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Eric dough wrench here the off-grid mechanic rocking the off-grid Scout its DIY mechanics survival check out these videos you will learn the basics of mechanics now we're going off grid you're gonna learn camping survival okay gotcha weren't taken the tool trailer with us if you don't mind being in the video hey awesome so we got engine rebuilding and all kinds of stuff but I'm gonna explain to you why all right knowledge is power education is revolution live free or die trying you don't know how things work if you're just a parts changer you're just the parks changer in life everything's the machine biomechanical electromechanical okay machines political social economical machines everything's a machine logic simple now the way I teach you how to fix things is without a procedure it's understanding how the machine works see all these other machines bio electrical mechanical blown up they all influence how other machines work right right other people put their emotions into something that's a machine and now the engineers gotta be like make this work somehow okay form follows function guys keep things simple it's just cluttered with nonsense kind of like the mechanical knowledge being taught from other parts changers you're trying to build a concept of the reality of this machine you're working on from parts changers who don't actually know how they work just jiggle that wire that's usually what it is so you got a look at life like that – and you got to clear your head and just have logic because most other people's information is based on emotions they're all machines you really have to learn to not get mad at the machines and then it's obvious it's logical you follow a flowchart you're missing what everything else in it simple it removes all the details the emotions are what's crazy emotions are wild apart just counted as a wild card see you got to have what you know to be true not just what you've heard what you've researched and you know to be true you've got to have Nets here then you've got to have everybody else's runnin theories okay everybody else is running theories because the theory is just the running theory theoretical science and physics in Indian and psychology they're all just running theories and they never last more than two three decades before they're proven wrong except the obvious ones like if you throw something up in the air it's gonna hit you in the head it's pretty obvious and somehow Einstein's theory relativity and I object in motion tends us that but most of them have been proven otherwise they're just ways that people punch their cognitive dissonance and they don't really know okay we're bursting bubbles people get cognitive dissonance we'll get into that community all right so worried about things at different levels guys keep it simple what you know improve your gut and running dairies and use what you know and your gotten when you can't figure something out then go with the running theories because beyond that facing guys with the running theories you're in around the science fiction space time for dimensions that's all it's thanks theory of relativity anyway you know everyone wants to say the economy's doing well but that's for stockholders here's the real problem guys why even if you want to stay on rid like I did as much as I love camping and survival forget all kinds of c-word theories you hear and stuff you know they're all mixed up with crazy things to make it sound crazy and they're all just distractions when you hear the mainstream versions of the problem is is that the economy is doing better numbers yeah you know I'm Otto's being our biggest industry they're saying that we're back to having as much as if not more auto production in this country as we did back in the 50s and the 60s in the heyday of it when you worked one week and that was your most expenses anything less it's not worth let's go off grid No so our problem is though is that while we are manufacturing the same amount as we were in the 60s fifties sixties when we were booming those jobs are 90 I think it was 96 percent it was I just watched a special on and it's like PBS or something man guys you gotta watch the stuff I put links in the website I don't have done intro 90 94 percent of those jobs which was everyone's job back in the day most people's jobs were part of this 90 something percent of those jobs are now automated robots everything now is done by robots and everybody thought that was gonna be so great you hear all these people going on there it's so great we're only gonna have to work a little bit now because the robots are gonna do everything for us newsflash you don't want any robots you don't own the factory you're not even the boss and you're not the robot repairman or there's one of you and see you okay you're gonna go about repair man so why would anybody pay you to stand around yeah you might be called in a couple hours a day doing a half or something and have to do something menial put the parts over to the other machine for short-run stuff but uh guys I've even had my truck when I was a truck driver loaded by robots forget how the self-driving trucks have been approved to go terminal to terminal I waited to building highway exits for him and they could just go highway to highway and all truckers are just going to go grab the containers like a rail yard salt what jobs guys what economy they got rid of the truckers union or they just sniped it's because they came in and said they couldn't go on strike a while back you can't go on strike what do you got you don't own those robots you think they're just gonna take care of you do you really think that see the thing is is that people believe these crazy things that are going on but nobody wants to believe that it was a silly word nobody believes it was planned they all think it was a coincidence see they get cognitive dissonance and you burst the bubble and it makes you the bad guy cognitive dissonance is butterflies in your stomach or an anxiety disorder attack as they like to call it nowadays member just used to be butterflies in your stomach well when you're brainy knows something is wrong wrong we're seeing lie logic forget your emotions that override the logic can cause chemical imbalances you get anxiety you get butterflies in your stomach it's just your gut telling you something you want instead of popping a pill why don't you figure out what's wrong you clenched cognitive dissonance by being on the path of the truth or constantly reinforcing a lie and the less you know the more your jobs compartmentalised the less you could wrap your head around bigger pictures the less you question you get your cognitive dissonance reinforced through the television and then you meet someone like me and you get butterflies in your stomach 60% of the populations popping pills for this or something like