Power of Belief | Magic of Believing – Claude Bristol (2012 -2013 Magic Mix)

is there a force a factor a power a science call it what you will are something which are few people understand and use to overcome their difficulties and achieve outstanding success I firmly believe that there is it is my purpose here to attempt to explain it so that you may use it if you desire I realize I have run across something that is workable but I don't consider it as anything mystical except in the sense that it is unknown to the majority of people and is little understood by the average person I'm aware that there are forces powerful forces at work in this country that would dominate us substituting a kind of regimentation for the competitive system which has made America great among neighbors I believe that we must continue to retain the wealth of spirit of our forefathers if we don't we shall find ourselves dominated in everything we do by a mighty few will become sources in fact if not in name I hope this work will help develop individual thinking and doing some may call Mia Hancock Moore's football I'm well aware of that let me say that I am hashed the half-century Marburg and have had many years of hard practical business experience as well as a goodly number of years as a newspaper man I started as a police reporter police reporters are trained to get the tax and take nothing for granted apparently I was born with a huge bump of curiosity I've always had an insatiable yearning to seek explanations and answers this yearning has taken me to many strange places brought to light many peculiar cases and has caused me to read every book I could get my hands on dealing with religions cults and both physical and mental sciences I have read literally thousands of books on modern psychology metaphysics ancient magic Buddhism yoga zhim theosophy Christian Science unity truth new thought and many other dealings it's what I call mind stuff many of these books were nonsensical others strange and many very profound gradually I discovered that there is a golden thread that runs through all the teachings and makes them work for those who sincerely accept an applied line that thread can be named in a single word belief it is the same element or factor belief which causes people to be cured through mental healing enables others to climb the ladder of success and gets phenomenal results for all to accept it by belief as a miracle worker is something that cannot be satisfactorily explained but have no doubt about it there's genuine magic in believing the magic of believing became a craze around which my thoughts steadily revolved I tried to put down these thoughts as simply and as clearly as I could so that everyone can understand my hope is that anyone who listens will be held out in reaching their goal in life I would like I start by relating a few experiences of my own life with the hope that by hearing them you will gain a better understanding of the entire science early in 1918 I landed in France as a casual soldier unattached to a regular company as a result over several weeks before my service record necessary for my pay caught up with me during that time I was without money to buy gum candy cigarettes and lie every time I saw a man light a cigarette I choose to become the thought came to me that I was without money to spend on myself certainly I was eating in the army clothes being provided me with a place on the ground to sleep but I grew bitter because I had no spending money and no way of getting anything one night grouped the forward area or crowded cooked rain sleep was out of question I made up my mind then but when I returned to civilian life I would have a lot of money the whole pattern of my life was altered at that moment I didn't realize it then that at that moment I was laying the groundwork for a new direction in my life groundwork that would unleash forces that would bring accomplishment as a matter of fact the idea that I could with my thinking and believing develop a fortune never entered my mind money is not the only desire they have it doesn't matter to what end this science is used it will be effective in achieving the object of your desires and in this connection let me tell another experiences some years ago I decided on a trip to the Orient and sailed on a ship called the Empress of Japan something was working for me on that trip I had no claim to anything but ordinary services however I sat at the executive officers table and was frequently his personal guest in his quarters as well as on inspection trips through the ship actually the treatment I was eaten made a great impression on me and in Honolulu I often had the thought it would be nice to receive comfortable treatment on my journey home of the ship one afternoon I got the sudden impulse to leave for the mainland as that floating time I arrived ticket agency I was told that ship was leaving the next day at noon and I could get the only remaining calling' ticket I bought it and the next day just a few minutes before noon I started up the gangplank in an offhand manner I said to myself they treated use a king on the Empress of Japan at least you can do the ER sit at the captain's table sure you'll sit at the captain's table the shift got underway and as we steamed out of the harbor word was received from the dining steward for passengers to appear in the dining room for assignments to tables about half the assignments had been made when I came to for him he asked me for my ticket which I placed on the table he glanced at it and then to me saying oh yes table they CZ number five it was the captain's table and i was seated directly across from him many things happen aboard that ship which pertain to the subject the most prominent being a party supposed to be in honor of my birthday just an idea of the captain's because my birthday was month all in laying before you this very workable science I am aware that the subject has been handled before for many angles I am also cognizant that many people shy away from anything that smacks of religion the occult brought a metaphysical accordingly I am presenting it in the language of a businessman who believes that sincere thinking and plain speaking will get any message across to the people in using this science which is given to you the confident knowledge that no matter how you use that it will get results I wish the owner never use it for harmful or evil purposes since the beginning of man there have been