Prank Calls To The 727Caller ("Skepticism On Life?" Raid, February 11, 2017)

see we have a have colored your up to colors actually the other one just came on but the fan I remember as well just answer calls when I'm on here but we need to mere discuss what's the importance of what is there to know whether it's the knowledge she at school or here over the news or ring or fact your peers young people younger than you I want asylums take a cake eighty-six – all right well when I click on this microphone the ground nevermind are equipped it what's going on hey sis to 727 is that you baby buns let's get a freeway with any Hinkle are we still hot why would you order all because I want to I'm so attacking because he is so wonderful ways so you won't have a three-way with me any ankle yeah the King Edward how does that relate to know what I want to know about love we're that's par in my life be a bucks dr. Rochelle free Terry it will be so wonderful alright man I think I can understand where you're coming from I'll have to put you on mute here just because you know we have other colors and the cue and I'll get to the cellar color very shortly you could let's take caller one one one mine now when I click on this microphone you will be able to talk freely like a bird to Iran there hey guys this is Christopher Walken for gaming I am going to give you a king Edward I'm dead fanfic there was a food bowl George saw also his name King Edward I'm dead he was walking in the store to get some come Crystal Pepsi and he fucked corpses for a living yes he is a metro file he later on fine Thai blue and Jacob green with tithe moves off his penny and later on show his toolbox ready Hinkle and Jacob green but the court fuck with blush like a pig as he's decided invite I blue and Jacob for a three-way together he said oh yeah I want me some of that time yeah King Edward and Jacob and tithe who were all of their underwear but they all got naked in the bed together ty blue said hey guys – ty blue here let's write into the three-way and he said fuck my bun hole Jacob as they started having anal sex until Eddie come but typhoon started fucking Eddie but the King understand this whole three-way thing can somebody please explain that to me I don't know what you mean why are you sets of having three he should have just told me how ridiculous is this is I don't know if this is as usual callers and they call up talking about three ways and such but as not anything I would like to hear I guess there's really no other callers I haven't already taken before for him to be Zack but I guess I'll wait till nude callers can come in I guess I could take them again one more time but oh I guess one of the caller's left oh I guess we'll do one one one I guess I hope it's not the same just please calm down which second of all these leap have been in a bad mood tonight um but now I guess we can kind of be a little bit positive here take some callers uh so one one you are on the air if I can get it on there oh my family need quality come in anyway I'm not sure I am but my shirt of your cock can really relate to nobody no-nobody okay what is this I'm not sure I'm official public from liberating why are we entering seeing this on to this show guys come on I mean that's not where we're talking about I mean I guess it could relate it away you know let me bring that up or now while we're talking about sea change things you know the office of heaven is hell yeah let me see if I can open up the chat I guess I could um yeah I got the chat will open up your how many people were listening um again I guess we'll take one one one my good sir no good you in fact one one one you are on the air you doing Yom here put it on three takes a while good trying to get set up here yes sir connection isn't working that well unexpected I'll see if I could restart my browser you far about buy one one one um yes we can make I see you're fighting ping star yeah I guess look at the size of that penis watch out for whom star bite it's not just damage you take from it but I'd worry more about his claws and fire if I were you but that's only because he's the heaviest fighter here by far he's a powerhouse of destruction careful he doesn't flatten you interesting this is no time for pickup line snake don't worry what party start mmm look he's don't fuck he's don't worry freaky explosions Lincoln I am going to screw respectfully God but this is my show to learn my rules you don't like it don't don't play me any or half of that just I don't want people to advertise that's all I ask yeah do blame you're speaking my life out to yo and it's you know it's not bad per se for you guys for me saying essentially yeah that ready man he is people actually stalking him and yes I mean who do good and all sorts of things and family have people making slices overnight one more is actually the end I mean and that's another thing that's the complex life I was previously on me enough before or two we needing all like fine Phil what again quick alright anyway without more further to do one more you were all here make the breed is a fucking furry that goes to furry convention that gets fucked in the ass by forty year old men in giraffe costume what what in course all due respect to the world take a green yeah three boys let's just be honest and musical guy I don't think I don't think he's like hey go and watch on blade and war record when I say about that is that I never knew that about Jacob crane we really try to hide some swordfish so I want hear this anymore and why Laurie happily come with the show all right we have a new collagen promoter says