it poppin pills let's say do not operate heavy machinery not only are they driving around heavy machinery but they're operating valve machine they're voting we are voting against a bunch of drug addicts that are gonna and their drug dealer is the big farm whose sponsors and we'll have the politicians and doctors so I just totally lost topic here now cognitive dissonance people gonna think what they want to thank and it's crazy ok it's just crazy but it's the fact of what's going on and these people and cognitive dissonance and now it's reinforced with drugs and now they're gonna vote for socialism or it looks like complete social rating score it kicked out of certain neighborhoods that people rate you bad your credit goes down and it's all real stuff like on that black mirror episode that's really going on in China right now and the only reason those companies are afloat is because the government it owns them all and yeah they say they vote but the People's Communist Party is is the liver they're live as the head is the Liberation Army they're they have their own their parties have their own armies guys it's it's a joke and it doesn't matter though in this sense for what we're talking about because wrinkles factories here and what do you got they're owned by stockholders internationally anyway and we still won't have jobs what do we do without jobs well you need to leave your toys behind you have a choice right now simplify your life or socialism your toys there were lures like the Romans used to little or everyone in and then turn them against each other and tell them all they're gonna back different sides and turn everyone against each other and then lie that's that's what they did and you know what's funny is that after they were defeated they just went back to being everyone now all of a sudden oh well now we're gonna do what they were doing where they're gonna be Imperials so they defeated what they hated and then became don't become what you hate why don't we just go back to our way of life so you got to go back to the old ways you got to learn basic things like if you punch up limestone or seashells just punch em up after you put them in a fire and a real hot fire touch them up and you had water to it and sand to it and that is the same water you buy in the stores guys it's nothing's changed nothing's changed you need to learn back things that were taken for granted before before we lost how to take care of yourselves you really need to simplify things the details like just like you need to understand an old machine before a new one you need to know what machine works before you know what the electronics are doing for you you need to understand alchemy which wasn't turning silver the gold it was it was really just scientist but before they had such a huge periodic table they only had the old that you could see that's what alchemists they were just the chemists same chemistry as nowadays your auto paint you melt it down with you melt the stuff plastic sound and with some thinner and then it turns into a liquid then the liquid evaporates yeah take some hot peppers and you put some alcohol or some thinner push it all around and depart to a filter and then they'll call you back rates which you got down there pure you mix that up with a whole jar tomato sauce other way and it's still going to burn the living crap out of you hot sauce okay it's it's simple it's just you need to know the basics and realistically guys the basics are all you're gonna be able to take with you we got to go off grid you know even if you just simplifying trailer-park hang-up grown RV park mom-and-pop truck stops I got a list of them all they're going out of business go spend your money they're the only place you get a real deal so I'm gonna show you how you can do this there's places you can work places you could pick fruit and spend the night and get paid and fed there's places you can work does migrant workers stuff there's apps you can get jobs in any state there's all kinds of stuff you could do and you still be a part of society in a way that dumb you know you're still making money and you're not just standing there begging for it you want to be yeah the problem is is that a lot of people realize that they can't do this and they don't have a plan we've got to have the right mentality and that's you got to know exactly what you're doing and you're gonna have to work and know what you're working for even if you got to keep a little more length on with you okay to remind you of what you're working for so you don't have to spend your money to blow off steam like everybody else because it's not every day for the rest of the life for you you're just getting out of here do what you got to do because and even if you just ease off of it guys what you need to do right now is pack up most your stuff that you're not using and what you really can't see wanting when you get resettled to sell it Rock sale don't pay for storage especially if it's something you can just go buy at a garage sale so keep whatever little momentum trinkets pack them up keep out only what you're losing and get used to being simple and that'll make it easier to go into the smaller space with the same amount of stuff okay you don't need much okay just like you can make mortar you can do the same with rocks and clay pack play around anything that's rusty rock looking and committing to fire guys life is that simple like really is that simple but the problem is society the idea of ever since the beginning was that by everybody doing a little piece of something it frees up time for some people to be philosophers and thinkers and artists well right from the start the problem is and most of the philosophers have pointed out and then got their heads chopped off for her is that by everybody doing the little piece of stuff making you able to produce stuff faster by compartmentalizing everything it's supposed to free up time for everyone to philosophize and think and contemplate and spend time with your family it's true you should have only ever had to have worked four or five hours a day or every other you know only a couple days a week however you want to play it there's no reason for it except for somebody else because think about this now who got to be these philosophers in these wise men these artists they're meaning now look look look who they are now especially these philosophers and these wise men are corporates nowadays and who ever got to decide why didn't everyone just get time to think instead of having to spend all day slaving away as a wage slave and then you have to come home and hear what the people who had time to sit there and think like me have to say now you have like false idols man and you don't know these people you were to work all day you don't know who them that's why you got to keep things at a local level and that's how it used to be don't worry we're not