two great subtle forces in the world good and evil both are terrifically powerful when their respective scopes and cycles the basic principle operating Bholu is mind power mass mind power therefore take great care that you do not misuse the science of mind stop I cannot emphasize this too strongly for if you employ it for it harmful or evil purposes it will boomerang and destroy justice has others down through the centuries these are not idle words at solemn words chapter 2 the power of thought glance around you if you are in a furnished room your eyes tell you that you are looking at a number of inanimate objects that's fooled so far as visual perception is concerned but in reality you are actually looking at thoughts or ideas which have come into materialization through the creative work of some human being it was a thought first that created the furniture fashioned the window glass gave form to the draperies and coverings the automobile the skyscraper the Great Plains that sweep the stratosphere the sewing machine the tiny pin a thousand and one things yes millions of objects where did they come from originally only one source from that strange force thought as we look further we realize that these achievements and in fact all our possessions came as a result of creative thinking for one is the original source of all wealth all success all material gain all great discoveries inventions and of all the treatments with that in mind it becomes easy to understand that man's thoughts make or break him and Shakespeare's words to come more intelligible there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so many people feel that success comes with hard work however I would like to point out that hard work alone will not break success the world is filled with people who have worked hard but have little to show for it something more than hard work is necessary it is creative thinking and firm belief in your ability to execute your ideas the successful people in history have succeeded through their thinking their hands were merely helpers to their brains another important point is that one essential to success is that your desire be an all obsessive one your thoughts and aims be coordinated and your energy be concentrated and applied without let idle it may be riches or fame or position or knowledge that you want for each person has his own what success means to him but whatever you consider it to be you can have it provided you are willing to make the objective the burning desire of your life a big order you say no not at all by using the dynamic force of believing you can set all your inner forces emotional they in turn will help you reach your goal now that you have a clearer idea of apart that thought desire plays for daily lives the first thing to determine is precisely for to wrap starting in with the general idea that you merely want to be a success as most people do is to indefinitely you must have a mental pattern clearly drawn in your mind ask yourself where am I headed what is my goal have I visualized just what I really want if success is to be measured terms of wealth can you fix the amount in figures if in terms of achievement can you specify at me definitely I ask these questions or in their answers are the factors which will determine your whole life from now on strange as it may appear not one out of a hundred people can answer these questions most people have a general idea that they would like to be a success but beyond that everything is big there go along for the day-to-day figuring that if they have a job today they will have it tomorrow but somehow they will be looked after in their old day they're like a court on the water floating aimlessly gone this way and that by various currents being washed up on the shore of becoming waterlogged and eventually sinking therefore it is vital that you know what you want out of life you must know where you were headed and you must keep a fixed goal in your view only then will you get it what you're after so you begin with desire if you ever hope to achieve anything or gain more than you have now however as we shall see there is more to it than mere desire it has been said that thought attracts that upon which it is directed thought attracts that upon which it is directed it was Joel who said for the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me our fearful thoughts are just as creative or just as magnetic and attracting troubles to us as are the constructive and positive ones and attracting positive results so no matter what the character of the thought it does create after its kind when this sinks into a man's consciousness he gets some inkling of the awe-inspiring power which is his to use I cling to the theory that while thoughts do create an exercise control far beyond any limits yet known to man they create only according to their pitch intensity emotion with quality depth of feeling or vibratory playing in other words comparable to the wavelength and wattage of radio station thoughts have a creative or controlling force in the exact ratio of their constancy intensity and power let me try to clarify that while many explanations have been offered where no one knows where the thought is a form of electrical energy or something else you have to be defined but I have been an experimenter in that branch of electricity known as high frequency pioneered by the great genius Nikola Tesla and whenever I think of thought and it's radiations and vibrations I instinctively link them up with electricity and it's phenomena in this manner they become more understandable to me all persons living in high altitudes have felt sometimes observe the electric spark resulting blocking across the room then touching some metallic substance that of course is a form of static electricity generated by friction it gives you an idea of how one kind of electricity can be developed through the body Sigmund Freud the famous Austrian psychoanalyst brought the world's attention to the hypothesis that there was a powerful force within us and unenumerated part of the mind separately the conscious mind constantly at work holding our thoughts feelings and actions others have called this division of our mental existence the soul some call it super-ego the inner power the super consciousness the unconscious the subconscious and various other names it isn't an organ or so-called physical matter such as we know the brain to be nevertheless it is there and from the beginning of