Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan) "Put Spirituality First (Love Yourself)"

once I had that spirituality in me it always stayed in me and it made me a stronger person and you know to this day like I said I tell anybody man you know to me whether you know a person you know that me yo you gotta have that in you man you're not I mean I don't care whether you go to church you Christian hey it's all good you know what I mean because it's submitted to the world of the Most High it made us you know and that's how I feel for me like you know once I was able to get that and have somebody to say yo thank you you know thank you for giving me life thank you for giving my family you learn I mean opportunity to be here for me and you're not I mean and I could be there for them I think that that really had a lot to do with it you know to me so I just tell everybody like it's so important to know to know the most highs because we're gonna leave this planet one day you know what I mean and we're gonna be judged you know what I mean and I know when I think about all the that I've done its I'm not trying to sit in front of that man and no and no act like I don't want no kind of forgiveness or evil or or or or at least say that I didn't make an attempt to try to get forgiveness you know what I mean I think that's just so important so you know that's why I said even right now as an emcee you know what I mean I try to put a little bit of fruit and then you know what I mean as much as I give somebody something a story that's crazy or whatever I still try to give him something positive you know because that's what I'm at in my life right now you know what I mean a lot of people know me for making these kind of these kind of tales that means these stories about that life but more importantly you know what I mean I'm trying to escape that life you know the meaning and show these kids a better direction you know to me because you got a lot of these kids talk and I like that really don't know nothing about that like you know what I mean they so caught up in to what they see on a house side that they they don't understand it you know what I mean I know for myself I know for others who've really been through it we know we don't want to go backwards we don't want to go back to that world you know what I mean and I know right now as long as I could you know have a peace of mind and you know all praises to my Creator you know what I mean I know he knows that that I'm only headed for the right path to UM to help others as well as well as helping myself so you know I just think it's just so important for everybody to just have had that spirituality in a man you know what I mean and it's not about judging anybody who's into whatever they're in soon you know and I mean it's just all about giving praises due to the Most High because he made it possible for all of us you know and I mean the same way you can get is the same way he could take it away from you you know to me you know and that was something that you know you hear when you hear it as a teenager you don't think about it too much you like and but then as you get older you like you know what I mean you know what I mean you count your blessings in and you save yourself yo you know what it make a lot of sense you're none of me and now we just at that age where you know now I will I will older older family members and out a date they dying and they going through that thing you know what I mean and now we have to be the ones to be there to you know what I mean send them out the right way like I can't even tell you how many people are buried within the last 10 years you're not I mean of just you know you know I mean all I could say is like damn if it couldn't have been me who would've did it so maybe I was the chosen one to happen to have to walk that back to bury my own or to bury my man sister because he didn't have the money or whatever you know what I mean or whatever the money don't mean nothing you know what I mean it's the forgiveness that that we all want to be able to say that least at least a man upstairs I said yo he did something real good man you know what I mean you did something that was so powerful and and I didn't even know that you would even do it you none of me and that's why I'm at right now you know so choose to just walk humble you know what I mean submit to the to the most high and and count my blessings every day men and and being my children's lives the way the way that they supposed to you know the way I'm supposed to you know what I mean because even if I don't have that life I don't want to deprive them of that you know and these are these are things that when I when I go home and I prayed I prayed these are the things I have to talk about you know what I mean and I ain't afraid to talk to myself and I told to the Mossad I need answers you know what I mean and it'll necessarily have to be a verbal answer it could just be a feeling a waiver you know to mean something that that connects with me to be like move this way right or not stay away from that brain you know what I mean and that's how I make it day by day and that even plays a role in mine and my profession and you know being an artist you know you know like I said it gets tough but you know every now and then you gotta go you gotta go say a prayer and you know what I mean I hope for things that get better and I know once I started to do that I remember brothers telling me like Yelp once you do it's gonna the Ray is just gonna hit you and I enough felt it you know what I mean I felt that come out of nowhere like I mean after that things just started getting real better so you know I tell everybody man spirituality I don't care man you have to have it in you you know what I mean in and in if you're in a relationship you know what I mean if your woman is into it that's beautiful that's what you want you know what I mean you want a woman like that that can hold you down on our level because they think the backbone or all it so everything that we do you know what I mean like they're gonna be the ones that really mold you to and a better ending to being a better man and you know like I said you know likewise so you know I mean you need strong brother as well but um I just think that it's important man count your blessings man and believe in believe in God believe in a motion so final word is this what you're gonna say is well final words mr. Joe man love man you know me love yourself man you know take care of yourself you know um take care of the youth you know what the proper fruits you know give them something that they can learn from and don't always ridicule them you know what I mean more importantly you know show them your experiences you know what I mean to let them let them decide what path they want to walk and um you know like I said man this is you know love yourself man I saw like the same man Raekwon the chef all day man

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