Philosophy Purity Made Simple Ultra Light Moisturizer Review

hi today I'm reviewing the philosophy purity made simple ultralight moisturizer and really quick I just want to say I purchase these products with my own money so you know you can trust my opinion is what I honestly believe and if you want to help support the channel click on the Amazon link below before you make your purchase so philosophy has added to their purity collection they've got a cleanser which a lot of people absolutely love I'm not a huge fan of it they've got a toner they've got the purity parks director mask and now they've got their ultralight moisturizer and so I've had a chance to try it now I've got a couple tubes of it it's actually pretty affordable which is one good thing I can say about it so let me start on my saris scale and I'll kind of let you guys know what I think of it first of all the packaging I absolutely love the packaging this comes in this is the smaller size but the larger size which is $25 comes in a bottle with a pump on it I absolutely love it the packaging is great they've done a really good job with it they tend to use a lot of jar packaging with some of their moisturizers and creams but with this they've done a great job with the packaging and the tube I can appreciate the full size with the pump is awesome so definitely get a thumb up for that second criteria is denatured alcohol and unfortunately this does contain denatured alcohol it's about halfway down the list of ingredients so at least it's not right up at the top but it does have a large quantity of it in this product so it'd definitely be better off without it or at the very very bottom of the list which is probably what gives us its light texture but definitely not a good ingredient that you want to be putting on your face especially if you have dry or sensitive skin or even oily skin so they get a thumb down for that fragrance is my third criteria and this has actually fragrances pretty high up on the ingredient list itself in luck here so the ingredient list starts down here and it continues here so they've got actual fragrance in and of itself is right there and then they also have in addition to just the fragrance they have Linna Liu jiren all citronella limonene Angelica root oil and bitter orange peel so in total they've got seven different forms of fragrance fragrant oils and fragrance components so quite a lot of fragrance in it which is probably what gives it its light scent I like the scent but I just it's not good for your skin so unfortunately I had to give it a thumb down for fragrance number four is the manufacturing location these are made in the US who's there number fifth is ease of use and it's very easy to use you just smooth it on your face it has a nice light texture it says ultra light moisturizer and it is very ultra light so very easy to use it absorbs quickly probably because of some of the eff denatured alcohol which kind of causes some of it to evaporate but easy to use so I gave it a thumb up there number six is antioxidants and I did not give it a thumb up for antioxidants there really aren't a ton of antioxidants included in this especially not something you want that's on something that's going to be on your skin all day it's got vitamin E green green tea and vitamin C but a lot of those are far down the list and the fragrance and denatured alcohol become before the antioxidants and there just isn't enough of them anyway I think there's three or four of them and not something that you would want and certainly not something state-of-the-art so I gave it a thumb down there number seven is animal testing and philosophy is not cruelty free so I have a bit of fun bongo as well number eight is performance and the initial application you feel like your skin is hydrated but that ends quite quickly after probably about twenty or so minutes once they do nature – alcohol is a chance to evaporate any of that feeling of hydration goes away quite quickly and it just is not enough for most people even with oily or especially dry or sensitive skin so your skin definitely needs and wants more than this can offer number nine is the price and they've got a good price point I think these little tubes are seven dollars and the full-size is 25 so it's one of the more affordable moisturizers out there so at least they've got that going for him and then number ten is the it factor and I did not give it a thumb up there either for some reason the philosophy brand always just leaves me wanting more expecting more I don't know it's just I've never been able to get excited about the brand they've got a ton of products out there and some of them good a lot of them bad I've got a few philosophy products in my cabinet that I use on a regular basis so I'll have to review a couple of those but for the most part they're just over overloaded with fragrance denatured alcohol and some of the products poor packaging so yeah so anyway those are kind of my thoughts on it on my sarah scale out of 10 it got a 4 which I believe is a 1 thumb down they've got the price and packaging going for them and they do a ton of marketing on it I just wish that they could improve their formulas a little bit even just taking out that Danitra alcohol my fragrance even if it doesn't have a lot of other antioxidants or anything it would be better but they just missed the mark on this one so definitely check something else out if you're in the market for a light moisturizer one I really like is the first aid beauty ultra Repair hydrating serum it has a texture similar to this kind of a gel serum texture varying light absorbs quickly but it's loaded with antioxidants and good things for your skin so anyway I'm interested if you guys have had chance to check this out yet or not and if so what your thoughts were if you agree if you disagree leave a comment I love hearing from you guys feel free to subscribe if you're not already I come with at least one new review every day and check-out no BS