recorded time man has that it exists the ancients often referred to it as the spirit Paracelsus called it to will others have called it the mind an adjunct to the brain some have referred to it as conscious the creator of the still small voice within still others called it intelligence and have asserted that it is a part of the supreme intelligence to which we are all lived no matter what we call it I prefer the word subconscious it is recognized as the essence of life and the limits of its powers are unknown it never sleeps it comes to our support in times of great trouble it warns us of impending danger often it aids us in what seems impossible it guides us in many ways and when properly employed performs so-called miracles perhaps the most effective method of bringing the subconscious into practical action is through the process of making mental pictures using the imagination perfecting an image of the thing or situation as you would have it exist in physical form this is usually referred to as visualization however before this visualization can work you must really believe I refer now to deep-seated belief a firm and positive conviction that goes through every fiber of your being when you believe at heart and soul as the saying goes called a phase of the motion a spiritual force a type of electrical vibration anything you please but that's the force that brings outstanding results it sets the law of attraction and cooperation enables to stay in thought to correlate with its object this belief changes the tempo of the mind or thought frequency like a huge magnet draws the subconscious forces into play changing your whole aura and affecting everything about you and often people and objects of great distances it brings into your individual sphere of life results that are sometimes startling often result you never dreamed Chapter three what the subconscious is a Gustave Kelly the distinguished French psychologist and author of from the unconscious to the conscious once wrote there is no artist man of science or writer of any distinction however little disposed to self analysis was not aware by personal experience of the unequaled importance of the subconscious he also said that the best results in life are obtained by a closed harmony and cooperation between the conscious and subconscious mind as a subconscious plays a very important part in the magic of believing it will bring you to a quicker understanding of this science if you have a clear and detailed picture of what the subconscious mind is where it is located and how it functions now it is the conscious mind that is the source of thought also it's the mind that gives us a sense of awareness in our normal waking life the knowledge that we are ourselves here and now the recognition and understanding of our environments the power to rule over our mental faculties to recall the events of a past life and to understand our emotions in their significance more concretely it enables us to have a rational understanding of the objects and persons about us of our successes or shortcomings of the validity of an argument of the beauty of our work of art many times the solution of our problem results from the new of the conscious mind but now and then when the solution is not forthcoming we become exhausted to continue crying we begin to lose confidence in ourselves and we often resign ourselves to the idea that we have failed that nothing can be done about it here is where the subconscious mind comes in it helps us to renew our belief in ourselves it assists us to overcome our difficulty and to put us on the road to achievement and success just as the conscious mind is a source of thought so the subconscious is the source of power also it is one of the greatest realities in human life it is rooted in instinct and is aware of the most elemental desires of the individual yet it is always pressing upward into conscious existence the powers of the subconscious are many the chief of which our intuition emotional certitude inspiration and suggestion deduction imagination organization and of course memory and dynamic energy it is a distinct entity it possesses powers and functions with unique mental organization all its own now the subconscious mind has three primary functions first with its intuitive understanding of the bodily needs it maintains and preserves the well-being indeed the very life of the body unaided by the conscious mind ii in times of great emergency it springs into immediate action again independent of the conscious mind it takes supreme command acting with incredible certitude rapidity accuracy and understanding in the saving of the life of the individual third it is operative in the psychic world in which the psychic powers of the subconscious are manifest in such phenomena as telepathy clairvoyance and psychokinesis but also it can be summoned to help at a conscious mind times a great personal necessity when the conscious calls upon the subconscious to use its powers and resources to solve a vital problem or bring to pass that which is sought or desired by the individual it is the third function that we are most concerned with here to draw upon the resources and powers of the subconscious and awaken it into action you must first be sure that you are asking for something that is rightfully yours to have and is within your ability to handle the subconscious manifests itself only according to the capabilities of the person then you must have patience and absolute faith Theodore Simon's employ the French philosopher said the subconscious mind will not take the trouble to work for those who do not believe in it next in conveying your need to the subconscious it must be in the spirit that the work has already been done so while it is necessary for you to feel and thinking yourself successful it is important for you to go one step further and actually see yourself as already successful either in the performance of some selected task or as actually occupying the position to which you are s hiring for the next and final step you must wait patiently while the subconscious is assimilating the elements of your problem and then goes about its own way to work it out in due course with the flowing of ideas and plans of the subconscious into your waiting conscious mind the solution of your problem will be revealed angry the correct course of action will be indicated you must follow those indications immediately and unquestioningly there must be no hesitation on