Praying to Get Results

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. KENNETH: Hello, everybody.
I’m Kenneth Copeland. Father, in the name of Jesus,
I pray for this radio and television audience
all over this world. Strengthen them, Sir. Cause them–in fact,
open the eyes of our understanding today to have
revelation from heaven in Jesus’ name. Amen. This is a Ministers’
Conference from Canaanland, Nigeria, at Faith Tabernacle.
It’s the largest church in the world. And the Ministers’
Conference there, oh, I’ll tell you…how much time do you spend
praying in the Spirit? That’s how revelation and answers come.
Praying in the Spirit is the key to building up on the inside.
Praise God. So I tell you what you do, get your Bible.
We’re–ha-ha-ha-ha. We’re going to get into some things
today. This is a very, very special meeting. I’ll
be back in just a moment. KENNETH: Praying in
the Spirit, building up in the Spirit–thank You,
Father. Most Spirit-baptized people do not spend enough
time praying in the Spirit. Pray–how can you do
what the Spirit of God wrote in the book of Ephesians, saying,
“Praying perseveringly for all saints?” In the Spirit. You
can’t do it any other way. You can’t pray for all saints in
your natural mind. What are you going to say? “Oh, God, I pray
for all saints.” That’s about as far it can go. Now,
you pray for those you know right around
you, but I guarantee you this, I can promise you this, if you’re
only praying in the natural, you’re going to forget about
half of those. You don’t have enough hours in the day to pray
in your natural thinking and in your natural mind to get the
prayer job done that needs to be done. You forget what to pray
about. You don’t know how to pray as you are. The Scripture
says, “First of all, prayers, thanksgivings, intercession,
supplication,” and so forth, “be made for all men. Kings, and all
that are in authority; that we,” the Church, the Body of Christ,
“live and lead a quiet peaceable life in all godliness and
honesty. For this is good in the sight of God our Savior; who
will have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the
truth. That there is one God, and one mediator between God and
men, the man Christ,” the anointed Savior, the mediator,
the intercessor. Amen. Well, now, what are you going to do
with that? That is a big prayer assignment. What are you going
to do with it? “Oh, God, I pray for all men, and I pray for the
president. I pray for–” I don’t know the president. I don’t know
what he’s doing. I don’t know what his family is doing.
I don’t know what the Prime Minister is doing. Now that–oh,
that reminds me, Lord. Yeah. You said that the–You said that
civil authority, that means the police force and the military,
that they’re ministers of God for our good. Oh, Lord, not our
military. See, it depends on–depends on where you live.
You may live in a place that’s very oppressive, or you live–if
you’re blessed to live in a place like we live in, in the
United States, but still, hey, we’ve got some serious problems
in the United States. Here you’ve got a family that lives
in India, that the whole government hates them because
they love Jesus, but they haven’t been able to get rid of
him. (Laughs) And they have tried, and they have tried, and
they have tried. You know why they can’t defeat this couple?
You know why they can’t defeat their family, or why they can’t
defeat their church? Because they spend time praying in the
Holy Ghost. They spend time praying the power of God down on
those government leaders. Well, you don’t know how to pray for
them as you ought. If you start trying to pray for those people
in your natural minds, if you’re not careful, you get mad at
them. Well, you’ve got to forgive them. “I don’t want to
forgive them!” Well, I don’t care whether you want to or not.
That’s a commandment. Now we’ve thrown another issue into this
thing. But–(Praying in the Spirit) Oh, Father, oh, yes, I
remember You saying this, Lord. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Ah. What a place to start, because Jerusalem gets right,
the rest of the world gets right. Oh, it’s–now, folks,
it’s big. So I’m praying for the peace of Jerusalem. “Okay, how
do I pray for that?” I don’t know. (Praying in the Spirit)
Yeah, I do. Ha-ha-ha. Amen. Can you follow me here, why praying
in the Spirit is so important? You wake up in the middle of the
night? Start praying in tongues. Start praying in tongues. Build
a habit of praying in tongues and believing you receive it.
You can pray in tongues–you can go to the–you can go to the
grocery store and stand in the checkout line and pray in the
Spirit. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Build a habit of continually
making utterance in the Spirit. You don’t even have to speak out
loud. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: The Scripture says, “Praying to
yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.” Amen.
Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Now, what’s going to
happen when you start doing that? Well, you’ll be praying
along, and you’re praying in the Spirit. And then the scripture
in the book of Isaiah comes across your heart, and you
think, “Oh, yeah. This is the rest and refreshing. My spirit
needs a rest.” (Praying in the Spirit) “I’m taking my rest, and
I take my edification. Praise God. I take it by faith.” Now,
what is faith? Believe it in your heart and say it with your
mouth. Hallelujah. And you just drag, “ugh.” (Praying in the
Spirit) “I believe in my heart that my spirit man, the real me,
is being edified, and that I am being rested, and I am being
strengthened. Hallelujah. And I’m going to get out of this
bed, and I’m going to take one more step by the power of the
living God. No sickness nor disease is going to keep me! No
weakness! No tiredness!” Hallelujah. AUDIENCE:
Hallelujah. KENNETH: And I’m certainly not going to quit just
because I’ve got a few years on me. No, sir. No, no, no.
Ha-ha-ha. (Praying in the Spirit) I believe I receive
that, Father. Thank You. Thank You. I pray for this entire
congregation right now. (Praying in the Spirit) Now, see, in the
Spirit, I can pray for every one of you because the Holy Ghost
knows what every person in here needs. AUDIENCE: Yes, sir. Yes!
