Praying Kerala /MORNING MIRACLE PRAYER (15/05/2019) – 1967 Days

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Cody victor likhachev in a snake a team Audrey may take in a Playgirl and it's a social IRA to tolerate the odd about the Adama the diverse affiliate number pervasive or no garage ignominy Capri a bit of a harvest and a Facebook relay you to build a he tells Samia Prague really are three lopaka three guilty vigil in the morning in a while you know and they are DeKalb in the Meridian or anandam kala kala kala obeyed she came in lottery item he's a certain fungal take an Oreo papered over a Goethe by issue anandamide angle swagger than JM all category we are see China [Applause] bitch eterno party can contaminate their son is Intel routine or not the reason I'm playing in your P nonlinear coaching which I reported the saga little brandy LM of HL and number are wishing so throat arugula tetanus and is ilaria prevent the Okutama cordial put uproar take any from Hutton you're gonna do good hey that's my problem organelle approval Karen LT utilises Louie RT naman digital property keyboards over CUDA motivation Villa Namib in explaining reheat your are taking me from hard at the Rio giggles so give I mean somebody get soccer single monitor could have also screams angry you know is Shiva namah Tilton a really necessary butter and a google normal random table silicon impervious GTA III watch channel D personnel carrier but III OPA prefer Animoto good he tells Samia preliminary Limburger three budget anomaly I get if I get on Dingell boom in her underwear i key motivator Brautigan a depreciate rim and epidural on the marble yonder number or email are taking a negative Adele alaikum so cute alaikum my children don't let the no we repeat our Eagle cut sugar go to hospital again look at it in the submitter praying Kelly LeBrock drink and ability partners literature and the precision of alibi that Tamil cos how can L go to sugar a porn or banana plans didn't love you do nothing original cinema three the quartet number two Sakuya Rita who together cancer number two quality preyas appeared in the summit on attribution praying girl anybody the potato giggle Queen to partake in a summit a saccade and a partnership they even got Enlil a customer pitcher produced remedy for artists initiation Wyndham medical checkup and I cut on the way I did the report in a shitty little cancer in the issue sake Maki and original to the Marisol they are gonna move number Laurita the wall already somebody my booty booty booty booty Locarno cousin submitter our playing Carrie please saleability prostituting melody I wish a murder where is Sam but they are the water now time to shake ILO to build a dairy gif and I'll submit it cuz the praying ll proud to to number the chair the president I love my aged over 20 I'll put it in my very important or Ando go to – arugula we can apparently we can a Samba the end of article Naruto Adam that our criminal you go to an arena betrayal readable samanu 10 but at 9:00 or Lottie caprara we shake alarm okay LD Attica and Sadiq another opportunity Amish symbol of one called a double negatives to delay canary Tweetie Karuna either punaluu number is Audrina Sacco than brain tumor right the water precipitance of a turnip radish am Tulse American Apparel made it the studio really came apart in a machine the more too good an diego paper or image of martha kenjiro Tsuda Adam Duvall might initiation para born of my Veda that is xuanargi and irradiation rasa-lila Colonel de muerte [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Master male you too great a facebook addict can look at the beauty regimen a Capri put a number to go to anger don't drink yeah I mean I was trailing to go to Concord again they do prima kinda party to recap all the name have enricher in a jolly mood I didn't mind not even el padre prompt rape anger because of the potato he'll go any property in some my song and I'm gonna put a chair no crime to your issue they're a mile south now you go to you know my dad saw you today I did you know pretend a level done the original number I never week in a day they've attended sign it if that knee and it's just really a topic or no vote rigging that what Turk Avila no Marissa kudrya rated a mental hospital saline admitted in the cement and a partnership academic Nathania material ripped apart ravishing Billy chipper in the cinema drapes past of Atilla hospital catacomb ELISA would rip rattle fangurilla and alma to overshare NASA who trick you into profitable Silva the Haggadah partner sergeant praying ll practice and session alum normalized dei botanist autumn is some american they were very playing Ellen imaginary number number Co nd prior ticket number and new improv take you know number mitral or go in deeper are taking a profiteer no party cambogia micro level to the Liu Shaoqi through my car so value to the property another night Carol beer in dr. Thomas alluvial teacher no party keyboard Carthon in the sand village in surah me chicken on the Billboard rocketed in the audio Pretoria Mindanao emotionally the hospital – CMS some more than would occur on the bogan overhead at Eastham arias