your part no mental reservation no deliberation you must receive the message from the subconscious freely and after understanding it you must act on it at once only by doing that would you make your subconscious serve you and continue to respond whenever you call upon it however your problem may be one that cannot be solved in such a manner instead of receiving the solution in the form of a blueprint as it were you may instead feel some mysterious force urging you at intervals to do certain things that seem to have no special significance a logical connection nevertheless you must continue to believe in the power and the wisdom of the subconscious and obediently perform the seemingly irrelevant things one day you will find yourself in the position you saw through the aid of the subconscious and doing the work you envisioned for the settle then when you look back you will see how the things you were called upon to do all formed a logical line of event the last one of which was your final arriving the reward of your sincerest hopes and desires your own triumphant personal success chapter four suggestion is power after studying the various mystical religions and different teachings and systems of mine stuff one is impressed with the fact that they all have the same basic modus operandi and that is through repetition the repeating of certain man whose words formulas or just plain mumbo-jumbo is common with witch doctors voodoo high priests Texas and many other powers of strange codes they use them to evoke the spirits or work black magic one finds the same principle work in chants incantations litanies daily lessons also the frequent praying of the Buddhists and Muslims alike the affirmation of Theosophists and the followers of unity the absolute the true New Thought divine sighs in fact it is basic to all religions although here it is white magic instead of black magic this brings us to the law of suggestion through which all forces operating within its limits are capable of producing phenomenal results that is it is the power of suggestion and Auto suggestion your own to yourself or hetero suggests and coming to you from outside sources that starts the machinery into operation or causes the subconscious mind to begin its creative work and right here is where the affirmations and repetitions play their part it's the repetition of the same chant the same incantation the same affirmations that lead to believe and once that believe becomes what deep conviction things begin to happen now this is the same identical force and the same mechanics that Hitler used and building up the German people to attack the world a reading of mine camp will verify that dr. Rene favela famous French psychologist explained it by saying that Hitler had a remarkable understanding of the law suggestion and it's different forms of application it was with uncanny skill and masterly showmanship that he mobilized every instrument of propaganda in his mighty campaign of suggestion Hitler openly stated that the psychology of suggestion was a terrible weapon in the hands of anyone who knew how to use it let's see how he worked it to make the Germans believe what he wanted them to and once that belief took hold how they started their campaign of terror slogans fueled signs posters masked flags appeared throughout Germany Hitler's picture was everywhere one Reich one folk one leader became the chat it was heard everywhere today we own Germany tomorrow the entire world the marching song that the German Jews came from thousands of throats daily such slogan says Germany has waited long enough stand up you are the aristocrats of the Third Reich Germany is behind Hitler to a man and hundreds others bombarded the people 24 hours a day from billboard sides of buildings the radio and the press every time they move turned around or spoke to one another they got the idea that they were a superior race and under the hypnotic influence of this belief strengthened by repeated suggestion they started out to prove it unfortunately for them there were other nations who also had strong national beliefs that eventually became the means of bringing defeat to the Germans let's go into the field of sports where everyone who has ever witnessed a football or baseball game has actually seen this power of suggestion to work late Knute Rockne famous coach of Notre Dame knew the value of suggestion and use it repeatedly but he always suited his method of applying it the temperament of the individual team a story is told that on one Sunday afternoon no today was playing a particularly moving game at the end of the first half was trailing badly the players were in their dressing room nervously awaiting the arrival of Rockne finally the door opened and Rocky's head came in slowly his eyes swept in priority over the squad oh excuse me I made a mistake I thought these were the quarters of the Notre Dame team the door closed and Rockne was gone puzzled and then stung him with fury the team went out for the second half and won the game in the Depression years and there may be years like them in the future we saw this same suggestive force working overtime day after day we heard the expression times are hard businesses pour the banks of Bailey prosperity hasn't a chance and while stories about business Vegas on every hand and delay became the national chant millions believe that prosperous days would never return hundred just thousands of strong-willed men with under the constant hammering the continuous tap tapping of the same gear vibratory thought money always sensitive runs to cover from fear suggestions begin to circulate and business failures and unemployment follow quickly we heard thousands of stories of bank failures huge concerns going to the wall and people believe them readily and acted accordingly there will never be another business depression if people generally realize that it is with their own fear course that they literally create hard times they think hard times and hard times follow dr. Walker till Scott eminent psychologist a longtime president of Northwestern University told the whole story when he said success or failure in business is caused more by mental attitude rather than by mental capacities let's consider charms talismans Angelus good luck pieces four-leaf clovers old horseshoes a rabbit's foot and countless other trinkets which thousands of people believe in by themselves they are inanimate harmless objects without peer but people real life into