for them but I know it's a very short one right for come on let's call tyrosine here that I don't work there's friction right I already have its whole three something and come on the show right now so I need some disagree a free Jacob green Bernie and is why here that okay of course it's already on sports on me it's a little more further to do evenly you are me here no um sorry especially usually just heard about this short look what's happening you know tired about man worry no I mean I just got on here here saying you got tired of something and I was like okay I'm just wondering what the shows about in well you're sure I am sorry I'm drugging you sir the shows about you know what's the meaning above you know what what the meaning of life and why are we here that why we made the way were made why we have to law is you get where I'm coming from a bit kind of like you know why in place like ah I see okay well alright I was just wondering because I just called in he's got some a little bit tougher to say beliefs like something bugging you like what you got any like a Charles come on over here short bus trolls oh so may ask who this is um yeah typically you a caller man does this kind of sound like the sound somebody you sounded quite familiar oh I'm on other shows as well on him I guess I usually call other shows and probably heard me from one of them are I'm so weighted you can call into any other racial slur a chance what you called deliberations by chance I called lower radio shows I'm sorry you're kind of breaking up there out of me I'm up there you go alright alright do you call into any other shows by chance well yeah I mean long ago used to calling um Perry or whatever I'll be back before and that was like a little bit trolling but I was long time ago yeah and then it was a cup of car shows that Colin and then there's that one political show but sorry couple guys had that angry Texas guy on it all right I was just warmer on so hold on oh you got any topics you'd like to discuss about actually it came you okay yeah I got this girlfriend of mine all right yes he's right up up shopping doing her usual stuff and yeah yeah we have a little problem I mean you know we don't have much problems actually quite quite tight relationship with each other but then we kind of ran to one little thing yeah we I got a little tired of you know arguing with her about it and I'm just trying to convince all right and or she's always been telling me no I am NOT going to be pegging you while writing a clown cost then while you're strapped down with a goat cause connect what what wait I said what I said she took I tried to mentor that I want that I wanted to peg down while she's bringing a clown costume while I have a go call around my neck and with a couple songs like silly Rick what cousin why and I mean I'm always been into trying new thinking I want to try to do this with my girl but now I got a little too far for some reason I mean I did not out here – how old are you how old she I am 30 years old and she is 28 sorry that's not that bad of an age difference play man I mean you gotta make a lady comfortable you don't want to make you comfortable you know well I know honestly but we've been I do a lot of other stuff for her you know I actually you know it balls off for her literally and I was a mensch cut my all Gaul for her literally and not to mention the black guy while I'm watching what way we first were saw he make this whole tire thing with them what do you talk about go heads or someone that you're talking about chopping your rolls off I'm talking well one thing stops for like both of them from a game you turd and she had me got neutered she hasn't were you happen Oh nope oh yeah he said somebody got here do you say you were her yes I I got neutered she didn't want to have kids and I was like okay fine I'll do it well now that dozen eunuch sir yep I'm right here man hey why don't you just you to call them so you know cutting your balls off okay she's really very particular that's why now I did anything for this girl I mean I'm saying man would you do anything for your girl oh god currently don't have a girl go loose Valentine's night me you know I just want girl mine and Samba kill hey well I actually hope that you get find some lady friends and I mean seriously there's nothing there's nothing better in this world than having a significant other I can tell you that much I I'm telling you I mean other than in those couple moments she makes like it's true then especially hell you know what your relationship you got establish your team on one side can't do more than another you got to work equally together yeah push it all man all right take it easy and out the handed you turn that thank you oh hey and I appreciate the the calling you call them with a you were actually a troll the disciple go hand balls being chopped up thing I want to talk about and I was nice it was nice up being the host of the show and you know don't forget to follow me on Twitter the tortor name is 77 caller who want are the central seventh caller warm and follow me Oh gap which is 77 caller one as well yeah it was really nice to be on the show really nice to to communicate with some of these callers in the queue or one of them happens be which call from the queue but I guess we have about 30 seconds left I guess we could end with a 1 1 1 1 1 you are on the air 1 1 you there ma'am this is the radio myth true king star hating radio group on gorgeous we're done here man I I can't take the same we'll have a good night guys see y'all I'm out

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