are hitting it and the Devine alma soothe a gorgeous shindig innovator under kitabi order put a mogul angel and in creating words forgive me Evita but the one but a positive nil bike in the Shiva Maya Bobby your hand and what the puzzle why can a so much from I achieve and importance our lobby over effectively could have a feeling when you put it on the never predict you know one in Greek a new is Shiva namah self an a I mean [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] dream are included the poly Daniel line number taku taku no in la condom by MC Lucchino kirillovitch a Romani Mozilla Armani were a number Dakota Bo ganado an ego cardamon Okuda Magnum Barney researching car tava Diwali a sign with him our animal we can wind up in court I'm packet expression central Murray put that trade Sandra choppa Tommy Mozilla random maneuver a numbered I could be on the wind up cinnamon rain are a very rich upon are under the Yanomami colada Paula Carla I am a hole in which it to Mozilla Positano Maryam 3 sure Town Hall mature random any Mozilla arm anybody Engine 3 sure down whole way to mooching it and the Mozilla are many very number I couldn't be oh come on the puzzle until evenly and Anglican and Ravel about to Moodle or ammonium a rich and another way to bring CL him why you'll never move money model a very edit to us so one man a little para mula oratory tellegio he patented any urge our YMCA volume at Ramallah by an atomic bomb well which number you call Rubio gonna combo at sanity Nakuru beyond lucky Cheng's amigo Cubano do it number two the loom sake through the echo at your party you know Matt Ramallah Kovac team Pratt ravishing lugu return oh no more art you know super-doo-goo building well then the pair would you mind a better predict you know hey do you till my q-tip attack service tonight and opinion Camaro but in alligator even the quarterdeck arena where you go to Minami original iridium somebody my bootable that academic art on the Volga Paulton every cook or to Moscow will Quinn under no legal I I was to committee reduce the build pan-american agario are the neighbors doing a theory olive Google ik and the cuprous manga learned either by repairing Erica no quitte pas de nada Canela cheese summit on a plane Kelly Bavaria propaganda retailer and in a chair the plaza de armas to will cattle Salmonella pressed angle a carte Opera Hill Jamaat Ramallah I was to nobility will Quan kartoffel Sahai to pretend on the original are you proud thank you and you are never the curvature never buy another one I don't know my now type style of your theory the more air and that egg humor Adam but the news in our market apparently Malkovich are you so shocked you very much I'm gonna tell you it to prom with you some other guy with a brown overcoat apothem popping an arm bar another bar those on apparently he's a vibrato drinkable do other than Ian some boots on taking the package event we got a Camaro yellow I still look at a controller power it really soaked in blood he can do really probably maybe the South give up a nice Shakti I will lake if the average of making the pileup rapid irregular proteges bono row out of the bar no Karthik hoon are okay bellows now you gotta go no matter where strangle I found I come to pray or put a little cattle – Iiro what else a little bit uh bacterial is you solve your mark on the intimacy Sybil I recover a ventilator Larry can the dog peso beige it's a hospital in Italia trio prepaid over here table and put a sock in it and I can even the Berta Marissa go they are rated up Mikasa Motel Kadena my rhythm hospital agenda and I'll doctors for the unit even in the city of Havana at the Lake Accord iboga in the bargains editor a mockery materia poverty lack of honest original plastic in Assam a the car table in the revelry a video a verdict a new enema Gary petty born oh my sodium Haitian algorithms sorry trigonometric witness some of the Bolton I think my Australia my report the fishing wishing and praying la planta baja region number two good eterno crafted your issue and the fishing minimal cooter am is out you now you go to profit and a level of not the original auto sales so you are you now a funkier than would you put on by anybody Bona marketing partners niello and they under and you lay it down murder with independently and number but you have my number – are we over offset so again that word on the jangle alone the cheese so me to craft the hamburger and a computer so cube another pie represent apartment later my studio my regular doctors a bit of around a end on a wrong over the candy nobody calcareous a private under our container below ground again bogey and another is not remember a calendar we have the Omega Jenna [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in the Shakti photo put on a barista mississauga amake going to Reiki event a picker icon appear producer i sued i reconned upriver dr. sackowitz over in the Rock'em in the candle you go and carry a third opportunity of konami low granting of alternates out camilla the hospital no common angled Amira canaveral de Cantabria the mission todo el food room is out compared to the continuance dipper no yeah – ow Guillaume are cutting a homie other being the number of I can do a ship with a different legal acts number goes so q1 American how awkward at the idea toward a caring on the table what are we watching meat dog stuff I'm watching him Futaba you Shiva's normative or a markedly multiple poodle in the prodigal knows I should I use or potential price because of my vision later I cannot go to the bar thinking of Orion shame Allah in the Purina Hawaii's shivnath Normandy for so came out I wasn't any shock people our mail there lies across the you know yeah there are supermodel much beauty problem but saga not norm at the report so cumulative heart problem but a Vietnam of the reports here monitor yarn in the Sun color wrong name sake Meccano muda muda muda Maki the foreigners would be a sub scallops will finally Moodle cancer over it yes soon as Mohammed supports okay mater but you table mounted Shastri he Pororo McCollum a little under in the frantic you know she remains in the earth in the Shakti before or a macrame layer gonna think you know I would soak you Marty I would repairs a little of monetize darshan never a felony would come on the issue sua are the sub p.m. I will talk they are not subsea McGovern enormous before abandon every I'm with dominant issue in the form of delicious I sound get a available we're doing the frantically yeah there are so on only four models aman zeba pretty awesome but i usually a brain tumor is not vomit every cancer yahoshua used to be a hunter a molester teacher they were me I would or still seen him only on the table he was Chuck people really paramount acceptor level of a shoe in a bow Moodle before song came out there is about the guys [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you and I have in Jesus Bible says God is our refuge and Our Strength are very personal in our suffering the Lord you and I have always had always 100 person help available in Jesus as we agree with Jesus as we trust in Jesus it's this is a new day and the Lord wants you and I to rejoice in his presence be full of the joy of the whole Lord be full of the Holy Spirit of God and power to walk over every situation of our life beloved you are born to be a winner always in Jesus God has 100 percent success or your pants and my pants what a great God that you and I have in Jesus once again we appreciate everyone joining us from all over the world we thank you for your partnership for your leadership as the Lord is taking great care Allah to a completion of two thousand days on June 22nd what a great God that the Lord is touching lives all over the world thank you thank you so much for your partnership for your leadership and your sins your forward and commitment rail and prayer lifestyle he wrapped enough if the issue moved up here there was some even of some notion yet now over to him they even turn asunto shuttle him but it should talk now with a check the alum filling a product number going to recommend a yes you can link enough I'm loose and Amanda media thing number holders don't give it to anyone a little give me I didn't ish Wasat I'll never get the Saudis Eddie Kotto II that now if they were subtly again you will do in this second I'll go board break and lay a teacher at boyo you couldn't handle a hill wasn't your practical one is in the sample T of a garland I'll get everyone you didn't draft an alien come on that load would have such a you watch tackle card it's a under – Annette how well you play it to them so they come on javi don't they don't nothing in Somerville Arica boat up to do that I used to be but they are freaky huh he kept a look over you all him who's under madam sahayam bearish below that it should be no Lhasa – she wouldn't iliacus finger it numb again the voltage are linking a practical shui yet lil was citizen and they had improve it and they're adding a hamachi might remain below that you grab him Lord Jesus the bile did me bless me and make me a plastic alone the blow the church earth of wrapped we gotta win so give me the Regionalliga none nude and not even his daughter intends to dig in negative a break yelling into trucha then die the diversability regatta Whitney truth all jungle Elsa hygienist or Romani go magdalena michaela Katowice is richard and / division i started a shake a lotta dick greater than is opium are coming we cannot leave our ending our table in the valley gotta be so treacherous be able to get vidi vidi vici up around the back together I will stop and in the sand immigrants per chicken him in the crowd ticket nagatomi no villain a pathogenic noodle broth nigga nigga Tommy he brought real America mutton I'm gonna hurl again al put your article Tommy a little son Daniel and Richard and a new crayon under each other in the pram taking a probiotic antibiotic angle a general Al Pacino Joe predict in the Gotama ish me I mean Young University I'm gonna a new creature a new killer monkey Martin with the practic and I'm gonna carry me a little tribute to be older day he should be nominal surnames for the country thank you for every single person joining us from different hearts to my sweet your blessings overcome Oh God and I bring the blessings of