KENNETH: Huh? This is the way you pray for your ministry. This
is the way you pray for your congregation. (Audience Murmurs)
You get up early on a Sunday morning. And, of course, you
prepare. Of course, you prepare your message. Of course–Amen.
AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: But then you begin to edify
yourself, and you begin to pray. And you ought to be well into
praying for that congregation and the outreach of your
ministry and the government all the way around on all sides. You
ought to be well into that when the sun begins to peek its face
over the hill. You’ve been up a long time praying in the Spirit.
Hallelujah. Ah, you can sleep later. We’ve got souls to win,
bodies to heal, minds to restore. And right in here is
all the equipment you need to restore every person in your
congregation, because you know what will happen? They’ll begin
to join you, and you teach it. “Brother Copeland, I really
would like to have the gifts of the Spirit manifest in my
church, and we’ve been praying in the Spirit about this. We’ve
been praying for two years or more about it, and we still
haven’t had any manifestations of it.” Well, prayer is first.
You’ve got to preach and teach it. “But I don’t know anything
about the gifts of the Spirit.” Don’t ever say that again. You
told me the problem, not the answer. Amen. Does your Bible
have I Corinthians 12, 13, and 14 in it? AUDIENCE: Yes, sir.
KENNETH: Then you know what you need to know about praying in
the Spirit, amen, about the word of wisdom, about the word of
knowledge, about discerning of spirits, amen, about gifts of
healings, about working of miracles and special faith and
different kinds of tongues and interpretations of tongues. It’s
in the Book, and the author of the Book is on the inside of
you. You begin to pray about it in the Spirit and read those
chapters–read those chapters. If you’re hungry enough, read
them every day, day in, day out, but don’t just read them, preach
them! As you begin to preach, what happens? Faith comes. Faith
comes. When faith comes, wisdom comes. Hallelujah. Oh, glory to
God. And the Spirit of God is your teacher. You think He knows
about the gifts of the Spirit? Oh, yeah, He invented them.
That’s Him. That’s the way He works. That’s the way He
manifests Himself. But the people have to have faith to
receive it. AUDIENCE: Yes, yes, yes. KENNETH: Hallelujah.
AUDIENCE: Hallelujah. KENNETH: You build up in your spirit,
praying in the Holy Ghost, praying in tongues, praying
in tongues. You pray in tongues long enough, you can find out
anything you need to know from the Holy Ghost. AUDIENCE:
Hallelujah. KENNETH: He’s in there, and all of it’s in Him.
AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Look with me in John’s gospel,
Chapter 16, please. John 16. Hallelujah. Look at the 13th
verse, please. Jesus is speaking. “Howbeit when he, the
Spirit of truth, is come, he will–” Say, “He will.”
AUDIENCE: He will. KENNETH: “–he will guide you into all
truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall
hear, that shall he speak: he will show you things to come. He
will glorify me: for he will receive of mine, and shall show
it unto you.” Look at Verse 15. “All things that the Father has
are mine: therefore said I, he shall take of mine, and show it
unto you.” That means, in the Spirit, we have access, by the
Spirit, to everything God has! (Cheers) Whoo! Hallelujah! Glory
be to Jesus. AUDIENCE: Yes, sir. KENNETH: The whole storehouse
belongs to you. You want me to tell you why? The whole
storehouse is living on the inside of you. Hallelujah.
Oh, oh, glory to God. AUDIENCE: Glory to God. KENNETH: Faith
calls things that be not as though they were. Think this
through with me. Ha-ha-ha. “Lord Jesus, why is it my ministry is
just not going anywhere? I don’t have the money I need. The gifts
of the Spirit are not being manifest.” Now, that’s not
calling things that be not as though they were. That’s calling
things that are the way they are. There’s no faith there, so
there’s not anything to change that. Now, think about this:
“Father, Lord Jesus, why is it my ministry is growing so big?”
Now, I just asked the same question, but I added the
element of faith. The thing is still stagnated. It still
doesn’t have any money, but that isn’t what I said. I said, “How
is it that my ministry is growing so? How is it that I’m
so prosperous? How it is that the gifts of the Spirit are
manifesting themselves?” Then He will, by the Spirit, tell you
why. And when He says, “It’s because–” Let’s just say, for
instance, He said, “It’s because you continue to walk by faith
and not by sight.” He just told you the answer to your problem.
You’ve been walking by sight and not by faith. (Audience Murmurs)
But you put it–you call things that be not as though they were,
and He can answer you in that category, in that envelope. And
He’s speaking by faith. You’re receiving by faith. And now you
know what the problem is, and you can fix it. Hey. Oh, Lord.
“Lord, why is it that my praise life is so powerful?” Then He’ll
tell me. And when He tells me, I’ll find out why it hasn’t been
powerful. Are you seeing that? AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: I’m
calling things that be not as though they were. Now, here’s
what I’m doing: I’m speaking the desired end result. Now, isn’t
that what Jesus did? Walked up to the fig tree and said, “No
man eat fruit of you again hereafter forever,” and turned
around and walked away. Now, did He tell the tree to dry up? No.
Did He tell the tree to burn down? No. He just said, “No man
eat fruit of you again hereafter forever.” He didn’t care how the
Father did it because He said, “It’s the Father that dwells
within me, he does the works.” He didn’t care how He did it.
But there ain’t nobody ever going to eat anything off that
tree again. I don’t care if it lived a thousand years.
Lightning could have struck it and ended it. That’s not the
problem. It’s not ever, ever going to have any
fruit on it again because the desired end result
was spoken by faith.

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