them by thinking they do have power even though the power isn't in them per se the power comes only with the believing which alone makes them effective two upstanding illustrations of this are found in the stories of Alexander the Great in Napoleon in Alexander's day an Oracle proclaimed like that whoever unloosened the Gordian knot would become ruler of all Asia Alexander you may remember with one stroke of his sword cut the knot and rose to tremendous heights and power Napoleon was given a star sapphire when he was a child with a prophecy that it would bring him luck and Sunday make him Emperor of France could it had been anything but the supreme belief in the prophecy that carried these two great men to a place in the Hall of Fame they became great men because of their supernormal beliefs here is a simple experiment that will demonstrate you the strange power of attraction through visualization making the mental picture actually work find a few small stones or pebbles which you can easily throw locate a tree or post of six to ten inches in diameter stand 25 to 30 feet away from it start throwing pebbles at the tree trying to hit it if you're an average person most of the stones will go by to their mark now stop and tell yourself that you can get the objective get a mental picture of the tree figuratively stepping forward to meet the stone imagine the rock actually colliding the tree in the spot where you want to strike you'll soon find yourself making a perfect score don't say it's impossible try it and you'll prove that it can be done if you will only believe Chapter five the art of mental pictures to become the person that you would like to be you create a mental picture of your newly conceived self and if you continue to hold it the day will come when you are in reality that person Shakespeare said assume the virtue if you have it not now let's take this great truth and follow some of its implications in assuming the virtue you are assuming via your imagination but here we must make a distinction between daydreaming and a true mental picture or proper use of the imagination perhaps there is some genie who will drop $100,000 into your lap for overnight provide you with a mansion luxuriously furnished I have never had the pleasure of meeting one but daydreaming or mere undirected wishful thinking doesn't have the power to release the latent forces within you that will bring you the $100,000 or the mansion when you employ your imagination properly you see yourself doing a thing and you go ahead and do it it's the doing the thing you have pictured to yourself that brings it into actual existence in this connection think about the use of the magnifying glass when properly focused it will gather the lighting the Sun and concentrate it so that the heat will burn a hole when the object on which the Rays are focused it must be held steady before the heat power is developed and so it is with the holding of the image or the mental picture however it is very difficult for the average person to concentrate for any length of time to say nothing of holding on to a mental picture for a great period you are constantly being swayed by what you read in here and as a result the coordinating part of this creative force turns to gathering together all these scattered elements in a focused mass instead of devoting itself to making a clear and dynamic picture of your desire often I have thought of this matter of desire and suggestion in connection with the planting of vegetable or flower seeds once the soil is prepared the tiny seeds are placed in it it only takes a short time until they begin to root the spouts begin to appear the moment they start up put through the soil a search of light sunshine and moisture obstacles mean nothing to them they will push aside small stones or bits of wood and if they can't do that their extend themselves and grow around them so it can be with you when the suggestions you give to your subconscious mind the results will be pure or complex depending upon the original seed and the attention that you give it in other words plant the right kind of seed and have virtually pleaded with strong affirmative thought always directed toward the same end it will grow into a mighty force finding ways and means of overcoming all obstacles I have been in the private offices of a great many industrial leaders businessmen great bankers and others long before this magic of belief was understood by me I was impressed with the pictures photographs slogans bits of statuary and so forth which were to be found in the inner sanctums of great firms undoubtedly many of you had seen or heard of such displays but has it ever occurred to you what their purpose was there can only be one answer and that is they serve as a constant reminder getting the picture over to the occupant of the room that he too can succeed as those did before him in common with other great men Thomas a Edison obviously knew the value of the repeated suggestion and made use of it among the articles found in his desk was a piece of paper that said went down in the mouth remembered juggler he came out all right Edison must have thought well as an expression he perhaps reflected much upon a sofa let's get down to the mechanics find yourself free of your carbs ordinary business cards will do in your office your home your room or any other place where you can have privacy sit down and ask yourself what you desire above everything else when the answer comes and you are certain that it is your uppermost desire then at the top of one card write a word picture of it one or two words may be sufficient for a job a better job more money a home of your own then on each card duplicate the word picture from the original carry one in your bill cold or handbag price another alongside your bear or fasten it to your bedstead place another on your saving mirror or dressing table and still another on your desk the whole idea as you may have guessed is to enable you to see mentally the picture at all hours of the day just before going to sleep at night and upon waking in the morning are two very important moments of the 24 hours in which to concentrate upon your thoughts with added force but don't stop just with those two periods the more often you can visualize the desire by this method or one of your own devising for that matter the speedier the materialization at the start you may have no idea of how the results are to convert don't worry just leave it to the