuff it's good my friend ..that's what its goin to get you close to the true ….😉
    And I'm going to tell you something that may be blow your mind ..😉believe in Jesus in faith it's not something that you decide or you force yourself .. it's something that it's given to you by God . It's a Gift ..and you will understand that until you open your Heart to Him ..😉

  • Aj Cristo says:

    New Atheists = Same old ideas are put in a different package. New Atheism is destined to fail again, because of lack of physical evidence, and complete denial of scientific knowledge and properties. Atheism has no solid anchoring point and everything is conveniently turned into a subjective platform. Our total knowledge of everything is still way less than 1% of all intelligible and discoverable knowledge.

    Question is: How can you refute Christianity with less than 1% of total knowledge? Would you hire a 99% blind limo driver to drive you to the airport?
    If your answer is YES, then you are truly out of your mind.
    If your answer is NO, then what are you doing getting involved with a blindfolded ideology? With over 90% of the people in the world accepting a creator God, burden of proof is on the Atheists. How are you gonna prove that God is irrelevant, or doesn't exist with less than 1% knowledge in you arsenal? Impossible. So it is you that is being brainwashed into non-belief.

    Why then travel to a dark path that leads nowhere? Why waste your life with an unproven ideology? Christianity already has the true path. We have the GOOD NEWS. Christ is the Source of all Knowledge and Life. Let him change your life. This fact of life will never change.

  • Ric Lrk says:

    Inclusive, except if you have a tattoo are a dwarf or crippled,not welcome in the sight of the Lord,if I remember the passage right.Also Jesus never included gentiles,wasn't that Paul after his mushroom trip.Christianity was originally for the God's chosen people,yellow inclusive

  • K i r k H 4 2 0 says:

    It sounds Muslimie…….🤣.

  • Nova Borealis says:

    They do not know de wae click

  • Irish Stew says:

    if christianity is just like diabetes – does that mean there's a cure for christianity too?

  • Eric Gieskieng says:

    Thanks to JR Bob Dobbs and the Church of The Subgenius, all my sins are justified.

  • Bismuth LD says:

    The bible is true because the bible says so.

  • Marilyn Newman says:

    Sorry, Jesus is not sinless. He kills somebody's fig tree. He steals a donkey. He destroys a bunch of people's property for helping people give perfect animals to be forgiven for their sins.

  • Azozeo says:

    Jesus, didn’t say that. You just read it in a book.

  • Azozeo says:

    I love me some Dogmatic Bullshit.

  • Stainsteel0 says:

    Christianity is the only way
    Why ?
    Because it's says in the bible
    Islam is the only way
    Because it's says in the Quran
    Why do you believe these books says the true
    Chrsitianity / Islam because the book says so

  • Slash says:

    Can we "sin" Christianity?

  • EcLiPtIc Official says:

    He's not the way, h'es ya way.

  • Alessandro B says:

    Religion is like diabetes because it's an illness.

  • Jen With_1_n says:

    Insert "do u no de way" meme

  • Stephanie Cuellar says:

    The stupid idea of 'judgement' at death is ludicrous.
    l like the Egyptian myth best. Do you have a heavy heart? Weight it against that feather.
    Fuck god. Learn to live with the fact you're not perfect.
    Easy peasy, thick and cheesy.

  • Nova_Supreme says:

    It is easy to make content that panders to your audience. People do not want to be challenged, they just want to feel good about themselves. The online filter bubbles and echo chambers are result of this.

  • Marko Zupanc says:

    Stupidity is inclusive.

  • K Man says:

    Christianity is the only true religion. Jesus made unique claims about himself that no other founder of a world religion has and proved the claims, by returning from the dead. Jesus appeared to many people after he returned appearing to as many as 500 people at once. The apostle Paul when he was Saul was a sworn enemy of the the early church until he saw Jesus on the road to Damascus. Plenty of the early Christians were killed in mass and would not have been willing to endure such horrible persecution for something that was a lie or that they had serious doubts about.

  • Andrew Sykes says:

    "A" way as opposed to "the" way? What does the original Greek say? As I remember, the Greek language does not state "a" or "the", though it must be said that the Greek I studied was a great deal older that New Testament Greek. Having said that, this asshole clearly believes every word of the NT, despite the FACT the gospels contain NO eye witness material, they are at best hearsay. I find it hard to credit that a grown man can swallow all this bullshit and regurgitate it at will.

  • Carlos T says:

    This dude's whole argument hinges on the presupposition that the Bible is true. He hasn't proved that any of it is true, therefore his whole argument can be roundly ignored. It needs no further critique than that.

  • jusfugly says:

    There's no such thing as a "True" religion.
    They are all made up bullshit.

  • Omnia'quaerite ac'dubitate says:

    "The way, is in training" -Miyamoto Musashi

  • INTJ-a says:

    Saying that Christianity is like diabetes is called a false analogy.

  • HiEv says:

    Christian dude in the video: "Is Christianity the only way?"

    The only way to what ? That's a sentence fragment. If you mean, "Is Christianity the only way to get into Heaven?" then no, even if we grant that this supposed heaven exists, then your holy book says that Elijah, a Jew, was raptured directly into Heaven (2 Kings 2:11). Regardless, the Bible makes various claims about what the requirements are to get into Heaven, and what things will make it difficult or impossible to get into Heaven. So you'd have to selectively ignore some parts of the Bible to avoid the various self-contradictory requirements given in the Bible.

    But, in the end, there is no evidence outside of the Bible that any of its supernatural claims are true, thus rendering the claims of the Bible baseless, and therefore unworthy of belief.

  • Grafight23 says:

    God will send you to hell to burn forever if you deny that he's a nice guy.
    Jesus, when asked by a young man what he needed to do to get to heaven, Jesus responded: "Keep the commandments". So it's not just about believing and repenting.

  • No taurus excretus says:

    No it's only one of meany ways to stupidity because religion has lots of options for ignorance

  • Jonathan Nicoll says:

    I am not sure if he is offering an 'ice cream selection" of religions or the flake on the top.

  • Carol Schneider says:

    I believe that guy needs to take the message on his tshirt to heart: "think".

  • Locutus D'Borg says:

    Christians, like all religions, wants converts.  So they advertise.  What's new?  Oh, I know, they need a new slogan.  Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship.  Yeah, like I need a new relationship in my life, especially one where I can't hit up Jesus for some coin to tide me over.

  • Kristine Ford says:

    Do you notice the movement of this jerk's eyes?? He knows that this stuff he is spitting is so full of [email protected]#$!!

  • U.S. Atheist says:

    He tries to answer objections, before the objection is made. He's a salesman. He has a canned presentation an canned "closes" to lead the customer and convince the customer that his product "Christianity" is the only TRUE product. The others are just cheap imitations. His religion has Jesus, thus Jesus is the ONLY way to a heaven. (Whatever that is.) Because the Bible says so. Same old tired argument.

    Why does he believe what he believes? The Bible told him so. 🔄. NEXT!

  • SickSaiyan says:

    Ironic that the guy is wearing a shirt that says "THINK."

  • spacedoohicky says:

    The STR guy needs to clean his dirty windows.

  • Lucas Schimmel says:

    Barabbas name is Jesus. Jesus Barabbas is a literary pun the romans play with Jesus, they free "Jesus, son of the Father" and keep Jesus, who claims to be son of God the Father. The Bible is full of those jokes in Greek/Aramaic

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