going to get in any more of this and I'm not going to tell you politics or anything this is the philosophy of logic all right I have a webpage ironhammer dot info that also has international stuff Trans Am stock raspberry pi stuff heavy-metal music stuff other things and the front is loaded with seed theories now because that's for the mechanics of reality you see all these uh seed theories like I'll explain you one really quick here you ought to make this association soon government or one because they got the guy to admit and Cory lied the EPA paid a professor to write a report not PPA this is how the EPA form the government paid a professor to write in line say that seventy percent of all the world's harmful or was it ninety of all the world's harmful hydrocarbons come out of the goblin draught – okay we'll the downdraft – um this actually wasn't true the only thing this does is keep the royal clean so you change Royalists anyway so they got him – it may be lied and the thing was it was too late in the lesser of two evils the EPA was already formed see now check this out it turns out besides for the cow farts and people farts are what was that 99 times worse and anything we've done with cars but what is worse is the plastics and the emissions devices that causes cancer system right I'm ramble check it out because I'm trying to make this short people who are gearheads used to love like in like really fancy guns that was that was it that was the most complicated machine you had and then all those came around cars came around they were the most complicated me like I'm skipping steam stuff so I'm these are but these are ones that everybody own so everybody can relate to this the point is is that these machines have all these devices on there and what happens is you wind up burning you wind up burning a little bit cleaner emissions okay but you get 27% better gas mileage if you just remove the converter boom 27% better gas mileage which means you're burning a little bit cleaner per gallon but you're burning more part of a mile you're burning more gallons you are burning more gas making more slightly cleaner emissions per gallon but you're making so in turn it's just leveling itself out and you're burning more gas but the kicker is the gas that's burned in these emissions control factories to make all the plastics for the emission devices I mean that's heated that's wasting these plastics they make which can be super heated how much electricity are they burning over there to stop us from burning besides for that the real pollution which everyone diverts from is these chemicals and these plastics they're just making cancer-causing Plastics so you could so somebody could feel good that all I got a clean-burning no you don't know you don't and and then I want you to think about one more thing with those plastics think about the slave labor camps in some of these countries that they're being made in so you need the research who we buy your products from and vote with your dollar does money really talks money funds political campaigns money buys commercial ad space commercial ad space pays for your entertainment so as long as everything is mass-produced and over to TV and connected so that everybody is the same in the hive and you're all serving the one queen baby now it's no longer small communities it's no longer in the United States it's the United States you know it's always survival to fittest and but when you're in that to see things and when your things are to spread out like this it's survival of who could not have cognitive dissonance going along with a lot another thing is you're not going to understand this information if you're not hopeful Norwich he'd keep that gut healthy otherwise you're going to think groaning is your gut telling you something okay all these false foods and everything you need it's terrible for its process we all survive throughout our ancestry from eating certain foods from our certain cultures and you're no longer eating those foods your DNA no longer has what it takes you need to eat what you need to eat you need to learn when your ancestors ate a lot of came from into food and stuff a lot of probiotic stuff going on in your gut from them okay a lot of good yeasts instead of the bad yeasts that grow from eating corn syrup and it's a proven fact it's like an alien bacteria in major novels because it is a foreign bacteria to our systems throughout our DNA coding in our ancestry because nobody throughout our ancestry used to stop down corn syrup and processed foods or preservatives the preservatives to preserve you so proof of fact if there's enough steroids in these cows that they think this crap that even cooking a steak well-done it's like you two or three states okay when you meet a free-range Buffalo cow or something guys it seems expensive but you only eat and a half a patient in full because you've got it sets off energy that ate the vegetables that I needed to eat and process it in a way to made us strong right we had to survive the winters and that became food beat anyway that's what you serve I've done a lot of whining and fear you got to be healthy see if your brains not working right Hey look man I wrote these in the brain for us they get you known or the haunted brain is very – but they just check to double the price for some reason so it gives you you shouldn't have to take any other vitamins and stuff they should be in the food but you have to battle the things are doing in the environment around you and we're digesting plastics guys you gotta understand your filters aren't changeable just like vehicles are engineered obsolescence okay they ran Packard out of business he wrote a book on it all right actors were going 300,000 miles back in the 30s no joke but everyone else started doing engineered obsolescence said it was good for the economy otherwise we won't have any jobs all these jobs that they keep you busy with in the factories oh that we don't have known hmm see guys you're the ones that buy these toys that robot to make in Seoul there's no more jobs days they're all low-paying jobs so you're going to have no choice you got a family that trailer park is a mansion guys if you don't the RV park is a kingdom and if you're so lucky the open road is the world new hands hey you really want to go work overtime at work just so you could afford to pay somebody else to cut your dress why don't you just go home and cut the grass man because you don't have these toys if you're not playing if you can't play with me you got this giant house you work all day you come home tired you've got nothing else to do but watch a TV show until they give us the homestead expect or we apply the antitrust anti-monopoly after corporations both learned to wrench and with your dollar go for their of the wrench yep I guess that about sums it up you

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