subconscious mind which has its own ways of making contacts and of opening doors and avenues that you may never even have thought of you will receive assistance from the most unexpected sources you may be suddenly struck with the idea of seeing a person that you have not heard from in a long time or calling upon a man you've never seen before you may get the idea writing a letter or making a telephone call whatever the idea is follow it it cannot be too strongly emphasized that you should tell no one just what the words on the cards mean don't give anyone an inkling of what you desire the truth is that when you talk about what you're going to do scatter your forces you lose the close connection you have with the subconscious and you frequently find that unless you do is direct it you will have to start all over again your program of achievement go and tell no man still holds true suppose you want a better job or promotion not only use the cards but keep telling us off constantly and continuously that you are going to get that job you have already visualized that if you have accepted this science but the repetition will be the means of driving the suggested deeply and firmly into the conscious mind this may be compared to driving an A or two aboard the first half puts the nail in place but it is only by a number of heavy strokes that the nail is driven home it has been my observation that those who consciously use the science as well as those who may be using it unconsciously are people of tremendous energies virtually human dynamos they are people not only use their imagination and hold strong beliefs and convictions but they are great doers in action that brings me to this most important statement faith without action is dead chapter sick the mirror technique there is another device which I call the mirror technique before explaining it I want to tell you how I happen to discover what a truly wonderful thing it is and how it can be used to bring quicker and more effective results many years ago I was the dinner guest of a very wealthy man who owned many patents covering logging and sawmill machinery he had invited a number of newspaper publishers bankers and industrially durs to his suite in a prominent hotel in order to explain a new method he had devised for mill operations dinner was late in being served and as there had been plenty of liquor offered the host found himself in an embarrassing state of intoxication just before dinner was served I noticed him staggering into his bedroom and pull himself up abruptly before his dresser fit thinking I might help him I followed him to the door of his room as I stood there I saw him grabbed the edge of the dresser top with both hands and stare into the mirror all the time mum a drunken man sometimes does then in his words began to make sense and I moved back a little to watch the performance I heard him saying John you old they tried to get you drunk but you're going to fool them you're sober cold sober this is your party and you've got to be sober as he kept repeating these words while continuing to stare at the reflection of his eyes in the mirror I noticed that a Transfiguration was taking place his body was becoming more erect the muscles of his face were tightening and his drunken look was disappearing the whole performance was over in about five minutes but in all my experience as a newspaperman and more especially as a police reporter I had never seen such a rapid change not warning him to know that I did watch him I made to the bathroom when I got back to the dining room I found the host the head of the table and while his face was still a little market wall appearances he was sober at the end of the dinner he presented a very dramatic and convincing picture of his new plans it wasn't until long afterwards when I got a better understanding of the power of subconscious mind that I understood the science involved transforming the obviously drunken man into a cold sober host many great orators preachers actors and statesmen have used this mirror technique for years Winston Churchill according to Drew Pearson never made us of importance and as he made it for a mirror first Woodrow Wilson also employed the same technique it's what I call a super charging method of stepping up the subconscious forces this mirror technique gives a clue to the power and magnetism of Billy Sunday the great evangelist according to Eric severide in his book not so wild a dream Billy Sunday would be bound about his hotel room now peering intently out the window with one foot on the sill now grasping the dressing table firmly in both hands while lecturing his reflection for the mirror now to outline the technique stand in front of a mirror it D not be a full-length cleaner but it should be beginning so that you may at least see your body from the waist up those of you who have been in the army know what it means to come to attention stand fully erect bring your heels together pull in your stomach keep your chest out your head on now breathe three or four times and you either a sense of power strength and determination next look into the very depths of your eyes tell yourself that you're going to get what you want name it out loud so that you can see your lips move and you can hear the words make a ritual of it practice doing it at least twice a day mornings and evenings and will be surprised to results within a few days you will developed a sense of confidence that you never realize that you could build within yourself this power will give you that penetrating gaze that causes others to think you are looking into their very souls sooner or later they will come in intensity that will reveal the intensity of your fall emerson wrote that every man carries in his eyes the exact indication of his rank remember that your own gradation or position in life is marred by what you carry in your eyes so develop eyes that say confidence the mirror will help you a word of warning here I take it for granted that none of you assume that the techniques I'm showing you here is an open sesame' to riches and fame overnight certainly it wouldn't be wise to rush into undertakings far beyond your capabilities or your development but by using this science you could learn the various steps which will take you to the top but you must have a plan of action before any program is undertaken you've got to know what you want and be specific about it as long as you hold on to the mental picture of your idea and begin