Rat God

look I was going to stop factory farming give you the humane league but I can only do so much I can do better I can feel it I have a thought of something I can do that's never been done if the logic of the larder is true we're in trouble big trouble and if animals matter as you say I'm not taking any chances beginning to think I build a rat fuck rat fuck all them speaking from front to the back yeah pakia making pureed own iums the best job pasture or build a ratchets of robotic all it rat her out to be a computer would need a GI but we can't stop paperclip the nos we'd be better off by logic I've got a fat enough those rats probably still living in the Chilean honest although we don't want to build tolerance your ferret of MC because the law of it come against all did not wet or scooter soonsies rest at a physical so make more rats voltage this credible seminal medical fun shop you two really want to get into his master this rabbity manpack missed a grass the backlash a crack that take in nappanee nap-nap the exact same time rats tempe physical acrobats on some routes of Latin L still be able so much fun Naomi fulfill a cam on oil animals at Chateau sad but realize they can get raunchy you gotta clean up after the fact this is paradise hero they do its job sex bomb through the happiness man rap to have a great time here it's not a passing fad it's actually fantastically rest for the rats cuz I'm rapidly growing this happiness I'm beginning to think i'll build a rat rat bhar all them squeaking from front to the back yah back yard making pureed own against the best job that's just so you maintain enough army that part that everybody wants to key the secret to a great wrap party like I have got oh you're gonna need the blueprints the place with the 22 the rooms then nobody wants us to put the poop in billa place in a big space mean nothing by frame photomedicine utilities get maximize so surprised cuz you're gonna need the farmers away to eat or not I think back to your origins me i'm a student of human John Stuart Mill and Bentham citric oh hey forgot one peter singer i will stop what I've got enough adjust myself to stop zoom on a mission to make utility nyan help chickens and pigs and fish that suffer we're all the same even though I walk on two feet and speak and have a name I know everything the animals feeling I don't know how to stop this world of pain it's far beyond inhumane I need the world to change so asking you to eliminate some of the me to take but it takes to get a racially to pay me half and you may have a little more motivation to break the chickens out of the cave is to bring the liberation but what it likes a little bit better than if it were vacant but if the pig nose lived in well what am I supposed to to save them I can't wait for a salt for the hard problem of consciousness something real I started for farm and get a lot of little rats and her Owen don't do it all wrong her to give think not why I'm to give when you goin a farm I'm just gonna fill all this stuff probably good

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