Jesus over help Lord Jesus together we pray O Lord that you are Kingdom when rusty and abide in each one of us alone you will abide in each one of us O God make us full of blessings of Jesus that your plastics will in and to our lifes number that each of our lifestyle will be changed we declare 360 degree turn around in our lives in Jesus name whatever be in the ailment that your people are going through the sickness the the dating form it is lovely that then then their bodies are bleeping afflicted day and night and night and day Lord we bring your wholeness the hope healing merge of Jesus over everybody everybody every soul and spirit now in Jesus name even in our thought process and let Jesus touch come upon our thought process our memories Lord our great function our heart function every cell of our body be in alignment with Jesus and His Word now in Jesus name we speak your life over in every death situation now in Jesus name we bring the light of the world Jesus Christ of Nazareth into every dark the obvious of our lives are gone shine upon us O God for you are the God who created the heavens and the earth Lord we give you praise but there is none like you and there is sound like you know and how great you are God prescients aho we probably should was it yes Lord we give you praise yes Lord we bless your Holy Name we bless your Holy Name we bless your Holy Name have you bring the healing with you of Jesus the power of God the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead upon every person now with Jesus me heal everyone Oh God raise every one of father God thank you Lord for touching the multitudes all over the world in Jesus name we pray Oh God [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'll shoot a fire go to the devil at our quarter cup now get in the bathroom and a prank Callaghan is summer trigger though oh you opieop whatever it is should be the cecum is Shakti whenever she when I move my career though it is never shut the roll is number anywhere located at the wrapped each other they have no competitive local issue with the sound cube and even we can go yeah medical professionals statically we can derive a miracle and his signature I will read a little boredom everybody silicon the science is full of facts we were an electron donor on ideas science a personal are the Newberry is shovel our pizza wish to awesome limited however the sort of them G without them my turn over an idea on the mighty return I would allegedly a should algata I'll put them in a my buddy the little decide checker the Megillah week you know Magana accident Liberty doctors sick I went to went little high a cure for regulator of the practice you I see those in the ward nickel mighty wrapped into ordered throwed him nothing but I get the wallet a fisherman thought of breaking like wouldn't be over the net holy cold and one of them how about the probe to division in any idea though it should be they'll to devise some cube now equal to 100% normal report on I will in live each other in eloquent letter no but I could be over that does know and here you go Priya put over voltage a practical matter no overhead what rule over Kuwait abruptly an hour over Kuwait they practical okay over the cooling off is the gray Qaeda who knows about the Karachi baby but a practical one while the venture into the world of I woulda empty generosity Rinella II serious cinemas revolve al watch a break and let equilibria kebab the Ithaca so here we are going to have a brain kilo family me thank you thank you in America but the Lorenzo I don't know for Java with another Tulsa men are gonna prop the brink and Latonya samantha ryan for team you cannot let me deliver do you put TV on jaipur afternoon Thank You congratulations brain Kerala I do days when you could eat a lot in illegal liquor too the parachute and I cart our nominal nvidia quadro a little you know the Hornets I would rather than that it'll be like a tick on Derek another module of work in the pattern you would a very minor he can put it the TV let anybody on were in the program Kotaro butshe YouTube in academia yet to you Haida manicure girl prarthana YouTube eluded Olympia must import LF only one no thank you thank you right here are they hurting a cousin dr. mark I were to I'll put the sulky Monday a day before he prompted me from jewelry here dinette virajna a cousin is a bone a rocket Alma shamak in the preoperative area but to McGill LPN no it's available later number to beat Louisiana and like a boutique in the when love at the catalytic of Italy and correct Kyle it other than a tick you're telling you know a couple of hago to put at the Cardinal theory will to the market that is not guarantee that 100% there's a guarantee of I will there is no the mingled roguia movement Mary where to win our burner katomina nominal Avenue in Abu she practically Yeshua's Tohru gorilla prompt and has a v-neck I'm a Reiki cube come top of an alien they'll pick up our power Jada Turnagain I'm gonna remake you and yeah for I'm Tina Posner and Padres you're walking a number I think I do hope today your boy oh yeah Qatar will be so secure both the radical that I cook banana when Chavez yeah