to develop it with action nothing can stop you from succeeding for the subconscious mind never fails to obey any order given to it clearly and emphatically Chapter seven how to project your thought in this section I want to talk about several points that I think pertain to mind stuff call it a top three we seldom realize how much our emotional vibrations affect others and how much we are affected by there's an extremely nervous person in a position of authority can put nearly every person associated with them into a nervous state it's always important to remember that a negative person can raise havoc in an organization or a home the same amount of damage can be done by a strong negative personality as good can be done by a positive one when the two are pitted together against one another the negative frequently becomes the more powerful to get a better understanding of the effectively suggested by bracelet you need only to read your varying feelings when entering different offices or homes the atmosphere which is the creation of the people living there can be instantly detected as being upsetting disturbing trend for harmonious the vibrations set up by others affect us much more than we realize we take on the characteristics of those with whom we are more or less constantly associated if you want to remain a positive type avoid associating too much with anyone who has a negative or pessimistic personality this brings me to another point a person who desires riches must go where the riches are alone on a desert I have on a man would probably have a tough time eking out a living to say nothing of trying to amass a fortune so it is in everyday pursuits therefore if you want money you have to associate yourself with people who have it or who know how to make it this may sound rather gross but the truth is that in its money you're after you must go where it is and where it is being spending also you must become personally acquainted with those who have the authority to spend it if you're a Salesman selling advertising and you know the head of the firm is the man with the final say it's a waste of time trying to convince minor clerks and junior executives the same holds true if you're trying to sell other commodities or what is more important trying to sell yourself and finally the right mental attitude being properly attired keeping your eyes straight ahead and fixed on your goal throwing around you the proper aura which is done by an act of your imagination or an extension of your personal magnetism will work wonders Chios Barnard in his penthouse of the Gods learned this when he was cornered and stoned by a crowd of natives in Tibet in his book he says his first reaction was to fight but the thought was immediately dismissed when he recalled that he had been taught to assume and maintain his aura dusty straightens his shoulders lifted high his head directed his eyes straight ahead and moved forward with a firm and rapid stride not only did the crowd give way but others came forward and made a path for him when man fully comprehends the great power of his mind and earnestly puts it to work he will have dominion over this earth and everything on it you yourself have this inner spark but it must be planned until the fire is a Harken density and it must be constantly stolen but you do by adding fuel ideals ideas or ideas and action chapter 8 belief makes things happen I have tried to make plain how this power through belief can be developed and to take you up the matter as far as you wish to go it is necessary though to point out that it is easy to lose one's belief or faith thousands have risen to great heightening of success only to stumble row or fall to undreamed up dentist others seeking help have appeared to be more or less miraculously cured only to find that in later years or even months there is a recurrence of their ailments there are many weakening factors and influences all suggested in nature which we in unguarded moments allowed to slip into our subconscious minds once these influences begin the destructive work they can undo all the good accomplished by our constructive forces so step out in front head toward the Sun keep facing it and the dark shadows will not cross your path I know that it is difficult to the average person who knows nothing of the subject to accept the idea that all is within but surely the most materialistic person must realize that as far as he himself is concerned nothing exists on the outside plane unless he has knowledge of it or unless it becomes fixed in his consciousness it is the image created in his mind that gives reality to the world outside of him happiness sought by many and by few therefore is a matter entirely within ourselves our environment and the everyday happenings of life have absolutely no effect on our happiness except as we permitted mental images of the outside to enter our consciousness happiness is wholly independent of position well with for material possessions it is a state of mind which we ourselves have the power to control and that control lies with our thinking Emerson said what is the hardest task in the world to think in obviously this or so when one considers that most of us are victims of mass they take and feed upon suggestions from others we all know that the law of cause and effect is inviolable yet how many of us ever pause to consider its workings the entire course of a man's life has many times been changed by a single thought which coming to him in a flash became a mighty power that altered the whole current of human events history is replete with the stories of strong-minded resolutely willed individuals who steadfastly holding to their inner convictions have been able to inspire their fellow man and in the face of tremendous and determined opposition have literally created out of nothing great businesses huge empires and new worlds they had no monopoly of thought power you and every man and woman have it all you have to do is use it you will then in the comment the person you envisage in your imagination know yourself know your power faithfully use the cards and the mirror techniques and you will get results are beyond your fondest expectations just believe that there is a genuine creative magic in believing and magic there will be for belief will supply the power which will enable you to succeed in everything you want to take back your belief with a resolute good and you will become uncomfortable a master of men among men you