Beauty done it thank you so much guys hi this is Sarah from know PS beauty and I'm to offer you one of my first products and it is a stainless steel makeup palette and I've been using ones like these for quite a while it makes it a lot easier to mix kind of custom foundation shades custom serums custom lip colors it just you need something like this in your makeup routine to make things a lot easier and all the profits from it will go to help the channel which I'm independent and I purchased all the products with my own money so definitely all of the profits will go so I can continue to bring you good reviews but you know things I like to use our retinol retinol is definitely a good thing to use but sometimes some of them can be a little too strong so sometimes I like to mix them with other serums so I'll use this to kind of custom make my retinol at night so it's a little bit less irritating when you mix it in with something else or another thing you can do is mix in a vitamin C some of these can be a little oily or greasy so sometimes it's nice to be able to mix it in with another serum so I like to use the Clinique one and I'll mix this in just a little bit cuz otherwise sometimes it can be a little too oily and I'll mix it in and in the morning I'll apply it it's all over my face before sunscreen and another good vitamin C serum I like is the derma dr. one but sometimes using the dropper with it can be a little messy so sometimes I just like to mix just a little bit in with another serum I love the first aid Beauty ultra Repair Serum definitely a Holy Grail of mine and I like to mix that and with it as well or sometimes before I go to bed if I've got something else going on the next day I like to mix in a little bit of tanner self-tanner but sometimes if you use use it alone it can get a little too orange or a little too dark so sometimes mixing that in with another serum makes it definitely a lot better and a lot more moisturizing for your skin as well so definitely something you can use in your serums or your kind of custom make your own skincare routine by using that mixing up all these products so definitely something worth considering there and I also like to use it to mix in some of my custom foundations so let me show you that too another thing I've been using this palette for is mixing and kind of customizing my own foundation kind of you can almost create a specific color if you have certain foundations that don't mesh well with your skin tone or even your skin texture you can almost create your own custom foundation one foundation I love is the bare minimum minerals Behr Pro however sometimes I can find it to be a little too drying and almost kind of giving you more of a matte finish so sometimes I'll mix in a little bit of the Josie Maran Argan moon stone drops with it and then use it and it kind of helps kind of lessen the color and kind of give it a little bit more of a glowy look another thing I like to use is mixing in sometimes with oil with a foundation and sometimes that gives you more of a dewy look so sometimes I'll mix that in with the dr. jart and it helps give you a little bit more of a glow to it so sometimes mix in just a little bit in and you definitely want to be careful with what you're mixing just to make sure that the ingredients are compatible because certain types of foundations don't work well with certain types of other ingredients but something to consider definitely but you can almost create your own custom look I love this but sometimes I feel like I need a little bit of a glow to it so I'll mix in some of my NYX Born to glow illuminator with it so you can definitely do that also cover effects makes a great their custom cover drops but you can use these to alter the color of any foundation so this is great to mix that with just give it a couple drops there and then mix that in with another foundation to make it either lighter or darker the ordinary serum foundation is great but I found it difficult to get the exact color so sometimes mixing the other colors works well cover affects also as these new glitter drops so sometimes it's nice to be able to use this to mix in with either a foundation or just to put it on this and then you can use a brush to either dip it in and apply it as eyeshadow or dip it in and apply it on to lips as kind of a lip stick cover so there's definitely some great options and definitely love some of cover effects is custom enhancer drops but you can use this to mix it in with almost any different type of foundation and add a little bit of color here and there but definitely using this and if you use a sponge or a Beauty Blender you can get that dampens and just use this to dip it in and apply it it makes it a heck of a lot easier than then trying to do it in your hand or I don't know where else you would even maybe the lid of another product but this definitely makes all of that a heck of a lot easier so it's definitely something worth picking up and all of the profits from the sales of this palette will go to support my independent reviews I purchase all the products with myself just so I can give you an honest opinion as opposed to somebody that gets the products for free to review I personally like to purchase them so I can give you my completely objective review without having to feel like I owe a company anything because they gave me something free so all the profits will go to help support those reviews

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  • Sheeny Travels says:

    This broke me out! 😭

  • Ashley Luna says:

    I bought this product on a referral and had yet to use it but will now be returning as I have sensitive acne prone skin . Thank you for getting into the ingredients and giving us a professional opinion! It's difficult to weed out the fluff with skincare.

  • Jenny says:

    this broke me out so so bad, do you have any idea what might be in it that would set off allergies?

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