I said the father the charm of the volatility can read cheek you anything freakish meq/l laptop occur Warner slightly low pitch a full pack and data is typically begin the Pago Pago might Allah it should be that Akira has a mobile a beginner when Jesus comes it comes he wants to kill me they happen the montagnana if the changes of popovich a then under the name I'm gonna be a loophole other thing I am on the prodigy but every J I follow each other playing viola remind not very good philosophy on to wonder he can do the math from a library or another already check everybody check a power corner today yay look was some iodine Amanda wouldn't you boy a very capable of traveling the world and a prompt to develop our mobile WD to other taught to crowd do you hear what strangle castration it teach a couple or 11 at the Art Theater can remove understand the region of the or Parrinello refrain calico Tallulah only turn apart a human issue our attire angle a propertyless animal a ship in the arm watch another burger later the robber not for like an hour south you're machi is then pick it up I'm gonna go park abandoned rig in the movie a son a cheeky one with a cutter part of the movie I took they go to the was another bullet I will put it on some random a guy a girl into the white shell somewhere morning it's the Viking our Bibles of the revolution of alien fitting into the Machine a they were switched it's a and then thought of them home to a lot a torrential reality you might have thought that a car will see you on you and I have great responsibility to protect our nature hallelujah it is charged do by the creator of the ends of the earth I garnished a movie – mm – SHINee I'll go through each other number go to prom together if not double grab the keyboard number – Eddie the song camelina number of brilliant Nagasaki / – I'm gonna say song Keo go down number 2 premium tickets out came on Avila there with Abu Bakr song k1 now gonna be able to time ago Rob poodle condo this should be the novel it super chick in the dead genom beiieve of Ockham initiative prop the keyboard Dave up the hey Miguel wek Daria it a good song came out yes general kazakiewich ER Bhishma that I read it to the credit legal mana party my Ramana I'm puzzled sahaja yoga girl cancer it's spreading rapidly wanna redo my bag until cancer control the power L water you know your cash Lafayette hygienic Poland Allah for Luna shouting getting the rights and if for telephone attack us in America with some signal get away this cycle of the divinity which should tell the practical give it away somebody on the brachial Akuma share the property getting orthogonal food every day when the song came out the Americans thought rangatahi puttin a telephone line approach and the Kitab a tango Morita sahajanand a jungle prompting in the dog tells a guy with the guitar Engelmann ok and sodium up and they America in summer holiday abroad never adopted any a free opportunity problem didn't take our table a proud Republican little fearful today dr babuna younger crowd taking the guitar anomaly polls and his out came out in the estuary Shakti yeah but he can't in the plastic in the cancer row giggles out Yamagata will throw girls out your mother give me some of them are overlooked an abundance out llamada but here the rock Amana Gilligan Samedi cruciate I'm gonna bid of the looms so yeah I'm ready to be a bigger than the younger crowd together gotta be a poser in jungle Parkin illegal property you know they should have soaked your maken holiday with me there should be a longer the protein lipid tomorrow gonna be hella proud to you know hop in general path to the edge through nickel proud think about and a table in there the Kayla through in the jungle drastic Janna dad you will take him in the jungle crafting you know they mean it is so cute I am Raja the Yannick atanga there I can amend your crap together Nadezhda money create your product angry to some other room so portion everything gets to be normative the name Yahweh Elohim is your priority you know I am nation along with it i recreate your particular line agree with didn't build in yoga so got a mild Bella Oh a rotting in the origin look whatever image abroad did you know they were so great we get South Kim I wouldn't be a very good day in the proud because no aha rasulallah she puts on an arm within day and it creates you're proud how do you think I got my pillow your are think you know issue a luck IDing Allah but the way I'm put Lana read whatever I'm done with it I need create your proud think you know documents in a year a pretty poor are thick you know they may end up and then I'll boot again I'm originally I don't know more online geared up for our thing you know I'm gonna guarantee ladies are less than at the are cheaper email speaking of never eyes they'll pitch apart you know we're in the pollution modern others away pollution in Lhasa Indian art and the part that you know it preserve the a guitar is never India front door in the floor you know a very strict is possible it's possible panel all right preyus american-born other role of Markham million cooperage there on your browser you know never have to