Power of belief

so I was just visiting about this topic with my kids and I thought you and I ought to visit about it too because it applies so deeply to business and that's the concept of belief and how that impacts our performance in everything in our lives and what do you think about belief for a second see if you're a good person and that's really where this applies is to good people but good people will only let themselves and almost any endeavor any activity good people only take from it that which they believe they deserve now bad person they'll always take more than they deserve because that's what people without character do but good people and I hope you consider yourself a good person they'll only take from something that's they think they deserve gonna give an example let's say there was a pizza here we are gonna serve there's 12 people here there's 12 slices of pizza well you know how you react and any good person they either wait for everybody else to get their piece or they'd only take one slice because they know that the other people there only would have one left for them bad person they just take anytime they want to wouldn't they so a good person will only take from any scenario about which they think they deserve that's a good thing it's also a bad thing because ultimately when it comes down to in business is really this when it comes to your business life or becoming a fluent saving money getting financially independent you'll only take from your life and from your business that which you think you deserve and so really almost more important than strategy is an internal identity it's an internal belief that says I deserve this I deserve to be happy I deserve to have this dream come true I deserve to be financially independent I deserve to be in the top ten in my business I deserve to be number one or my team deserves to my family deserves two and once you believe you deserve something then you've at least opened the door to walk into the room of success but prior to believing you deserve it you can do all the work all the calls all the mechanics that the other people do but if you don't believe you deserve it you're never going to even walk into the room and sit at the table to have a chance to get your piece the chair at the table the space at the table is only reserved for those who believe they deserve to be sitting there and so hard work matters wise hard work matter hard work matters strategic because if you make more phone calls you do the old adage right show up earlier than everybody else leave later but there's something more about that yes making more phone calls seeing more people being more active being busier putting in more hours into something always gives you a strategic chance to be more successful hours because you've increased your odds you've talked to more people you're more likely to get more prospects you're more likely to get more clients or recruits or candidates for your business so yes strategically that increases your chances but something powerful happens when you do things other people aren't willing to do you begin to believe you deserve to have things other people won't have and that's what gets you a seat at the table of success now once you're there it's a dog fight it's a dog fight of skills and talents and luck and faith and circumstance and blessing and all that stuff but to just to get to the table to get into the room you have to believe you need to deserve to be there and so again I want to say this to you the hard work part plays in the shifting your identity that over time not even that long a period of time when you're doing the things others are unwilling to do you begin quietly to begin to believe that oh I deserve to be rewarded in ways these other people aren't going to be rewarded because I'm doing the things others won't do and so the fastest way to change your identity to change our belief is just a flat get to work to flat get there earlier to flat leave later to just make more calls see more people be more relentless just pour ourselves into the work because actually the hard work can in reverse impact our identity and that's what begins to happen when you start to do those things they won't do you begin quietly to change your belief that you begin to believe oh I deserve to sit at the table with these other people who do the things other people aren't willing to do and that's the key in changing your beliefs so ask yourself this question honestly and whatever business you're in if you've done everything physically and mentally possible to get yourself to that table if you've done everything you're capable of if you've been relentless and ferocious and invested so much time effort and energy that inside you you know you deserve to win or have you held something in reserve have you've not really given it your best if you kind of hoped you did a little bit luckier maybe you've stuck your toe in it or maybe you've given most of your heart to it but not completely all your heart and all your effort and all your labor and all your energy because you won't have an excuse if it doesn't work or maybe you want to hold a loon reserve so you don't get your hopes up too much in case it doesn't work out well it's that little bitter reserve you hold back that will ultimately keep you from sitting at the table of success to get to that table to set up at the big boy in the big lady table you're gonna have to be giving that everything you've got so that inside there's a shift that takes place it's as I I deserve this I believe I deserve to have whatever these things are I want to have so ask yourself that question when this video goes away have you given it everything and if you haven't you got a chance today to change that and ultimately 30 days I'll completely change what you believe you deserve and you're a whole new person with a whole new identity with a whole new set of beliefs take care