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  • سر الحضارات says:

    What he means I don't understand English very well 😔

  • SYN says:

    Fabulous Thanks!

  • Barbara Grant says:

    Great audiobook… this is for you new school. old school like me is into the original. the echo of the reader and music is not for us. overall great for new school, enjoy

  • Winter Northener says:

    the book is very deep

  • Winter Northener says:

    the music is great

  • Michael Garza says:

    the music puts me in a meditative state while listening to this. I appreciate you putting this together, FeedMyMind10! Thank you.

    I find myself comming back to your version of the magic of believing to revive me.

  • jcp fff says:

    Awesome book, this tells me that success is the result of doing things in a certain ways and also at the right place and in the right time also with the right attitude.
    thank you for posting this audio and the background music maxes it more easy to absorb.

  • Douglas Peraza says:


  • Art Fisher says:

    @feedmymind10 have you done this to any other personal development audios?

  • Art Fisher says:

    The music is really hypnotic and entrancing, allowing this message to sink in at a deeper level where it will do the most good. Those who don't like the music, it's your inner resistance attempting resist the message.

  • Randall Boughton says:

    Please please help: 
    where is the music is this from?
    Is there a link to just the music?

  • jcp fff says:

    The mirror technique is very powerful, try it and see what happens next day!!! do it exactly as he describes it!! also try affirmations and commands, cheers to success:)

  • Robert Whupple says:

    What's the point of that Crap music it's obnoxious while trying to understand what's being said………

  • Justine says:


  • Lovely Fletcher says:

    this has awakened my powers of faith.

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  • Adri D says:

    I adore this – including the background music chosen here, it makes the words even more powerful. I have listened to this so many times. Thank you!

  • EyesToSee says:

    I love this but the music not so much.

  • Iuliu s says:

    you shall see anothere world if uyou belife
    ,god bless you for god is good all the time ,amin

  • Iuliu s says:

    there here now is god ,yo ujsut have to open your eyes

  • Charlie Yard Service says:

    Great Video

  • Charlie Yard Service says:

    Great Video

  • Supreme DBZ Lord says:

    I like this video

  • Tiffany Luvnlife says:

    This video is horrible. Seriously

  • Art Fisher says:

    The people who are "bothered" by the music, it's just inner resistance and makes you feel uncomfortable. I've been there. Once you match the etheric energy level of the music, you will love it.

  • Art Fisher says:

    This started playing automatically after watching an Infinite Waters video, I just let it play, I usually stop the next video. It is a very high vibrational video. The music is a complement to the speaker, very hypnotic.

  • S. Carson says:

    love this video! the music behind it is so inspiring and I keep coming back to it as I grow spiritually and in belief, the message is powerful, belief is the key!

  • Maldita Sweet says:

    the music makes me move a lil so the head bang la la la. makes me more alive.

  • Camille Sanzone says:

    Excellent stuff here. Amazing how we can come across certain information at different times in our lives, hang on to some, even see a lot of it work for a time, then, for whatever earthly or unearthly reason, we eschew them. Then life happens….randomly… good things and not-so-good are pulled in to our sphere…and we succumb to the land of mediocrity. Until…..we get re-ignited again. Take the time to explore the possibilities.

  • Drew Norton says:

    my favorite teacher is wayne dyer! but there are many that say mainly the same thing in their own way! it works and it changed my life also in 2004! i have been studying this stuff for about 11 years! dr. bruce lipton is one of the newest and best teachers! 'the biology of beliefs' is one of his teachings! it is the one that made him well known!

  • DixyF says:

    Seriously, what is the point of the annoying music!?

  • Akeem Oviahon says:

    whats the name of this epic music?, i must know

  • Qi Huna says:

    I "believe" you'll kill this music an upload it musicless  😉

  • xueyun zhao says:

    It would be much better without the silly music…so annoying, as if you are trying to sell your music by attaching it to this//

  • kitty kosta says:

    Great reminder of the little things that turn out to be the amazing "oh moments"

  • Danielle Louis says:

    I believe this whole "Power of belief" theres been times where I believed things were gonna happen, and I truly truly believed it. I didn't have any doubt what so ever, and it happened and it came true! I just need to apply it to my daily life. I get so caught up, I forget about it. Awesome video! 👍

  • jimmy forg says:

    Awesome video. Very inspiring I'm blown about how motivated I am after listening to the whole thing. Thanks a lot

  • Cloaked One says:

    The music is fine. Just too loud. It competes with the speaker too much, and should be layered into the background instead of being on the same plane of volume with the speaker.

    Either way, not bad. Thank you for the contribution.

  • Jerome Crosby says:

    Thank you for posting.

  • Tony Gerald says:

    Has a few misconceptions and unnecessary limitations, but generally is correct, encouraging, and workable.  I can't say the presentation was to my taste, but if it works for some, then great.  That's all that matters.

  • Mark Samson says:

    I love the trance music. Especially if High… with the Metaphysical stuff.

  • Adela Mucllari says:

    I love his voice! I love this advice!! so true and amazing <3

  • GORGON says:

    Please , No music please.

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