clean country has its original manga party you know gala day within the courts own country under than AI go to partake in the India quartz on country how to utilize the power they can build up again provided a mark over a mango to par think you know I'm going to equal to sin again I'm going to go to sneak one Korea it happens and you're too proud to go you gotta play will be Anika taking over beauty or oh good I was not put it we got Hawaii Boozer notches or I know that I ever warranty you sagara maharaja se puso now then they owe me they say you know McDonald agenda new version together now you go to the pretend La Caleta not any money a go-go jingle tinder plus to pass a winning record on a very game of reciting like a re-gift either market or no admission booty a glance poor quality like you put the admission to build a planter or William Choji Ahmad Ramallah normally I remove put it on the humble southern a particular Michalka and a particular element were to be solemnity ever going to prompting my name winning on the road over a brownie pan we're gonna nominate over a chair no prata you know the exam brother my daughter got her results just now she got medical admission in the most prestigious met college with scholarship she also got in two other med colleges thank you for praying thank you Frank Allah worldwide family for praying with me for the word of Michalka Canada you're gonna hear the message was leaked in America Canada in medical school at Michigan totally Wendy perhaps at you cinema that I'm yet to what well our God Michigan Tillich another she got the admission in the most prestigious MIT College with scholarship number completely numb on a good general commanding the h2 Corinthian in your struggle Kyle number good thing with restore an economy but I've had good taken everywhere I got no but the way overtakes kill him but student that wouldn't they I can I will never ever leave you the angle of the will they be coming at 11:00 that's a pretty any bit of it to prop seek Him you shall lose my Imam will the women have given a would diagnose logical than the hip three oh let some good Tilda be like a phrase students dot coffee like aboutrika no telephone say either I really love the Mirage Aventa brain students not cooperate should've stopped flowing Sudan slot car brain professionals not katha already provincial now no thumbs will go into proper Joe Neal well you will live a little later I soon learned that when you are destructible numbers of idiota my internet but Shane they within the sound of some tension amount of area for other people to me they were jelica whenever I decide to give great medical team calm because I go to work in the evictee Arnold I'm not gonna be very far after the comitia ratio issue in it sending this frantic you wanna hit 300 Mahalo Mahalo never go did you practicum or I'll lose are gonna buy it that's enough okay if I can are you a teacher in any segment pray teachers got coffee so we lookin for you and the village a potential site you know why dad oh yeah praying teachers dot-com is already up now summer was the trip traffic in the people a collaborator I Joanne is telling him they worth in a subtraction of their baby at the end of a shuttle put you at the end of the lake but I wish she can't go yet and the guy lubricant now all those student them can live it up pick up in the big oval a couple of in the class in variety of where's the baby PJP Kayla ish way I would it's a bigger with aliens but IJ will have to the school my dad will have to recall at Panaji will have to India Viva Chile keyboard then take our youth a turn away come on the curriculum for your tea miss Fawcett order with the activity of the naval crime practicable I they got away named Laura mentioned in the Sandra leggat available body in the order could you believe name tonometry podium and an inkling each a proud technical topic but a Nutella per curiam makeover I would normally never predict birthday I got away an egg could take a look for the at Christian one DVD put your school a college even a lake of overboard Kavya the overkill a he found a condom they even made a Academy nigga try our thing you know – niggas number that occurred on the bok'nor could take your attention I dig in the code take around one else aluminum a chunk of Amana sigma by Eagle Eagle the mr. Martin away live it occurred on the woman I could take a rotary polls in there are thinking more I got the more of the marijuana the hey Vegas so gear thought I could tickle Murrieta in the garage thinking I'm a foreigner still I mean for a conductivity protego my nigga Raj take a mold a vegan yeah that's Oliver in the regular means a look at the mega Alberta mail by return either Yanomami time invited about a hobby and incra hekia parata Khatami ordinary chain hi honey yes Shiva now mcgilton a army either we pray for every student all over the world we speak your blessing support the Lord your protection Jesus will be a portable god I pray in Jesus name Lord fill every student on the heart with the spirit of knowledge with a salute of understanding and with the spirit of the knowledge of God bless them father fill the Lord with the spirit of excellence Oh Lord Jesus mighty name you say yes right here legally Allah actually boo tonight so there was number they even look at American an aftertaste until I Cal winning it however the movie has something she wrote a check a little tougher cable longer trade do the idea target number shady girl that the brain can learn practical Australian my wrinkles not only the particle the Mockingbird above the turtle American that Tony the cheetah column our gala weakened over you order a fruit will never love a good okay and luckily we cannot crucial within the we're gonna battle them the hydrati Amarna chrishena Bible a lyric in the Christian awesome girl panacea is a random song came out come on up to the other night a within a number Q main DJ there any stupider than he went to number like another hour that I was sick of him at the time of the I am most of all that the Halle Berry latnok ring task on community love that any given the hola now look you get your lettuce it was right on top of the vodka numbering in a bike isn't the Lord will come as the blessing on you in your storehouses and you know to which you sit your hand the energetic male kind of makeup or if they leave that color to buy our journey will not do you buy a little girl's mother said it was early I think he came to prop the children Florrick in the federal AMA hakutaka now my reasonably kill voila when the worry in the but shake a bill neely week is enough he'll the wallet what are you mother for the Kiger totals are okay I think you put him on the chair of the bike in a home and a caliper in a little neat ordinary latinum mechanically I'll bring you mean nami ihara nigga there in the desert I went in a and agree anyone that occur the world record a cardigan on the break Kerala for the potidaeans in octave rather never the car enough Bible if they know three profitable today matters the Lord so we are going to pray together as family everything that has to happen today in that role in in a drawer hands must remain blessed wer a kite or done over I think Ravi Kapoor whenever it would have had them character but through our acai L that will go to go for our running cream every classroom when love our capital I've already given up some political target at the ball after such ticket Patrick another door is shut the madam they even tiny could have kept the debate yes it was already in my game or kinder to me that you're honest and never knew remain available Oliver say no follow along with other we love with a little today mama he's something about them each a de pyre that's Eddie is the total though you didn't every bit of Nottingham he could occur to the to volunteer even a girl when you do popular approval a key three modules averag average to Martin to go to continue away why either connect in an article in Portugal is there the operatic a cutaway little novel acai you got the property some tamaco to think of it you is in our head wrapped you can table available it's not the one of the idle pilot or alumna each journey cutaway value part of our death is swallowed up by the leaves equal to the value of issuance of the delay the leak another would you buy a cigar and boot up otherwise cigar Dolores freely available Oh Bhushan terrible rumor looks in the version of him in the general between the Antelope epochal attic please bless the work of our hands slowly every planting that we do Lord let it rust but grow contaminant normal and literally every factory that we work in every office that we were kill us Lord and plus they are employers of God Thank You Julie there is never a he predicted of ultimatum Julie Stellaluna dick shrink of the government of Israel any Greek operator how would the joy legal Vegas sagiv of my Ju on the issue in the novel sucked assume that they have ordered on the wooden target somebody might be given away as a pathetic idolater Joey laughter Tommy import documents in American character with your profession I think you know a solenoid while reading a liberator is ship-in-a-bottle without me trading hands right in the macabre a pretty crafty complicated nobody in the badder than a keyboard why can they live in there over a proper dipole angled a birthday and I love you are you know 58 another cake kumamon response routine American to share the Liberty on Normandy party joy boundary chicken and patina LaMotta birthday resiliency until your husband in the are bottom of the birthday on in the three human bar subdued original my enable jeweled a birthday original McKinney our mother Maria mozzarella original manual son Europe on the La Motta birthday on the moon on the moon Ahmedabad in again you see the shop are rich are you got a chicken are with him the bidding and even though the mean three original aside segment yeah when the rich he can put random of the birthday and solder ad but given baram the wedding anniversary check on you need ability Rican Charlene North balloons are a jig in the mangrove row Rohan chance independent of the birthday Anna in the Lebanon originally in the method in the prepared and Bahamas a birthday on EKG sponsor a gonna be President I 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